: didnt get victorious skin
okay thanks i think i was Honor 1 or below not sure #tanks for that rito
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Shlashpro (EUW)
: You can't really blame it on riot, riot is a company whose goal it is to make loads of money, which is fine, after all its a company so what else should they do? The issue is that riot gets pressure from a lot of people like SJW's who try to doctrinate as many people as they can and also players who are unsatisfied with the current way the system works. To give you an example, back i nthe day "videogamedunkey" used to make loads of league of legends videos and he actually got me into the game. One day he got banned because he was shittalking with his friends in the chat which was a 4 man premade game btw. The other guy didnt knew that they were joking and reported him so he got banned for 3 days. He then went to riot and explained what really happened and that it was just joking between friends, he had the footage to proove it. All he wanted is to get unbanned for atleast a few hours to finish a video he is doing and afterwards they can ban him for the period of time. What did riot do, after he asked this one little favour for years of making free adverticement for the game? They game them a huge middle finger and said no. Well of course this is very contraversial, riot never asked him to do free adverticement and why would riot life the ban since they are so strict on it? Afterall it is a fair point, but would you as a human beeing really say no to this one thing he asks from you? He didnt asked for getting his banned lifted, but to get access from his account for a certain amount of time just to finish a other video which promotes your game even further instead you just give him the good old money grabbing corporate smack in the face. And don't get me wrong it is fine if riot does it, it is their company after all. But it just gets to shit how they are operating and how far away they are disconnected from the community, you see it with the whole custom skins issue and league comedy youtubers. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
well if they do shit in order to make Money i can infact blame them for it?! and that rito is dosconnected from the community i mean cmon 2% of the playerbase on reddit and those Forums are dictating the Course the Company takes well i really hope they continue doing so because I want the game to die so at last rito will see their mistakes. and lets be real ritos punishes System is nto fair at all and it dowens tneed to be human after all you are expected to be Jesus and you cant be toxic in 10 out of 10000 games becasue you got provoked by other palyers but hey lets not consider logic (the Thing iwth dunkey was sad but he stoped palying fortunatly)
: The thing is, you are calling **me** a racist. I didn't invent that, be it as it may, you can't just insult people like that. You are also not allowed to call others "idiots", "stupid", "noobs", so we'll have to just deal with it.
hitler didnt invent hating the jews either he still was racist or are you going to deny that? well if i cant lable others what they are how am i going to get my Point across? why talk around it be straight forward
: >so you are saying because i am [allegedly] not black (you dont know) Nope, that's not how it works. Anonymity rules out the "special rights" black people have to call others "n%ggers". You are now calling racism where there is none present, that's generally a pretty SJW thing to do.
me being "not allowed" to say n*gger because i am White is racism by definiton so it is racism no matter how you try to bend it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
you give the word power black People get aggressive because of it because in america they below to the lowest income Group thus in that sense they are inferior (it hurts mroe when ist true)
: I'm not offended, you can call me a "f%ggot", or "n%gger", whatever you like. I'd ask you to try it, but I wouldn't want to get you banned, even though you're not exactly sympathetic. --- I said something similar in another comment, but I'll give you the short version. If a black person calls someone else "n%gger", they are affected by it **just as much** as the person they're talking to. It's a sort of self-deprecating humor. --- People who sit in a wheelchair sometimes jokingly call others "cripples", they can say that, because they're affected themselves. --- You don't get to victimize yourself here. You are the one who got banned for being toxic, let's not forget that.
so you are saying because i am elegibly not black (you dont know) i cant say %%%%%%? that is an exclusion you make for me based on my race aka you are racist (yes you are it is race based) i am not victimizing myself i couldnt care less about people saying dumb shit i just enjoy belitteling them for their stupidity if a black Person calls someone n@igger it is asumed based on their racxe htat they are not trying to be offensive it is not humour or anything they use it as a word for frined or as a other term fro brother usw the speech gaing another meaning as it is so often i am the one who got banned for being toxic in the eyes of rito true they set it upon themselves to decide whot is toxic and hate speech how sad if you dotn care about words like n*igger or f*agot why do you set it upon youself that you are allowed for other people to decide whether they care or not ?????
: Why would I be deleting **your** reponses? Clearly nothing's stopping you from writing here.
People that reprot my comments because they cant handle the truth so rito Comes as the good censor they are and delets it because im hurting the Feelings of Special snowflakes maybe you gonna try and debunk my Points oh wait you cant whoops my bad
: Benn really toxic this time boys (tell me where this is toxic wtf is going on with league these days
wow the censorshipt of rito is just great they censored this because it is grossly offensive toward other People i am trying to make a Point here worse than 1984 oh well you walk up to someone who studied theoretical Physiks and try to tell him about black holes then he disagrees with you saying you are a peasant who is cluless on the matter and he is being a jerk i see,well if you Need punctuation to understand my Point... lets just say i understand now batter why you are saying what you are saying ,i am saying there is a double standart in the usage of (...)
Shlashpro (EUW)
: Look the problem is riot has a strong arguement, and it's that it's their company so they call the shots. However i feel like it is only fair for both parties, the company and the players, to know the boundaries. Beeing vague about "you can't use toxic terms" is by far not enough, who decided when a term is toxic? Give us a list of all the things we can't type that way no one can complain, when they get punished. Also when you know where the boundaries are, you won't get mad and try to get back about somebody else, since you know exactly that the person who just insulted you used a blacklisted word and will get punished anyway. Enough for me to mute him with a smug face {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: >if you say it as an other Person People including sjws like you will decide for you what you are trying to say Who says I'm deciding anything? Seriously you can try it yourself. Visit any english speaking country, find black people, call them "n%ggers", call gay people "f%ggots" and girls "b%tches". You're not gonna find many friends that way.
well you are otherwise you would get grosly offended by black People saying n*gger or gays sayinf F*agot just as you are when im doing it please jsut make sense for once if Society doesnt make sense and get instantly butthurt doenst mean you should follow their lead
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Get out. You've been shown the door, I'd suggest you take that chance before karma comes haunting you down as you spend your worthless pennys in this game. See...I didn't use any offensive words yet it's offensive enough for you to read it and even react
i dont believe in Karma, i didnt spent a Cent on league, i dont want to take the injustice league is persuing make your Point clear (i can respond and debunk your Point that, which debunks the reason you made this comment i am able to have a word Argument without getting butthurt or annoied)
: Well yeah, this is pretty toxic ... You were berating a player because of their rank and being extremely condescending. On top of that, you used a homophobic slur which generally gets you an instant 14-day ban. There's a zero tolerance policy in place against behavior like yours. This has been the case for at least 3 years, so your case is nothing unusual.
am i able to respond to this or will you jsut Keep deleting my Response ??? wtf
: > with which i am not offensive towards gay People Well, try calling black people "n%ggers" and see how well that goes for you. Yeah, maybe you're not actually homophobic, but you're using terms that have a clear bad connotation, that's not acceptable. As I mentioned above: There's no "list" of what you can and can't say. If you're a somewhat normal functioning human, common sense is generally enough to tell when you're being a jerk to others. Responding to shittalk isn't generally a good idea, just because others break the rules doesn't mean you can do the same.
i can say %%%%%% %%%%%% %%%%%% %%%%%% %%%%%% it is not forbbiden black People say it all the time?! not as an Insult to each other but as a greeting or with the experssion my %%%%%% showing affection and that you like that Person well there apparently is because i can say such Things by phrasing them different or sarcastic and i wont get punished (lets stay Close to reality pls) yeah defending yourself when you get attacked is also usually a bad idead because other People are hurting you and break the law deosnt mena you can defend yourself pfff {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Well yeah, this is pretty toxic ... You were berating a player because of their rank and being extremely condescending. On top of that, you used a homophobic slur which generally gets you an instant 14-day ban. There's a zero tolerance policy in place against behavior like yours. This has been the case for at least 3 years, so your case is nothing unusual.
yeah i totally directed the slurr to People that i knew of were gay to Insult and belittle them i didnt use it as an Insult to respond to their shittalking+ as i already stated but my Response apparently disappear, my Gold mates (i was playing normal with a friend who hadnt palyed for a solid 11 months) which were flaming me for being so bad while i am judging by elo the way better and way more expericenced Player, but what do i expect from rito to use reason xD not till the Company shuts down gotta love it
Shlashpro (EUW)
: isn't %%%%%%ed a medical term for mentally challenged people?
i dotn even know but apparently it is a triger word for the rotbot so avoid it
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shlashpro,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=gfmsOo0x,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-04-17T07:40:20.270+0000) > > A lot of big streamers quit League already Are we talking about NightBlue3? Oh that's right, he quitted the game for a solid week. Maybe next time he can go for two weeks instead.
because it still gives fews however overwatch and fortnite took some chunks out of the playerbase and i will probably quit too on the release of the next big game like those
: I wouldn't be surprised if you received a ban for doing that
: Well yeah, this is pretty toxic ... You were berating a player because of their rank and being extremely condescending. On top of that, you used a homophobic slur which generally gets you an instant 14-day ban. There's a zero tolerance policy in place against behavior like yours. This has been the case for at least 3 years, so your case is nothing unusual.
yeah i gues i jsut gotta avoid the word %%% with which i am not offensive towards gay People and other stuff a lsit would be indeed nice what our Lord and saviour our great god rito considers at offending so i can avoid them in the future when i am trying to respond to the shittalking of my team
: I doubt it. There's a high chance that the % are hiding one of the classic 3 characters insta-ban triggers
no it states Gold "short term for an apparently offensive word for gays which i didnt use that way (there is a funny south park Episode to the subject that ysou do not use it to belittle gay People, am i even allowed to say gay or will i trigger rito?) i meant it as an Insult directed to the People who where calling me trash and shittalking me
: Mind telling us what those %-Es are for? It's almost guaranteed to be something bannable
doy ou mean "%%%%%%s" i think i shoudl avoid that word since it triggers rito so badly i will use mentally disabled People in the future or Special Needs person
: My question is, if you are indeed playing with a gold i bet it's because it's a normal game. Are you telling me you got mad in a normal game {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
yes when you are a dia/high palt Player and you get flamed by goldies because they know the game all so well and way better than you do then indeed im getting kinda pissed
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