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: Had à flammig brand mid ( toxic to the enemy) but he stomped TF and the enemy jungler... so everyting fine i guess.
1 in 100, i like when it happens too, but when i mean flamers i'm talking about the ones who flame their own team
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: I don't want to win like crazy. I want games that don't make me feel like this game has the shitiest community in history of online gaming. I have completely stopped playing ranked anyway, it's even worse when people who are super competitive and overrate themself meet the trolls.
Matchmaking need some updates, we have players at platinum playing worst than some silvers because they had look they start to win more and climbed without almos helping their team, nowadays is more about luck or carry alone than fair matches
: This whole logic doesnt make sense. The matchmaking should be improved to make it fair and make players who play like gold, get into gold and players who play like silver get into silver. OP.GG has this OPscore thing going on. I have been ACE in the most games i lost, this means i was the best player in my team, and the score is about more than kda score alone. I think you should reward the good players in the losing teams aswell, and the bad players in the winning teams should also get less reward than the players who carried. isn't that good, sometimes i'm the unique who do S in game and says i'm not the best or vice versa, i agree with u, but this matchmaking is unfair
: What is there to change? Riot needs to ban toxic players, and not only after the 7th million infraction
U ALWAYS have to be better than ur elo, in order to carry iron to bronze u have to play at least like a silver, in order to carry from bronze to silver u have to play like a gold, in order to carry from silver to gold u have to play like a platinum.. OR just have luck in ur team and u can be platinum playing like a silver
: This game is impossible to play without a therapist
Vote to change the matchmaking, is also a good option
: > [{quoted}](name=OCB Willy Fog,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=r48bd0YV,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-09-23T21:06:42.720+0000) > > Well i want fair matches too. I'd enjoy more playing on my main than smurfing if it was fair but it never is. I often have in the same game Challenger/Grandmaster players being matched with Low Diamond or high Platinum. How? I have no idea. Another issue is a decay system. Someone who was Challenger, even 2,3 years ago will remain in the same MMR brasket even tho their actual Rank would decay every month. So if a player goes IRL afk and comes back to a Gold account, he can still play with or against me. So how is it fair to have a player that has missed every single patch, every single meta recently to play on the highest of levels? He didn't practice, he didn't grind so how will he play on the same level as we? He can't. We are playing for "Ranks" our entire soloQ career only to be told by Riot that "Rank" doesn't matter and only "MMR" matters. Bottom line is, yeah smurfing is an issue for every division, even the highest ones. How? Because S9 players who obtained their LP early and are sitting here and playing with all other S9 players are keeping their ranks like that. Riot thought that the soft reset will fix things, but those same players are facing each other again, so it's not hard to keep the rank. I'm not going to come from hard day at work to wait 10 minutes for a game, and lose it in 10 minutes without me even interacting. I'd rather smurf or play other games.
That's sad when we get home tired and wanna have some fun in this game and we just get worst bcs of stupid things, i know almost everything we can do to fix it and i can do it freely, i just want that RIOT read it and think about it, it's not that hard, we spend more time fixing it than thinking about it, we just have to look at graphs and do what have to be done.. Hope Season 10 take back the REAL League i played in S2/S3/S4
: I've got around 15+ accounts in Platinum,Diamond,Master and Grandmaster. I smurf because i like to do unranked to wherever challenges, to beat my winrates. Why? Because ladder is %%%%ed up and unplayable due to players getting ranks they don't deserve, so i often lose my lp and mind playing with them. Getting those players is a handicap match and a loss. So why bother for 10+min queue to get them and lose the game in 5 minutes of the game. I'd gladly play on only 1 account and grind on it only but i created so many accounts because i reach Master,Grandmaster and just get mind blown again after facing the same players i face on main. So i just abandon it and play on a new one. Want to keep me of off smurfing? Fix the ladder.
> I 200% agree with u, don't u agree that if they do the matchmaking based on the average of ur CS/Objectives Focus/KDA/Kill Participation/Vision Score, etc etc will be almost the same as ur team average and forget the MMR would be better? Focus just on MMR nowadays just make LOL a game of luck, almost every game we already know who will win at 10min.. I really enjoy this game but i wanna play fair matches and have a fair ELO and won't have just luck on my team, look at this video from Rekkles & Nemesis try to guess your rank, i guess they know what they are talking about.. anyway, comment here and share if u agree so we can make RIOT see this too
: its impossible to improve in this game
Vote here and share to riot see this and make huge changes so it can be fixed [(]
: Why do you smurf?
I think the main reason is eloboost, there is so many people boosted in this game, with the system that i share here [(] we can fix that also, i can freely help with that if i have to
: "I know they don't work and that's why we should implement it", ok Here's what would really happen with your system : random player A goes on a bad losing streak, gets flagged as a troll and is sent to prisoner island, the toxicity over there is really high and considering people are 60% more likely to be toxic after experiencing toxicity, the games over there just get worse and worse, player A becomes more and more toxic and playing in this toxic environement prevents him from playing his 20 good games to get out of prisoner island so player A is stuck in prisoner island because he went on a bad loss streak once, now he's stuck in a toxic environement and now consider this : players are up to 320% more likely to quit league the more toxicity you experience so now your system created two issues : an increase of toxic players (quarantined) and a reduced income for riot because of people leaving the game and now what do people do when they realise they've been put in prisoner island ? they make a new account, so now you have even more toxic players roaming around with regular people, which again, makes people want to stop playing league congrats you made riot lose money and you ruined the league experience for countless people Your system is flawed by default since you want to punish people for going on loss streaks or playing badly
I really think u didn't read everything, anyway, u know u can just /mute all? i play with toxic people and i'm not toxic, looks like u are one of them, have a nice day mate
: Prisoner island systems do not work
I know they don't, that's why i show u this one, u'll think twice before u feed or troll, u'll get teammates like u, i think that u'll not like it and if u wanna rank up focus on playing well in 20 games to get some better teammates and climb
: And then wait for 1 hour in a que
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