Still not fixed... I love how they just disregard everything
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: Ugh, when will you guys understand that just looking at someone's score is pointless. To know exactly what happened you have to watch the replay. That takes time, a lot of time, time that Riot don't have for the thousands of reports they receive every day. An automated system can flag up cases like a guy who goes 0/10 in a match, but it takes a human to interpret that data and decide if someone is trolling or not.
Looking at the score in one game is pointless. If you have that score in 80% of your games, you're either boosted or trolling and both should be punished and there's a report system on top of that.
: The Kayl rework ruins her looks
Just compare the splash arts and you understand the difference between Riot in their prime and Riot now.
: Vision
I mean...you're bronze...in eune...this is pretty standard. Most people complaining about those things are in an Elo where people already know that 50% of the time.
: Why does trolling go unpunished for so long? Because the system gets clogged up with so many false reports and it takes a huge amount of man hours for Riot to sort through them all.
Is it really that hard to have a system to ban the guy with 4 reports that went 0/10 in 10 games? Come on...
: Giving players less LP is not a good motivation to quit a game. As it does not do anything useful (MMR won't be affected that much). Sometimes, you have to quit due to personal reasons (or: fire in the house). Honestly, I don't think that it will prevent you from quitting. /mute all should be encouraged to prevent ragequitting.
Dude how many times do you set your house on fire that it would actually affect you.
: haha the anivia/nunu derank method. I sent Riot 2 serious tickets about this case. They would look into it, but I bet these guys who abuse the derank method won't get banned, even not manually by the support. Maybe they paid for skins and ofcourse then your account gets a VIP treatment (coinflip-matchmaking in your favor, less punishment, etc.)
No, they don't. You can buy all the skins in the game and you get permad for flaming but with this shit, it never happens.
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: There is no justice
It honestly feels like Riot is actively doing everything they can to keep more and more of these people in the game. They never get banned, not even once. I swear to god a pro player can get this shit, print it and pin it on some Riot's guy face, the pro player will get suspended and the inter will get honor rewards.
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