: Hello, Try using CTRL + ALT + ESC to display your task manager. Check if your memory (R.A.M.) is high. I am using 8 GB of R.A.M. but Google Chrome and Windows Defender Security is using all of it. I have read that you got 16 GB, but maybe Google Chrome is still using all of it. When that happens, go to your search bar in the bottom side and type "system configuration". Click on "Diagnostic startup" then click again to "Normal Setup" or "Selective startup" while checking the three items in list. End with "Apply". (Some people will say that it's the same as rebooting your computer but i took this habit to clear my R.A.M.) Have a good day. Chibi Shinigami
I didnt really think to check the ram because my comp is far beyond whats needed for this and i dont use ram eating chrome. So i just tested it out and still it froze once mid match but while nothing was really happening. The sound still was playing but the screen was still.. and ram usage sat at 5gb of 16gb. Anyone else thinking this might be a MS issue its not. 32ms flat all game...even just after a freeze. Its driving me nuts now :O!!
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: Sure, I agree with that mostly. I merely wanted to clarify the op's position since i think he deserves a bit of credit for his rant being at least somewhat thought out unlike all the other bullshit ppl flood the boards with.
Thanks. Arnother has a good point about the perma banning being faster, and I understand they are very careful with perma bans due to false reports or simple rage through frustration, but honestly after all this time Ive not even had one ban or action against me. If they were more strict or severe it would prevent alot more. Financially it makes more sense too. If somone pays to buy skins and level to play ranked only to be banned for being a troll, then sure they can jsut make a new account and if they are going thru that effort then its very likely they would buy more skins. honestly that is a win win situation for riot and the community.
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: TLDR: You want free Stuff, because you cant adapt to the Game right now.
haha its obvious you either you didnt understand any of what I said and are trolling, or you really didnt read.
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