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TheGutis (EUW)
: Looking for a D5+ Jungler and Toplaner for Clash
Jungler here. Used to jungle for a high diamond/low master team. add me ingame: Do U Even Diana. I just got ingame, feel free to spectate me if you add me.
: lf gold jungler for clash
plat 5 atm, jungle main. Do U even Diana - add me. Very active and big champ pool
: Ranked Team Recruiting Platinum Players!
Name: Ollie Country: Germany Role: jungle main, can mid and adc decently though Top 3 Champions: Amumu, Wukong, LeBlanc Favorite Anime Character or Pokemon: Shikamaru Nara Questions for me: None that I want to ask on here.
: PLAT + Serious Team Recruitment -- Toxic Tigers
1 At what days in the week can you usually play? I finished my Uni exams, so every day, all day, until Oktober... 2 Can you want to participate in tournaments? yes 3 What is your main role? jungle 4 What other roles are you confident in? mid/adc 5 Do you have more than 100 champions? all of them 6 Are you able to shotcall? have done so in the past for a diamond team, as the jungler 7 Are you able to play champions we assign you? Or are you a one trick pony? I have my mains, but I can learn new champs no problem 8 What is your main champion pool? Amumu, Xin, Yi, ww, udyr, shyvana, Lee 9 Would you like to coach this team? I could.. If everyone cooperates, I'd be willing to put in the time 10 Are you okay with being a sub? (can be gold) sure 11 Do you have a mic? yes 12 Do you have the programs curse, skype, ts3? skype and ts3 13 Can you speak english well? yep
: ARAM, really random?
idk if its random. I have never gotten Katarina (one of my main champs and favourite aram champ, great ranked stats too). And I've palyed over 500 Arams.
: Great, cheers for applying will add you in game in around 30-50 minutes so we can talk more :)
Nice one. I'll be online. ttys!
: NLO Looking for a mid laner! (S5-G5)
IGN: OS Outcast Age: 21 Country of residence: Germany Do you have a mic? y Do you have skype? y Solo queue rank: S1 How often do you play? a shitton Champion pool (Tier 1 and Tier 2): It's pretty big. I go with the Meta but I can adapt to different team comps Playstyle: Up in your face, full-on (way-too-over) aggro. top kek
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