Pyrosen (EUW)
: 3 loss streak, need to detilt, any advice on how to?
Don't play for a few days. Realize your mental health getting better and then go back to league to %%%% that up again.
: 1. It's not the Alpha Client anymore, the client is now in the Beta phase. 2. You aren't forced to play on it yet, you can still switch to the legacy client.
Switching to Leagcy Client makes me download 2.5 GB and for what? Beta or Alpha it is they are still forcing us to use unfinished product.
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: I had a bug related to the adblock extension that was causing me client issues; if you use that, disabling temporarily might help. Also might be worth reinstalling, or checking your computer for viruses/malware
I don't get why adblock might be a problem. Isn't that just a browser extension? I am not having any lags right now bc they changed the client homescreen.
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Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
Blacksmith Poppy and Optic Enhancer Ward Skin. Should i upgrade to permanent ?
Sinarie (EUNE)
: Secondary role: support = ALWAYS support
Less preferred roles have high priorty. You are picking most preferred role / less preferred role. If u want to play Mid try to pick Mid/Bot.
Gunz1e (EUW)
: 9/10 HELLO RIOT?
Ended season as Plat IV, placements 7W 3L = Gold IV. Ayyyyyy
: I got the same leesin skin as you. The thresh is really nice with good discount!
Did u buy one of those? I think i might buy Muay Thai. What are your though? Yeah definetly that Thresh skin 292 RP for me.
: Which Skins did you get!? Definetly gonna buy that Thresh Skin but i don't know what should i take for Lee Sin. Any suggestions?
Suijin (EUNE)
: emm, you're playing from India.. What do you expect? perfect ping and no latency at all? There isn't any help you can get in this matter (other than having a new server, or playing on a server close to your country). In simple human terms, ping is connecting(sending data) from your location to the server and back, the longer the distance the bigger the ping. Don't expect miracles unless you're involving black magic or google fiber
I am playing in Turkey and i have those packet loss and high ping too. What should i expect? It's getting disturbing playing at 70-80 ms and then going 150-250-450 sometimes 15K and disconnecting.
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: 2:7 and u call someone feeder? Also you knew u are playing against Riven, Kindred, Yasuo and Vayne and you went with Ignite instead of Exhaust? And why would u build Dead mans plate instead of Frozen Heart
I was support and i try to protect my Kalista while he was feeding, and others as well. The game was lose when i take Chain West, i complete DMP when they take down the Nexus.
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ADC Akers (EUW)
: Riot please fix these bugs.
This happens to me while i playing lol. I cant play even i have 120 ms. I was like a stone but others are still playing. I try to restart client but no, Logging on... stays like a 5 or 4 minute. After i logged, game end and i got a low priorty queue xD
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Shiroe x (EUW)
: That aint feeding. that's a bad game. please learn the dam difference.
LoL. That was definetly feeding. You didnt know what happened in game.
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