Smerk (EUW)
: Patience my friend, sooner or later there will be true soloQ
I'm not really sure of that anymore. There hasn't been an update on that topic :(
Gaufrus (EUW)
: Upvote, but I really don't think we need to explain WHY we want soloQ ^^
True, but a friend of me told me Riot wasn't even 100% sure on releasing it . This was because there was a post on reddit (not even front page) that had a poll in it asking people if they wanted solo Q. Only 20% said yes on it and the other were happy with dynamic only. They made a new poll though after a great public read the post and it changed to 80%+ wanting solo Q.
poustray (EUW)
: What I think sucks the most about dynamic queue (excluding the "secondary" pick problem) is the fact that there are no more Ranked team 5v5. I was plat and now am gold but i got friends on bronze with whom I used to ranked team but now it's impossible (except for Twisted Treeline but I gotta say it's even easier to get bored on this map than on SR).
I feel your pain, this is exactly my point :( If you have friends that aren't as skilled as yourself in the game, you cannot play together, except from normal games. But half of the normal games i've played are just facerolls on one of the two sides since you find a lot of people not trying there hardest to win here.
: Solo queue has Elo limitations aswell, i dont quite get your point(you can still only duo 1 above, 1 beyond? Do you just want Teamrankeds back, if yes, why do you say soloq is needed?
Well, the way Riot presented solo queue, it was COMPLETELY solo. No duo queue available. This is what I really want, you can gain elo without any concern on being able to play with your friends :) Team ranked is something I really want back as well, no limitations on people to play together :)
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