: Arcade Borders
Same, I bought all the chromas, icon, and border pack, but I haven't got the border in game
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: I know I can mute them and the reason I was inting is because I was trying to save vayne all the time, feelsbadman amirite
Cancel that, I didn't mean inting as in actually feeding I just meant dying a lot
: So whats the point of this thread ? Since denonciation is forbidden on the board.
It's about what people should do about it if something similar happens to them
: *<...> he dropped the "gay" bomb* https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/brickleberry/images/5/51/Bb_107_01.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20121018021719
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Man your 0/8/2 inting along with the Vayne's is a massive break in the code too. Oh, and you can mute them btw.
I know I can mute them and the reason I was inting is because I was trying to save vayne all the time, feelsbadman amirite
: What a bunch of bullshit! Do you think a reasonable person would start calling other players "gay" at random? What else is there to find out? You really think he could have been an admin? C'mon, that's hilarious.
I don't even think for a second he was an admin, exactly why I made this thread about how he was CLAIMING to be one
: Saying "gay confirmed" isn't a "slur".Or anything bad. Jst report and the end of the game. No need to make a thread about it. You're no better by say he might have a mental disability. that's not something joke about trust me! Also he can call himself who ever he wants.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: you where mokai , he was seju all I did was look at your match history to find out.
Do you think having their champion it can be classed as naming and shaming still?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I'm gay. I wait for a day someone call me hetero in LoL so I can make a discussion about it on Boards. #NoKappa Why you care? Mute and report after game
Because I care about him claiming to be an admin and using that fact to get away with being toxic
: And you tought it would be worth to read all his messages, because....???
I read all the messages because I wanted evidence that he truly was toxic and was using the fact he was an "admin" as a reason to be
: > I am not allowed to name an shame but if a moderator could get in touch so that he could be banned it would be great. Thats no how it works. Mods do not ban anyone ingame. Ingame bans for toxic behavior are exclusively (!) taken care of with the report system. If you want to report the "Impersonating a Rioter"-thingy, I recommend writing a support ticket.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: reporting him after the game ended is enough. you coming on the forums for doing that is too much, nothing will change. just a suggestion m8, don't go out of your way for things that are not important. right now even though your intentions might be good (even though I don't see them as good) you are the one who looks bad. what you did, in my opinion, is unethical I already know who that player is, you pointed out a lot of information. Just saying in my opinion you should not have posted this. cause really you are the one who looks bad here not him he did not try to steal your account, he did not act like an admin, he just said so. anyway that too much from my part. I just hope you understand why this was taken negatively even by other forum users
I do understand what you mean, and I realise that this could be taken badly and honestly thank you, not only will i learn from this experience but also because of your comments people have noticed my thread and also taught me things. Also how do you know who the player is?
GLurch (EUW)
: You can submit a ticket at the Riot Support here: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Riot normally punishes people that claim to be an admin severely. They won't tell you if they do something and what they're going to do and normally they don't even do anything, but because claiming to be a Rioter is one of the worst possible things you could do, he may get a permanent ban. Riot only lets people work for them that are not toxic and if any of their employees display just a bit of toxicity, they get fired.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: and btw > is him using "gay" as an offensive term. Can this really be allowed in a League of Legends community, homophobia and impersonating an admin. you are focusing on the gay aspect. pick your thoughts and follow it to the very end, don't change opinions based on the situation
Thats fair enough, it was more to bring attention to the fact he didn't just claim to be an admin out of nowhere, he used it as an excuse to use that language.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: No, I did not focus on the gay aspect. I focus on you calling him a %%%%%% (in an indirect way) and demanding to get him punished. if you cant see what is wrong with the entire picture then I have nothing more to add
I understand that what I said was wrong, and that I should also get a punishment. But I am asking him to be punished because he pretended to be an admin and using that "fact" as a reason to say what he wants. I flamed him, but I did not create this thread for him to be punished for that, he should be punished for impersonating an admin.
: Why are you upset to be called "gay" exactly ?
Umm, I wasn't upset about that, also he didn't only call me gay, also %%%%%%ed and a child, but also he called my teammates the same things. Furthermore, this thread is about claiming to be an admin with the added bonus of the fact he said he could say these things because he was one.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: and you called him mentally disabled? I don't see a reason why he should be punished. he just called you gay. being gay is not an offense except if you are homophobic. and by the looks of it, you might be (posting in gaming board for example because someone called you gay) Anyway, there is post game report system. using that is enough. but honestly, you displayed worse behavior in the screenshots than him
Like I said up in my paragraph I did get angry and I did break the rules but why is everyone focusing on the gay aspect, the impersonating an admin is the important part. Also are you being serious, he was obviously using gay as a derogatory term, you said my jungler was gay because he camped him. How can that not be interpreted as a derogatory use of the word.
Allosen (EUW)
: > the "gay" bomb http://imgur.com/a/i5FnG --- Why dont you just mute him? Call somebody a kid or immature, wont make you look Adult. You know exactly that nothing will happen to him and that you and me are even as toxic as him. Its just how the game works.
I must admit, it was a questionable choice of words but I don't want to get my comment deleted so I referenced it to the phrase "the f bomb" xD To the latter point, the homophobic slurs weren't why I posted this thread, it was him claiming to be an admin that made me come here. I did mute him, but you can't mute someone in the lobby chat. Impersonating a riot employee is not something that riot can ignore.
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Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings ApocalypseAnge1, First of all, changing emails and other assorted details could easily throw up a red flag in any system if you wish to use your credit card. So my advice to you, is to calm down, stop changing details around, give it 2-3 days and then try again. If you're still unable to purchase RP please contact Riot Support by [submiting a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new). For good measure you may want to keep an eye on your credit card transactions over the past month, as well as the upcoming month as well.
Dear Declined Thank you very much for the quick reply and you have been very helpful. Yours, ApocalypseAnge1
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