Fajerk (EUW)
: At this point I'm amazed how every week something else breaks.
> [{quoted}](name=Fajerk,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=PHGEYopA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-12T17:48:26.286+0000) > > At this point I'm amazed how every week something else breaks. This is way too much, We need to riot against riot!
: I think Lux should not wear any armor. Shes a backline mage with ability to create forcefields. She isnt really a frontliner. (Sometimes she is even a spy.) Why not give her pure texile outfit without the horrible breastplate that would only cut her throat if someone stabbed her there. Thats why I love the dress of Elementalist Lux, Spellthief lux outfit etc. as there she looks like a backline mage without any pointless armor. (Have you seen Lady Galadriel running with a breast plate?)
OOF okay first of all this is somewhat of an old post and I regret posting this lol. Secondly yes I totally agree with you but what I wanted to say is to make her better looking! I don't want her to wear a heavy armor like with her steel legion skin, but just to look more like a real " lady of luminosity " and fit the theme better! Because now if we ignore her kit she looks like a typical girl with nothing really special about her, not a mage that can obliterate everyone with light!
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: Fix your servers, playing ranked game, d/c 5 times.
The issue is currently being fixed, this is why ranked queue is disabled at the moment, so don't worry!
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: New Horizon of Doki Doki Literature Club
Smerk (EUW)
: Most likely custom games bug. What is displayed in profile is correct
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Rockified (EUNE)
: sorry yasuo mains
Lavenora (EUW)
: A new Star Guardian team: Ashe - Sona - Irelia - Zoe - Caitlyn
Your drawings are great! Not want to be annoying, but it'll be nice if you don't always draw the lips ( except for Zoe since she's a child ) all red and big, it just makes their face a bit weird ngl... It'll be great if the lips where thinner so it doens't give that %%%% look lol.
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: Patch 8.4 Issues
Greetings, I actually have an enormous issue since patch 8.4 and in PBE ( which means the issue is still going to be present in future patches...), and it is that sometimes when I get to pre-game login screen, it just doens't show up and an error message appears saying that there has been an issue connecting to the server... So what I usually do is that I restart the client, but it just doens't fix anything ! And now because of this, my teammates last game had to remake, and it caused me to have a leaver buster penality, which if you don't know, makes you wait 20 mins everytime you want to get in queue for 5 games. You only get it when you leave too much games in a short period of time, but the thing is that it's never my fault ! Even Imaqtpie had the same issue on the PBE server in his Kai'Sa video, but he somehow managed to reconnect to the game... On behalf of all the League community, I beg you Riot to do something ! How are these issues not treated yet ?
Budsbam (EUNE)
: Let's be honest: {NEW RUNES]
I totally agree with you, you're right ; now that the new runes are much much much simpler to understand I don't get why people don't just take them to read all of them and learn what they do so they can then choose their playstle as you said ( it took me 15 mins for all runes, I've read them all for like 4 times now I know them by heart ). Instead, people go copy paste for pros, as you said too, but you know, not everyone does that. I think that now there is less people doing that after rune changes. Anyways, it's preseason, not all people know new runes well, give them time, season 8 will be the season with the most versatile playstiles !
: Idea for Runes in Champ Select
Yes ! It's gonna so useful and less confusing when choosing rune pages ! Great idea !{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
I feel like this year's christmas event is be so freaking awesome can't wait for it ! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: i love how they will never touch udyr cuz of the ultimate skin :D
he is confirmed too lmao. Having an ultimate skin doens't mean a champ won't get reworked. The skin will just be adapted to the new VU ;)
Krilmon (EUW)
: Wukong Rework?
Wukong has already been confirmed for a rework along with 10-20 other champions, like Nunu, Mordekaiser, Volibear, Skarner, Fiddlesticks and even Ezreal.. etc. Basicly all unhealthy outdated champions
Arrived (EUNE)
: The problem is, that Riot reworks champs which are mostly unplayed so they _bring them to life_... ...but Lux... {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Yes but in general, when champions become unhealthy and outdated, they get reworked, even if they are still played by people. For example Morgana and Kayle are getting a duo rework ( angel / fallen angel ) even tho Morgana has pretty much the same popularity as Lux. I know Lux is in a pretty healthy position right now, but still she has some problems with her kit and needs a VU because slowly she'a becoming outdated and unhealthy. Tho, a loooooot of champions are going to get reworked before her, I sayed that in the post, so yeah. I'm 100% sure they'll rework her after those get theirs.
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Oblight (EUW)
: Lux, The Light Hielder [ Rework Concept ]
( UPDATE ) : Hi everyone, hope you're doing great. Since this is supposed to be a thread about Lux's model and ideas about a future VU / VGU, today I want to share with you a lot of things about it : 1 : I know Lux isn't going to be reworked any time soon, at least not this year ; there is a lot of other champions that are already on Riot's shedule, such as Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Mordekaiser, Morgana and Kayle, etc. And those champions are divided into 2 tiers : 1st Tier priority champions, who are the ones who are in the top priority and are going to get reworked soon, and Tier 2 priority champions, who are on the rework shedule but aren't the top priorities for now, like Ezreal for example, and Lux isn't in either of them, so yes, I know it's dumb to actually make a whole thing about her rework since it's not going to happen soon, but still, I want to share my ideas as long as I have them in mind. 2: New kit ! So, I came up with a new kit model for Lux, and I find it really interesting, since it has some original abilities and mechanics. Here it is : ( Note : You'll see a lot of " X "s , it's supposed to replace numbers such as damage, time etc., because they're not important here, only the concept mathers ! ) _Passive : A beacon in battle : Lux's wand emanates light every X seconds, enhancing the vision she has of her surroundings. The gained vision lasts for X seconds before fading. OR : ( This is another passive concept, I think both are great, I'm just suggesting ) : Lux's unique light powers allow her abilities to reveal surroundings when unleashed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _Q : Luminous burst : First Cast : Lux spins her wand above her, creating a light spiral ( I'm not sure about " light spiral "... give me another suggestion ) that she can charge for up to X seconds ( 3, I think ). Second Cast : At max charge, Lux hurls the ability, dealing X damage when landing. If the ability is cast before fully charging up, it will deal X% less damage. ( I got the idea from this artwork : https://img00.deviantart.net/40dd/i/2014/110/c/a/team_builder_art_by_su_ke-d7edevx.jpg ) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _W : Enlightenment : Lux bends herself with pure light power, granting herself X bonus magic resistance and X bonus amor to her and nearby ally champions for X seconds. While Enlightenment is on, Lux's next ability will deal X% extra damage and slow enemies hit by X% for X seconds. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _E : Burning light : Strikes all enemies in a line dealing X damage and burning them. Burnt enemies take X damage over X seconds. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _R : Illuminate : Lux opens a magical portal from upwards at a target area that unleashes a powerful light strike, dealing X damage and marking them with Illumination for X seconds. Enemies marked by Illumination are revealed for the next X seconds and are dealt X extra damage from the next attack. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, what do you think ? I've put a lot of effort to come up with these ideas, just to make this kit original and interisting. Personnaly, the way I see Lux when she gets a future rework, is not as a basic mage for beginners. I also want her to be an interesting champion who is being played consistently at all levels, not just being played by some rare Lux mains out there... So, give your thoughs, ideas, tweaks, anything ! I know this may not be perfect, so please free to criticize and come up with better ideas for Lux ^^ !
MacDeath (EUW)
: It's beautiful. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Pure art {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: {{champion:111}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:89}} I think these guys would like to have a word with you... and they don't look amused.
Please, not all their abilities have CC. This champ has full hardcore CC abilities !
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 3: Lore!📖
He has too much CC ! Litteraly all of his abilities have CC, wtf ??? Slams? Slows ? Knockbakcs? What the %%%% !!!
Xenthia (EUNE)
: I played with her Elementalist skin so much that i forgot how her classic skin looks however i think there are many champs that need a VU more than her. Maybe after Nunu, Yi and Pantheon are getting their VU we can think of Lux getting one. About her abilities...as long as she keeps her laser and bind they can change the rest tbh. I agree that she needs some tweaks here and there but is not that urgent in my opinion.
Yes, you're totally right, but I talked about that in other posts that got a lot of positive replies, about other champs needing VUs. And yes, her binding and her ultimate are what makes Lux, well, THE LASER SPAMER %%%%%. Lol, anyways, yeah her W and E need some tweaks, not her binding nor her ultimate. And I belive it will some day happen, maybe in the late season 8 probably.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: Why? Just buy {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:202}} skins. They come out every 3 months or so anyway.
.... you know, not everyone can afford skins, but still, even if, why would we be obliged to buy skins to get " proper " visuals? Ridiculous..
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Northmund (EUW)
: We don't give a fk! We better do merch! #Riot
: I completely agree with you man. I remember when I started playing and I thought "this Ezreal dude has a really interesting kit and his splash art is cool and he is like Indiana Jones in LoL" but then i played a CoopvAI game with a bot Ezreal on the other team and I was so disappointed that I didn't care for him anymore.. Lux btw is not as bad in my opinion as some pizza feet champions (looking at pantheon)
lol totally agree, those feet are only there for people who have foot fetish LOL they srsly need to change that
ƒilip (EUW)
: New udyr skins/visual rework?
*sighs* Do you know how many champions need that visual rework ? Tons ! Udyr, Lux, Corki, Ezreal ... they aren't even comparable to the newest champion that are being released, Riot seriously needs to puts effort into reworking outdated visuals and skins !
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Wex0r (EUW)
: think allot of the champions could do with having their original skins touched up. I wouldnt change the design per say but just remake them with better texture quality that the newer champions and skins have.
yeah that's my point actually
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: ***
God damn I agree with you, wise words my friend !
Perilum (EUW)
: Low price champs are supposed to be simple.
no actually, it's because they're older. For example, after some years, say 3 , his price will get reduced to 4800, because when a champ is released, another one is getting lowered on price. And, older champions means they have old " basic " mechanic, not as complicated as mechanics we have in champs who get released now. That explains it ^^
Jsp (EUW)
: Noximan. Passive: Instead of autoattacking normally, noximan uses hes machinegun and constantly fires the closest enemy. Clicking an enemy will redirect the firing to the target and deal a constant flow of damage. Once 100 shots are fired, he'll stop shooting and reload for 3/2,5/2 seconds. Q: Crouch: Get immobilized for 3 seconds but fire twice as far. W: Brush stalker/reload: When inside the brush, attacking will deal more damage. Activate the spell to instant reload E: Grenade: Throw a grenade that will deal physical damage and add a debuff "shards" for 5 seconds. Shards will amplify incoming damage by 15%. R: Piercing ammo: Once activated, he'll reload the gun with 200 piercing rounds. Each will ignore armor and deal bonus true damage. There you go. Best champiwuan ever. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
God damn Riot get inspired{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} !!!! WE NEED THIS
: New "Vampire,Jungler,AD,offtank" Champion
Oh ! I know that guy ! Let me guess... Vladimir's twin !!!! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Runic music after leaving runes
: when u reduce the how much BE Or IP in the past u get. u force people to buy xp bosst. that is pay to win. For example the newest champ that is op u want to buy u have to play so many games till the champ isnt op anymore or u buy xp boost or the champ himself for real money. so its pay to win my friend So sorry u didnt think one second about what u write. so review urself what u said is dumb and let me guess u already own all champs.
It's not paytowin. And I only own 15 champs. I'm gonna buy 5 tomorrow to play ranked. Ok? Secondly, it's not a card game like clash royale where you need to have high level cards and legendaries to get high in trophies, and you need to pay to get them or else it's hard to progress, NO. No champ is op, some may be stronger yes, they're meta , but the game always gets balanced, and new metas rise ! Op champs get nerfed, weak champs get buffed ! Why pay? Just gather BE to get 20 champs and play your mains in ranked. Why would I pay?? And still, give Riot time. This is the first update of the preseason. They sayed they're going to change a lot based on the community's reaction. So don't worry, if the new leveling system is crap, they're gonna fix it. Give them some time, they're now testing it.
: I played 14 games to level up to get the capsule including win of the day. get champ shards that worth 720 BE out of it. So compare to past including win of the day. it would be 720 - 150 (win of the day Bonus in past) = 570 : 14 Games mean that u would earn 40 Ip per game when u compare it to the past. WTf this much reduce u need to play forever to buy ur champs u not owning. This how riot want to make money with selling champs. And they always were so proud that they are not pay to win. Good work Riot making ur game pay to win. i have still 20 champions for 6300 BE to buy so lets see how many games i need 720 BE : 14 = 51 BE per game 20 x 6300 BE = 126000 BE 126000 BE : 51 BE = 2470 games to play till i can buy me my missing champs. Are u serious. And i didnt count in that leveling up need more games every 25 levels, because level up need every 25 level more xp to gain a level This is just betraying ur gamers with changing it and make the people buy champs for real money if there is no change in future im out. I dont play a pay to win game
SkaiBlade (EUW)
: > **tl;dr We limit the information exposed across teams prior to a match because it can influence match outcomes and make games less fun.** > > Information exposed to players before a game begins anchors their perception about how the match will play out and can change how they play. The most obvious example of this is with ranked status. Playing against someone who has a higher skill from the previous season, even if you’re currently equal in skill, can be intimidating in a way that influences the end result of a lane. Given that, we default to not exposing skill information across teams. > > In the case of champion mastery, while we don’t think the effect would be as pronounced as with ranked borders, it would likely have a similar negative impact in some games. For example, knowing it’s your first game on a champ and facing up against a mastery 7 Yasuo isn’t a great experience. When we weigh the negative impact of surfacing this every match-up against the pretty minimal benefits that come from the opposing team knowing exactly how big your emote is, it doesn’t seem worth the trade. > > There is some gray area around this. Some of you might be thinking: dropping the emote in game when you go to lane seems like it could anchor players in a similar way, so why allow that? We debated this when we first launched emotes and even created an emergency switch we could flip to make it only appear for your team if things got out of hand. Ultimately the decision to leave it cross team came down to two things. 1. For the most part, people don’t drop their emote right when they get to lane. Usually by the time an emote gets dropped much of the game has already unfolded, so any impact to match outcome is minimal in aggregate. 2. Some of the most interesting and memorable moments across teams are highlighted emote drops. Preserving those moments felt important. > > Along these same lines, we know many players scout one another via third party sites to determine opponents rank before games. This is a natural result of ranked game stats being public information and some players looking for any way to get a competitive edge. In spite of this, we wouldn’t change the pregame to give this information more visibility. Though some players want this information, we don’t believe forcing more players to absorb it would ultimately make the game more fun. > > **Riot Socrates** > _Lead Game Designer_ Source: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2017/04/ask-riot-should-new-champs-be-disabled-in-ranked/
Etherim (EUW)
: A Joke that got me 5 honors and 5 reports in the same game.
fashlouk (EUW)
There actually was a post requesting a north african server 1 or 2 years ago. 9000 people voted yes. Someone from Riot's staff answered saying that they still don't know if really there will be a north african server, but still doens't mean it's not possible. I think a north african server will apear next year or so. It's becoming a thing now so yeah.
Brand Pïtt (EUNE)
: any comments on the finals?
It was weird. There were moments I could compare SKT's performance to platinium players. It was messy, disorganised. But don't blame Faker. Don't you even dare blame him, because he carried his team until the end, especially with that late game messed up teamfight. Huni as usual with his teen crisis thinking he's the best but then being depressed for 92 years because he lost ( who tf will pick Yasuo in WORLDS FINAL )... Bang playing like absolut GOLD 5 GGWP, and the rest, except Faker, Idk actually. Wolf did his job, as well as Peanut and Blank I guess. Still, I was very disapointed this year. 3-0..... And the thing is it looked like there were unprepared since the beginning of the first match ; no vision, no map control, no GOOD PICKS !! I just asked myself if it really was SKT playing, because SSG played so well, they knew how to control the map and how to counter every move from SKT... It was also heartbraking seeing Faker completly destroyed after the 3-0 humiliation... I was shaking ! I've never seen Faker like, crying ! It was so weird, just unusual... %%%%....
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Eveninn (EUW)
: > dragons, fairies, dwarfs and cyborgs One does not fit. :thinking: ------------ The thing about how the league universe evolves is that everything is off, thus nothing is. Like, we got a startforging dragon, next to a scarecrow, next to a dude wif a lamppost. Some with with the alternative medival... but some really don't <.< Some are more sci-fi than anything else...
The mix of eras and technologies is what makes League unique ! When you look at Summoner's Rift and at the champions, it's all a mix of the medieval era and the 1800's ( steampunk ) ! The whole concept is like that ! So we can say that League is a "medievunk " game ( a mix between medieval and steampunk, of course , I invented the word ) so yeah, that's what makes the game's charm ! Tho, I totally agree that Zoe's look is too modern, she looks like a nowadays DOLL girl, litteraly ! Her look must be close to Annie's, since both are children. She should look like a girl from the 1800's if they want to make her the most modern possible, because it's the most modern " era " in League, with a more classical look, something like Ekko , but in girl mode, that will be perfect ! Again, I really hope they will rework her look...
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 2: Gameplay! (Closed for voting)
Not my taste. Really doens't fit in the game. It doens't look like a LoL champion. Ridiculous.
: the problem is our ISPs not the server. if u have a good internet you will be playing on a solid 50-70 ping at least, which is not bad so making a server in north africa won'T solve anything you will still be playing with the same ping however i do think riot should give more attention to their biggest server in my oppinion EUW, we have so many problems even europeans get disconnected randomly during games (mostly french) and i dont think anyone in europe is playing with less than 50 ping, in korea they play with 9 so you can see the huge difference between both the internet solution available in other region but also the attention given to them by riot you hardly ever hear or see someone get lags on korea, while it happens quite often in EUW on their streams and even in NA
Because Korea is very small compared to Europe, even if you are at the farest point in Korea from the Korean server, you'll still have at least 9 ms !
: > [{quoted}](name=Archetype9,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=aXWcGVkE,comment-id=000500030002,timestamp=2016-05-05T16:20:03.138+0000) > > Lol. > Egypt: Military Junta and a shitton of turmoil with Islamists. > Tunisia: Wavering power of state > Algeria: On the border to civil war > Morocco: Stable Kingdom yes, civil rights no, rising islamistc tendencies due to influence from other groups > > Hell I don&#x27;t want to spoil you your own region, but investing in any of these ountrie isn&#x27;t a solid long term investment sorry :( ok then let me tell you one thing there is no thing as islamists and non islamists in these 3 countries 1-the country's religion is islam 2-these are extremest not muslims 3-political state is something that won't even affect gaming as this is something that have nothing to do with politics as in every region shit happens and it does not some things (food industry,gaming,real estate)
Totally agree. I'm a Morrocan, I live in Casablanca, the country is very stable politicly and economicly and if you watch Morrocan news ( there is a french / arabic / spanish version ) you'll see how much mega-projects, international meeetings of the King with other leaders etc. there are. Morroco is on the way to become a developped country. Well, Tunisia and Algeria have some problems ( political problems mainly ),yes, but gaming doens't affect those domains, and even if Riot actually has issues with implementing servers in those countires, Morroco will be the best deal. Gaming in Libya isn't well-known compared to other countries of the Maghreb so nah bad deal and now it's like a " forgotten " country so yeah anyways. And to talk about islamist tendencies, it's present everywhere. Maybe more in arab countries, but still the Maghreb is not very affected by that and even if there is some small islamist groups that tend form in some regions, the members are always arrested, and I often see that in the news, but now we don't hear about it as much as before so it's good. Moreover, Riot is already to planning to implement african servers, so no surprise that the first one will be in North Africa because it's the most economicly stable region in all of the continent, except for South Africa that is also pretty good economicly. That's all for me ! If you need further information about North Africa, Morroco, or anything I'm always avalaible to give answers. Have a great day/night !
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