archerno1 (EUNE)
: Arent u supposed to put link or something?
mb :D
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: SUPPORT [Unranked to Diamond] EUW
: SUPPORT [Unranked to Diamond] EUW
Currently 4-1 in this session.. <3
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Volonk (EUW)
: Team Viribus looking for a permanent Support
Added you. My main:
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: ADC looking for support (eune) Gold-Plat
Have me. On east: NosTardRammus. Probably the best support you are available to que up right now ;)
: lf dia+ duo to 2vs8 on new acc
Added... can play this evening after 18.00 gmt+2
Omniarch (EUW)
: [EUW] Previous Season Diamond Looking For a Support of Any Elo!
Gacho (EUW)
: Need gold top, jungle and support for tournament
I would sup but i have work till 6pm *gmt+2* let me know if it works (u know time zones and stuff)
: Smurfing support from EUNE looking ADC in EUW.
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