: We have to be very carefull when buffing a true damage champion like twitch. We already knewn what happend when Vayne got a buff. Now imagin a champion that is able to get in a similar state with higher range & stealth. What I think what should happen is that twitch waveclear should be buffed. It's been a really really long time I have seen a Twitch roaming towards another lane. He just can't keep up with the waveclear other adc's have. As a solution I suggest buffed the exact opposite of abilities for him and that's simply buffing his Q Venom Cask by giving it some magic damage with a bonus AD scaling. This would also help out his jungle position that some still are trying to make work somehow.
That's a good point you are making with the W and buffing his waveclear. However I still feel like his passive needs a bump. Yes it does true damage but the amount is so negligible that it doesn't really matter. It's one of the worst passives in the game in my opinion. As I mentioned in the post the maybe biggest problem with it is that it feels very unrewarding. Even when you fully stack it to 6. Just compare it to modern champs/reworks. I don't want it to be over-buffed, but right now it just feels like a placeholder passive.
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