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Ribbo (EUW)
: Top and Mid LF competitive and serious team in Diamond 🔥
Cheini (EUNE)
: em just google it xd i have never entered any info in these until now but thought.. why not? :d &nbsp; so, i picked a site from 1st page in google aaand. er, here is a typical scheme... &nbsp; --- &nbsp; > Are you wondering how to get free riot points codes, or if that is even possible? > We are here to respond to this with a simple answer: YES! maybe not idk > ... > What does that mean for you? >A REAL, 100% WORKING RIOT POINTS GENERATOR, first of its kind! really? :O > Enter your username to connect to your League of Legends account. [_***~~Riot Eambo~~***_]( > Select whether or not you would like to use a proxy when adding the Riot Points. sure yes pls! > 1380/2800/5000/7200 rp whut 7.2k ofc '-.- >###*Riot Points Online Hack[](http://.)Riot Points Generator[](http://.)Performing server authentication: connect_to_server(332FS2)[](http://.) Successfully authenticated secure server connection.[](http://.)Hack provided by [](http://.)Import: AES_256_Keys(); [](http://.)Import: Open_SSL_Encryption(); [](http://.)Import: Server_332FS2_Keychain(); [](http://.)Export: Outgoing_Server_332FS2_Keychain(); [](http://.)Response: All files were imported successfully. [](http://.)Retrieving form input information: kernel.forms.obtain_user_information(); [](http://.)Response: Obtained user form input information. [](http://.)USERNAME: Riot Eambo[](http://.)PROXY_ACTIVATION: On [](http://.)POINTS_AMOUNT: 7200 [](http://.)Injecting the information securely into encryption server: kernel.generator.start_process(); [](http://.)Encrypting request: kernel.open_ssl_enc"+"("+ name +"); [](http://.) Response: Successfully encrypted user request. [](http://.)Encrypted Information: 608c4a1b463ec35ad0354c1edd5ae [](http://.)Retrieving current PRS server script: read_PRS_server_source(); [](http://.) Response: Successfully obtained current server script. [](http://.) Response: Successfully injected into PRS server▎[](http://.)...* @eambo enjoy your rp.. wait noo it broke whyy.. ;(( > Before we can add the Riot Points to your account we need to *_~~VERIFY~~_* that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us prevent abuse of the generator. > > 1. Choose one 60-second offer below. > 2. Complete offer with real information. > 3. Check your League of Legends account for the resources. > [SHOW BEST OFFERS]( [](http://.) > INSTALL ANDROID ANTI-VURUS > Enter your phone number to install k +123482940applejuice7 > SEND SMS > ***_~~<GET>~~_*** > to number > ***_~~(i will hide this one!)~~_*** > Best anti-virus in the world! ..err now. The sms to this number cost _a lot_. And quite probably, you would need to send way more than one.. i think i will stop here.. it would be fun if rito makes a vid where they follow the scam to the end.. or rather, till the vid gets too long for youtube.. xd &nbsp; here is something else they did though!
damn thanks haha
Dreugan (EUW)
: Dont click links
what kind of links?
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HighIord (EUW)
: Riot you wasted money for no reason.
Honestly, I can get his frustration and his misleading by his screenshot none the less. Playing in the euw server from the middle easter is painful since we don't get a low ping as we constantly have from 135 ping to 123 if we are lucky But honestly, it can put us in a disadvantage i cannot climb to grandmaster since the ping and reaction time is very different
oLuna (EUW)
: Odyssey Contest Entry: Marshmallow Fluff
i like it a lot <3!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Skins in collection
thanks guys for your time love you all and have a good day
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Smerk (EUW)
: Get level 5 soon? no, that process is not supposed to be fast even from level 2, from level 0 it will take even more time
i ment in like from 0 to 5 :l how soon it might be all i know is that riot support said it depends on your honers and if you dont flame i just mute all and say haha gg or wp etc i try to keep it as possitive as much but yet no luck on getting on honor 1 :l
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: LF plat jungler for clash tonight!
: [CLASH] LF D5+ Top for tonight
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