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: Just one confession
The tribunal was a nice sistem, dunno why they abbandoned it. But the truth is, that they can't implement a tight banning system, cause this toxic community would be almost entirely banned in a matter of minutes. I just had 3 games out of 5 with ppl who started crying ff15 and launched themselves into turrets for a friggin first blood. People who start inting cause "jungler doesn't help" or a failed gank, and so on... and I'm a damn gold elo, not that players can really exploit leads at that shit#y elo, is just random sh#t till the end of the game. Untill their nexus is up, you can still lose. Like hard. So that's why no banning system will ever work in this game.
: I wish I get permabanned after that game
This game got worse and worse every year it passed. The report system doesn't work. I got the habit to follow or ask friendship to ppl I report, just to see if they get some sort of punishment, and they never get. I mean, there was once a bloody Tham player who had an account just to troll ppl, like eating and spitting in turretts or ppl, eating jungle mob to reset them, all those sort of amenity. I counted an history of more than 200 games in a row of pure trolling. Not everyone was a loss, sometime ppl managed to win despite him. I made a post about it. I made a ticket about it. Nothing happened. I mean, I see that you can't start banning any toxic behaviour, cause this would mean that there would be no more player, cause internet is toxic shi#t all over the places, we all know that. But think about a selective ban... like just for ranked queue. You troll? you can't play ranked for a couple weeks. Not that I like getting trolls in normal, but I do care less, I can deal with that. If I'm playing normal I'm usually chilling or training, so I'm prepared to get hard stomped. I'm really on the verge of unistalling this game, after playing it since the beggining (and yes I know I'm still bad at it, no need to point out), but it became anti-fun. Plus games theese days are just 35/10 or 10/35. you either win hard or get stomped badly. Close match are so rare, but still are the one you enjoy even if you lose them. My last chance is the new adpative queue they are going to roll out in S9. If it'll be still a sh#t, I'm out.
Guhens xD (EUNE)
: Super Genius Idea Check it Out !!
Well... it's not personalized, but you can write support/jungler/marksman/fighter/tank/mage to get all the champion listed in those roles. Anyway, you can just write down the name of the champ you want to play. Dunno, it's something... but I wouldn't say it's a geniality.
: I FINALLY DID IT, Im so happy that i made a song about 'Us'
You really put some effort in that song!
: Is this PC good for gaming
Absolutely. Just spend those extra money for a nice monitor.
: If you are new, and you are stucked in bronze this thread may help you
1. find a role you like and a couple of champ to master. Don't counter pick... in bronze it really doesn't matter. 2. Good attitude. First blood is not equal to game over. Specially in bronze. So don't start a flame war for a damn death at minute 5 cause your enemy (and honestly neither you do) does know how to capitalize that small advantage. 3. If you died once/twice against your opponent, what makes you think you are going to out-play him this third time in which he has already more items and exp than you. I mean... do you really have to put your hand on fire to know that it'll going to burn?! Play def and calm and get back on track. 4. Whatch streams and understand them. 5. Itemize. So you have just found the ultimate build for that champ which include buying dead's man plate, sunfire and thornmail... but your opponents are all mages? Well... maybe you can use that build in the next game. Knowing what to build and when to build it is the most complex aspect of this game. You are loosing against and AD.. try to kick some armor and delay your dmg item. Your mid fed the hell out of Annie... well, all the dmg you can bring wont help if you can't survive Tibber! 6. Never flame. If you loose lot of games, it's probably for something you do. 'Cause, you know... the only costant thing in your games... it's you. Understanding it it's the key to success. 7. There's no such a thing as ELO HELL. You only are where you belong. I've been playing this game till S1... and I'm still gold. Is not a matter of ELO HELL... i just suck at it. Even tho i carryed myself out of bronze just playing support. 8. You can carry from any role. 9. Most important: It's a game; Have Fun!
Perilum (EUW)
: Sounds like Braum. I thought I never heard it, because I usually listen to music during games.
More like Zyil I'd say. But lot of champ share the same voice-actor.
: Why people think yasuo is op
There's an exact definition of OP... champion with a win-rate way above the 50%. That's an OP champ. Yasuo is around 53% so it's op. Kata and Irelia (not surprisingly) are just right at 50. Annie is above 50% since the recent Tibber buff and the proto-belt but she's not really played much. Yasuo is FOTM.
Eveninn (EUW)
: "Why kill when you can simply ask?" "Next time, more Petting, less stabbing." I like him. :3 \*falls in getting petted trance* I'd guess ti's a teaser for a new champion. Most likely a jungler, one that likes the Monsters and I'd guess will have some sort of Special interaction in Terms of (not) killing them? Ofc it could be a None jungler too, but it would be weird giving a laner a Special interaction with jungler Monsters, don't you think?
I think so. It must be some sort of Jungler monster-friendly who has the ability to take camp's bonus without actually fighting the monsters... like "bribe" on HOTS. Or maybe just a nature themed champ. But that would be a lil lame. In this case... hope it's a supp! (I want a new one!!!)
: I don't get why people complain about this all the time... I've never had a problem getting S on supports as long as I did well and the game didn't end with an early surrender vote. And even if it is a little harder than other roles, you know what? Good. That just makes mastery level 6/7 better to show off on a support. So stop complaining it's too hard and put in the work needed to earn it.
No one says it's impossible... just that it's harder than other roles, cause the statistic taked in count aren't meant for support role. If you i have had game with 3/3/25 ended with an A/A+ i mean, playing support sometimes means to sacrifice in order to keep someone else allive. But i got an S in other roles with score that i consider worse than this... cause i ended up dieng too much for being a bruiser. Sure i came up with lot of kills... but still. That's it.
: Support S ranking.
They said they are going to solve the problem. And i hope so, cause sometimes it feels pretty unfair to see how an S is negated with just a couple of death (that you got to save your carry's spree from a flying jhin bullet... for istance). I like being a support main... it just doesn't feel satisfying sometimes.
N o (EUW)
: Tier 2 Runes for 1 IP each
Greedy cupcake...
McHorde (EUNE)
: Wtf is wrong with urf this year XD !!!
Well, i would not list Kog as the most annoying champ in urf. Wu kong and azir are, by far, more annoying than kog, which is pretty squishy and not that mobile.
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Andrasta (EUW)
: RNGesus made my day ♥
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Triggerlolx (EUNE)
: fps freezes
Hi have fps freeze also on low end gpu! Graphic equality for the poors!!!
: Can you please disable rageblade...
What about ragequit? Will you disable that RITO?!
Emillie (EUW)
: So will we just keep pretending that season 6 is about skill?
are u really making your point by showing us a poro king match score? I mean, really?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I can't start a game
I've been experiencing big lag (like 1000 ms) the whole morning, but now it seemed like it's solved. Maybe something like the ddos attack that happened to blizzard's server yesterday is happening.
: Hm yeah hm fucking yeah
Sayainji (EUW)
: Now you can't spam the "Gems are Truely Truely Truely.. Outrageous" {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
That's a bit sad... didn't hear the in game voice, no idea what he says now. But, that pose while gems are flashing is outrageous by itself
: I think it looks pretty crap tbh and the abilities are not anything special, just my opinion though.
Dunno... actually the possibility to cast all of you abilities from a linked allies is kinda good. You can stun/heal/ult even from afar in tf if you are gettin low healt. And you have a double aoe heal. But i have to play to say if he's still good or not. Anyway, he wasn't really play so much, if not in certain comp (enemy comp actually). But, who cares if he's good, as long as he is the same Old looking-like Taric.
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: New Pink Taric
It's beautiful... i love the splash art and the model! He's even more awesome than before!!! That debonair ez
: flaming in aram
I agree with you. Flaming in aram... there's really no point. I mean, it's meant for chill, not for win. I really don't understand ppl raging in aram. It's random... there's a chance i get a champion a never actually played before, if I own it for swapping reason. Gee.
Oimmena (EUW)
: About report... (I need a RED answere... really)
And... if any of you is still wondering how it ended... well, no action take yet. He's still trolling as he used to. I even asked him if he got a warn or somthing. Nothing. Good Job riot... dunno how the automatic sistem works, but afet 4 months of costant trolling this guys should have been banned.
: which champion would be your best mate if they were real?
I think Shen must be kinda funny when he takes off from his ninja duties. Not sure tho.
: Taric's hair.
: > [{quoted}](name=Verukhan,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=u0EFzXMv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-31T21:57:14.982+0000) > > And why would you do that?! Pink Taric is going to be reworked soon, that's the worst time to disappear! > (not 100% sure, but they may be going to rework also regular Tari and the bloodstone crap taric) > Cheer it up mate! Gems are truly, truly truly outrageous! Not just pink but taric overall. I hope we will see bad gem knight. For quite some time I didnt have anything to look foward to as my favorite champs dont get any skins or new ones arent fun.
Maybe the fact that they are going to rework also the other fake Tarics is why the OP is a bid sad. IS THIS THE REASON OP? DON'T WORRY, PINK ONE WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONLY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS. Sry for cap, wante the OP to hear me.
: Getting demoted by trolls
Well, of course it's annoying (had the same issue), but at end of the day, you don't get demoted for just one game. And, on the other side, a loss will always be the main reason for you to be demoted. So it's hard to think about a "fair demotion". Dunno if you get what i mean, maybe is not that clear.
: People who nick themselves after famous teams
The real matter is that everytime i go "who... i've been playing with this guy already" And then... oh, no that's just an LCS team name
Mepodis (EUW)
: Im sorry for existing...
And why would you do that?! Pink Taric is going to be reworked soon, that's the worst time to disappear! (not 100% sure, but they may be going to rework also regular Tari and the bloodstone crap taric) Cheer it up mate! Gems are truly, truly truly outrageous!
: The fact that you have nothing to say just shows that you're wrong.
: "Fizz:He had a lot of break down's,nerf's.But he still came out really OP. I mained fizz for a long time and **I never saw him this strong.** If I go on with the champion's this would be the longest Thread in Leauge of Legends Community. **Im just gonna list some of them who i think need a change.**" This implies that Fizz is too strong.
: Dominion summoner spells not yet removed
They said that it can be back in some temporary game-mode.
: Uh.. No. He's quitting because the balance team doesn't know a shoe from a toaster. In other words, Fizz is TOO strong along with all the other champions listed. That's why he's quitting. Did you even read the thread?
: Yeah, pay 2 win. Because cosmetics are gonna help you pull of that 5 man insec kick. And fuck off with the dota talk. Just play dota is you want but stfu about it. It doesn't make you a better person.
I'm sorry Sir if i interject, but I bought Pink Taric skin and I get Dia1 from bronze cause every enemy was prone to my outrageous beauty. Sincerely. Verukhan
: My reports never get justified?
Well, since you bring up the argument I'll jump in. I don't really know how it happens that Riot eventually punish someone. But listen to this, cause it's pretty fun: Several months ago I reported a couple of guys that were trolling in one of my games. At the end of the game i asked friendship to one of those and i started following him. As you can see from [this picture]( he trolled something around 50 games in a row. Afeter reporting him i also made a support ticket about it, cause i wanted to be sure that this guy would end up banned. I made 2 actually. Then posted about it on the boards (no names ofc for the "naming and shaming" bla bla bla) and... nothing happened. His match history is still the same. Nothing changed. He has those game who trolls, and then some games in which he goes 35/2/12, because, of course, he's a smurf. As he said, that is his bronze acc, and it want it to stay that way. So, honestly, if 50 (and more) trolled game in which we can safely assume he has been reported at least half of the time, plus 2 support ticket, plus forum post with a minor red answere don't work... dunno what it does. If you want to read the whole story... be my guest [---> the post <---](
munja02 (EUNE)
: Quiting Leauge of Legends with a reason...
So, basically, you are quitting cause they nerfed your main, huh? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: I show I want to pick LeBlanc. Teammate bans LeBlanc. Me: "Why did you ban LeBlanc? I showed I wanted to play her!" He: "Sorry, didnt see." {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
My bad, I'm sry ^^'. I did it sometimes. Not meant to, but just went brain-afk banning what I usually ban.
: How much data usage does an average game of LoL use?
Your problem is youtube... with lot of spare time i bet you are whatching lots of vids. 1 hour of you tube at 720p (which is the default for most pc's) drains slightly less than a GIG (smth around 800 mb). So, if you spend that time on youtube (also video whatched on phone on a poop counts) well... you've found your leak.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Ranked feels random
As anyone saw, S6 is pretty different from S5. Even if in this game luck some times comes in... on the long run you end in the space you belong. Probably your play-stile need to tune with the new meta. I've experienced the same in the last season... felt from gold I to silver IV when Juggernaut came in. As a toplaner/supp main it really teared me down till all set up. Now i'm playiing a lot of supp (thx dinamic queue), which is my secondary role, and i'm getting back to gold... slowly. But i'm pretty sure to get there eventually for the end of the season. Unless RITO doesn't trhow in some unbalanced thing. Hold on!
joniichu (EUW)
: Do you have a minute?
InTheory (EUW)
: Can you give the reddit link?
i think this is the link
: Aurelion sun abillities LEAKED
Aurelion seems like he inherited some of the rejected idea for the original Bard.
KasrkinOo (EUW)
: Do your girlfriend/wife/waifu approves of your League of Legends playing?
My GF seems to have an hard time grasping the concept that LOL has no pause button. She's still in the '90s videogame i guess. Anyway, before living under the same roof it wasn't a big deal: she called and kept speaking into my phone. I was just interjecting with some "really?" "ofc!" "i love you too" and kinda stuff. Now she tollerates it mostly, but truth is that she get to work earlier than me, like a couple ours, so i get up with her to have breakfast together and when she leaves i can make a match or maybe 2. And in the evening, if she's tired, i stay wake and play a bunch of games. That's sort of fair deal to me. But obviousely i'm playing way less than when i was on myself. Still worth it i guess.
: I got rated S- for this game
Cause spartans never die!
D1nzu (EUW)
: [Re-post cuz] Alright.... I SUCK IN THIS GAME!
Dunno Bruh, i suck too. I play since season one but i never got past gold (pretty sad). Now i'm bronze (thx juggernaut patch) and seems like i'll be there for a while, even if managed to get from Bronze V to I since the new season (thx shen rework). However i do play supp mostly cause i suck at cs. And i do play tanky supp cause i suck at killing ppl too. Anyway i actually like supporting. The real matter for me climbing the ladder to the challenger spot is... that i suck. A lot. Like (this is kinda embarassing) leona is my main since season 1 (just after shen) and only a couple of months ago i realized that the stupid trick you use to wipe out wards freshly dropped (aka the aa reset with her q) can be used on champion aswell. For Godsake... i realized - after 5 years playing that stupid champ - that her Q reset her autoattack. Things that i only used to wipe wards out. That's how much i suck at this game. Still, i enjoy it. Dunno if helped Bruh. I hope so. Cheers.
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