Elita (EUW)
: Can we ever expect a client fix? (4 AKFs in 1 game)
The issue is when someone leave in the lobby and the client doesn't reroll. You can see in the chat the player(s) leaving the lobby ...
: [BUG] Neeko's hp RITO incompetent ?
Some gamed neeko never loses HP (visually but still annoying) and some other games she stays lvl 1 or 3. Is there other way to repport a bug except in boards riot never read ?
Raftalos (EUNE)
: Fix connection
same issue here and we are 2 player in the same place playing with dc not in the same time
: Be sure you opted-in into the reward tab. Also remember that some browser add-ons may interferee into the mission registration progress.
I didn't see the rewards tab at first. The moment I go in and watch a VOD it worked. Thanks
: Pls be more clear with your mission requirements Riot
Same for me, did you manage to do this mission ?


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