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ade7c (EUW)
: You do make some sense, but your comparison is incorrect. They wouldnt delete all champs but make them free and you would get your refund 100 IP each (runes are being refunded at a better rate) and would have to buy runes that you are missing. Another thing, everyone spend some IP on runes, because without them you are at a clear disadvantage. Those who bought all runes are getting more refund. If you are happy playing those 2 champions why would it change after runes reforge, why would you suddenly want to have all champions if 2 was enough for you. Maybe because you have invested all that IP into runes, it gave you more diversity and you won games over those people who had more champions. All I see is people being greedy, they will have more than I will? Riots fault. Yet it was your own decision where to invest. If all you do is just look at others and whine that you have less, I feel sorry for you, thats a horrible way to live. You have made your choices and they have led you to this scenario, only option you have is to accept it.
The thing is, that for example me having spend around 450-500k ip on runes, I did the math and just from runes I would get around 80k blue essence. (according that everything was right calculated). Now think of this situation: **Player 1** Has spend 400k ip on runes, has all the champions, 20 runes pages and not a lot of spare ip, let's say 20k ip, since he has always bought mostly more runes or new champions when he has had the ip for it. He would get around 60 to 80k blue essence + 20k from his spare ip, equaling around 80-100k blue essence. **Player 2** Has spend around 100k ip on runes, has half of the champions, 3 runepages and has 60k spare ip, because he hasn't decided what champ he would like to buy next or what runes. From runes he would get around 10-20k blue essence and from the spare ip another 60k blue essence, equaling around 70-80k blue essence Now you can clearly see that the new player who hasn't spend nearly as much ip on runes as the "veteran" player, will still be rewarded with almost the same amount of blue essence, and for me THIS is the reason I don't like the way runes are getting refunded. I feel like there should be a reward for players who have spend X amount of ip on runes, not like it currently is that the players who have the most spare ip benefit the most out of this change. Also, you get 6,5 x the current blue essence you have as blue essence, so if you have for example 1000 blue essence it get's multiplied by 6,5 equaling 6500 blue essence. In this case: **Player 1** Would be able to buy 11 champion shards and disenchant them. Let's assume he would only get champs worth 325 blue essence. This means he would get 11 * 325 blue essence = 3575 be, which get multiplied by 6,5 equaling 23 237 be + 1300 from his spare ip = 24 537be. **Player 2** Would be able to buy 35 champion shards and disenchant them. Let's assume he would also only get champs worth 325 be. This means he would get 35 * 325 = 11 375 be, which get's multiplied by 6,5 equaling 73 937 be + 500 be from spare ip = 74 437 be. All I am saying is that players who have saved ip, benefit far more from this, than players who have actually invested their ip in runes and rune pages.
Mačka (EUW)
: I think Flex is there as a reminder that dynamic queue was a failure but Rito didn't want to let go.
Teejoon (EUW)
: I think you get a reward if you hit gold or more in both queues? That's the only reason to play solo/duo in flex :p
Yeah, I think you do. However they could just make rewards for ranked teams aswell.
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: You are still talking about an individual loss/win. While not every loss is your fault, as mentioned many times earlier, the fact that you can't CLIMB is your and only your fault. There's just nothing else to it
You still don't get my point. I have never denied the fact that you have and will lose games in the future because of trash team mates or someone running it down mid. No one has ever denied that fact in this discussion. How ever if you don't manage to climb any higher than your current ranking, it's not your team mates fault. You can't say you get "garbage" teammates everytime you lose a game. Those same "garbage players" will most likely climb higher than you and will games with other "garbage players" that have lost a game with you. But you know what they say? "You can't argue with an idiot."
: You are still talking about an individual loss/win. While not every loss is your fault, as mentioned many times earlier, the fact that you can't CLIMB is your and only your fault. There's just nothing else to it
First of all: flex is not even nearly the same as solo queue. You are watching games that I have played in flex. Still never mind about that, you still don't get what I am saying. YOU WILL LOSE GAMES BECAUSE YOUR TEAM MATES ARE PLAYING LIKE GARBAGE, now that is a fact. On the other hand YOU WILL CLIMB IF YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, IT'S NOT YOUR TEAMMATES THAT HOLD YOU BACK FROM HAVING A NEGATIVE WINRATIO IN SAY 1000 GAMES FOR EXAMPLE. You can't say "I would be diamond if this or that or blabla because you are not." I could be playing in LCS but I am not cuz I am not good enough. Same goes with climbing.
: > So now, after reading all of these situation tell me. If im the one saying things "Lets group and take the open inhib its 5v4 dont let them scale." and noone listens, how is that my fault? How is it my fault that even after destroying my lane in 3 of 4 games I still lose because my team are uncapable of finishing a game or are uncapable of winning their lane or are uncapable of understanding the meaning of "group up" "lets finish" "win". Tell me, how is it my fault that every game that I play statistically I do way better than all of my team and most of their team and still lose the game. Please someone tell me, cause after around 500 losses im still confused how 70% of my losses have been my fault. I need some sort of advice on how to be able to carry 1v9 cause Im honestly most probably missing out on something. Lets start by me beeing honest - I didn't read the 4 games you gave as an example but I'm gonna expect those stating something along the line of "I won my lane everybody else didn't" You are talking about 4 games. You lost 4 games - get over it. Now, if you look at this over lets say 200 games you'll notice you can win about 70-80% of them by just beeing good/better than the other. Then there are the 10-15 you'll lose because of teammates and the 10-15% you'll get carried. I've seen more than 40 people climb in 1 whole Tier (gold 5 - plat 5; silver 4 - gold 4) in less than a week and beeing able to maintain a steady climb after that. How do you explain that? They are not smurfing, not getting boosted but steadily getting better and not stopping because they lose 4 games because of teammates. Also, do you think somebody deserving a higher rank can't climb? If so, how do you think the 53-2 W/L of Tarzaned and Viper happened? Luck? Convinience? Fate? Or how does Boosting work if the matchmaking makes it impossible?
It's funny how people just will start complaining about their teams and that it would be the reason they can't climb. Well said dude! Couldn't have said it any better.
: You are still talking about an individual loss/win. While not every loss is your fault, as mentioned many times earlier, the fact that you can't CLIMB is your and only your fault. There's just nothing else to it
You're leggit going to stay low plat hardstuck for the rest of your life with that attitude. Good luck in not getting demoted to silver mate! Try making a new account and play ranked with it. I can bet you wont climb any higher than you are currently. Why? Because you are not good enough. Edit: onetricking is indeed a good way to climb but do you think my D3 support main friend just got better team mates than you and is therefore higher rank than you? Don't think so.
: This my fault also hhhmmm.
You are still talking about an individual loss/win. While not every loss is your fault, as mentioned many times earlier, the fact that you can't CLIMB is your and only your fault. There's just nothing else to it
: No but i can win every game, if my team wasn't so bad. How come i won all my games to plat 3 with only like 5 losses, yet after plat 3 my team game play went down. Oh wait i was over 50% win rate. with plat 2 mmr in plat 3.
Did it ever cross your mind that your are not better than Plat3 and couldn't climb therefore? I am pretty sure you did not start this ranked season from platinum. You climbed from gold or what ever you started because you were better than those gold players. Now that you are plat4 with 49% wr means you are not better than those plat5-3 players and therefore are not climbing because you are not improving.
: No because with your logic is never any one else fault other then your self which is wrong, did you check the link i sent you, now tell me its my fault that every was feed, i had no interaction with top. But ye its always your fault and never the teams. Its the never the guy who goes ill int and goes 0-8 na again its your fault.
I talked about climbing. And I particularly mentioned you cannot win every single game. Obviously not every loss is your fault BUT if you can't climb it's your fault and not your teammates. Winning and climbing is not the same thing.
: What do you mean how is it floored logic, you play (one champ) that's a god dam one trick with 0 skill to it. Holy %%%% maybe if i played pantheon for over 90% my games id hit diamond also not that hard is it, clocking over 300 game on champ in ranked jeez. Sorry i didn't now that the game was solo, f*ck i forget that there is 4 more people on the team which can alter how well we do, sh*t i though i was the only person doing solo's. Man get a grip i am support and you're telling me that my top laner going 2-8 in 15 mins is me playing bad you have got some learning to do. Maybe if this was season 2-3 ye it might be my fault, but atm is has nothing to do with me. Jeez you're the type of players that make sure league never changes their ways. Maybe id masters if the game ddin't shit on me every time my win rate went of 50% because yano having mid and top feeding their ass, that's fine with bot lanes fault for losing the game. I take responsibility for my lane if i lose it and its my fault, don't worry its bot lanes fault for your team m8's losing. you're a joke.
So your saying onetricking a champion doesn't count as being good at the game? Some champs are easier to play than others? Of course some champs are easier than others. If you really think you could hit diamond with just spamming Pantheon for example then please for the love of god do it and stop complaining. Right now you are complaining about not being able to climb because of your teammates, yet at the same time your sharing your opinnions on how to easily hit diamond. Now please explain me where is the logic in that?
: What kinda of logic is that, you are only playing teemo that's a one trick, and a champ which doesn't even require much skill. Jeez if that's the only way to hit diamond then the game is doing something wrong. How about you try hit diamond with something isn't teemo and see how fast you change your mind. Floored logic dude.
How is that floored logic? I am currently Diamond 5 on my main account and Diamond 4 with my other account. I peaked Diamond 2 promos this season. Why am I not that high elo now? Because I wasn't good enough to stay there. Could I get back there? I don't know but I won't say I am Diamond 2 or what ever worth if I don't even put time in trying to get there at the moment. Is it my team mates that caused me to drop from Diamond 3? No, of course not, it was me who just wasn't good enough to be able to win more games than lose games in that elo. If someone seriously thinks that one does not climb because his team mates are holding him back, now that is floored logic in my opinnion. I bet if you went to play on a silver account you would win most of your games no matter what champion you play, and that's because you are a better player than those silver players. If a high master or challenger player would go and play on your account they would win most of their games. Why? Because they are better than the players at your elo. It really is that simple.
: > [{quoted}](name=Omega Fed Teemo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-05-02T18:28:57.952+0000) > > Now if you think rationally about it: there must be a problem in you transitioning your lead properly to the mid game. Ever thought about the fact that maybe the other lanes are losing so you actually do not have a lead? > [{quoted}](name=Omega Fed Teemo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-05-02T18:28:57.952+0000) > > You can't seriously think that it's your teammates that are holding you back... They can ... however it depends what champ you are playing, what role you are playing and which lanes are losing. Quite hard to win if your own teammates do not allow you to carry. Things are just not that simply bro. > [{quoted}](name=Omega Fed Teemo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-05-02T18:28:57.952+0000) > > There is only one thing that remains same in every single ranked game that you play: YOU ... and you are only 1/5th i.e. 20% of your team.
> [{quoted}](name=Kedren Aderac,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2017-05-02T18:46:49.091+0000) > They can ... however it depends what champ you are playing, what role you are playing and which lanes are losing. > > Quite hard to win if your own teammates do not allow you to carry. I have played 2 accounts into Diamond in 2 seasons with 90% Teemo only. Honestly if you can't climb it's not your teammates, it's you. You can ask any high elo player (meaning now like high masters or challenger) and they will tell you the same: If you can't climb, it's you and not your team mates. Accept this fact. When the game starts, just /mute all and focus on your own gameplay (this helped me a lot) don't focus too much on your allies winning or losing their lanes. The game is not solely decited after the lanephase and the number of winning/losing lanes. Of course the game will be much more harder/easier if all 3 lanes lose/win. You should focus on improving as a player and eventually you will win more games and make progress in the ranked ladder. > [{quoted}](name=Kedren Aderac,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xY2hpa9Z,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2017-05-02T18:46:49.091+0000) >... and you are only 1/5th i.e. 20% of your team. Yeah and that 20% is every game the same, whereas the 80% is different almost every game, so if you are losing more than winning you can't start by blaming it on "bad teammates"
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
So you're saying that most of the time you stomp your lane pretty hard but still lose the game. Now if you think rationally about it: there must be a problem in you transitioning your lead properly to the mid game. You can't seriously think that it's your teammates that are holding you back... I have 2 accounts in Diamond on EUW this and last season. 2 seasons ago I was pretty much Gold 2 hardstuck and I was just blaming my team on every loss. Stop thinking that it would be your teammates that hold you back. Why do you think me for example or any let's say Diamond 5 + player would win most of the games while playing with your account? Because they are better at the game than you are. I am not here to trash talk you about your elo or anything, don't get me wrong, but your mentality is just so wrong.. You will not win every game, that's a fact, but if you can't climb it's not your team mates fault. I stopped thinking that it's always my team mates fault and I focused more on my own mistakkes and what I should've done differently in order to maybe be able to carry the game. There is only one thing that remains same in every single ranked game that you play: YOU, focus on your own mistakkes and eventually you will climb.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Omega Fed Teemo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rOAF5fEG,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-02-04T15:00:24.955+0000) > > Well said. This is what I ment with my post, you just wrote it in a much better way. Yes. But that is only one side of the argument. The other side is simpler. Between the time Champion Selection was done and the start of the game, you had ample time to realize that he wasn't trading either because he wanted to, or because he was an idiot and left the PC. Ergo you had ample time to decide to dodge and lose 10 LP, 6 min and no Elo. Because let's face it. The chances of him owning up to his mistake was practically zero. In that sense, that was your (plural) mistake. People don't really value dodges much in this game. :/
I would've dodged but I noticed this during the loading screen so it was a bit too late. Generally in the elo I am playing people are dodging and letting others remake if they scew up something and not just make ur whole team suffer for it. People are actually nice and admit that they have done a mistake and are willing to make up for it.
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rOAF5fEG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-01T21:39:46.734+0000) > > He doesn't need to go afk, because he screwed up. You also screwed up for trusting him. Are you implying that trust, in a game that requires teamwork, is a mistake? Really? Also. Trusting someone, that has shown you no indications of commiting foul play against you, but goes and screws you up anyways, is not a mistake. Just a a happy little accident. {{summoner:31}} No, seriously, trusting someone who then screws you up, can't be considered a mistake if there was no indication of betrayal as an action, when it's given. You can only say that in retrospect; in which case everything can be a mistake. {{summoner:31}} As for the Summoner in hand. There are few things that in general are true during Champ Select and throughout the game ... A. Selecting and swaping Champion in Champ Select is a valid strategy/tactic. B. It requires trust from both parties. C. Everyone is obligated to stick around throughout the hole duration of Champ Select. Especially, if you have initiated a swap. D. You are responsible for your actions, ergo you are obliged to suffer the reprecussions of your actions/missconduct. E. Being a posterior throughout the game, in Chat or on the Rift, is not only *sad*, but also counter productive for the team. The guy the OP described screwed up 4 out of the 5 points above. Betrayed the trust of his teammates, but not staying to complete what initiated (he initiated it, not the jungler), did not shoulder responsibility, and also was an ... *donkey* ... in game. Had I been in that Support's shoes, I would have gladly gone AFK so that the game was remade. Because **I screwed up**, NOT them. I messed them up, so I have to have the balls and measure up to my actions and mistakes. And not be like an ostrich and burying my head in the sand, ignoring everything I did so that I can believe that they didn't happen.
Well said. This is what I ment with my post, you just wrote it in a much better way.
GLurch (EUW)
: That depends on how you define an a-hole. I don't think he was one by just not going afk. He may have been one because of how rude he was, but not because he didn't want to afk. I can understand that you wouldn't want to wait 20 minutes before the next 5 games just because you did one simple mistake.
I don't think there is a penalty if u go afk and the game get's remade..? But anyways the point was that he went afk when he should've swapped with the other person, so we had a kha supp and a thresh jg. I mean I have had a lot of ppl who have dodged or went afk so the rest of us could remake cuz they have failed to pick the correct champ or to swap or something else cuz, well, that's just nice to do so if u scew up and not make ur whole team suffer for ur mistake.
daNyanta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Omega Fed Teemo,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=rOAF5fEG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-02-02T11:01:42.101+0000) > > Of course he doesn't need to, there is no rule for that. How ever it would be nice for him to fix his mistake by going afk and let the other remake. Even if it's video game, you don't need to be an a**hole.. You couldn't remake even if that person would go afk. He/she connected to the game bafore 3 min mark so it wouldn't work. Fast game btw.
We could've remade if he went afk right after the game started. You can remake if a person is flagged afk for 90s before the 3 minute mark
GLurch (EUW)
: He doesn't need to go afk, because he screwed up. You also screwed up for trusting him.
Of course he doesn't need to, there is no rule for that. How ever it would be nice for him to fix his mistake by going afk and let the other remake. Even if it's video game, you don't need to be an a**hole..
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: why dont u just take a champion with CC? Then he cant jump away
that's not the point whether the kha escaped or not.. the point is: should duskblade passive proc when u are "dead" and reviving from GA?
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: > [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zgTQtWGi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-01-14T22:28:40.204+0000) > > Courage of the Colossus is getting another nerf in the next patch. Since that mastery is the main reason why Vi and Hecarim are too strong right now, Riot probably wants to see the spot of these champions when these changes are going live. They are just doing to make people play their old off-meta champs so that they gain more money for the skins they bought. They did the same to likes of Kalista and Nidalee. Create/update a bunch of skins. Wait a couple months until enough players have bought their skins and move the meta. They do this every single freaking time and give excuses like hey we wanted to see what this would give. If I as a gamer can see these %%%%%%ed mistakes they made throughout their balancing history. It should definetely not be that hard for them to see it.
Good Sir, calm down! :DD
neviss (EUW)
: Autofill just don't work
1. I don't know why you think it's unfair that someone who picks "fill" as their role and then get's filled as: let's say jungler, and asks for top lane and the top laner is willing to give the role to him. 2. I have barely seen any dodges this season, ranked or normal games. 3. Removing autofill would cause the Que times to be considerably higher in every elo. People would barely que as support, which would cause finding a support to both teams take extremely long, where as the support players would have a really short que time. Autofill is working as it's supposed to and if you can't play one game as a support I recommend you to play some 5 man party flex que or normal games so you don't have to play support :)
Oozcee (EUW)
: You don't even need to feed him to have him oneshot you in late game. We were playing some blind pick with my friends, and enemy happened to pick yasuo support. He was 0/6/3, and maybe 70-100cs at 35-40min mark, as when he started to just oneshot our ADC/APC. Before that, he was completely useless to their team, until he got those 2 items, he becomes a god with.
First of all: stats don't matter in late game as everyone got their full build and ofcourse a lategame yasuo will murder your adc or apc if gets in range. Did you know that kinda many more champs can oneshot aswell
: Braums shield can be moved. Yasuos cant. However. Consider this. Braum is a dedicated support champ with no damage whatsoever. Having strong utility is normal on these champs. And STILL Braum redirects the damage, while Yasuo blocks it altogether. Does an explosive projectile get blocked by Braum? It explodes, having the chance to damage/debuff even people besides Braum (Nami Q is a perfect example. If Braum blocks it, even if i aimed it way behind Braum, he catches it and gets stunned, alongside everyone who is near him) Also, Yasuo's wall is mostly used as a reactive thing. Much like a Nocturne/Sivir spellshield. Or a Jax/Shen dodge. Or both at the same time, since you know, it's got a similar CD to these, it deals with both of the issues at once (both spells and attacks are stopped). know....the spellshields last 1 second at most, the dodges about 1.5 second (or 2, i'm not sure). Windwall lasts 4 seconds. Blocks everything that comes even near it, meaning Yasuo (and any of his teammates) can stay invulnerable for up to 4 seconds. Has a huge hitbox. Doesn't cost mana. Lasts way too long. Is indestructible. Has a low cooldown (should be an ultimate level cooldown) and on top of it all, it gives a melee carry undeniably super-high team-wide strong utility. Yasuo's double crit is nothing. Yasuo's endless dashing is laughable. His ult synergies with other champs is cute. His windwall is BROKEN BEYOND BELIEF. It's on a powerlevel completely different to similar spells.
Yeah Braum has not the damage that Yasuo has but he has his shield, A STUN in his passive, A SLOW in his Q which also procs his passive and A SLOW and A KNOCKUP in his ultimate so saying that a support has a "worse" shield than Yasuo is kinda stupid to say as a comparison here because of the great ammount of cc in Braums kit overall. I don't know if you are just not aware of it but Yasuo is also pretty easily countered with some hard cc such as: Poppy W, Vi Q and R, Malp R, Maokai W and many many more champions that have a cc which does not require a skillshot. Next time you face a Yasuo consider picking a good front for your team instead of 5 squishies whom Yasuo can easily oneshot.
Vesemir (EUW)
: Because majority of the playerbase belong to Bronze and Silver...
It's so true.. almost every "high elo" player thinks yasuo is not broken. Annoying to play against is not the same as broken. Besides that get a beefy frontline like Poppy who is pretty good atm and yasuo will be so useless
: This is how I would balance it: **·** Passive: Remove double crit and increase shield. **·** Q: Remains the same. **·** W: Reduces the damage of incoming attacks through the shield. _When a fighter champ has a better utility defense move than a support on a normal ability that blocks an entire team, that's wrong._ **·** E: Increase cooldown to 2.5/3 seconds or charged stacks of 2 and increase damage. _Increased cooldown or a limited amount of dashes that would stack/charge up would require better tactics than just mindlessly dashing through a whole wave of minions/champs back and forth._ **·** R: Back to previous state, without crits required. Cooldown increased if used by other player knock up triggers.
I don't know why all you guys think he has unlimited dashes because he has not lmao. By reducing the amount of his dashes to a stack of 2 for example or making his windwall not block abilities complitely would just make him straight up sh*t. He would have no way of going in or if he went in he would not have any ways of escaping and he would just instantly die because his wall would not protect him. Maybe stop feeding yasuo and crying that he is overpowered. ps. Braums shield can be moved but if u missplace yasuos windwall you're pretty screwed
: Inactivity warning
I get this message aswell but I dont think it does anything
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: Players that copy builds from sites and try things that they saw from worlds or some stream are like "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS THE PURPUSE OF IT BUT I"LL DO IT ANYWAY I SAW IT WORKING ON TWITCH". 90% of those players lose games because they do something that could be good against X champion/team but not against the currect. Just don't mind them and whenever you see someone doing that just wish him to get good soon.
exactly xD I get it if u wanna try it out in a normal game or smthng but in a soloq game... I checked his profile from and he never played mf before even as adc{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: Punishment for dodging?
dont que up if u dont have time to play lul
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