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Skriff (EUW)
: Still champ select bug
Having the same problem,thats why i am not playing ranked atm, alltho i would like to play ranked.
VforVlameno (EUNE)
: client goes black
I am having this also constant after games,about 3 of 10 games i play, only thing that helps is to restart client. having it since new client is open for all. Any Riotters that want to say if they are aware of this ?
mecharri (EUW)
: No idiot, that would be stupid because riots system always reforms those toxic players
idiot? Looks like we found somebody that needs to be reformed.
Cyph1n (EUW)
: Seriously? You have to add them as a friend? Who the hell thought that was a good idea? That's probably the dumbest idea I've ever heard of lol. Like trying to turn a door knob with your feet with socks on. Pointless. I just played a game with someone I want to block and now I can't. GG Riot {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} **EDIT** / **TEMPORARY FIX** Ok I think I found a way to block them. If you have their summoner name, close the LoL client. Then open it again and before typing in your password on the bottom right you will see a link that says "launch legacy client". Click that to open the old client, login. THEN you can block them by clicking the button on the bottom right that says block summoner (or something). Then type in their name. Then they're blocked. Then you can close the LoL client and reopen the new one. It's pretty stupid you have to do this to block someone now. But it's better then adding them as a friend and hoping they will accept it so you can only THEN block them. Can't believe they did this to the block feature. Haha it's so bad it's pretty funny. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
Agreed,this is the same way i am doing the blocking thats NEEDED,i copy/paste the names from the players i want/need to block in a text file and once a week i get to the legacy client and block them there, would be a lot easier if Riot would give us this hard needed option in the new client.
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Vôlnera (EUW)
: Suspended for no reason 'intentionnaly feeding"
From what i can see about ur games,rank and stuff this must be a very missplaced ban, cant imagine someone with such stats intentionally feeding,we all can have a bad game sometime, but thats no reason to ban one right away. Hope this wil be set straight for you. Nice Fiddle stats man :)
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: Then quit league, autofill is just fine, it asks you to play one game of fill or support and you are safe for a couple of games with your favourite role. And that is just fine. Each and every one of us should understand each role, that is the point of autofill. Not forcing players to new roles, or ruining other people's games. The point is to get to know well every role, to lower queue times and to understand that no role is easy whatsoever. And to maybe one day people start giving enough respect to support mains, or just stop blaming the jungler once they see it is not the easiest thing ever to gank everyone at the same time while securing all objectives and warding the whole map with all 5 wards he has (even though 3 is a limit).
You got some good points if it was only meant for normals, in ranked there is no place for such thing. Giving us the option for 2 preferred roles was one of the best features ever for ranked, and taking that away is taking a step back.
Squallsy (EUW)
: personally i play fill anyway so.... i cant say much for auto fill, but i do agree that autofill is a terrible choice.... i think they simply need to change the perception of support, its one of the most fun rolls in the game, it removes 90% of whats boring about league but people still hate it, why? because they dont know anything about it!
Its cool when people know how to play all roles,but we cant and dont want to force them into it,at least imho. I also dont mind playing support and they made supporting a lot more fun 2 seasons ago when we got the gold income items and masteries for sups,before that supporting was really a hard life.
: Back to the bad ol' times then:
So true this,i can asure you i dont miss those days at all.
: I am quitting lol until autofill goes away
Sadly to say i can relate..
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: Learn to play the game ffs
Its not just for me,i can play 4 roles (jungle,support,mid and top), its not needed for players to know how to play ALL roles, if you want skilled team players best is to let them play the few roles they can and like to play and dont force them into roles that dont suit them.
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: The thing is that autofill is enabled to prevent overly long queue times while keeping the MMR range of players as closely matched as possible. The reason autofill gets enabled is that there are roles that are currently starved of players usually this is the Support and Jungle role. You do you bit and play the 1 Support game you get assigned to and do your bit and in return you get immunity for the following games. It's either that or spend way too long in a queue waiting for a game to start. I hope this provides some context. Additionally after your main role I am a firm believer that Support is the 2nd role that every player should learn after all in the first 20 min it's one if not the most important role on the team.
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Cosantoir,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ugpamjyA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-11-23T08:34:28.330+0000) > > Additionally after your main role I am a firm believer that Support is the 2nd role that every player should learn after all in the first 20 min it's one if not the most important role on the team. Since i mainly jung/mid or sup,i dont mind getting sup when this autocrapfill is activated, but i got top and adc (which i really never play) as roles with this but not sup. I say get rid of this nonsense completly. Rather have double the qeue time then this.
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: you can add them then block them :DDDDD
lol,the irony {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Things The New Client Is Missing / Things that could be Improved (To Be Updated)
Really good things amongst them, you can change the client size tho in the options..i got 3 options for size
ƒarhanN (EUW)
: u dont have to, just close it and open it after launch bottem rightside u will see legacy client press it and its all back to normal.
Thanks for this awesome tip and glad Riot kept this option open for us. Not a fan of the new client.
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S4vage (EUW)
: Why the honour system is a joke
The system does work,alltho the decay is to high indeed. Mostly i had the green ribbon,lost it a few days back but i am sure i have it back within 2 weeks, at least if i play reguraly,i have had the green ribbon numerous of times but lately it seems to "dissapear" faster then before. And about "stacking" honour from friends,that only works in disadvantage of getting a ribbon, getting honour from people in ur friendlist only makes it take longer before you get a ribbon.
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: It's coming with the start of the season. There is no solo queue in the preseason.
There used to be tho,solo qeue in preseason.
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: Because of the MMR mismatch in Flex Queue, you got reseted to the original starting point(pre placements). But remember this is only Preseason, the rank you accomplish now **WILL BE RESETED AGAIN! ** The rank you get in preseason does only influnece the placement in Season 7 to a **SMALL** extend! Sidenote: 1-2 Tier drops are completely normal in preseason. I.E.: _You were Plat 5 at the end of the season, were placed high Silver after placements, now got placed low Silver. If you now climb to Plat again, you will then **only be placed in low Gold** at the start of Season 7!_ So dont worry to much about the current placement! The "fix" was to the MMR Values, not to place you in your real rank! The "placement game" is basicly just the offical way to tell you your reseted state, it doesnt mean anything to only a tiny bit to the reseted rank. They did that so you dont have to play 10 Placement games again! I know it sucks, but it altleast just affects your starting point in Season 7 and not more.
Thanks fro trying to clear things up,i already know most what you told here,but the thing i was complaining about was the fact the system used a non-played game to (re)place me, thats my problem.
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: Important: We're introducing scheduled maintenance windows
Why do we get an "unscheduled" miantenance when here is a post that says there will be "scheduled" maintenance from now on? And here it says ranked qeue would be disabled one and half hour in front of maintenance and now its like eight and half hours before maintenance that ranked qeue gets disabled.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Oh like that,thats messed up, you thumbs up for ETA on qeue times for Riot, i played my share of games that had some sort of qeue, and League's qeue ETA for qeue time is one of the best when it comes to being accurate and its also not really that long most of the time,in extreme cases i needed to wait bout 5-8 minutes qeue in league,but have to say when you get some dodgers in champ select that time can drasticly go up.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
This is actually a good tip,didnt think of it untill you posted it. Thanks man !
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Waiting for starting qeue i presume you mean since ur last game is...well some time ago ..
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Luckily thats not up to you. Dont you get cramps in ur finger from downvoting all these comments and OP's here ? Respect,somebody has to do it.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Ur sweet hunny Lyte can say a lot on 'non-official" media platforms, but if a original Riot page tells me the Tribunal is in Maintenance and doesnt tell me it never will be back then i keep it to the official source.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thats why i am here to bring back the talk about it.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Or if you have a couple of days time you can check on this guys history. There are people that do something a lot and talk about it rarely, and there are people that do something almost never but talk about it all the time..... Hey mate,see you still hanging out here. Hope everythings fine,if not,maybe should take a break from the Boards or we maybe need to change the "player behavious section" to "Shiwah's section" . Much love <3
: >Dont think thats a legit answer on a question that only includes "where". Legit answers require legit questions. Asking for the reinstatement of a trolly, dysfunctional system (No matter how you formulate the question) that did more harm than good, especially considering that we replaced it with a BETTER sytem long ago, is not a legit question. >Aint we a bit the judgemental type.. Of moronic systems and the people who abused them? Absolutely. I have been here for some time my friend, I was there when Tribunal, the old Tribunal, was first installed. I witnessed it all, up to, and including, the moronic decision to grant IP for participating, _**(Yes, that was a thing)**_, resulting in a TREMENDOUS amount of false "guilty"-verdicts because noone wanted to lose out on free IP, and statistically people voted "guilty" more often. And even after that idiocy, I witnessed the discussions on the forums as one of the most active posters on the EUW forums and later the EUW boards. And I have seen the false positive cases. I have heard the gloating, sneering words of those fat basement dwellers when they were gloating on the forum (yes, back then it was called forum, not boards, and it looked differently) about punishing people who literally did nothing wrong. Back then, Tribunal cases were generated PURELY on the number of reports received. So even if someone literally never wrote anything in chat, a case could be generated, and when he had the bad fortune to get a couple of morons on his case, he could be punished for nothing. **None of these things happen in the new algorithmic system.** ---- So bottom line is: The old Tribunal is dead and buried. And it will never come back. Good riddance.
Thanks for ur reply i needed to add some sugar cause it tasted a bit "salty" to be honoust, from ur words it seems to me that you may have some personal issues with the Old Tribunal, and my Friend,i have been here also since the early days when they "installed" tribunal, but i am not such a "board" hanger like some out here,i want call out names but i am sure they know that i mean them as they already found(stalked) me again on this OP. No it not you. I spend most of the time actually in game and not on the forum. Looking forwards to the day Tribunal comes back, never give up the faight people !! Love to all of yah {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
GLurch (EUW)
: The Tribunal you once knew was replaced by a new system long ago. The new system is still called Tribunal actually. The new system is a bot searching for misbehavior. --- #How does the bot determine what "misbehavior" is? The bot analyzes the reports of the players. If many people report for something, the bot will punish it, even if it didn't punish it before. A good example for this is "ez". When this system was implemented, the term "ez" didn't exist or wasn't as popular. After it became popular and people started reporting others for it, the system automatically deemed it as "misbehavior". --- #What are the punishments? - For flaming, the bot gives punishments in this order, however, if someone should for example flame in a racist way, some of these steps might be skipped. But, there will always be 1 before the permanent ban: - 10 Game Chat Restriction - 25 Game Chat Restriction - 14 Day Ban - Permanent Ban - For intentional feeding: - 14 Day Ban - Permanent Ban - For 3rd Party Programs or payback charges, the system will permanently ban someone. However, in the case of payback charges, you just have to pay the amount of money you didn't pay to get unbanned. Also, if you ever get punished and think it was unfair or you didn't deserve it, feel free to submit a ticket to the Riot Support. A person will then look at your case again. --- #How does the bot punish? The bot analyzes the game and chat of the person reported. It looks at Movements, Item Builds, Skill Paths,... and then determines whether or not someone should be punished. (However, in cases of intentional feeding, the system isn't the best system there is) --- #Why was it implemented? How exactly is it better than the last system? The last system missed the following: - It didn't punish fast enough. From someone being reported to that person getting punished, it could take months. - It could happen, that persons who did nothing got punished. - It didn't punish everything equally. So, what Riot did with the new system: - It punishes within 5 minutes of the end of a game. - It only punishes, when it is sure someone misbehave. It still can happen, that it punishes you, when you are actually not guilty. But the chance of that happening is now waaay lower. - It punishes everything equally, no matter who that person is, what elo he is or what relationships he has.
Just becasue you say they named this new system "the Tribunal" doesnt make it so, google it up and you see what "the Tribunal" is/was. and So no,the Tribunal doesnt excist at this very moment, they dont call the new system Tribunal just because you say so. Facts.
: The answer is: No. We don't get to vote any more. We also don't get Tribunal Trolls any more. The new system is based on clear, simple rules rules (Don't flame and you're good), its transparent enough to know whats going on, and it treats everyone the same. The only people who miss Tribunal: * Toxics who got banned for something they believe most people are cool with (No, they are not, noones cool with whishing cancer or report calling) * Basement dwelling fatso-wannabe-Judge-Dredd cosplayers, whos insides tingle with delight at the thought of punishinng someone on the internet Neither opinion is worth listening to.
> [{quoted}](name=Martensitic,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=V8r9087G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-13T02:24:42.740+0000) > The answer is: No. Dont think thats a legit answer on a question that only includes "where". > * Basement dwelling fatso-wannabe-Judge-Dredd cosplayers, whos insides tingle with delight at the thought of punishinng someone on the internet > > Neither opinion is worth listening to. Aint we a bit the judgemental type.. Sounds like the Trbunal would be a perfect spot for you to lay ur judgement down on other people and actually maybe do some cause with it. Thanks for ur opinon tho,every opinion is worth listening to.
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Life2001 (EUW)
: That's so true ^^ dont show victory in match history. Just annoying
In the clients "Match History"they actually do appear as a grey "Remake", but what i mean in the OP is about the large "Victory" banner after Nexus is destroyed and you won the game.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Krugs, raptors are a complete waste of time now
I have to agree here with you,hate clearing camps on red side with fiddle now,krugs take forever,and after raptors i indeed am low on life,even with fiddle his drain.
: Just make a grey "Remake" sign or something.
Indeed,not that it is such a really big "problem",but when i see "Victory" in a ranked match i expect some LP.
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B00B00 (EUW)
: yup if you do them now you will get a new set come the start of season 7 on december 6th
B00B00 (EUW)
: best way to explain it; A soft reset would essentially "dampen" your rating and pull it closer to the base value. If your rating is 2000 it might get set to 1600, or 1000 might become 1100. A hard reset would put **every** player's rating right at 1200 again. ---- so far we have it confirmed for the moment at a soft reset, this may change and we will have an official post if it does. basically the higher you get your MMR the higher placement you will receive. - you will receive a 10game promotional series at the beginning of S7 (everyone will) - your awards for s6 are not effected - solo/duo everyone starts at the base MMR (kinda accepted its 1200ish - placements early game effect more than the later ones so try to win the earlier ones if you can, you will win aroundd 50mmr and lose around 100.
> [{quoted}](name=GunsIinger,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vvxaEbnA,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-11-10T12:15:37.588+0000) > - you will receive a 10game promotional series at the beginning of S7 (everyone will) > First of all thanks for the info, but this,does that mean if i do the promotional series now in preseason, i still get one,a new promotional series,when season starts?
Foxeh (EUNE)
: You should try full blind pick eune. I'd take 4 premades over blind pick anytime of the day.
yeah indeed Blind Pick is the worst, i like normal draft most as qeue,and overall i dont have a problem being with 4s pre but lately its really getting a lot,almost every game.
B00B00 (EUW)
: its a soft reset not a hard reset for flex
whats the difference between a soft and hard reset? I heard that we get another promotional series at start of season even if we do the promotional now for flex, but i need to be sure of this, does anybody know more bout this ?
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: This isn't what happens... neither red nor blue give health, the thing which is currently giving health is smite itself, when you smite any monster it gives a heal so it's not blue giving a heal... it's just the equivalent of using vlad's Q on blue.
Thats "technical" how they made smite work now, but i still think they should change it so smite gives health on red camp and mana on blue camp. I am not a fan of this new smite system. ANd also not how they changed the amount of creeps in camps,taking away small creeps at blue actually makes it take longer for me to take it with Fiddle,cause now using my e is useless, and on the other hand the raptor has so many creeps that the dmg i get from that camp early game is ridiculous. Bad balanced new jungle system if you ask me,hope they make some drastic changes asap or take the whole thing away and make it like it was. Its not that i dont like changes,i loved the update of summoners rift and the new buff system that we got last season, but this new system is very unbalanced.
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