: You got a point ^^ I dunno if Riot would be ok with other people making money out of their IP so to speak, like I'd like to support them :)
oh believe me riot doesn't give a shit its free advertising if anyone asks you. thats why riot promotes cosplays and stuff cause people are gonna ask "whos that from" and they go league of legends.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How do you deal with Jax in this patch? Outside of Rammus.
plently of counters. quinn kayle hecarim pantheon satan swain (personal favorite for mid and top) singed heimerdinger tamhkench malphite irelia zac tryndamere fiora shen ect
: I'd like them to be official though :(
i dont get why? xD they could make a shit poppy poster thats official or you could find some amazing fan art thats not official and get that printed. no one is gonna judge your poster choice just get what u like.
: Never say never if you aint 100% sure, dude. :D
ok. i will never follow this rule. there you go
: >no person at riot has ever changed stuff over a forum post Heee, are you 100% sure about that ;) do you, like, wanna lock the answer?
ok minor shit like surprise party fiddlesticks and stuff like that
VaathuSangu (EUNE)
: Lee Sin Gender-bender drawing
while its awesome it is disturbing... kind of like the human centipede..... is this an insult? it kind of sounds like an insult to me but its not meant to. its just iv never heard anyone go "genderbend lee sin" before... its like thresh or darius or something like that...
: Dear Riot, FCK your low priority queue.
its not their shit its ur pc/internet. can people stop blaming riot for their shit? iv played since season 1 and have a total of 3 bugsplats... on all my accounts... and as riot has stated a number of times they really dont care paying or free customers. and something else. no person at riot has ever changed stuff over a forum post.
: I can't access the store
they are properly just adding stuff. wait a day and try tomorrow the is really nothing thats OMG BUY NOW INSTANTLY
Oimmena (EUW)
: It works on all-in champ that usually burst you down. He gives you more range, but it also adds an on-hit burst of ~200 damage which is magical and that helps in case enemy is building up some armor. Plus all the other stats works good on this kind of champ (crit and movement speed). So, it's just a good option, maybe not a "must buy" but in certain case it will really help.
i find it a good option in the way that a deathcap is good on jayce because hes w melee has a 1 to 1 ap ratio...
: it has to be focused on winrate, but not entirely. If a champion jumps up 5% in winrate suddenly, you know something is wrong. Also brand, Anivia, Swain, Malzahar all need changes, they're very high damage and fairly easy-to-deal-damage-on champions. Malzahar would probably be my #1 freelo mid pick just because of his kit and ratios.
just... fucking... no... 1 different elos have different winrates. for example. highest winrates overall: brand rammus mundo trundle amumu in bronze rammus sejanie mundo miss fortune bramd silver brand mundo malzhar amumu rammus gold trundle brand rammus amumu mundo plat rammus brand mundo quinn anivia diamond singed tf trundle mundo karthus master + chogath mordekaiser varus vi and lux. these are the tops at the elos... rammus is showing up alot but is rammus a problem? no? lets have alot at some of the lowest winrates.. master tryndamere (he is a problem...) diamond illaoi kogmaw and yasuo (im sure those r problems) plat is illaoi mord azir and kogmaw (with yorick surpassing them) gold s mord ryze illao riven azir and nidalee silver is nidalee mord riven eve akali orianna and in bronze its ryze poppy khazix reksai (one of the best junglers ever) riven kindread eve and leblanc because of these differences riot can not make the game balance so this is what they must do. balance around pro play to start with (i.e. making riven damage fair for pro play where they can react and play round) however in solo q because riven has been balanced for pro play. when people dont know how to play as this high mechanic champion she drops (the lower elos) however when people do know how to play her and her opponents don't know how to play round her, her win rate spikes. the only time they will not balance with this method is when the champions design as a whole is flawed as fuck. for example. yorcik - enough said he just bullies shit to hard to handle and having a pro who can bully a renekton on someone like soraka? nah fuk that arnt allowed. poppy - her ult lacks ANY form of counter play people say like the is no counter-play to riven but the is stuff like cc and tank stats... not on poppy her q fucks tank her passive means she doesn't need hp because she effectually gets twice hp her w provides loads of armor and damage and move-speed and her e is a gap closer. its basically a jax/irelia with a black shield and a kayle ult. so for all these she needs the weakness of no escape no stats early and in pro seen this basically make her into dyrus... in pro champions can survive lanes and fill a roll late game are 90% of the time the picks like renekton who can bully in lane and become a fat meat shield or maokai. aatrox - he came into the game when slip pushing and sustain where a huge problem... riot basically fucked up realize if aatrox kit is "balanced" its unbalance because no one can duel him... hes kit is overloaded in the way old skarners q was. and so he needs to have weaknesses. hes only thing to nerf is hes *was* stupid dueling power and sustain so now you have a dueler who cant duel but does half a duel and then heals for a 2nd half a duel... doesnt really work...
: This is a place where balance is based on...
i dont get why downvoting... hes just pointing out balance should not be focused on winrate... or azir and zed be getting buffs and amumu nerfs...
: last time i checked it wasnt available on melees but i did test the firecannon you do get the increased range from what i could tell aswell as the on hit energized effect
ok it does work on melee champions but the effects are so minon its pretty much useless... kind of like building ap jayce since hes eletric feild has a 1 to 1 ap ratio...
: last time i checked it wasnt available on melees but i did test the firecannon you do get the increased range from what i could tell aswell as the on hit energized effect
i did my research went into a game and tested. i was wrong about hurrican. sorry - my bad. didnt know that changed. used to be able to buy and just not get passive kind of like mana items like trinity force on shyvana (thats season 3 build tho) and i cant seem to get range with rapid fire? but i will play 1 more co op vs ai game to test
: interestingly enough it does i thought the same thing till i launched up a custom with tryndamere testing to be sure of myself in a response i made and found infact melee do benefit from the increased range however small it is aswell as the magic damage on hit ofc if it did nothing for them you wouldnt be able to buy it like {{item:3085}}
you can buy hurricane... it just does nothing...
: I dont see why you didnt just put an other option and i dont really see why any specific champion would put me on tilt
champions like yi and katarina carry stigmas i am a yi main (on this account) it is very VERY rare i enter a rank queue and pick yi and no one moans at me for it. (they see the yi icon... rank 5 mastery... and they basically go "oh fuck its 4/5" before game starts. so enemy is on tilt cause ur yi and snowball hard. team is on tilt cause yi is a solo champ not a teamfight engager like jarvan or something.
Rioter Comments
: Riot, please, Poppy posters
you know you can just google "poppy" on good save the images you want and then get them printed and sent to you.. i mean fuck get it framed or on canvas if you want. i mean fuck. 2 second google search. https://www.instantprint.co.uk/posters/a3?gclid=Cj0KEQiA1dWyBRDqiJye6LjkhfIBEiQAw06ITjGVmDFdfFuChj9O3m6JRP55myBocm34EqRZWpV5MNEaArZa8P8HAQ £4 a poster? of whatever you want? i have 4 of batman ones and each of those cost £4 and they the shitty ones you get in shops. http://dgeiu3fz282x5.cloudfront.net/g/l/l-142889.jpg http://tshop.r10s.com/f7b/ce0/c04d/2d24/8011/31b3/3ff7/1196e58c60005056ae5ef3.jpg?_ex=330x330 http://thumbs4.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mDQ6j9uU0wQXcXss8rJDjFQ.jpg http://www.moviepostersusa.com/media/catalog/product/p/4/p4703.jpg and these are all A 1... but im at college and to print these myself cost 20 p now >.> what a waste of money for some paper.
Breakbenj (EUNE)
: should that prevent me from expressing my disappointment?
no but express it more as "this is my view" and not "YO BITCHES BALANCE THE GAME ROUND ME!"
Rioter Comments
: If reworked Poppy didn't have that pretty splash art
100% is not the looney toons hammer at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jljAMQNbl4Y
: Move Mastery Pages
because the is no valid reason for this feature expect u wanting it? and why do u care about order if your doing them before games anyway... just have 1 page and change it every time... or if you got a order... stick with that order... and just do them once...
Breakbenj (EUNE)
: Riot please stop with the unexplainable and annoying nerfs
u know riot doesn't read these posts its only other players right? so this will have 0 effect on the balance of the game.
Rioter Comments
ZartarUK (EUW)
: play the game. go do it. i dont care that you are wrong either, the game isnt all about numbers
"the game isnt all about numbers..." the game... isnt about numbers... ok you officially don't deserve the right to talk about items... yeah you can go from bronze to diamond without giving a fuck and going ap zed mid.. but the thing we are on about IS all about numbers.. its a fact IE is better then a bf sword... because.. well... numbers ... the is 0 champions in the game where a bf sword is better then a completely ie.. even if an ie is not a suitable item its still better then a bf sword...
ZartarUK (EUW)
: "always get deathcap first since the 35% extra damage on deathcap flat out beats ludens" is bad advice one its situational, two depends on the champion, three ludens gives better poke and movement speed for example ap kog is one of my mains and id never ever get deathcap before a ludens
maths. go do it. idc your option i care numbers.
kiksenx (EUNE)
: +If Valor was any smaller i doubt she/he could life Quin off the ground. Just saying :D
well look on the bright side... at least valor arnt a humming bird.. holy shit that needs to be a skin (HELICOPTER QUINN REPORTING FOR DUTY!)
Logzus (EUW)
: Valor's Size
well remember according to lore malphite is literally... a fucking mountain... and chogath eats planets... so don't take size to seriously... oh and either all champions are 50 foot tall or the trees as tiny as well as yordles being 6 times bigger then they are in the lore (IMAGEN THE HITBOX!?!?)
Riryz (EUW)
: all countries. the only thing that will be different is your ping depending where your country is situated from the servers. you can for example play on the NA servers when you live in germany however you will have a higher ping then if you would play on EUW. so now. i think you want to change youre question to "is it beneficial for me to switch servers?" if that will be the question then, i dont know. it depends in wich country you live and the distance between you and the euw servers and you and between the eune servers. now if you change servers you will lose your current border and have to play your 10 placement matches again. youre also most likely to be put in a lower division then youre in right now. ps: **please **dont play ranked anymore, ive seen your history. and its everything else except good... i mean... your builds and scores are pretty bad (sorry but its true). please learn how build your champions before playing ranked with graves and buying a stinger... also your ranked kda is pretty omnious as well... 26 ranked games total kda -> 42/218/136 while having played 0 games as support and most of your games (80% are played with ekko and graves. try to improve 1st. youre trying your luck to fast. take your time to learn how this preseason works and start fresh again in season 6. you also do know that you need at least 2 working rune pages right? not 1 meh ad runepage and 1 runepage filled with random runes. youre maining ekko... how do you not have an ap rune page?
your as bad as each other and i can point alot of things out in your builds. for example? 1 kindread. sated > warrior flat out. why? kit and items. passive = on hit w = on hit. then buys on hit items like bork.. also your build... pure ad item (warrior) followed by an on hit one followed by an pure ad followed by another pure ad... you on hit or ad? pick one... 2 bork + bt = to much sustain and lacking other stats. the are champions like aatrox and vladimir for that shiz vayne is not one of them. 3 dont get ludens when behind and always get deathcap first since the 35% extra damage on deathcap flat out beats ludens i cba to explain why google "lastshadow9 ludens" he has 2 videos i think? one is like explaining and the 2nd one is maths if i remember right... and this was before the nerf its just preferred because "OH PRETTY COLOURS!" so people think it has more effect. 4 upgrade ur bloody gold item.. upgrade it = more gold. upgrade = more stats upgrade= not a waste of an item slot. also your feeding and your support so instead of that voidstaff. maybe go abyssel? and who where you trying to burst that game leona? rammus? rammus doesnt have a single mr item. 5 again leona you couldn't of gone more offensive items for a tank when losing... righteous and sunfire? with 1/11/14? ever heard of locket of the iron solari? its literally themed after leona ffs. 6 cait. wow... your getting bullyied to shit as cait... jesus ur laning mechanics must be top dog... (3 games in a row) anyway i think that's enough. (ps silver for 3 seasons in a row? have you ever tried improving or something like for real the are streams going from bronze to diamond with ap zed and shit...?)
: when is new champ coming out :)
tbh this patch has been for quite a while now so it should be coming out soon.
: > R - boring, really boring, they did so wrong, they should have changed e with r, and make e a bit stronger.... I disagree with you on that one entirely... this ult is the most beautiful thing I've seen... It might seem boring but get a good ult of on a clump of enemies and watch a dozen tentacles start destroying everything nearby (seriously find a replay of it on YouTube, it's the best thing I've ever seen happen in game). As far as making people fear them this ult gives illaoi the same effect as amumu, you never want to clump up.
please stop factoring champions by best cases. because lets be real... u dont play the game perfectly you play the game average.. so give the skills average cases... like amumu you can be like "he stun 5 people op" or you can be realistic and be like "stunning an adc and a mage together is pretty strong and anything past that is just better"
Tiger55MD (EUW)
: How to stop playing league of legends?
rage alot and get perm banned or ask riot support to ban your account for a fix amount of time.
: There are certain champions ....
and then the is the original... true meaning of fear... hes so scary he puts fear in both teams... http://imgur.com/nIe2jXB
: And leave udyr with 4 skills at level one? Either they are ALL very weak, wich pretty much negates is early-game completly or you give it some sort of power allowing for the 3 AA phoenix+ Tiger combo at level one, plus the stun making him the most broken champion in game. I do aprove of this idea..but to me udyr should have basic points and like viktor or kha'zix be able to master his abilities for extra bonuses and further define the playstyle..
i dont see why... udyr has never been that op... i mean even when sated was at its strongest shyvana was still the better choice... so why would it matter if hes q/r or r has 2 more ranks in it
: Udyr Rework-ish
i approve of this idea
Riryz (EUW)
: no i think its like this unranked(blue side), unranked(red side), silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, challenger
why would the be 2 unrankeds? :o edit- i am stupid ignore this comment
Riryz (EUW)
: i personally think riot could add a bronze border. this shows you that you are already playing the game fo a while. not having a border looks like you only made your account not to long ago while there are people in bronze for about 3 seasons. i also want to quickly adress that i am NOT bronze, so i cant really talk in their place. im just giving my opinion for what i would want if i were bronze.
the is one. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-OD8fWuXflr8/Vif20cqCjCI/AAAAAAAAzB8/YgaUCiaDfCk/s1600/UI_LoadScreen_Frame_05_Divisions.png its the 2nd from the left it goes. no rank bronze silver gold plat diamond master challenger.
Rioter Comments
Just Cat (EUW)
: An extra passive for lee sin
Uber Skain (EUNE)
: Guys i have a problem
your playing a new void champion kappa
Laasyahnir (EUNE)
: My new Kindred tattoo.
you didnt draw this. this was on 9 gag like 4 weeks ago by an na player
Laurae (EUW)
: Those who buy Challenger team slots for ranked rewards
never be a valid reason for boosting expect. someone wants higher and is willing to pay. and someone has the skills to get higher and is willing to accept. smurfing however the is entailment value in streams.
Eeten (EUW)
: Why are the IEM "Pros" not playing on the actual Pre-Season Patch, like we do ?
by pros you meant in tournaments? the update to tournaments are always delayed by quite a lot because tournaments have their own server.
: braum main name suggestions?
do something funny like poro nipples xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTEgwaPNmOg
: 1 ward will never replace say a randuins that ur sightstone is taking up...
http://www.probuilds.net/champions/Janna they buy the upgraded gold item but never the pink sightstone. http://www.probuilds.net/champions/Bard active and bluesightstone http://www.probuilds.net/champions/Nami only 1 game with ruby and he has full items in it. so in conclusion when people need active items they will buy it however they still view ruby sightstone as a waste and is only gotten when other items are fully upgraded
: It depends on the item. Of the eye series are just bad, almost as bad as ur warding;>
1 ward will never replace say a randuins that ur sightstone is taking up...
: U don't get it, i guess u are not playing supports, right? /edit What's better, having 1 spare ward u can place anytime or having none? U go from bot to kill a drake, would u prefer to ward at blue and bush at mid, or just hope they wont come? Having some spare wards u can place is just better. I am full aware of 3 wards cap.
whats better a whole item that can actually change the game or a single ward because your bad at ward management?
: [Suggestions] Taric's Shatter (W) change, Riot please Read.
nope. hes underplayed cause hes boring. his kit is actually amazing and its actually a shame to see his kit go. hes kit has so much value purely in gold. if you just look at hes r 70 ad and 70 ap... 2520 gold in ad 1522.5 in ap. thats 4042.5 ap in stats... just to 1 champion... (himself...) lets times that by 5. 20212.5 gold in stats for hes team off a single spell.. to put this in perspective warwick attack speed buff is the 2nd best and this provides only 8000ish (cant remember whole number) in stats... and this is a single spell and it has a really low cool-down due to hes sheen proc old ryze style passive. rather then riot trying to make hes kit different they should try to make hes kit cooler and more visually pleasing. considering tarics winrate has been high pretty much permanently like amumus... i mean look at this. http://postimg.org/image/ocd4kjlo9/ even when it drops its droping to 50% from a high percentage.. as for addressing the "what can he do" if you cant work around hes passive.. nothing... if you can... he can perm stun you and perm shred ur armor and mr. and continuously buff you. i mean if you watch a challenger taric player some of them can ult up to 3 times during the tank meta. hes also extremely hard to fuck up. and works great vs assassins due to hes simple no bullshit stun. its "i click u i stun you". the is never a meta where taric isn't good. he buffs hes squishy he perm stuns the enemies ones. he heals hes tank he shreds the enemy tanks. and he stops assassins in their tracks if they added more to his kit he be problematic i mean look at tryndamere... "ok we are giving him 15% life-steal on a crit every once every 2 seconds" (1 day later) " we fucked up... we seriously... fucked up... big time." so while i do agree taric needs works its more in the make him fun rather then make hes kit useful. i mean for example. some people find rammus fun... and hes literately i press q and e and you kill yourself...
: It is much better than {{item:2303}} {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} , and i already told u why. There are less wards overall compared to previous patch, u get only 3 wards from a blue version, which is kinda crap. I am not saying that u should rush and upgrade to {{item:2045}} right away, but on utility supports when u have usually couple active items, it is really not bad thing to have.
*cringes* no just no. ok 1 ward cap is 3. 3 wards = ward cap = ok. thats good. 2 you shouldnt really be out for more then one rotation of wards unless your stock piling gold which is bad and if you are the 2 extra wards dont help since thats only 66% of your vision cap. 3 no active item has a cooldown so low that cdr helps it. cooldown reduction on mages with spells like 4-12 seconds is good... no one buys cdr for karthus with a 5 min ult cd purely because its so long that it has no effect overall. end of discussion. (well not really a discussion its more you just going "i think x is better" while providing no proof or theory..)
: What u fail to understand?
how you think the pink one is a good item... and dont list all the stats like a bronze mother fucker whos like "namis op she has a stun on her q... a slow on her w... a heal on her e... and a knock up on her r" that shits just annoying.
Bitkojn (EUNE)
: Im not sure how do you know what to build on each of those junglers, as far as i can see in your match history you only played Evelynn once, with {{item:1415}}, and lost. But eh okay
trying new shit since its preseason and how much did you scroll that was fucking ages ago xD and no. i do not play those champions i am a yi main on this account however that doesn't mean i dont know how they work. infact i need to learn more about them because not knowing what rammus does? as a yi main? insta lost.
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