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: Spotlight is supposed to go up on Sunday. Which suggests that at the very earliest she'll be out on Sunday as well. More probably on Monday or Tuesday.
thank u on waiting her si much
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: All start icon
if u picked your squad before the pick closed u will get a icon if not im sorry to say that u wotn get any icon
Jonwie (EUW)
: Can't start the new client
contact support -*send a ticked they may help you
Hangule (EUNE)
: Bug or something (maybe my pc)
check forums your rads are on thats why the forum will be more helpful than me check support
Hello try many tiems some tiems the site says something went wrong it was here Ziggs * try many tiems and if u dont get any result send aticked to lol supports that site is an old site of league of legends some tiems it wont respond correctly glad for your PBE
: Thank you so much! ^__^ Add me and I'll gift you a skin if you like. On both PBE and EUW.
added you maybe we play some times* glad for your pbe account i wish i could have one
Eveninn (EUW)
: Good morning boards! \o
Hey and good morning* glad u back
Rismosch (EUW)
: I haven't seen Cassiopeia in weeks O.o Are you sure she is META right now?
well i have seen her may times in last 3 weeks* and it was so hard to play aganist her*
Bubbarain (EUW)
: new is always better. why every year apple makes a new iphone?
lol the get it better maybe and they definitly needs money to make developments*0 so they need us as we need iphones
Proppa (EUNE)
: The thing which gets me, is that these assassin's were never that weak, even when you had Vision ward's to control them. Now, as a main ADC, it feels almost impossible to be able ot survive. I mean, Talon's Wall hop is just a get out of jail free card on top of being invisible? Did they really need this high level of escapability? It should be one or the other, either allow pinks to detect them but give them escape tools, or remove pink and force them to punish their engages.
a trinked can see them* so be shure to get a pre support and u wont be so dead* :)
Bubbarain (EUW)
: without lookin even your stats and elo i can tell u not that good, talon is not broken but definitely a good assasin right now . Did u see talon of the previous season? i bet not cause nobody played him. Dont cry over a champ that u dont like, what do you want everybody like urgot? and you favorite champ to be the best? have u seen vayne for the whole year? have u seen syndra? victor damage? i mean there are counters and the assassin reworks its good and exciting. If you dont like it you wont be missed
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} yeah thats a good answer syndra viktor cassiopea ar the king of mid right now they definitly need somethnig strong there*
raishinari (EUNE)
: It is actually why people are leaving this game. I left hots because they changed nova. I might leave lol because talon is changed etc.
comon new talon is amazing.accourding to me :P
: Placements Results
what placements u didnt palyed ranked before = if not than good luck over there u will have a great time for troll* and definityl a lot of fun :P i wish i could be bronz*
hey go to pbe i want to help if there your account is accpeted then you should continue to create a new account for you pbe account here is a link you should check it can help you a lot
: Me neither. They did say in the patch notes today that you have to login to the alpha client before November 15th to get it. However, the client has now uninstalled itself, so I can't log in anymore. I guess we aren't getting it after all? I am not too bothered, I didn't agree to be a part of the alpha test for a reward, but it would have been nice to have another icon for the collection.
one moment they will give to us an icon ? i didnt heard about this i have been an alpha since it was open and i have palyed a lot of games there and no icon on my collection* and i dont think it will be an icon as reward
: did not get my champion??
hello i guess there is a problem the get a bit late u have to wait i guess i just bought skins after 20 minutes and i didnt had them but i jsut checked now and i have them i guess u should wait a little for it to come to your inventory
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Infernape (EUW)
: Am I the only person that just knows what skins I own off my head?
coolbe (EUW)
: it's just your ingame summoner icon
lol it wont change this icon i used bore 6 months0 and still be here
Scheko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=9bxsH5Ay,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-04T22:10:56.776+0000) > > Greetings. > > The profile picture on boards should be the same that you have in the client. If you've just changed your summoner icon, allow at least a few hours before the boards updates. =) mine doesnt update since months, not a big issue tho
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Eambo (EUW)
: Seems to be working okay here O.o pls check this out then i click log (Sign in) in and i still be at the same place*the same Page* i sitll dont know why thank you
Eambo (EUW)
: #And we're done! All permissions have been given out to those accounts that applied for beta access. #Update: 07 November We're about 80% complete with giving out access - we'll update this again once we're complete! Please also remember that this grants access to the region and account you requested access on **only**. Please ensure you're logging in with the correct account or the alpha will say you do not have permission! :-) Hey guys, Download links are back up! [EUNE]( [EUW]( Note that anyone who applied for access before today's shutoff should receive access over the coming hours (we're running it right now but there's a lot!). If you did not apply, you'll need to wait for Open Beta as signups are now closed I'm afraid! You should also have received an email with this info if you applied, so be sure to check your spam filters! ^_^ Edit: Note this is taking longer than the "coming hours" mentioned due to the sheer volume of applicants globally - keep an eye on your email and we'll update here when we've confirmed all emails have went out! :-) Also be sure to read the [Frequently Asked Questions]( (Spoiler: This isn't PBE!) as well as the [List of features not yet implemented](
Hello will Riot Games give Alpha players an unique gift ? thank you
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Pelabel (EUNE)
: I "created" a Riot "product...
Your story Lady, is amazing im so glad about you, i wish the best for you and your Temmo(kid) :) Thats why we play lol{{champion:17}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
Kick (EUW)
: How did u get acces?
well i applyed and at the setting of this page i saw at the end i was been aproved* but sorry i remembed now and i got an e-mail to* i jsut now checked and the e-mail is there* sorry for my wrong post
Nizarr (EUW)
: I've signed up too and still no email or anything for the alpha
lol check your setting no e-mail recived by me but i could get alpha*
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: lol you make me laugh thinking that H2K can win worlds.. They wont even win the next match
{{champion:22}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{item:3003}}
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: ... if we get lucky, we might get SKT Cassiopeia skin. ;)
Oh that is a good idea but that will need 1 year to come so i want somethnig fast :)
: lets not forget {{champion:50}} who was promised three fucking skins that have been canceled and his last one was in 2012. for real why the fuck did riot cancel dragon master swain? also nither of those skin themes suit cass
well i was waiting for his dragon master swain but a canceled skin riot needs to make this up* even kindred has a fk new skin* but this champs not
: {{champion:83}} , last skin in 2011. beat that snek lady.
well as a favorite of yorick İ THNİK WE SHOULD ASK roit for this to bring them new skins
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Neonchan (EUW)
: Looks more like you have a serious rage problem
> [{quoted}](name=Neonchan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eaa4ATwx,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-28T09:21:07.652+0000) > > Looks more like you have a serious rage problem lol i dont have a rage but it makes no sens i can accept remake and low priority queue but why i lost 18 points* that no reason for that if i lose then why not give the winner team the proper point* so if its a remake no lose point for any player ty for the post
: if u cant play this game due to pc crash or bad internet dont log in. if u cant stay in summoner's rift without dc dont log in. now is 5 if u dont fix that will be more and next more and next perma
TY MATE but this is a issue that happens ver rare and i cant fix soemthnig which maybe can be caused for hundred reasons i just need a respod for this and i lsot points while theenemy team didnt gain any do u think this is fair thank you again for the post
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: What is the big issue ? When your mouse cursor is on anything, skin shard, chest, key fragment, doesn't matter on what, the window pops out and it shows, what it is. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
well when i wrote this post it didnt so that why i wrote*
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: Hextech Crafting & Champion Shard Uses
İts a good ide i onw all champions and i have 49 shard of them and 5k blu energy i dont know what to do with them since we cant upgrade all cahmpions to lv 6 or 7 so maybe riot should think to change this in some thing better thank you for the post*
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xilien (EUW)
: Haven't received any gifts
i have recieved the skin but not the icon still dont know why* puF
: Already on the unoffical rework list.
thank you would you let me know about this list i only know in the list now is ww so what will be next* i will be glad to know what champions are going to be reworked0 thank you again
Charibasa (EUW)
do u always be rude with people who dont know english*or im suposet to know english?
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