: Well my friend it's not a bad idea I loved it but I think 10 games is not enough maybe 20 or more is good couse for me any one can win 10 games with a new champ "for him" I think it's not a bad idea .
Yeah but you'd need to get like 5+ champs ready for ranked.. So that's already 100 games for 5 champs if all games are invested on these 5 champs only)
Tarolock (EUW)
: yes we are humans, and we have the ability to control our own actions, not the environment, not other players, but ourselves, thats why you blame other ppl for your own mistakes, since you dont want to blame yourself, that has to change, not the environment, i could sit in a game with 8 teemos planting shrooms everywhere while a singed releasing his gas on them and i would still not be toxic, maybe i would stop playing for a few hours, but thats not toxic for the ppl in the game
But your solution is impossible to achieve. "Go solve it yourself, micromanage your emotions better", but how is this viable for large numbers? We need to look at this from a macro point of view.
Tarolock (EUW)
: playing a new champ doesnt make you toxic, blaming a guy for the smallest mistakes when he says its his first time on champs makes them toxic, 90% of the time ppl tell them to "feed less", "stop dieing" and stuff, which will lead to more mistakes, that should change, if you actually tell them tactics and tips about champs that could increase morale and might help the guy win the lane even after he is behind
It's not the players, we are humans like any other. It's the environment that manipulates us. Trying to change us is insane. We are not at work, this is our free time. Change the environment to something that will automatically lead to less toxic behaviour. And the teammates don't know how to win with their champion, they haven't played the needed games to know how. They think they know, and give wrong advice. Which will lead to more failure and more toxicness.
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: It's MMR not division that matters most. I'm only Silver 4 but the other day I played with a Diamond 5. I was on an 8 ranked win streak so that's probably why :3
: LB winrate: 46% Rito why LB so broken right now? please nerf rito
So yeah, i disagree completely. LB is in a rough spot right now if you deny her W to hit you. You can kill her in lane once and her whole game is kind of over. a 3/0 LB feels like a 0/1 Ahri
Cenke (EUNE)
: LBFBAF. In other words LeBlanc Fucking Broken As Fuck. Yes 2 times "FUCK"
LB winrate: 46% Rito why LB so broken right now? please nerf rito
GawnMower (EUW)
: Take you main and give him a buff....
So I am a hardcore Jayce player, there are 120 champions with a higher winrate (i counted). They are going to buff his melee Q at 3 different sides: Mana, base dmg and scaling dmg. I take what i can get and am grateful XD and it's a good buff, because Jayce is a lane bully. That has to apply pressure afterwards. (which brings risk of course since he doesn't have trynda R). So the thing Riot has to do is make his laning phase stronger. Because 0/0/0 with 190 farm at 20 minutes.... He's not really that great compared to gangplank and etc. He is meant to deny enemy toplaner of gold and in this tank meta it isn't really an easy thing to do. Just go 12/0/18, get doran's shield and farm up to 6.
: When an enemy goes 8-0.
NamelessD (EUNE)
: riven mains
Them being toxic is because they know they fucked up. It's what the champ is all about, being good enough to play one of the hardest champions in the game. Well used to be, right now just pick poppy and press W.
: Tips needed
I know the correct thing to do is help = wrong Keep your exp lead up, stay and dominate your lane. Only teleport or roam if you KNOW you will get an objective for it. If you aren't sure, you'll lose your exp/gold lead --> GGWP
: Just a remainder let me know what you think, if you like it why, if you don't like it, again why. That's all looking forward to hearing from you guys :)
There might be a sneaky boxbox coming after you if riot nerfs riven right now
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