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: so basicly you went for hardcore flaming that obviously deserved the treatment you got.. roger that
hahaaha no xD dont know the password of the email i used for this account. trust me i'm being honest
: this game cant be taken seriously
dont forget the game recommendation {{item:3070}} {{item:3073}}
: the afk bit of blitz is afk.. not troll the full ap support bit of blitz = completly legal and not troll.. and how should the one and only way to play blitz be? (btw i have several different ways to build and lvl heimer depending on my situation) dunno about zed (guessing nothing he has scales on ap).. but i know some of blitz things scale on ap.. so going for damage can work.. and in some fed cases is a complete horror to play against.. hit a squishy and delete that champ alone.. but as hansi said.. link to the chatlog please
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The chat log doesn't contain the log of the other people, so please post the **real** log.
added what they said because i think you should know it too. For the **real** log ignore everything they said {{champion:17}}
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Then after the game everyone flames me in caps i should commit suicide and get cancer and stuff. Then I get 14 day ban for toxicity?????????????? But however this game doesnt make any sense. I will in no way defend the behaviour the people displayed against you if they said the things you claim they said. However, you do not get a 14 day ban for not breaking the rules yourself. For all bans of this severity, you are sent an e-mail containing a log of what you said as evidence for your punishment. Please supply us with the link to this log.
12:56 Me (Lucian): Blitz wtf was that? First you go AFK then you just go 1v3 13:03 ... (Blitzcrank): F*** you lucian noob 13:05 ... (Skarner): what is blitz doing 19:42 ... (Blitzcrank): Lucian so noob not going in noob noob noob 19:50 Me (Lucian): Wtf blitz so dumb flashing in vs 4 and expecting me to follow 19:57 ... (Blitzcrank): You f***ing suck commit suicide pls 20:17 Me (Lucian): lolwat you rush ROA after 10 min afk 20:22 ... (Blitzcrank): noob noob noob get cancer pls noob 32:43 Me (Lucian): Wtf this blitz so troll buying tear at min30, go afk again 32:54 ... (Nidalee): F*** you skarner and blitz making us lose, cancer noobs 33:01 ... (Skarner): 0/9 0/9 0/9 0/9 0/9 33:07 Me (Lucian): Skarner youre bad too, failing with this op champ 33:11 ... (Skarner): f*** off you f***ing suck 37:24 Me (Lucian): bg report these f***ing trolls Post game: (Nidalee): REPORT SKARNER (Blitzcrank): LUCIAN SO CANCEROUS BAD PLS GET CANCER Me: WTF blitz you trolled and suck at this game (Blitzcrank): PLEASE JUMP OF A BRIDGE (Skarner): report lucian so toxic!!!!!!!!!!!! (Blitzcrank): SUICIDE PLS Me: As far as I know I'm the only one that played well in this game (Malzahar): LUCIAN NOOB LOST GAME Me: F*** off please, never touch a pc again dumb f*** (Blitzcrank): NOOB I HAVE 14 ASSISTS AHAHA YOU HAVE 9 Me: adc new support yeah... (Blitzcrank): CANCER CANCER CANCER LUCIAN
Luis Sc (EUW)
: .... took you as far as the first comma in your very first sentence to insult your teammate -- I didn't even read the rest ( yet, ) but I'm almost sure I'll disagree.
since when is calling an afk full ap support who is trying to cs a troll considered an insult? Supports have a certain role, he played the complete opposite way of how he should. That he's trolling is just a fact. How would you call an AP Zed jungle?
: Whatever... .What used to be a fun game (I play for 4 years) has recently become an experience full of hatred and anger.
know that feel, I'm quitting because this game is so shit now. Got a 14 day ban for saying: WTF are you doing blitz? like 5 times in a game. I'm a bad boy. Now I wont get ranked rewards probably
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: Players like this should be permabanned
0/42 thats pretty amazing to die 42 times in a game
Mepodis (EUW)
: The way nunu acted should be enough for permaban honestly. If he just got a chat ban or warning for that while ive gotten banned for something thats like 1/100 of what he did riot seriously needs change in their ''justice'' department
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