sir vile (EUNE)
: dragon lord veigar, with a dragon on his shoulders feather boa style. MWAHAHAHAHAHA WHO'S SHORT NOW! q-dragon shoots a blast from his mouth. w-veigar calls out to a dragon off the map to blast an area e-veigar summons a wall of dragon teeth with rocky crags in between. r- veigar magically transforms his dragon to a giant,glowing head that shoots out his ult.
That's a really good idea :P
: {{champion:42}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:115}}
I like Heimer, Corki already has a dragon-related skin, but what would Ziggs' bombs be?
Kitsy (EUW)
: That is a great idea. I hope Riot notices it. I doubt it will happen because Dragon Trainer Swain wich been a fan demand for years and was hinted on beeing made in 2015 was announced that it will not come this year or in 2016... But i love the idea you made! :D
Thanks! How about you? Got any ideas?
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: I`m waiting for more than 2 years,good luck brah
Not too encouraging :( I hope you get accepted soon. I'd mainly just like to improve my League experience in the next few years that I play.
: I have waited a year.
Sorry that it has been so long man. Didn't know that some people had been waiting that long. Is there anything else we can do?
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