PrimeTim (EUW)
: so i've just got banned and like most i felt it was unjustified, disagree or agree up to you.
You get banned after reiterative matches using bad words. This particular chat is toxic. You said words like: idiot; stfu; stupid; kid. Plus negativity. I personally think you got harassed by your team and you got trigered. I dont think this chat deservs a ban, but its far from a healthy chat. Moreover, dont waste time posting chatlogs and asking for un-bans, they never happen and you know you were toxic. Try to behave better. If you cant control yourself, then change whatever's the problem. You can try hidding chat and deactivating it:
: I don't disagree LOL. Being that rank is already a huge achievement. GJ !
No, gold rank is not an achievement. Although with the amount of random matchmaking and toxic and uninteressed players it kinda feels like it.
: You're rank 1299 in the world. Impressive, but not rank 1 :) Source :
Apparently im not, but theoretically im quit a good taric player. Whoever plays with me will understand.
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: In the off-chance this isn't a troll thread: Jayce is a lane bully who relies heavily on gold. As a support, you don't accumulate enough gold to build your items to enable you to snowball. As a result, Jayce's main benefits are completely lost and he ends up doing nothing mid to late game other than occasionally speed up some team mates or try to peel with his hammer form e, before inevitably dying. Couple this with his heavy mana usage and you're not even able to poke as effectively and as often as you would initially think, making his good early game weaker due to having two enemies to whittle down, as opposed to one.
interesting points. It's noticable that you have experience with jayce :P
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: Last time i'm letting someone play Yasuo in my games - UPDATE
so you ban people's wanted pick for your asumption that since they are yasuo players they gonna play bad or be toxic? And yet you think we gonna admire you or follow your steps?
: I have to add another one, that just happened in solo que. I always play Zilean support with Teleport. And I was just reported cause i had Teleport by our Gnar. I got also reported for feeding the enemy jungler. After Gnar got killed 5 times in row the first 10 mins of the game. He tilted so hard on me that he stopped trying to win the game. Even when I got S in lobby and least deaths in the game, he still wanted to report me for troll and feeding. I'm honestly very happy, I had calming music on, otherwise i would be just as tilted.
i have the feeling u know this situation: -you play a peeler support during lane phase -you both get zoned by an enemy suport -your adc never atks him back or trades, just runs away even when you can heal and peel him -Then says "do something" or "support troll"
: Getting Perma banned Account back
u already know the answer xD
qko pate (EUNE)
: Where can i vote?
at the nearest institute. Also its possible by email but i think the period is over.
: What's the dumbest reason one can be reported for?
playing an off-meta pick, like shaco support.
: am I wrong for not ganking bot as wukong?
Oh no you are not wrong! Just never help bot (40% of players of the game, the adc included + dragon + junglers) seems pretty smart and logical if you want to lose as much games as possible! Sarcasm off.
: > [{quoted}](name=Opal for harmony,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fMO7fAtm,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-12T18:21:14.386+0000) > In other words: grow up. Ah yes, passive aggressive replies in which you belittle the intellect of your interlocutor while nitpicking on the wording of your previous posts instead of the implied meaning are truly the hallmark of a mature mind. Please, do pardon me for not picking up on your invitation to engage in a profound dispute on the quintessential nature of anger and self-control in a broader philosophical context. I was perhaps a bit deluded by the apparent disdain in your tone - indubitably a misapprehension on my part. Now, moving past my conjecture that my ontic grasp of self control was perhaps superior to yours, let us proceed now to the ontological study of the notion of self control. A perhaps intuitive approach would be to use a heuristic based on the analysis of precedent. As you have grandiosely exhibited, retaliating to a perceived insult by means of a grandiloquent concatenation of inanities for example would seem to demonstrate a lack thereof. The epistemological demerits of such an approach notwithstanding, I would propone that, given the disparate history of punitive action taken against our respective accounts, it is a conducive method nonetheless. Following this path, the ontic and ontological aspects of the topic in question interweave, and one would have to wonder as to whether it is wise to disassociate entirely these two epistemic spheres. P*S*: I wish people trying to lecture me by writing pretentious bullcrap would at least bother using proper grammar before insulting me. In other words: Stop trying to sound smarter than you are.
1) I wont put any effort on understanind whatever you tryied to express in your block of text. If you wanna have a rational discussion, you use understandable comunication, which you ddint use, which tells me you have no intentions of discussion, rather you jsut want to laugh/offend me. 2) You answered to me before i finished editing my message. So i theoretically didnt disrespect you. 3) "pretentious bullcrap" is what people use to qualify others who try to discuss logiclly and generally have a deeper argument as you. 4) im not english native speaker, nor i have the intention to use proper grammar, sicne my intention is to express my thoughts, which doesnt need of grammar. 5) Are you gonna have another tantrum after this message? Please stop shaming yourself. You are clearly in the defensive, you are basicaly oozing foam from your mouth. Wahetver you write next, i wont put any second to read. I dont have tiem for toxic people.
: How do I carry games in silver elo?
Dont play the victim. You played 120 games in rankeds and are still silver. The problem to climb are not the others, is you. Im not trying to offend you but this is objectively true. Try stop playing a different champ every single game, and actually learn how to play one of them and then maybe u can climb. Also important things you can improve on: -good mentality with your team, try to keep them calm and friendly. -collaborate with your team, dont just farm or play egoistically. Observe their strategies and how you can adapt to them even if they are not doing the best strategy. -Farm -Map vision/pings/roams/follows -Strategic awareness -Objective awareness -Get ahead over the adversary, get more farm, get more kills, get more objectives, whatever. -Play with patience and cold mind, observe everything, dont just act. -Detect which adversaries are more skilled, and try to play around them, deny their strategies or snowballs. -Runes/builds are very very very important
: It's exactly because I *am* familiar with self control that I don't get banned like you or op.
Having biger self-control than others doesnt mean you are more familiar with it. Im gonna remark that i said "familiar with concepts like self-control", and i remark the word "concept" which means "idea". And in any case it means "familiar with situations where you show optimal self-control". Do you get what im trying to say? Others can be equally familiar with the self-control idea and not be able to show it as strongly as you do. And meanwhile you can show good selfcontrol and be less familiar with it becouse it just happens to you and you dont think about it (im not saying you dont think about it, but it could be credible if it was the case). Since im sure cant understand my last sentence, im gona put you an example: A doctor is familiar with healthy life-style becouse he knows everything about the subject. But he has not necessarily a healthy life-style, he could be obese for all we know, or he could even be sick. PD: i wish people would try to understand the messages of others before they start treating others bad and start acting with superiority and disrespect others.
: How to not get banned in league: 1) Don't be a complete asshole. Done.
you are not familiar with psycological concepts like "self-control" or "anger", are you?
: Just do not respond to people if they spam ping, or spout rubbish out of their mouths. Keep in mind chances are you won't see them again next game, so just do not let ignorant players bother you. Don't need all fancy-ass kit, when self-control is absolutely free, and exhilarating!
"self-control is absolutely free" I doubt you understand what self control means. It's a psycological quality stronger/weaker in every person, some people cant just control themselves.
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: after 100s of bans i found a way of controling myself
This is what i did: 1: hide chat > minimize it to move it out of the frame 2: deactivate enter key with the program "killkeys" This is how i used killkeys after download: While "killkeys" is open, search for its logo in the right-bottom corner of the desktop. Right click it Options > open configuration (duno the real translation in english, mine is in spanish) You can see a new window that contains text. Search for this part "Keys_Fullscreen=". It has something written after the "=", these are some keys that are already bloked, u can keep them or u can delete them, in any case just write "0D" after the "=" or after the others. The "0D" is the code of the "enter" key. This how it should look: "Keys_Fullscreen=0D" Save. Remember to have the "killkeys" logo in the right botom corner in the active mode. (it has active and inactive mode) Now it is already configurated and u can try it. The "enter" key wont be active during the full screen mode (i think it afects any type of full screen, inside or outside LoL).
: I Can't Win Games Anymore.
Usually when im in a lose strike and my mentality is bad, I dont feel better and i dont get a win strike until i change my strategy and try to play from a diferent perspective. Try changing build/runes/champion/strategy
: I literally ended a game just 2 minutes ago and i was so bad, like, the definition of horrible, and still stayed in the game, i was like, 3/9 with akali, and instead of ragequitting or trash talking in the chat i stayed in the game and won, literally this system doesn't make sense, and when i refer as ''the system'' im talking about my brain system cuz what the actual hay just happened in that game, im only commenting about this experience cuz of the fact that ur talking about ragequiters, imma go now bye.
: 1) I don't flame them even if they are stupid and then have attitude to flame and blame others 2) If i flame them (some time I lose patience myself) I don't get amazed if I get punished and blame riot 3) this thread is also random and unnecessary, nobody should read or care about this thread, i don't care if get 20 upvotes or 20 downvotes, but it's just an advice for players they should think more how they play instead of whine at their team when they don't do simple stuff as warding, if they want to take the advice fine if not fine 4) I did not accuse you of posting that thread, i just made a joke and others escalated the situation to "defend you" all thing I said after were in reply to their attitude not you, at your post I write a simple short line.
: It's simple
I totaly agree on this. PD: then i remembered you acused me of making random and unecessary posts the other day :D How ironic Btw you shouldn't use bad langauge in your thread or else it will be deleted and maybe punished.
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: permanent is permanent, so NO!
"permanent is permanent, so NO!" According to your own words this is a joke, but I just don't get the joke. "NO" to what? I didnt ask for anything. "permanent is permanent" also i didnt talk about punishments at all. Maybe its a joke that I didnt understand or didn't find funny, but i wouldnt comment on this if you hadnt continued bringing other comments in chain each one more negative and offensive and each one with more made up "truths". I sincerely think you see the world through a filter of hatred, it seems like you refuse to see reality as it is, and instead you choose to see things that are not there just to give an scape to your feelings of hatred towards what you dont like. "I am sick of players that are toxic in games and suck the fun of the game then come on forums and apologize and speak polite. Yes he was not or didn't say he was punished, I bullied him a bit. Don't worry was just a bit he is safe and sound in his cozy home keep flaming players with his premade." This comment clearly shows the emotional background that led to your first comment and the rest. It's obious how you are using this thread to channel your hatred. Moreover, i hardly ever see anyone apologizing in forums and being polite about his toxicity. Usually what i see are people asking for forigveness to recover their accounts or people flaming to chanel they frustration after getting punished. You see how you choose to alter reality? "Just cause a random person on internet say he is sorry by a random action he did, mean nothing, we are not the internet strangers therapists. If he is sorry because he was toxic then should not continue to do that and that's it! not come and whine on forum how sad he is cause he flamed others, omg poor soul he is toxic in game and now a victim on forums. The toxic player became a victim cause he write some winning thread, omg let's all hug and cry to celebrate the saving of his soul!" This other comment also is quite indicative of your attitude. The internet and this forum is full of personal threads that you could consider "random" and "meaningless", but you choose to attribute these adjectives just to my thread and not the rest. You seem to forget we are not robots, but people with desires and human behaviours, people write things, people express things, people interact with each other. There is no need to be a "meaningfull" reason to do so. Maybe the meaning is something more complex and deep than what you can see. Moreover, according to you, we could consider your "joke" and all your "comments" are "meaningles" and "unneeded" becouse they dont really bring anything important to the table, do you realize your own incoherence? Not to mention your whole other threads which are basicaly whinigns about champs/games... Also, the sentence "If he is sorry because he was toxic then should not continue to do that and that's it! not come and whine on forum how sad he is cause he flamed others, omg poor soul he is toxic in game and now a victim on forums." is clearly biased by your part. People who have toxic behaviour can't just "not continue to do that" from one day to the next, it's similar to when people try to stop smoking, psycology is so complex and yet again you refuse to see reality as it is, instead you choose to see what you want to see. You also accuse me of whining, but the thing is i didnt whine, my thread was just an apologize and an opening from me towards the others, but ofc you can only see someone whining, becouse you clearly lack empathy and lack of interest to process the information in front of you. "It's so modern to have problems today ehh ? omg I am a toxic person when I am with somebody and I need help, and doctors pump pills into everyone :D Not everyone that make something bad and say "I can't help myself" really have problems that are dealt with therapy, some people are just jerks/immature/attention seekers/approval seekers/want to show off/ that's it!" Once more, you make up things that are not in my thread. Another way to channel your hatred. I don't think having problems is anything close to cool or desirable, that is said by you and only you. Also I didnt ask for pills nor for help. That is also made up by you. At last, the last 2 lines are just especulations from you. And if i was a jerk why would i come here to apologize without asking for anything in return not being agressive towards anyone? I really dont understand your need to create an enemy in me when im not, you gotta take your hatred filter off your eyes. It's really sad to see someone act like this.
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: are you aware there is only 1 jungler but there are 3 lanes? the jungler can't be everywhere at anytime you can't demand the jungler presence only time i get slightly pissed at my jungler is when i've been costantly pressured under my tower for like 20 minutes and he never shows up, but even then it depends on the matchup, if the enemy has a good disengage ready to use then even the jungler can't help much
im perfectly aware. Jungler cant do everything. Im main support, sometimes the adversary bot lane are early agresive picks without scape and are an easy target coz they are pushing non stop. I ask or help from the jungler (as its even needed to ask for it) and for 15 mintues i get no help. Sometimes the jungler is literaly near bot, and u ask for help and they literaly dont give a %%%%. Sometimes i tell the jungler that adversary is snowballing and they gona carry if he dont help us, he stil doesnt care. And ofc we lose hard.
: judging by your ign, you should be/ were/ a support main? Have you played on an older account before this one? Anyways, as a jungler you tend to receive a lot of unjustifiable flame from laners. When they lose lane, they will try to blame it on you for not ganking to make themselves look good, even though they are fully aware that they never got ganked by the enemy jungler. What I tend to do is to /mute all, if not /fullmute all to completely focus on my own game. There is no point in listening to them since what tends to happen is that they will somehow bait you into a very bad situation where you will just die for no reason.
many junglers have 0 map awareness, never help when needed, and only focus on their own farm. Not even care about dragons neither. Then you ask for hlelp and they say things like: "i dont gank losing lanes" "i helped top, stop complain" "wait" etc.
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: An idea for a new item for supports.
(my opinion) Would not work. Is basically a healing, so you would be giving extra habilities to champs on early game. And thats hard to balance. Also that would give huge sustain to the bot lane and would totaly destroy the harass champs.
ban ryze (EUW)
: I need some advice (soloq)
if u want to climb, u gotta get fed. Dont play pasive-scaling champs. Carry before the enemy do it with the advantage they get from your low rnak team.
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