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Popitas (EUW)
: DuoQ
What is your role?
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: only on the korean server and only in challenger tier
Akali galio ryze kalista talyah azir nerfs ect.. is from korean chalangers and pro plays
: if your support takes all your cs there's nothing much you can do as an adc, cs is your main source of gold and without it you can't take a lead Just accept that loss and report poppy since taking ur adc's cs as a support is considered griefing and is bannable
thats what i did i hope riot take it seriously and ban this kind of player .. maybe riot wont lestn to every report in this elo cus every body report everybody for no reason XD ... any way so your advice is keep playing adc and improve myself and accepti my team ?.. and thank you very much for your time bro
: Ofc its way easier to blame the team than youself. The truth hurts I know but you are thr Problem not your team. Why do you look at your teammates and watch what they are doing? It doesn't matter what they are doing, the only thing that matters is what you can do. You gotta carry your ass out of silver. Nobody else is gonna do it for you. Look at your mistakes, your plays, your positioning, your itembuild, and your runes. You are the only thing that stays the same every game. So live up for yourself and carry your ass outa there.!!!
what about 4/17 poppy support with arcan comet against blitz and sivir?? and my 2/10 heca jngl 0 ganks?
: Don't change your role just to be a meta slave, being a meta slave works to climb in higher elos but, at your elo specially, everything works When you see players climbing up to diamond using troll picks u can understand that what you play doesn't really matter nearly as much as how you play it So basically just play the roles you enjoy playing and play them at your best, that being said, u should play some jungle games in normals, just so that you can understand a bit how jungle pathing works, even if u suck at jungle and can't land a gank or anything that doesn't matter as an adc player, all you need to understand is jungle pathing so that you can get a better understanding of where the enemy jungler might be when you're playing as adc I'd go as far as to say if you really understand your enemy's jungle you don't even need any wards in the river
XD i just tried a ranked game .. i got a poppy support 300point with arcan comet runes .. and heca with 290 point .. poppy 4/17 and wont let me farm she take all the farm from me she isnt a troll she is just a lvl 30 noob .. heca 2/10 with 0 gank and we just talked about understanding my jngler ganks XD ... he just invade and die in the enemy jngl ... you can take a look to my match history ... wut can i do now bro :'( ? i tried to focus objectifs but i just cant go alone .. i cant take a turret or a drake or anything alone when they are all regroupped and poppy just int into them
: Sometimes when the enemy team gets objectives or kills it's best to not fight that objective but instead get another objective, zed is getting kills mid, be agressive and use ur lead to snowball even more, pressure bot side with a slowpush to force zed into coming to catch the wave after his botlane dies and then catch the zed in a 3v1 in their jungle use vision and wave management at your advantage to control how the game goes, even if one enemy laner gets ahead, chances are he's not gonna be perfect either, and if he is perfect then just take the loss and move on to the next game that you'll hopefully win it's not like it's easy but like, if you simply blame your team you're not gonna get anywhere Also it's just intuition but I kinda feel like you have bad positioning, as an adc main I find it hard to die to a zed, while playing a champ like ez that has the mobility to dodge his damage, unless he's so ahead that he one shots you without his r with just a flash w q e As an adc you need to make sure you stay away from abilities that can one shot you, you have a frontline that's gonna be there for you too and the enemy team can't just ignore them, so stay positioned out of those dangerous abilitie's way until they're forced into using them on someone else (and that doesn't mean you have to run away like a coward, you need to both be safe and do damage at the same time, which is the hard part), or u be brave and anticipate those skillshots so that you're prepared to dodge them Or whatever it's not like I'm a pro or anything, I'm just an ARAM player at the end of the day take what you want from what I said and leave what you don't
Ill try to play more ranked games and improve my laning skills .. but what do you tink about my role ... do i have to change the lane to mid top or no?
: I think Riot should slow down. (Opinion post)
More champions = more balance problems They sould focus on balancing the gameplay but .. they just dont want
: Yeah rito loves to give u apes in the team for several games lol
Hhhhh maybe thats wut happens
: From what you just wrote I can tell at a glance that the reason why you're hardstuck is because you blame everything on your "bad team-mates" and if you always shift the blame onto others, you're just not gonna improve at the game Statistically, for every "bad player" on your team, some other game there'll be a "bad player" on the enemy team, the only consistant in your games is you If you're better than the average player at your elo you're gonna climb and get out of silver, but the truth is just that, as it is right now, you're not better than the rest of them Getting good kdas doesn't mean shit if you have no objective control or if you %%%% up in every teamfight, so take a step back and identify what exactly it is that you need to improve on instead of blaming your team every time
trust me bro when you said that im sure that you dont know wut happens in this elo hell ... i'll give you an example and pls as a hight elo player wut should you do .. so i tried to play early game and i did well against my laner i got the first tower at 15 mins ... i roamed to the midlane to find that the enemy zed have 5 kills and 150 farm and he easly one shot me ... so i tried to regroup to kill some of the enemy members and get an objectif maybe a tower or a dragon .. but no one listen they just want to 1 v 1 and invade there jngl .. finnaly a team fight .. we cant win it zed get a tripple kill and they do baron now .. so i tried to split push a lane after respawning when the enemy are busy in another objectif ... but sudnly my team all dead again .. zed is on the way to killing me when the others are pushing us .... if i am a good player wut can i do at this situation? You maybe say that this situation is impossible ... but thats exactly what happens and sometimes more than that
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Yasuo needs a kit update so people can stop banning him and others get to actually play him
yasuo is a champion who have everything u need in figth .. burst damage tank sheild cc mobilty in lane and true damage in his ult+conqueror ... not just that he also have a free item on his passive @@ doule crit without infinity ... so a 1/9 champion ez ... also cuz of that many many 12 years old playing him without brain so the acctually feed and being useless ... i hope riot find i soulution for yasuo or just pls nerf the broken conqueror
Èclair (EUNE)
: Of course you can. It might be frustrating at first but I'm sure you'll manage. Here's some Ryze guide I found from TSM: > Remember it's from 19 mar current year so you might want to skip the runes part since some of them were reworked and some of them stopped being core. I've seen people taking Phase Rush mostly with Dominance for sustain but runes are here to suit your playstyle, so if you have a set you prefer, I advise you to use it instead of opting for the most popular choices. Good luck with your main.
ty so much bro ... i prefer playing phase rush with hunter stack and taste of blood for healling late game ... sometimes resolve for some deffend if im vs a burst damage like lbl or syndra.. so i think all what i have to learn is how to mid lane ty so much for your reply {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: It's because he's really hard to balance. They wanted to create a machinegun mage, but it is inherently broken. A champion that is capable of high burst damage, but also has the potential for great DPS on top of that. Add to that his relatively high survivability and you have a recipe for a balance nightmare. I don't think it's favouritism or that they've forgotten about him. They just don't know what to do with him.
XD so i hope they at least stop nerfing him {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Èclair (EUNE)
: They can, you'll just have harder time playing with them due to their high skill floor.
ty bro .. can u advice me if can i climb with ryze if i improve my skills in lane and team fight in low elo .. or i need to change my main cuz i really love ryze and enjoy playing with him {{champion:13}} {{item:3003}}
man no hot (EUNE)
: Compare Ryze's late game power with any other mid lane please. Or please watch a good mid laner such as voyboy or Magifelix playing that champion. you could even check out pro play -.-
you are right bro .. and i main him cuz i watch some pro players playing him .. he is very good in low elo when u master him cuz low elo players dont know anything about him or how to play against .. but i dont know if he need buff anyway or i just need to imrpove my laning skills cuz the early game is so freaking hard when yu need to roam every mins your 0/5 botlane ...
Èclair (EUNE)
: Because he's hard to balance for all types of play altogether - casual, hardcore and professional. After all his reworks Ryze failed to become a balanced champion. He dominates pro-play while being useless while in hands of casual players. Same goes for Azir and Taliyah, actually. Riot need to keep them down because of their enormous potential.
so ryze and azir cant be playable in low elos?
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