: They could be more smart in business and let you buy your first Pass at this price and at the next event, with another Pass, you will get a discount for that extra RP that you need to buy in this moment.
Definitely, as much as I'm not a fan of fortnite, with the battle pass you could earn enough premium currency to pay for the next pass of you played enough. (Not sure if that's changed so don't quote me)
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: I got the pass as I loved the Zed and Warwick chromas and was willing to pay a stupid amount for them because I'm a mongo. But see all the other skins I've gotten from the Orbs bought with Project tokens is brilliant man. I've gotten Dragon Trainer Tristana, Mythic Cass, Bane Singed, Blood Moon Diana, Scarlet Poppy, Infernal Zyra, two emotes, two ward skins, the list goes on man. It is a bit pricey, but if you're playing a couple of games a day it's definitely worth it :)
Oh I get that, you can get some decent stuff and it's worth it, I just feel like if it's like making it cost just above one of the bundles values is a little shady as it's forcing me to spend more for excess that I don't need
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: If I spend money on games, I usually spend only enough to last for multiple months in one go, as it reduces 'y expenses for next month as well as my total expenses. It's the same with grocery,rent, electricity etc
Honestly if my income could allow for multiple months then I would but if I buy more to now then I leave myself with less than enough than in comfortable with until I next get payed. I only spend what my budget can allow right now
sbepuz (EUW)
: there isn't the button lower then 10? it is a chroma....not even a skin, and they are spamming this kind of "events"
I agree, I only put those 2 options as they were the closes to each other and I don't wanna be coming across as "I want this for nothing" I'm fine paying for things but this particular situation seems really shady of riot.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Could you manage to give us a proper link, instead of forcing us to download it?
no, i only had it in the replay format which the boards wouldnt let me link, so i had to go through discord. im not gonna set up new software just so one guy on the internet doesnt have to download XD
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: > [{quoted}](name=Origami Anivia,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Rhwk6nFw,comment-id=000b0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-02T02:30:55.427+0000) > > Nothing appealing left? Play summoners rift, thats league legends now, all of the mobas are 5v5 3 lane maps now, and of you don't like that it's okay, just play a different game. There are so many game for different people, 3v3 just doesn't work for riot anymore and will never make them any money so there's no point in keeping it. > Would you expect Activision to keep releasing call of duty if like 500 people played the last one? If not then don't expect riot to keep a game mode that just drains resources with no return, it's naive and just illogical. I've played before season 1, I have over 210 skins, I have unlocked every champion, runepage and everything there is. 5 vs 5 is not appealing to me as much as Twisted Treeline which has always been my favorite map of choice. There simply aren't games that are as good to me as League in terms of other mobas, I've played Hots, Dota, Hon, and so on. It's naive to let companies do what they want, fortunately you're not the one who runs the company otherwise I can see where companies such as EA, Bethesta and Activision come from, ran by people with the mindset just like yours. '' drains resources '' That part is funny too, what resources was TT draining when the map was pretty much ignored for years? There was about 500 people playing call of duty Ghosts, the game was a laughable failure, they released new call of duty every year What's clear here is that -you- don't play TT and have no fun in it, and that's fine, you can go play SR all you want or that TFT gamemode. But I mainly, and there are plenty of other people who mainly, and daily play TT.
ive played since s4 and have 240 skins and also have unlocked everything in terms of champs (asside from zoe cause shes a horrible person) not that it's a competition. if t.t is your favourite map then that sucks for you i guess, but all things come to an end eventually league will, to deny that is naive and it so happend that its t.t's time for that at the end of this season. if you havent tried smite i'd suggest that, controls are different but they have a 1v1, 3v3 and multiple 5v5 maps. it's not naive to let companies do what they want within reason of course, letting EA lootbox every part of their games is bad obviously, bethesda releasing a half baked "fallout" game and trying to push microtransactions is bad, but show me where i said i support that? the fact that that's the message youre getting from what im saying says more about you than it does me. also no 36k people played cod ghosts at one time just on steam not counting single player so its not exactly 500 is it? no whats clear is im not trying to boycot a company over every dicision they make, which is seems is just 90% of the people on these boards. also the draining is that t.t is using the same servers and some of the servers are bad enough without a map probably played by less than 10% of leagues playerbase. things change. accept it and move on or don't and harbour negativity. up to you.
signedL (EUW)
: Lol dude needed to vent and write fairly inoffensive and people are like LETS HIT HIM WITH THE DOWNVOTES
Thanks someone gets it. I just needed to vent. people are crappy and I get that, usually it doesn't get to me but in that moment it did. The fact that so many people in my games were being crappy, toxic and flaming each other and it ends up losing the game over and over, it doesn't happen often but around that time it was every game without fail.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wen294,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Rhwk6nFw,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2019-08-01T08:20:54.013+0000) > > The "Actual meta" consists of playing PvE with a funnel strat for 10-15 minutes and then steamroll over the enemy. > The only counterplay to it is to either play jungle perfectly, or funnel yourself (and both only work if you're better than the enemy meaning it's not actually counterplay) > > Nexus Blitz was nice because anything was viable, even the strangest of things like attack speed cho'gath jungle (my personal favorite). It really offers you something different from SR/TT which have clearly defined metas. It is that freedom which attracted me to the mode, in a similar way to how Dominion used to attract me. (untill they removed that). But it needed more polish (even the map itself looked unfinished at best) > Also I don't think it's fair to compare an experimental mode they kept making big changes to every patch to a mode that has existed unchanged for like 4 years. Of course that will form a meta, whereas the super new mode won't have been given the time to form a meta. > > And yes I'd be fine with them keeping it but ignoring it too. (though I do think they should remove the ranked queue) since I don't play it much either way so I don't care too much. I'm just saying there should AT LEAST be something of an alternative league mode where you can pick yourself that's permanently on. Sure I've seen the funneling stradegy, with yi and taric going to lane and jungle, it failed miserably as someone who jungles I just punished that so hard when ever they went to lane, counterjungled, they ended up being both two levels below everyone else. I liked Dominion, Riot removed that too. Now if they remove TT there's pretty much nothing appealing left, Teamfight Tactics? Got to be kidding me.
Nothing appealing left? Play summoners rift, thats league legends now, all of the mobas are 5v5 3 lane maps now, and of you don't like that it's okay, just play a different game. There are so many game for different people, 3v3 just doesn't work for riot anymore and will never make them any money so there's no point in keeping it. Would you expect Activision to keep releasing call of duty if like 500 people played the last one? If not then don't expect riot to keep a game mode that just drains resources with no return, it's naive and just illogical.
: > [{quoted}](name=KillerCryptid,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OMG5mjsc,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-20T19:13:44.453+0000) > > you mean...champions now have counters? oh no > like seriously, the only point that you are making that makes sense is Aatrox, revive isn't the reason why he is strong and it made him lose his character identity > but the rest? no > thank god TK top is not gonna be played anymore cause playing against that is not playing the game, it is not healthy for the game and it was a correct decision to remove it, you want to play mundo? well ban kled if he is such a problem, want to play shen? ban renekton > if you pick after them...maybe don't pick into them a losing matchup? seriously this is simple counter picking Aatrox losing his revive doesn't effect his identity at all. What is right now and has been for a while is high damage sustain monster. All the revive did was give him unnecessary safety in fights.
Let's see, what was aatrox's identity? Jumping into combat, auto attacks to do more damage and heal and a revive, they got rid of the first 2 with his rework, that leaves the revive. So yeah he lost what made aatrox aatrox. That's why I don't play him anymore. He isn't the champ I used to know and love. If they do the same to anivia (take her egg away) or take her wall or ult away I'm probably gonna stop playing, I fell in love with every part of anivia just like I did aatrox and they changed him too much.
: the 'we lose' part can be prevented by telling your team ''stop flaming and focus, we could still win''. If they still rage, mute them and report them. It is your best bet. We know these kind of games can be very unfair, but it is how it is. League of legends is a free game, so anyone can enter, even the ones with crap internet or old senile people in a retirement. But the best thing to do is focus on your own games. Things like this happen on a daily basis to a lot of people.
i do try to calm my team down, but when theyve tilted and are flaming each other it's beyond me telling them we can still win at that point. its just the fact that its basically been like 5+ games in a row now that the team has tilted is geeting to me a little.
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: I think you missed the word beta test here... same with clash this isn’t a release riot have put this out for a open beta to allow us to help them test it... this means there will be issues and bugs, that’s the point we are meant to help them find it for the proper release.
I'm sorry but what's pbe? That's right public BETA environment. Beta, that's where this mode should be, the fact they released TFT on live means they think it's ready for live servers. That's a mistake on their part but you can't call it a beta when it's released on live servers. Not by a long shot. Riot should have made sure everything what stable, balanced, and functional before they moved it from pbe. Riot are too busy trying to compete with the other companies making auto chess games to care about game stability. So don't even come here with that "yOU MiSsEd ThE wORd BeTa TeST" also clash wasn't in beta, it was released into live and it %%%%ed everything up. Don't talk about beta unless it's on the pbe. It's a %%%%ing server dedicated to BETA TESTING. If riot release something on live servers, then it's no longer in beta, simple as.

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