: honestly, i wish you good luck trying to find non-toxic players. i know that there are some, but they are hard to come by. gl hf
: Sona still has the highest win rate out of all supports in Dia+. Out of top three supports, two are healers. But hey, healing is weak BabyRage.
Do you maybe think its the fact that she has low cooldowns like most healing supports do? Hell Soraka heal late game is like 1 sec apart. Executioners is an 800g item that adcs refuse to buy that pretty much tells sona's healing to %%%% off.
: Yuumi is not a troll pick she is pretty decent
just did more damage than an annie and xin zhao. Amazing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Tips for a beginner jungler.
Pretty simple, im no jungle main but as i remember in one video i watching. Kind of imagine at all times where the enemy jungle is and try to think of his clear speed vs yours. If he is ganking look at his level/farm if the farm is lower than yours and you havent taxed much from a gank or two it might just mean he has camps left, a camp almost no jungler does is krugs(the little stone guys) so usually stealing that one is pretty free. Usually if i see the enemy jungle gank and im on the other side of the map i just take whatever im doing as quick as possible and go straight to his (kinda recommended to have a sweeping lens because if the laners see you they might come for you) If they invade my red level 1 i go straight for theirs either first or after i do my blue. If you are invading, you said you play shaco so its kind of thinking if you can 1v1 the enemy jungler in his jung. Those are some bullet points, because writing it all would take way too long, i would recommend watching a video or two about invading, there are some pretty good videos out there that dont take 30 mins.
: > [{quoted}](name=Murderous Intent,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gzTa0O3l,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-02-25T22:23:46.485+0000) > > I find it sad that this was even downvoted, i still have nightmares of my vayne adc players going "i cant buy executioners, i need my core" vs a soraka in lane and %%%%%ing about her healing. I would probably say it was the all caps at the end. I wasn't in a particularly good mood after a game and it bled through a bit. The point stands though. People complain about things being broken, while also doing nothing to counter it.
Top lane tanks complaining about fiora when they can just buy bramble vest and armor boots and auto win the lane {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Support Advice.
Some good things that a support can do is: -Vision Control, so pretty much, the moment your support item upgrades, change the warding totem to sweeping lens to clear enemy wards. And buy control wards if possible. -Knowing the capabilities of your champion, like when should you be aggressive or when you should play more passive, example would be, if you are playing Sona and the enemy bot is Leona and Draven, you should play safe, dont go in for auto attacks and mostly poke with your Q when its safe. -Knowing when to roam is also very good, if your adc is winning hard and the enemy bot doesnt have any engage feel free to maybe go help the jungler do drake or go gank mid. Those are just 3 things that quickly go over my head. There is way more to it but honestly the support role is one of the easiest to get into. gl hf
: PSA: You Can Divert From Your 'Core' Items If You Need To Build Against The Enemy
I find it sad that this was even downvoted, i still have nightmares of my vayne adc players going "i cant buy executioners, i need my core" vs a soraka in lane and %%%%%ing about her healing.
: I woudnt say it is easy, but it is the easyest to adapt to after maining other roles imo. Maining support requires different skill set than any other role does, if you take is seriously ofc :) . Once you learned how to CS, trade and roam as another role in elo you are in, its smooth transition to support shoes, but learning role as it is from scratch in diamond elo isnt really simpe, just like it isnt for any other lane.
I can give you that for sure, but lets be real here, playing ardent supports back when that was meta was not hard at all, playing janna, lulu, soraka, nami and all that wasnt hard.
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Not being a %%%% but 5 games is not statistically relevant. In all of those games every lane on your team was ahead including your jungler. You could have picked ivern support and still won.
I know that, but would you say that 54% on champion.gg is statistically relevant ?
Mártir (EUW)
: Im not given Support, despite putting it as first role... What has the world come to? XD
Truth be told, a lot of people start finding that playing support is like the most easy role in the game. I play a lot of top lane, and i can say i consider myself decent, but if i want to climb quickly i just take support and fill. - You dont have to worry about farm. - You either poke the enemy or protect the adc whenever needed. - Most items have a lot of utility for you and the team, and arent too costly. - And most supports can sometimes just outright 1v1 champions because of how much damage they can dish out. I still remember i believe it was Dopa/Apdo ( look him up ) saying that the easiest role to climb in league is Support and i can 100% support (see what i did there) that opinion. Sometimes when i duo Q with a friend i just pick morgana, max E, and keep shielding him after he leaves top for teamfights. And it is literally dumb, nothing can stop him, cc does nothing to him, my shield heals because of athenes, i have a redemption, and if i land my Q's he is literally free to do whatever. It's braindead and its easy. Also for some reason Sona is hella strong right now, 5 games in a row all wins, i love mashing my keyboard. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
: Jhin build
I'd say IE imo, due to having higher ad, improving the crit damage your passive negates. Then probably RFC and Essence Reaver. The last items would probably be depending on how the game is going
: It's quite simple, this rule wouldn't apply to people above gold or something like that. One tricks already have plenty of mastery where's the problem with that?
uhm, you do remember that for ranked you need a certain amount of champs right ? and with what you are saying, that would mean that the one tricks would also need to waste time on champs they dont want to play for mastery 3 in case their main gets banned or taken. Am i the only one that is using my brain here, no one wants to waste their time on other champs, one tricks also like to have multiple accounts, i myself dont have multiple, but most people i know do have more than 1 or 2. Then that would be even more of a time waste. Hell i dont even know why im bothering with this conversation, i just always ban the new champs anyways, i could care less if some dude is gonna baby rage, thats an easy report. The way you are giving out an idea doesnt help anyone, it just makes the game more annoying than it is. So, simple and clean, always ban the new champ and boom congrats you did it. if some dude is salty about it and trolls you report him and move on. I made it to diamond doing that with every new champ release so i can be arsed to hear excuses.
: To be honest, they should add a mastery level cap. Because this isn't just a problem with new champion release, but anyone first timing a champion... I think mastery level 3 can be correct to make sure they played enough games with the champion to know him without asking for an absurd amount of games.
The mastery cap idea is in a very rude way of saying, kinda dumb. That would mean that pros, streamers and all those that only do ranked games would have to go waste their time just to get mastery points, some of these people want to try the newest champs in ranked since its the best playing area for an analyzing a champion. Hence why a meta exists, you play the new champ in ranked and see if he finds his place in the ranked meta. Playing a champion in normal games is nowhere close to the same thing as ranked. I dont believe riot goes and looks at the normal games stats for balancing. I myself have played a lot of champs in the seasons prior to champ mastery and for example i dont have almost any on kennen but i know how to play him. And what about mains and one tricks ? Would that mean that a rengar one trick would also need to have mastery on other champs to play them ? I get your idea but it is completely ridiculous, locking a champ behind a number of games played is bad for business and players, a lot of players would find this system annoying.
: We are not in gold i started off in plat 3... i'm playing with diamonds and high plats. The game vs malph would of been won but yauso even tho ahead kept doing some questionable things. Black clever as first item on panth would of been so bad, ik my path and i know the later the game goes i would fall off. I'm no rookie.
Never did i say to buy it as a first item, but if you arent a rookie you would have still bought it eventually either second or third item. An Udyr with 4 armor items by the end of the game. Malph about to do his 5th and funny enough taric was the only one that stacked the least amount of armor.
: New season
You literally went vs a malph, udyr and taric and seriously thought to yourself "i am not going to buy a black cleaver for the champ that stacks armor for damage" (malph and taric). You cant expect your team to be any decent in solo Q, especially in gold, either one trick something op to climb out of gold quick, or think about your build/macro. Your team might all be ass but you cant just blame them all for everything.
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xTigax3 (EUW)
: If you walk up to her into Q R W range its your own fault and you can't handle a good fizz as lux because it is not on your end, if he lands his ult you die it's as simple as that. Pros pick or ban LB for a different reason, because her counterpicks are mostly banned (or can be firstpicked and flexed into top as well) and she is a counterpick to akali as well as her strength in 2v2 early game especially if you have a winning jgl matchup which is a big part.
Learning how to properly position yourself, build, and learn how a fizz player plays and how the ult works and when they do it is on my end tho. Being a good player and learning the game is on my end, do keep in mind that i played vs fizz players in diamond im not talking about a gold/silver fizz player. You can go into a counter lane and still win if you know what to do. A garen can counter a riven, but a good riven will stomp on a garen. LB just has a very toxic kit attached to her, watching a 1/2 lb with just a ludens and merc treads on worlds do the same to an adc as a fully stacked mejais one is bad design, no one that i knew in this game ever said that lb was a healthy champ, with the rework she cleared waves like ryze, had high damage still, 2 escapes, with the revert she goes back to the toxic kit that riot was trying to change.
Stell (EUNE)
: Add 1 second delay before she can blink back from W and see if that's enough. At least then there's 1 second to actually do something to her
Do the same to Talon E and give it a cooldown kinda like Yasuo's E, like you can only use it after 1,2 seconds or something like that.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Sry I have to disagree, I play LeBlanc a lot before rework before revert and after revert and I have to tell at least 80% of my kills before massively fed are by my enemy not respecting the strengths of my champ. There are other champs that don't even allow you to walk into lane when they are not behind. {{champion:105}} Kills every squishy mid at level 6 with {{item:3145}} completly 100-0 even through barrier under their tower with only one counterplay, DODGE THAT ONE EAY TO LAND SKILLSHOT. {{champion:91}} oh cool i reached level 2 which unfortunatly means you are going to die {{champion:56}} oneshots without counterplay from being 2 levels behind and 1 item down in mid game and there is way more, I know how to play LeBlanc and I have no issues to play against her too. There are champions I am good at too and I know their counterplay too and I can't do it as easily as with LB
I think the big difference is even when LB is behind she presses Q>Q>W and she will still one shot someone. Talon level 2 is good but only works if your opponent is low elo and doesnt know about the champ. Anyone in worlds would know how to handle Talon and Fizz as well. I can agree that Nocturne is a good champ for that potential one shot, but in a team fight after he does that, he dies if his team isnt on the same level. LB can just W or R(with W) out of any situation. Hell i can handle against a fizz by playing Lux because i know how the champs works, if even the pros are either pick or ban LB then thats a problem.
Vulpine (EUW)
: How about the next mission? Do you need 1 jinx or can you abandon her too?
i think it said you can only take 1. So i think you can abandon her, it doesnt say you have to play with 1, it just says you can only take 1 jinx.
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Oreios (EUW)
: [Onslaught]Looking for people to beat the 5 Sonas/Ziggs mission or the 2 augments mission
It doesnt have to be 5 Sonas or 5 Ziggs, you can have like 2 sonas and 3 ziggs. The mission says you have to have 5 people playing as eiter ziggs or sona. Just a Heads up, when i knew that, it made it way more easy to complete the mission.
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: Surely, you people have something better to be doing right now? Reading a book? Playing another game? Watching a movie or something?
Well, its 10 pm, i have read all the books i have, my computer isnt a war machine so i cant play many other games. And im not much of a movie guy. I apologize if this post seemed too mean, but i cant handle riots way of dealing with the EUW region for over the years, we had shit servers for entire seasons, events not working here, and we get jack for it. Meanwhile if a server in NA or Korea went down, they would go "oh we are sorry, have some rp or a skin"
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iOwnPT (EUW)
: You guys need to chill
So, you are telling that with every release of something on EUW, that event/clash has to break down 100% of the time. If so, cool mah dude. It's not like Riot shouldnt have a fair image of how big EUW is. I dont see Overwatch or other multiplayer games being so shit when events happen.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Its hard to compare playing a game when you are new to it, to playing a game when you played it many years. But yeah I don't have fun on League much anymore. Already quit ranked, now only playing aram and even that not much anymore. It's what it is tho, I am sure people who are new to the game can still have a good time, allthough that might involve muting everyone every game
I mean, i remember when i used to play CS:GO and i knew I was trash and my friends were too, and we put hundreds of hours on it, and i remember laughing a lot in that game even after like 500 hours, either because we couldnt aim, or because we would win one round by doing some stupid shit. And i think the difference in that game is that balancing wasnt complete butt, everything was kinda stable, guns werent getting changed just because you knew how to use them. I think balancing can kill a game. I still remember when Blizzard nerfed McCree because pretty much people knew how to aim. It's the same thing with Riot, people that could play Kalista in Solo Q really well were rewarded with a win but apparently she was too good in pro play , what does riot do to fix it, make it a garbage champion that no one can play right now, and if you do play it you might as well say, "yo fam im just soft inting"
: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
Wow. I didn't expect this post to blow up like it did, but I wish Riot could notice this post since it made it into the top of "Hot". Should probably make a post on Reddit about it since usually it's there that riot seems to look at stuff. It could be a little eye opener for them, I at least see that 90% of people on this post answer with a no. (And due to posting this after midnight I forgot there is an option to do a poll, but reading your opinions is way better)
: Acknowledging that no team is perfect and that the game is not completely balanced I have fun playing the game :) The toxidity and constant salt ingame makes it a little less fun, but I try to ignore it and it goes good :D If the enemy is salty I'm all up for it, better win condition for us
I'm sure the community would be a lot better if they had your mentality.
Ðequñ (EUNE)
: Has anyone ever thought there is a chance that the competitive scene has an impact on the game? Maybe i'm wrong, but i am getting the impression that probably players see it more as a competitive e-sport and less as a fun casual game. I'm not implying that people want to actually be professional players. But maybe they prefer to have a quality game, rather than login and do some goofs with their friends. The fact, that competition has integrated so much into League as time passes by, could mean that nowadays the No1 thing is not to just play, but to play well. This also leads me to think that, since the majority is being labeled as "not good enough", has it's toll on how frustrated the average player is. About more than 60% of players are Silver and Bronze, and that's not something too exciting for a lot of people. Not counting the unranked accounts. Maybe most people are looking for quality games to improve and hone their skills nowadays, so they can one day climb the ladder, much more than kill some time and have fun. Maybe LoL has changed a lot since it's early days. Can't say for sure, but then again, who knows.
I can completely agree that the competitive scene has an impact on the game. Hell, I remember when someone asked for what my rank was, i said Diamond 5, and they just asked "why do you even want to play normals". And I think that proves your point in some ways, people dont come to play League to have some fun trying out comps or just having fun by playing with friends anymore (And with all honesty, i think the problem is that the meta changes so quickly now that people cant try to main a role they like or a champ they like, because one patch their champ can be fun and balanced, and the next patch it sucks, just look at what happened to adcs a couple of weeks back for an example). Everyone pretty much plays games like its the LCS, if you play something off meta in normals people will say "why are you picking that", i could still remember the days of ardent censer meta and wanting to play one normal game of braum and people leaving because i didnt pick something that was meta. But like you said, who knows.
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ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Your summoner name in combination with that title makes the whole thingseem a little bit too fishy ... **investigating. **
: As a guy who has to work with models for source filmmaker whose models are a direct rip from League, I can agree a bit. Teemo looks like he's been going to McDonalds for 6 months while in his splash art, he looks like he's fit and in shape.
I think he kinda looks like that ingame in terms of hitboxes. Imagine trying to catch teemo with your mouse like if he was one of yoricks ghouls. It would be annoying as hell.
: I quit, i'm done.
Let me guess, you got banned, and banned again ? If you dont like the game now, go play something else and wait for the next season
Gaebolg2 (EUW)
: I'm playing jungle. And i have most objective dmg and turret dmg every game. Oh yea about that. There is no point like that in my games, They int so hard, i hardly get to the point of splitpushing or having a meaningful teamfight unfortunately.
Jungle or Top those two points still apply, know when to push a lane or join a fight, if anything i would recommend you to go and watch Dong Huap's video on Youtube about a Trydamere who is challenger. Pretty much all he says is exactly what i said, you gotta know when to do stuff. I used to play udyr jungle a lot, and all i did to win games was just split push when my team was holding off the enemy, and i was also just the jungler. I cant help you more than that since i dont know how you play, all i see is you kda and such. :/
Gaebolg2 (EUW)
: Can someone tell me how to carry?
Your KDA isnt everything, especially when playing trynda, you gotta know two basic things: -Should i hard push lane, try to get innib, rotate bot and do the same or -Should I go and help my team since i can actually help them win the fight It doesnt matter what your team says, if you think its a better idea to just hard push top, do it, most likely the enemy team are going to be all together and by the time they notice you, you already took innib and are already on nexus turrets.
: So I gave the gameplay team your feedback and asked them for some insight on towers in general for you guys. While I don't 100% agree with some of the response these guys know infinitely more about this than I do so I will default to their better judgement. To paraphrase the conversation: The difficult thing about this conversation is always that as a game element, towers are primarily objectives, not defenders. If we made them effective protectors, we'd also really hurt the flow of the game. There's probably some room to make them stronger in combat before things break down, but the end result would be something like "Tower dives are slightly riskier", not "Towers protect players well." For one example of why that is - if towers are effective protectors, then sieges become riskier, teams can defend their inhibitors better, and as a result the team with the upper hand tends to just go farm the map instead of trying to siege - which leaves them just about as likely to win, but can easily drag things out for 5-10 extra minutes without much better chance of a comeback occurring. He believed that part of the underwhelming feeling , was when they were made so big and imposing (and cool!) during the Summoners Rift Update - the visuals set the expectation that they'll be powerful but they really can't be, which leaves them permanently unsatisfying to play around.
I know i am late to this post, but if turrets become scarier, wouldnt {{item:3056}} actually become an item that would have a bigger impact on the game? Think about it, if the towers become more scary for the enemy team, have the enemy team buy one ohmwrecker so that sieging can happen. Right now the item is kinda useless, but if turrets get buffed, tanks or maybe even supports could consider buying the item. And to make it so that it doesnt become banner of command 2.0 just have the turret have a cooldown for the next usage of ohmwrecker on that specific turret. Maybe change the stats on ohmwrecker if needed or whatever. But yeah, thats just my 2 cents about it
: > the dash is too short, Dash is about the radius of an illaoi Q... so long as your actually going the right way it will get you out. > his W has a shape so stupid that the enemy always escapes (by walking two steps to the side) Then you learn to punish that... aim skill shots towards the way they are trying to escape for a predicable and easy hit. Also re,ember they are slowed and the area they have to escape is quite large... so while they walk out you get free hits on them which could win you the fight, or they might use mobility spells in which case you punish. > the hitbox is weird, it misses champions that should hit most of the time That’s just something that you learn to deal with or riot fix... but I’ve not had any problems with it. > he deals no damage unless you PRECISELY hit a moving target with the end of each Q (and again, the hitbox doesn't work), And deals immense damage if you hit them right... I’ve seen aatrox’s one shot with a rotation of their skills, the third hit is lethal and frankly easy to hit on melee champions trying to kill you > his ultimate does absolutely nothing in terms of fighting potential unless you are already 5 kills ahead (compared to the old one that at least was usable to do some AOE in a teamfight) The ult is movement speed (good for rotations and getting into fights) and gives 20% ad... you don’t need to be ahead to be a threat with that (albeit you can’t be so behind you die instantly, but at that point old Aatrox ult wasn’t gonna do anything either), you just need a few items. > i can't even clear a wave of minions with a single level 3 Q (illaoi can) even after building black cleaver i need 2 if not 3 hits. Then your doing something wrong... I clear waves with one rotation of my Q at that point in the game... given illaoi only kills caster minions with her Q and needs to auto attack the rest I find his clear speed is on par if not better. > He has too little mobility and not enough defenses, either they give him more mobility or turn him into a tank and give him more cc and sustain. right now, he is unplayable. He has 4 different cc sources, and his sustain is really good (up to 20% of all physical damage dealt on a AoE caster... Q a wave and you restore a ton of health... there is a reason spell vamp is less effective on AoE abilities). Aatrox is a great mid game bruiser... struggles a bit before his first few items, but he seriously scales well and can have some surprising damage spikes... idk he plays a lot like top lane rhaast so I’m quite familiar in how to play something like this, play safe until your power spikes then surprise people in your knew found ability to kill... even the build is the same. ___ The community has a really bad habit of jumping the gun and your falling right into that trap... so many champions look weak on the first day of their release, but when people learn them they get a lot stronger... Gnar, swain, lucien, kaisa, ivern... all good examples of this mistake. Aatrox is a difficult champion, we need to give him time to actually come into his own before we start condemning him
Meanwhile Riot already gave him an hotfix due to the champ damage and dash being complete garbage. Omegalul. His dash was pathetic in terms of range and didnt reset auto for some reason making him super clunky, Q dealt no damage unless you had like 3 items, his base health was also horrible (a zoe without resolve had only 20 less hp than a juggernaut champ lul), and his ult was too long, especially for early game, compared to most top laners. I seriously dont know why aatrox has such a low hp pool compared to a juggernaut like darius. They practically build the same .-. God bless the hotfix and might he be actually decent in ranked. (i dont want another champ that is a complete failure for ranked play or not fun even in normals)
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: Looking for good players to give me advise or play with me.
Well, the first step would be to try and recognize what you are currently bad at. Either that is farming, positioning, micro play, macro play and stuff like that. This account is Diamond 4 but im leveling up a new one (not because i got banned, but because its to play with lower elo friends in normals and such) The name of that account is: Just Monica We can do some games there and i can try and see what you might be struggling with. If you want to add me on my main feel free to (Tahm Klenchy, the one i am writing with) and we can play or something.
: It's just a cursor, why is everyone bothered by it?
It's the one thing that the balance team can't %%%% up. That's why we love it
: > I'm pretty sure a tanks like shen and maokai have a lot to gain from revitalize, hell i always take it on maokai Except both their heals and shields are health ratios... overgrowth gives just as much to their shields and heals if not more than revitalise and more health will increase their survivability than revitalise can. > And tanks can take revitalize if they want, and you say anything else is better, yeah sure, im seeing all my tanks with that unflinching rune 50% of my games yeah sure. buddy, a tank can use revitalize and it will work, maokai, shen, naut, ornn, sion can all use it well with their shields. Overgrowth takes time to actually be useful while revitalize can be useful throughout the entire game, there isnt one better than the other, they have their strenghts and weaknesses Wasn’t talking about unflinching... though on certain tanks it can be better (most common on naut for that tier... common in support tanks). But on almost all tanks overgrowth is better... you don’t look for survivability in early game you don’t really need it... you need survivability as you ramp up and overgrowth mid to late will always give more shield strengh and effective health than revitalise > But some tanks use them. (Maokai has a 53% pick of revitalize over 35% from overgrowth just saying buddy) That’s one tank... and yes mao uses revitalise, as does zac... this is because they are getting heals constantly throughout a fight and therefore it stands a chance of being as useful as overgrowth... but grevious wounds exists which drags them both right down. But we aren’t talking about healing we are talking about shields so talking about a tank with no shields is pointless. For tanks with shields none of them take revitalise... that’s because unlike healing shields can’t be used constantly throughout a fight and therefore putting a rune into shielding when one into health exists is much better for them. So revitalise isn’t used for shielding tanks making it being brought up here moot... and an item forcing tanks onto a worse rune for them isn’t a good idea (even though it wouldn’t help them much anyway). > And idk why you bothered to focus on a line out of 10. Its like you came here just to nit pick at one simple thing I came here to put my own comment on the subject... and because the rest wasn’t needed to be commented on... supports are an issue, tanks are barely viable if that... that’s why I said what I did, cause just citing revitalise and SV does not help tanks enough ever to validate killing them trying to get to supports (and besides I’ve argued this with you before... your still just gonna tunnel vision on the issue with supports without considering tanks).
Ok, here is the thing , in a 30 min game in which i played rammus, i got 160 extra hp. Now i dont know if you know, but 160 extra hp by 30 min isnt like, they best trade off. Keep in mind games nowadays take between 20 to 30 mins to end. I think in most cases people would prefer taking a rune that offers increased shielding than a rune in which you have to wait 30 minutes to get a tiny portion of 160 hp or something along that.
Marcua (EUW)
: Riot is doing their best
I think you are giving them too much hope when they literally destroyed the ADC role. Literally, now you might as well be called a troll for picking a marksman. I'm down for new stuff in the game, i dont care about yasuo adc, or darius or whatever, but when you make a certain champ pool useless thats not something to congratulate riot for {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Next, the game will only be Support champions, nothing more no adc, no tank, no assassins, no fighters, no juggernauts, no nothing besides support. Come answer to this post when they destroy the game like that.
: > Tanks can get revitalize, and if they want more healing they can get a spirit visage Tanks don’t use revitalise, pretty much everything else in that tree is better for tanks than revitalise. And spirit visage is only brought vs ap heavy comps, it doesn’t give the right stats for a tank to be relying on it. SV also only helps healing so irelivant in a descussion about shields.
I'm pretty sure a tanks like shen and maokai have a lot to gain from revitalize, hell i always take it on maokai. And tanks can take revitalize if they want, and you say anything else is better, yeah sure, im seeing all my tanks with that unflinching rune 50% of my games yeah sure. buddy, a tank can use revitalize and it will work, maokai, shen, naut, ornn, sion can all use it well with their shields. Overgrowth takes time to actually be useful while revitalize can be useful throughout the entire game, there isnt one better than the other, they have their strenghts and weaknesses. But some tanks use them. (Maokai has a 53% pick of revitalize over 35% from overgrowth just saying buddy) And idk why you bothered to focus on a line out of 10. Its like you came here just to nit pick at one simple thing {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Anti-shield trend
Here is the problem with shields. Shields were great because low cooldowns and no way to really counter them, with healing you have morello, ignite, and executioner's calling. Tanks can get revitalize, and if they want more healing they can get a spirit visage. A lulu with 40% CDR has her E on 6 sec CD, and guess what, the shield duration before was 6 seconds. A support with Shields could/can bring revitalize, build an ardent, get ap from ardent (increasing the shields) and also summon aery giving another shield. I feel like these nerfs were needed, now you actually need to think or react quickly for your shield to be good. Instead of being a Lulu thats does nothing besides pressing E on whoever needs it or just because she can.
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: Devourer was toxic for the meta, and would make games a coinflip. Farming 20mins on a jungler, would mean if a lane loses 2v2 (which they always do) or 1v1, you will have to do a comeback 20mins later, lowering your winning chances. Picking an earlygame jungler into a devourer one, would just win you the game. About warrior and runic, they had to somewhat equalize them, movespeed is pretty busted on junglers, why let AP have such a big advantage over AD? There are currently no movespeed AD core items, but I guess you could do BF+jg item + 300G = warrior with movespeed instead of 10%CDR, and revert the runic "buff". I do feel that runic junglers took a big hit, however they wouldn't really fit into the meta now anyway, with the rise of the bruisers, you get outscaled, no matter what you do. Also do something about this taliyah jungle shit...it's annoying as hell, seeing it in high elo 24/7.
I mean, youmuu's is a core ad item that offers two movement speeds one passively and one in active. Meanwhile the only one that can be compared to AP champs is spellbinder.
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