Orodril (EUW)
: Ideas for Udyr rework
The changes I suggest may not be the best, but I don't consider a small buff enough. Riot has introduced more and more characters with greater mobility capable of easily kiting characters like Udyr. The unique Udyr tool for ganking is his E, when most of junglers have at least 2. Among the latest changes to junglers with a single gank tool: Shyvana and Warwick. We all know which has been better, since Warwick has now a jump and a fear, which greatly improves his ability to gank. Shyvana, like Udyr, is a good champion for 1vs1 and taking targets, but not for ganking. Shyvana, in terms of ganking, is even worst because her best gank skill is her ultimate, which the cd that this implies. The game rate of Udyr is 2.75% and his winrate 48.93%, I think I don't say anything crazy.
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