: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
That's actually adorable. I love the Christmas ward skins. And the Christmas skins ...And Christmas.
: Im not getting any blue essence per game??
Read the about the Blue Essence update. You no longer earn it from games, instead you get stuff when you level up, and there's no level cap anymore, so you level up indefinitely.
zifoooooz (EUNE)
: old runes back
It's been a few days. Instead of focusing on the past, look at the current runes and try to learn from them. Things are surprisingly the same actually. Every game I've played so far feels like just another game of League with some interesting twists. The champions are the same, the maps are the same, really what you're having an issue with is learning some new stats (most of which are pretty much directly translated from the old Mastery system).
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: Does Riot actually do anything about AFK'ers and Game leavers?
They do get punished. The thing is Riot can't just punish people for leaving one game, there are plenty of innocent reasons why people leave games. Perhaps the power went out, or there was an emergency. People who do it consistently do get punished, just because you don't get a little box saying your report got them punished doesn't mean they weren't.
Groyo (EUW)
: Blocking People On Forums
Yeah, all you need to do is- [USER HAS BEEN BLOCKED]
: Rework Aatrox
This goes against everything I experienced in my game as Aatrox. I went 18/5 and he felt so much better to use. Removing the health costs and reworking his passive was really nice. I carried the game I was in pretty easily, getting regular triple kills.
FrØstii (EUW)
: Give me your best Ekko summoner name
: Tahm kench top is %%%%%%ED
1: "0 counterplay shield" It literally decays over 3 seconds... 2. "free damages" He's melee and has one ranged attack that can be blocked by minions... 3. "%damage and cc on W" which is also melee... I think your problem isn't that Tahm is OP, it's that you don't know how to deal with one. If ranged: you win. If melee: Poke, never engage. He needs 3 stacks to deal damage, so never give him that opportunity.
: I'm banned for ''using illegal 3rd party programs''...?
I can't say whether you are cheating or not, but if you have an issue then submit a ticket to Riot Support and try and get a response from them.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The majority are over 16. In fact, I think the majority are 18 -> 30.
Well I'm 24 myself, but still <30 is considered relatively young, especially around 18. There's a lot of stress responsibility around that age.
spektroum (EUW)
: I really am trying to love league
Because LoL has a primarily young playerbase (hormonal teens) in a competitive environment with no real repercussions for toxic behaviour.
: What was she like? I honestly didn't see her lol. Can you describe her old abiliteis and passive?
Her Q was a big area around her, and pressing it would call down stars on ANY enemy in that range. It was on a 2 second cooldown so you could spam it forever, and each time it hit it would remove 10 MR. Her W was on a much longer CD (at max rank and max CDR I think you could get it to 9 seconds) and it granted MR and Armour for your target. Her E was a targeted silence on enemies, or choosing allies would restore a chunk of their mana. Her ult was basically the same.
: What champion(s) do you miss the most?
I miss old Soraka. Back when her Q was an AoE MR shred, when she gave mana, and when her heal actually gave resistances to her target. It always makes me laugh because I remember reading Riot's decision for changing Soraka. "We don't want her to be a healbot" so...they turned her into a healbot. Also AP Soraka mid was THE best thing before she got reworked. God I miss those days.
Eglefino (EUW)
: Possible Bug with enemy turrets
It's not a bug, it's intentional. If you attack an enemy within a certain range (I think it's 700 units) of the tower while you're within the tower's range it will attack you.
: So i got this First penta kill of the year with yasuo.
SonenseS (EUW)
: > It still cleanses his poison No, it doesn't. Plus the blind is the biggest danger for ADC's, since they will deal 0 dmg for a short period; and a good Teemo can capitalize on that period of time to kill the ADC.
Seriously? Didn't it used to cleanse this stuff? Did I miss an update?
SonenseS (EUW)
: > As an ADC: Buy Mercurial Scimitar QSS doesn't cleanse Teemo's blind anymore ^^
It still cleanses his poison, offers MR and a good amount of AD as well as some lifesteal.
: Teemo is To OP
I just beat a Teemo twice as Sion. He's not OP, just annoying. As a Tank: Buy MR (Spirit Visage, Banshee's Veil etc.) and Randuin's Omen (reduces attacker's Attack Speed) As a Mage: Buy an Abyssal Scepter As an Assassin: Buy Edge of Night, Maw of Malmortius As an ADC: Buy Mercurial Scimitar
kjono1 (EUW)
: What does play safe mean exactly?
Playing safe means ONLY last-hitting, and retreating if the enemy engages you. You don't push the wave, you don't try and damage your opponent, you simply bunker down and endure to get as much gold as possible with minimal risk to yourself. It's not something you can just "do", it involves completely changing how you play the game. To summarise: 1) Last hit only 2) Only use abilities to disengage from the enemy 3) Conserve health and mana as much as possible 4) _Never_ engage the enemy
TheGolden (EUW)
: I cant play this game anymore
Take some time away from League, it seems you're burned out. Chill, play some other games, let your temper simmer down, and come back with a calm mind. You'd be surprised what a chill attitude will do for you.
: Need Jungle Champion tips.
Take Sion jungle. You won't regret it.
: Lol, " I stopped playing Support because I found my absolute favourite champion in the game: Sion." continues "that can be a support but I dont enjoy it" lol, lol, and lol. Coherent guys for the win. There are a lot of people like you, dont worry -> "You are wrong because supports are the funniest thing ever, but I dont play them because actually they are a disgusting role. But you are wrong because supports are cool (i'd rather die than palying that sh+tty role again, though)" . Yes coherent peple everywhere, dont worry.
Please cherry-pick my comments more, it really helps your argument. I like Support, but not Support Sion. I love Top and Jungle Sion, and I like Support with other champions. There. Coherent, and exactly what I said. You're just looking for an excuse to say that I'm wrong.
Infernape (EUW)
: Sion support is a thing. He's the highest winrate support.
Yeah I know. I tried it ages ago, back when I first found how fun he was to play. Not as enjoyable as taking him jungle or top, but definitely useful.
: 1) I was not the only man alive, I backed to recharge wards and found a "backdoor" shako. I did my job maybe not perfect, but probably not bad. Still, I had to see how I am so useless that people can ignore me completely, COMPLETELY, and just finish the backdoor before I had to flee not to die. 2) There are so many supports that they have had to put 10 free support champions per week because they run out of ideas and havent any clue about how the F make people to play that SH+T. To sum up, you love SOOOO MUCH playing support that you dont play support anymore, unless you are totally tired of playing the other roles.Seems fair, man. An coherent too. This fkng role MUST be deleted from the game.
Let me clarify: I stopped playing Support because I found my absolute favourite champion in the game: Sion. Had I not found him I would still be a Support main.
: Remove the support role
First of all, plenty of people like playing Support. I used to be a Support main and still enjoy taking the role when I want a break from other lanes. Now let's address your "list": 1) If you're playing Support and you're the only one alive, then you've done your job wrong. You're not a solo carry, you're there to protect and enhance your team. If you do your job well, then THEY do their job well. If you're dealing damage as Support then you're doing it wrong, and if you prioritise your own life above the rest of your team you are also doing it wrong. This mentality is wrong and is the reason people struggle to enjoy the role. Quite simply, you need to change how you play League. 2) You're just shouting that nobody wants to play the role, despite the fact there are plenty of Supports out there. Maybe they don't like playing with ungrateful teammates? To sum up and answer everything you've said: Your post is wrong and is just senseless ranting over the fact Supports as a role in League don't deal damage. TL;DR go back to mid lane.
alvarox39 (EUW)
: What it is your opinion about the commmunity of LoL?
Depends on where you look. In-game it can range from having the nicest people ever to the most toxic players in gaming history. On the boards you get more level-headedness and, ignoring the "WHY AM I BANNED" posts, intricate discussion. When it comes to out-of-game community you have some real creative talent and it's always great to see what people have done.
: Recommend a champ for me to get me out of plat 3.
As a Sion main... Pick Sion. {{champion:14}}
Fidda (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=rkwheels,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6MkyHAuf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-29T16:18:59.732+0000) > > How do I check who I sent it to? I'm not sure you can see it there, but... Check your Purchase History (both of you).
Okay the issue was resolved :) She had the new client open whe nI sent the gift, and so she "received it" without knowing. Then when she went to the legacy client nothing came up saying she'd had it, because it had already been classed as received. She actually had it the whole time. Thanks for the help, your info about being notified about gifts made me realise what had happened! :)
Fidda (EUNE)
: Greetings rkwheels, Make sure you've sent the gift to the right person. Ask your friend to switch the clients (there isn't a notification about gifts in the new client, but you still should receive it).
How do I check who I sent it to?
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Doomley (EUW)
: it just means that you can't get that same stat again by buying the exact same item. That is what unique passive is. with the addition of named unique passives.
Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
: "Unique" =/= "Unique Passive" "Unique" attributes stack, "Unique Passive" effects dont. However, "Unique" doesnt stack when you have the same item. Two {{item:3134}} only give you 10 Lethality, while a {{item:3134}} +{{item:3142}} grants 30 Lethality.
Okay, thanks for clarifying that for me. I appreciate it!
: "Unique" =/= "Unique Passive" "Unique" attributes stack, "Unique Passive" effects dont. However, "Unique" doesnt stack when you have the same item. Two {{item:3134}} only give you 10 Lethality, while a {{item:3134}} +{{item:3142}} grants 30 Lethality.
There's nothing that says "Unique" on its own. Only "Unique Passive". That's why I'm confused. Duskblade and Edge of Night both offer 15 Lethality, but that's a Unique Passive, so I don't know if it stacks or not. Everything is either a Unique Passive or simply a stat on the item. Boots of Lucidity and Essence Reaver both have the Unique Passive of "10% Cooldown Reduction" but I don't know if that stacks. It seems inconsistant and unclear.
: Right now, it is not even clear whether the "heal and shield" power is supposed to stack. it used to, but then was separated. Now it stacks again. Anyways, this is the only exception from the rule that "Unique Passives" dont stack.
But what about Unique Passives that offer the same bonus but with different amounts? A lot of the assassin items offer out of combat movement speed but some are 10, others 20 etc. Does it choose the highest one or something?
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: play against him and stop trolling people on boards thanks..
Buy and Frozen Heart {{item:3110}} and Randuin's Omen {{item:3143}}. Suddenly Tryndamere is about as threatening as a blade of grass.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=rkwheels,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=2l1tXWG5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-21T23:56:45.788+0000) > > Why remove the old ult? Because it was a point &amp; click &quot;oh you&#x27;re dead&quot; ability. There&#x27;s no counterplay to that, and when your champion&#x27;s entire motif is dueling, that&#x27;s a big no-no. Dueling is a fight, not a &quot;who can mash R the fastest&quot;. Notice how none of Fiora&#x27;s current abilities are undodgeable. It&#x27;s about being in the right position, a duelist&#x27;s dance. Vi, Syndra, Zed, Malzahar, Wawrick, and any other champion that has point and click ultimate.
I'll just copy and paste what I said to the guy before. "This isn't a discussion about Yi's Q or Veigar's R. This is a discussion about Fiora and why her ult was changed. Her entire theme is dueling, and you can't have an undodgeable high-damage ultimate with that theme, it doesn't fit." Just add in all the champions you mentioned and put them around the "Yi's Q or Veigar's R" part.
: But Yi Q is not a point & click "oh u're dead" ability ? i mean i play Yi and i can use his Q at every 3-4 seconds in a team-fight with sufficient attack speed . Also there are way worse to play against R's than old Fiora ult, like some one say already a Veigar who can deal somewhere around 90% of your hp in less than 1 second, or the funny ult of Trynda, guardian angel, his ult and " duel" him if u can, i mean this new ult of her it really out of a " fencing" idea, how do i get my reward if i'm already full hp ? and how fencing is supposed to heal ? and the thing that bothers me the most is not even fitting janna ult in to a fighter champ, is her that her old " I can towerdive u, and get my prize if i'm successful, if i'm not, i will end up in base with a grey screen leaving u alone in lane"
This isn't a discussion about Yi's Q or Veigar's R. This is a discussion about Fiora and why her ult was changed. Her entire theme is dueling, and you can't have an undodgeable high-damage ultimate with that theme, it doesn't fit.
: Riot champion designs are " strange" !?
Why remove the old ult? Because it was a point & click "oh you're dead" ability. There's no counterplay to that, and when your champion's entire motif is dueling, that's a big no-no. Dueling is a fight, not a "who can mash R the fastest". Notice how none of Fiora's current abilities are undodgeable. It's about being in the right position, a duelist's dance.
: Veigar's and Garen's ult are simply not fair
Garen's ult is pretty balanced in comparison to Veigar's. It has no scaling (you can't build AD or AP to increase it's damage) and is essentially a melee ability. It's more of an execute than something than can delete you instantly. Veigar on the other hand IS unfair. Unlike Garen's it scales with AP and is ranged, meaning there's a lot less you can do to avoid it.
Rakie (EUW)
: Suggestion for Sightstone and the general Support balance
A suggestion I made to Sightstones a long time ago was making them give you the unique passive of being able to increase your ward limit. So for Sightstone your limit would increase to 4, and with Ruby it would increase to 5. Would make it a must-buy for Supports without making them become a requirement for other roles, thus keeping it a Support-only item (the exception perhaps being Lee Sin).
: Essential support champions I should learn/buy?
He's fallen off the radar a surprising amount but I suggest learning Thresh {{champion:412}}. He has amazing utility, a unique kit that's arguably overloaded (no matter how many times Riot nerfs him) and technically infinite scaling with his passive. He synergises well with every ADC, and can even provide a knockup for an allied Yasuo (his E counts as a knockup, so Yasuo can ult). Take Thresh and you honestly won't go wrong with him. If the enemy has heavy CC or AP then Morgana is a good one to learn {{champion:25}}. Her spellshield can save your ADC if they get caught out, and you can build her full-tank to utilise her ultimate and survive the attempt. A little situational, but very powerful. Alistar's rework and the new mastery have made him really strong too {{champion:12}}. I haven't played with him much but from what little I've experienced he's a VERY strong pick right now. Don't rely on him too much though, Riot may change him.
: Let's get a bit more competetive
The problem with 1v1 is there is a statistically better champion when it comes to dueling. It would just turn into "who is better at dueling right now" rather than "who is the better player".
Infernape (EUW)
: How exactly would you turn their ults into skillshots?
Make Darius' ult a small dash forward while he jumps. Make Garen target a small area, damaging the target closest to the center. Make Cho'Gath lunge forward to nom someone.
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Dark2Light (EUNE)
: best player
Who is the best champion in League of Legends and why is it Sion? {{champion:14}}
: Should I go for it?
Never settle for less, always push yourself to improve. If I can get to Gold then anyone can, just believe in yourself and play to learn, don't play to win.
: I'll say it again - need a perma mute
"It's like telling an anxious person to stop worrying." No it's not. Worrying isn't against the rules. Flaming is. You're being a dick, you've disregarded NUMEROUS warnings and, by your own admission, been banned on multiple accounts before. You deserve this. You deserve this harsh wake-up call on your atrocious behaviour and maybe now you'll understand that your behaviour is not tolerated in League of Legends. Your excuse on why you flame is weak, your suggestion to make perma-mutes is poor. Let me sum up your entire rant/post in two sentences: "I am a flamer who has been banned multiple times. This is not my fault and is, in fact, Riot's fault for not accepting my behaviour that clearly goes against the rules of the game THAT I ACCEPTED AND PROMISED TO UPHOLD when first loading up the game." If you want some advice: take a long hard look at yourself, realise that your punishment is fully justified, and never come back to League. Your attitude is not wanted here.
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