: Hey guys, Whiski here, the project lead for the ARAM-arama event. We're aware of some technical issues with the granting of Missions rewards. We're working on a fix and all earned rewards will be granted after this is resolved. Thanks for letting us know. And if you have any other feedback on the event, we'd love to hear it so we can decide whether you'd like to see more content like this in the future.
It was a pleasant surprise because major western regions lacked something like that, where for example LAN, CIS or OCE had unique events that no other region could participate in. In general the event was alright. Not crazy hard or time consuming and with only one major hiccup with second key and chest set. I really liked that this time missions showed up during the day and not at 5 PM CET as it is with other events. I understand that when something like VS starts in every server it would be unfair to drop the missions at 7-8 AM local time and make some players wait, but still it was a cool experience. Also events like that could use "eligible" list, because not everyone remembers every skin line, or even checks the event main page. Still hoping for something like weekly challenge with 2-3 small missions every week with random XP/BE/OE unlocks.
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: Source?
: Sittlig patiently togheter with your star guardian tokens, worlds tokens and all the other loot you earned?
Ok, don't buy them. I just saw an info, that those are able to give us champions taht were available prior to purchase. So no cheap Zoe for me.
: Ty, but what is your sorce?
I bought 4 and now they are sitting patiently in my loot inventory.
: Hoping for Riot's confirmation here
I can confirm, bought four myself.
: I would like to know this as well. Can you reply to this comment if you find out? Ty :)
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: Actually you can, if u notice there is an options button on the top right corner, and in that window that pops up u can tick on disable animations
Well, I'm just reporting that this button is not disabling all animations in the client as it should.
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