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: Kayn, he can LITTERALLY be everything
Thank you. I'll try him out.
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: You can do that in game too. Either you use the mute button in the scoreboard or you use the command /mute <Summoner Name>
Yes. I do that alot. The main advantage blocking gave me wan not having to chceck my excell list before games, just to mute players later in game. I already had them blocked.
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: The block list is implemented, it's just kinda "hidden". But here's how to access that list: 1. Login into the Alpha Client 2. Open the Client settings by clicking on the Settings icon in the top right corner 3. Click on Block List How to block a player who's in your friends list: 1. Right click on a player in your friends list 2. Click on Block http://puu.sh/rOgfC/d3fe1ddec4.png
Hi. Thank you for your answer. I just found the list, but it only allows me to unblock players. The reason I wish Riot add blocking players after game is to block players who were toxic in game. The only way to do it nowis by adding them to a friend list first. And it is really troublesome to to keep excel table of "yet to block" people and check if before each game.
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: How would they forget about the new client? They are still building it.
Not client itself. I'm afraid that Riot will forget or chose to not include blocking players. They already made it more difficult in old client.
: There are no Blocking features on the alpha client yet. If you want to block someone do so on the current client.
Yes, I know. This is why I wrote this post. I hope Riot won't forget about it with new client.
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