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: I got some ip
: Auto-fill / Forced-fill system
There's no reason whatsoever for you to have absolutely 0 experience in any role out there. Playing even a handful of games in each role is a must in order to have the slightest of understanding on how said role works, what it can do, its limits, its requirements, synergies with other lanes, etc. You don't have to be good at all roles but you need to at least have some experience to not be completely dumbfounded. This is especially true for bot lane, as both the AD Carry and Support need to be familiar with each other's roles so they can know their partner's role more and thus know what to expect from it and what its limitations are. But it's also true for the other roles as well.
: The State of League from a supports view
If your AD carry can't kill tanks than he's not building properly... Honestly I don't blame him though as even in the NA and EU LCS(competitive scene) a lot of AD carries fail to build APen items and than their team goes ape shit in the following match's(assuming best of series) draft banning a tank like Maokai because they couldn't break through his armor without buying APen items. I mean really? What a shock! Basically as AD carry you want a Recurve Bow item first(Hurricane typically but the others have their place as well, can also go Shiv instead) than big damage item(usually IE) than a Last Whisper item(APen) than either another damage item, preferably with some defensive qualities, like Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer, etc than lastly a defensive item(typically QSS into Mercurial but Banshee's and GA can also work in certain situations. As for the rest, it's a meta thing, nothing else. Tanks aren't overpowered, it's just that people don't bother buying APen items which makes them terrible vs tanks. Even AD carry junglers like Kindred and Graves prefer other things to Warrior's enchantment and Ghostblade/Black Cleaver or Bloodrazor enchantment, another item than Last Whisper item. Same with top lane bruisers like Poppy, Trundle, etc, Black Cleaver is the perfect item for them yet they rarely bother with it(again, even in the LCS). Only Mages bother with MPen, many rushing Abyssal Scepter as first item now and typically get Void Staff as their 3rd item. The problem with Mages is that most of them rely on burst rather than sustained damage which means they typically can't kill tanks even with MPen because their burst isn't strong enough. That's why Ryze is so good, he's a sustained Mage with great damage and he actually builds MPen to make it stick even against tanks.
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: Good easy playable mage champ?
Ryze, extremely simple yet terrifyingly powerful. Annie is also very simple, though a bit less powerful and relies more on initiation power(either with Flash or the new Hextech item typically).
kkonu (EUNE)
: reworked malza needs a nerf.
Actually he needs a buff not a nerf, and to be honest he needs to only scale with AP not AD on his dumb new W. Other than soloing dragon at level 3(which as mentioned others can do too) he's really terrible. Pathetic AP scalings for a Mage and utterly stupid AD scaling on his W to supposedly make up for his poor AP ratios. So basically you stack AD for the W and forget your other 3 skills which have AP ratios or stack AP doing mediocre damage at best and have your best damage skill(W) be completely worthless. Terrible, just terrible.
: qss nerf
The fact that something gets nerfed doesn't make it unusable. If you face a Zed, Warwick, etc, you can and should still run QSS, you'll just gain slightly less from getting it but it's still significantly better than not having it against those champions. It's in the other cases, the marginal ones, that you should debate hard whether QSS is still worth it or whether you should go for alternatives.
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: Follow or not to follow? Bronze mentality?
It really depends. Is your bot lane winning or losing their matchup? Are they paying attention to their surrounding? Will you following the enemy mid-laner prevent your bot lane from dying or allow you to turn the tables and kill the opposing bot lane+mid? If the answer to these questions is no than you better just stay mid and maximize your time and punish your opposing mid laner by denying him farm and even killing a turret or 2. If the answer is yes(which is pretty unlikely in low Elo) than you should help your bot lane out.
: kass and mage rework
While I agree that he was designed as a counter to Mages in reality he's just an AP Assassin. Yeah, his ult does more damage against AP enemies but even without that extra damage he still dumps on squishies all day long with his insane burst damage and mobility. An update would be nice for him but I don't think he should be put into the corner of being an anti Mage champion because most teams have at most 1 Mage and focusing too much on this aspect would either mean making it OP or greatly reducing his capabilities against non Mages which will hurt him a lot more than it will help him. After all being amazing against 20% of the enemy team(assuming they have a Mage to begin with rather than say an AD assassin like Zed or Yasuo in the mid lane instead) and bad against the remaining 80% is terrible.
: Dynamic queue should be considered a control debuff
: What is wrong with URF and other stuff
That's what happens when you start adding superficial ranks(I mean the class ranks, F to S not Elo) and whatnot, rank becomes the most important thing to some people(even more than actually winning the game) which in turn causes a lot of butt hurt.
: Since tanks are generally good on toplane, is Leona tank top a viable thing?
You have to ask yourself what you're trying to achieve with Leona top. Does the extra farm on her let her do things she otherwise wouldn't be able to do as a support? Does she crush a bunch of lanes that are normally tough for many champions? Does having 2 supports(Leona and whoever is in bot lane) that beneficial to the team? The way I see it Leona support is already tanky enough and a few more items won't really make much of a difference on her. Besides she's mostly used for her CC which she generally uses early on in the team fight, so even if she dies afterwards she still did her job. Thus I don't think extra items from additional farm from top lane will make a significant difference to her. Does she win matchups that are otherwise troublesome? Not really. In fact she loses quite a lot of matchups that are quite easy for many champions due to her severe limitations. As for having multiple supports, we already have a bunch of non traditional supports being played in the support role as is. So I don't see how having 2 traditional supports give any real advantage for a team. So while it can certainly work, especially in low Elo, there's not much point to do it unless it's purely for the fun factor.
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: ADC have absolutly no impact on the game.
So you're basically QQing about Fizz who's getting indirectly nerfed via items which will no longer allow tank Fizz(and others like Ekko) to be viable. What does have to do with AD carries' impact on the game?
: Year 3 of a broken Galio
Urf isn't supposed to be a balanced game mode... It's supposed to allow obnoxious behaviors with champions that clearly weren't meant to be due to cd and mana restrictions.

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