: what is op about the ultimate? I dont want to give him 100% crit cause of his passive it would be too easy, like this he need to be builded on crit and armor pene with runes. So he get less ad or he builded on crit and ad but he will need armor pene. :D
well it can e used like zed's ult but also it is a cc in a way. you can simply eradicate adc from the map or steal the baron/new drakes thats why its op:D
: well he is {{champion:55}} `s father :D who has vanished in the story (Talon lore), I would bring him back with the story above. Im glad that you like it:) any sugestions to make it more excellent and visuable for Riot and to make him fit to the rift write calmly :)
actually i think his ult is op but my only suggestion would be about his w guess it can be done like fiora's new e i mean after first autoattack there shouldbe a %100 crit and like fiora, animations can be cancelled too How about that^^
: Tristana Skins need a splash art update.
: season 6
i actually love playing ranked in s6 unlikely in s3 or s4 or s5. Of course there're some problems with dynamicq but i think riot will solve them all. I believe in good guy riot<3
x1 Lixo (EUW)
: Soul Reaver Talon Skin
he looks like {{champion:245}} in {{champion:91}}'s skin
: [Champion Concept] Daverin the General
seems like a second {{champion:55}} is on the wayyyy:D Rİot pls make it<3
: But that only does 15 magic dam and the double hit doesn't come till after 3 hits and rage only stack up to 6 times and you can't stack it with devour. Plus now your lane champ can double hit.
i think {{item:3124}} should be removed. Few days ago, i saw a {{champion:105}} with {{item:3124}}. Adc, apc jugnler,top laners... every f*cking one buys that!
: Lets talk about xin.
same here but also keep in mind {{champion:24}} and {{champion:23}} {{champion:54}} nowadays
: "I badly want that skin" event
that happened to me like 3 months ago. I was so angry that i tried to delete my account cause the elo hell and losing even though i play good etc. but then nowadays i realized i cant live without LoL so i desperately tried to retrieve my account and thx to Riot i got it. My suggestion is just keep your account and rp points, give it a break like for 1 month. Try playing sth else. You will realize how other games suck so hard and return playing LoL. Edit: One more suggestion: Try buying sona and DJ sona. That will keep you in mood:D
Raph450 (EUW)
: These poor guys need a visual rework.
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Riot, this new ... Taric is just...
Hes actually a bad-ass Playboy
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: Can we get season 1 back?
Thatd be great to see things back then
: Orianna, Syndra, Vel'Koz, Brand, Anivia =/= Kassadin lol get it in your head already
its absolutely imposisible to list all assassins and mages that nerfed. i just want them back as they were.
: I as support main want vision control to be buffed back again. Green Wards, 5 wards in sightstones and ward duraation back to 180 sec. About the part that champs are easier to play...nop...every champion that got remake had his moves made into skill shots.
main support too, actually i really want supports with only wards bro
: Katarina is not skilled champ xD . You should talk more about nerfed mages than assasins like Orianna as example. Its realy sad that 1 most teamfight oriended mage is in such sad state right now.
i cant remember them all you know, but i tried to explain my opinion. Of course we should talk about kassadin too if you want:)
Silisa (EUNE)
: I stopped reading after: > Champs require less skills are stronger than champs like zed or katarina etc.
well when i mean katarina, i speak of mechs not katarinas with free kills. I agree with you about that
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: The Main Problem with Season 6...
At a point riot will reliase how fucked up they are and try to recover the old game i hope
: What is up with this "recovering stolen account service"?
seriously supporters should try HARDER to retrieve accounts rather than sayin "Oh sorry, you are fucking idiot to loose your account/ forgetting the first champ you buy"
Maluber (EUW)
: Champion mastery rank 6 reward idea
better idea is that level 6 be at 50 or 100k and when you achieve that, r,ot can give one of that champs' skin for free
: there is a huge problem with that idea. KDA is not what makes a good player. There is also desicion making which is actually a bigger factor in the game. That 1.12.5 player is not playing badly enough to be uncarriable. He might be a split pusher. A bit bad at it yes, but obviously did his job if he won. When the 12.3.5 player didn't obviously share his power with the team. It takes more to win a game than just good KDA.
What i mean is this: Riot should create an algorithm that determines wheter a player plays correctly in that game or not so that good players can still level up. It would be helpful to low-ranked players just like others as well. KDA is just a suggestion.
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