: I'm not "patronizing", Guy is 900 games G1, you're playing with tier average Bronze 1, both of you don't have good enough map awarness nor macro knowledge to know tactics that high elo players (not me) use, there are many factors that come into conclusion if play was bad or not, if what he is speaking is true then yes they were trolling by going to sidelane and not pressuring anything, but i didnt see VOD soo i can't tell if he is telling truth or not. (im only trying to see both sides to it not only Author' side.)
dude im G1 because i got demoted playing with friends, chill out pro player im pretty sure everybody know when somebody is afk in side lane or pressuring it xD even by bronze you know it... Yea obviously im lying...like nobody ever saw a troll player XD
: nope, you're pressuring side lane, that's not the same as staying in base.
no one is pressuring side lane they aren't pushing it XD
: going to sidelane isn't necesseary troll , about the running it down i agree, sometimes they don't get banned
going to side lane refusing to play the game its troll for sure its the same as staying in base walking around but there is a difference, they won't suicide in base
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: Zed is having his late game nerfed and early buffed, u looked at patch nites and started crying, can u learn to play vs zed before complaining.
you seem mad
: zed probaly gets a prestige skin next patch
Styros (EUNE)
: akali is fixed , not nerfed. She have same dmg , but doesn't have op stealth and regen from Q . So stop cry
Nobody is crying about akali being nerfed. im just saying zed doesn't need a buff. Must be hard to understand
Shamose (EUW)
: Oh no they nerfed two of the most op champs in the game and now they are buffing a champion that was in the dumpster in a class that's general trash.
idk how zed was in the dumpster with a 50%+ winrate
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Smerk (EUW)
: You can't be sure, because there's no way to check if someone else was punished
Smerk (EUW)
: System can detect those players as afks and punish them, but there are no bans for afking, those players get low priority queue
Im pretty sure the system didn't punish, guess the system needs to be changed.
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ºDanìel (EUW)
: Didnt get any lp after my win
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