Ätlas (EUNE)
: Is anyone really satisfied playing with autofill?
learn all roles. It's as simple as that.
: 30 games and I am done - thanks to feeders
I honestly feel bad for newcommers to the game now. Years back the situation was nowhere near as bad as now. I even tried leveling up an accout i had forgotten about. The ammount of botting, trolling and toxicity is absurd on low levels nowadays. ' I'm sorry that your experience with the game was a bad one.
YouCanPlay7 (EUNE)
: Hey you ban my account
I guess your name doesn't fit you anymore, might wanna change it to "YouCan'tPlay7" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: So this guy...
While the account can be saved, the lost RP isn't returnable. My bro got his acc. stolen and all the rp was lost. He got the account back but not the RP.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozzie Storm,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8IAkxMyp,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-28T14:21:05.750+0000) > > It's hard to say. > Kindred isn't realluy in a good spot atm. although they're getting huge changes next patch. > I'd wait till next patch and try out Kindred b4 deciding :) and what about vlad? some say he is op others say he is very very weak
I play Kindred alot which is why i gave my opinion but i do't play Vlad so my knowledge is minimal. I haven't read about him getting changed anytime soon though.
: Vlad or Kindred?
It's hard to say. Kindred isn't realluy in a good spot atm. although they're getting huge changes next patch. I'd wait till next patch and try out Kindred b4 deciding :)
kendrask (EUW)
1st thing that came to my mind was https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/595582443173847040/H_BSH6zo.jpg
: If Riot will ever make another cinematic, name up to 3 champions, who you want in it.
{{champion:18}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:68}} My take on this would be them in combat while both Teemo and Rumble tries to impress Tristana in fight. Not only is it tied to an existing lore but i'd love to get a full yordle cinematic. Another idea would be focused on {{champion:203}} while hunting the unkillable like {{champion:245}} & {{champion:14}} Their thought process on them would be interesting and tbh i just want a cinematic for Kindred. It would look amazing imo.
Sheø (EUNE)
: So, what should i do? play ez mid with tp so i can see every 5 min that awesome animation he had?.... i really think that riot should ask the opinion of the community before she does changes like this.. this is not what i paid for...
https://youtu.be/byrYeCYQ1K8?t=2m44s I'm not sure about you, but a full animation with an inside gag and a throwback to an old item looks 10 times better than him just standing there raising his hands like a kid wanting to be picked up by his parrent. But again we all have different preferences and likings so i can't judge.
duaIity (EUW)
: Kindred does not get a stack for killing Rift Herald anymore
Strange, as a Kindred main i remember getting a my stack from marked Rift herald when slain (in its original position) Maybe it is coded as a normal jungle camp aka you have to be the one dealng the final blow not just participate with the kill like drake or Baron
Sheø (EUNE)
the old recall animation got attached to the teleport animation instead.
: when will DJ Sona get cheaper ?
i don't think she'll ever get a discount. Before the early sales became a thing newly released skins were discountsed for the fed days/a week before reverting to their intended proice. I think the same happened with DJ Sona when released, probably came out discounted and then reverted to it's original ultimate price. The reason E Lux is on sale now is because Riot introduced early sales where a bunch of previously released skins (haven't been discounted) gets a discount months later, and E Lux will probably never see a discount after that. If you're wondering about the random every month sales, i believe ultimate skins (DJ Sona, E lux, Spiritguard Udyr & PF Ez) don't go on sale on these lists as far as i know.
: And then you miss spell percentage. ocd triggered?
y...YOU SAW NOTHING! ;P ty btw, just fixed it xD
: That moment when "Your shop"...
Woke up to find this blown up, didn't expect it tbh {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
hi im Sn3ky (EUNE)
: How can i get this skin "Unchained Alistar"
here, just unlocked it yesterday http://woobox.com/rmz3jb
Nutty17 (EUW)
: Do you know the reason why personal messages aren't punishable? I've also been encountering lots of toxic messages in post lobby, are these punishable as well?
As far as i remember personal messages between players are simply that, personal. Riot doesn't interfere with whatever is said between what is supposed to be friends (unless it's some kind of spam or scam then you can report it i guess) but other than that Riot doesn't interfere. It is the players fault for accepting the friend request in the end, and whether you ban/block him or not later on is the payers choice to take ofc. Basicly what is said ingame is monitored, other than that it's non of their bussiness.
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: Thanks Riot.....
Im confused, did you purchase all offers or do you already own almost all skins in lol?
God of Seas (EUNE)
: My shop, close enough this time.
Was hoping for Shadowfire Kindred but alas, also no need to get Arcade Hecarim when i already have Elderwood
Suspicion (EUNE)
: New Feature: MISSIONS
IN the released article it sais and differenciates between good and bad missions stating that these missions should not interfere with gameplay and lead to frustration and further problems. I hardly beleive missions would consist of "play X champ in Ranked X times".
Nice to see an oposite to the PROJECT theme, although isn't the Elderwood skinline filling that purpose already? While yes there is no direct interaction between the 2 skinlines your concept on Lifeforce sounds similar to the already existing Elderwood one.
Eratos (EUW)
: He flamed me in message.
Unfortunately personal messages aren't punishable as far as i know, and I learned the hard way. Got invited by a triggered player directly after a game and surprise surprise he started sending angry hate messages. Leasson to be leaned: Always check player names and compare to the recent game history before accepting any friend requests. Was it that adc who kept talking sh*t in the last game, you better decline his request.
Boni1997 (EUNE)
: Iam new in lol (level 9), it's really hard to understand the game, any tips or tricks??
you see http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/3/31/Nexus.png/revision/latest?cb=20141126213135[IMG] & http://samequizy.pl/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/filing_images_8ce751879749.jpg? ? **DESTROY THEMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!** _battle roar in the background_
Link (EUW)
: My Shop Sucks
Yeah it's pretty much luck based. While i hoped for a Kindred skin i got skins for champs i've only played a few games with (hecarim), haven't played in a while or already have a better skin for (Gentelman Gnar when i already have Snowday Gnar). Although to be honest last "My shop" event i got Arclight Vel'Koz for 70% off which was pretty sweet.
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: You won't believe how lucky I got with "Your Shop" this time
: My shop doesnt show skins (eternal loading loop) :(
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Last champion you played as is the assassin trying to kill you
{{champion:203}} death itself... welp I might as well dig my own grave xD
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: all the hyped people right now: "OH YEAH IT'S 9 PM AND MY SHOP IS... not... here?..." {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
litterarely me xD
LoRíix3 (EUW)
: Client Icon text
i hope it is xD
: Customizing the new client
while changing the format and structure of the client would be too much imo, changing the shade of color is an awesome idea. This idea actually reminded me of the ps3 menu background where you could toggle between blue, black, green, yellow, pink, silver...etc.
Arfa (EUW)
: Arabic Language for Arabic Players [ OUR LAST HOPE ]
Not a bad idea at all. While i myself don't have any issues when it comes to the eng. language it sound liike a solid thing to at least be looked at as concidered. Althought this ide has it's flaws. The arabic language is complicated and implementing it will take alot of work, like ALOT. Also Riot will have to implement the arabic keyboard into the system whic hwould complicate alot of things especially when it comes to ingame chat. What would be ideal is having an arabic/middleeastern server featuring only the arabic language but that idea is too far feched. We can still hope thoug ^^
: Responding to Varus and telling him that you don't appreciate what he is saying is totally fine. However I would not have told him that I will report him if he continues. Simply because of the reason that he should know that what he is saying can offend people and may get him reported. While I am using "I" here I mean it more in a way of "If I were in your place and would want to confront Varus about what he said" which I would not do since I don't really care about religions.
While i agree that telling im that he'll get reported is a bad move (reportcalling is reportable after all) confronting him really comes down to how much the thing said is valued. While a simple "F*ck you" in a foreign language is disrespectful it's not as extreme as offending someones religion and beleifs, at least imo. While i don't know how much our adc values such topics i still feel that doing otherwise (not telling him what he's being called) would be bad on my behalf.
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: >Yorick as been out for some time now. I really hope whichever skin they decide to give him is something spectacular. inb4 975 RP skin with no particle effects.
With rito logic I wouldn't be surprised xD
: Very funny riot, very very funny.......
Just opened a chest got {{champion:127}} kappa
: First thing I would like to say that Riot did listen to the community after a very very long time. The community had demandedthe sandbox mode and game recording since a very long time. Specially the game recording. Second, yes it will take them efforts but that's for the community's sake ( even though a very small amount of players want it back they're still a part of the community and we have the right to get what we want just like the others had what they wanted ) Third, yes it was my mistake I did not read what you said carefully. And by the way the new client is not that good, I tried both clients and I prefer the legacy everytime someone asks me. The alpga client already costed many people LP for 'leaving' in champ select because they were unable to pick a champ. And also many others bugs and somethings that are not clear ( just like making a tag in a club ) Finally, Im not asking for the impossible. If Riot wants to do it, it will.
While i can't argue with that communicating isn't Riots strongest point they have improved alot in the recent years which led to getting what the community wants. As for whi it took them so long to give the players what they want might be a simple change in opinion, plicy or getting the technology that was before missing. For example a voice-chat was totally refused by them but now they have a change in mind and we might end up with one soon. While yes if they wanted they could (they did create a whole new map out of scratch) but the players asking for it being in the minority lowers its probability for it to come true, in the near future a least. And who knows I might be totally wrong. For all i know the "new old map" might be announced tomorrow :)
: why is there so much rage if i miss a skill shots?
just ignore the triggered and closeminded. People sometimes search for the smallest excuse to let out some rage or blame smeone else.
: It might be true, yes many more important things, like making more skins for more money. Riot has listened to the community for a very few times, I guess it's time for them to listen to what the community wants. First, it's not even that hard for them, if some players themselves could bring it back ( Im talking about the Wooxy site ) how can the company be unable to do it ? Second, you said that the new map is much better, that is just your opinion, and of course there are others that agree with you. Me, and other players as well, also agree that the old one is better. Third, I already noted that it's not about nostalgia, it's because I really do prefer the old one and Im sure others do too.
> yes many more important things, like making more skins for more money. Riot has listened to the community for a very few times, I guess it's time for them to listen to what the community wants. New improved client? Mid season? Sandbox mode? Game recording? Bug fixing? Map skins? New gamemodes? Re-adding item mapping? Correct me if i'm wrong but looks like they're doing ALOT of things that the community is asking for. > It's not even that hard for them, if some players themselves could bring it back ( Im talking about the Wooxy site ) how can the company be unable to do it ? No it wouldn't be as easy as you implement. The one on Wooxy lacks so much beside the graphics. In comparison to the new one the olde one suffers from 1. wrong mapping 2. incorrect sections and routes 3. out of proportion surroundings 4. bad lighting and the list goes on and on. You might enjoy the ond one frowhat it is with all its flaws (i'm not here to judge) but in able to fix all the issues and make it playable today would take alot of time and efforth that is totally unnecessayr and could be put into better use. > I already noted that it's not about nostalgia, it's because I really do prefer the old one and Im sure others do too. which is why i said "And I doubt Riot would put any time in it just for nostalgic AND prefferance purposes" Notice the "AND" i typed. Whatever the reason might be, nostalgia, prefference or just because why no, It's not worth it when we have a much more improved, better looking more functional map which already took aton of time to get rolling. The old map was good for what it was at that time but things change and improve to the better. We had fun in it while it lasted but it's about time you let go of it.
: Old Summoner's Rift
1st: It's not worth the recources and time since there are way more important things in works atm. 2nd: Only a small precentage of the playerbase prefferes the old one, and a smaller precentage still demands it. 3rd: The new map is much better both design and playwise. 4th: Even if they'd fix the mapping of the old SR it just looks outdated for the time. And I doubt Riot would put any time in it just for nostalgic and prefferance purposes.
Ellen Allie (EUNE)
: Suggestion - allow players to pick the roles they DON'T want to play to reduce queue times.
That was gonna be implemented but got cancelled since it fixed nothing. Almost everybody chose not to play support which fixed nothing. https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kX4eK4LMeZs/V-2TNxulMkI/AAAAAAAA-yA/9iFijgUy51sJ-alBBXVLHcnyIVEmpl7NQCLcB/s1600/7567567.jpg As for autofill always giving you supp is totally false. I have ben filling for the past week and getting every role there is equally. It's so much better than before.
: > ~~Rengar can't have a new skin in 3 years~~ yet GRAVES CAN GET HIS CIGAR BACK!!! > Yorick can't have a new skin since his release... FTFY
: What is the difference between Championship Riven and Championship Riven 2016?
The 2016 version is missing the crown, boarder in the loading screen and a few VFXs just to differenciate it from the original one claimed back in 2012.
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: Rare Skins
Probably seen 4: Pax TF, Human Ryze, Medieval Twitch and Urf the mantee (the week it was released).
Descensum (EUNE)
: Star Guardian Jinx or Firecracker ?
Both are great skins. SG Jinx is anime inspired and have this high-noted aa soundeffect which takes used to, other than that new recall, animations VO...etc. Firecracker is festival inspired with flashy firework like effects.. Although not as emmpressive as SG (no new VO, recall..etc.) It has cromas which you can by to change the colors of the skins for cheap. Tbh i'd go for the SG one becase of the whole new look, VO and animations as long as you get behind the aa soundeffect.
a5M0 (EUNE)
: Skin Collection
They said that they're planning to add extra functions like this one and item set pages when they're done with the client
: Is the new Darkstar gamemode a fanmade project comming to life?!
"comming: A common misspelling of a word that seems so easy to spell that it hurts your brain when it's actually misspelled in this fashion. Even if you sounded out the word (coming) phonetically, to try and spell it, you would not get anything resembling (comming)." -Urban Dictionary It hurts how accurate this is {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Ok... it's official... Yasuo needs a rework... and not because he is OP!!!
And there ladies and gents is why i ban him every dam normal game.
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