Cheini (EUNE)
: i was enjoying eating popcorn from the safety of our server.. now im envyyyy xd anyway g :p
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} WHO'S ~~LAUGHING ~~EATING POPCORN NOW XP
: [EUW] Compensation Mission Live in Client!
this misson + a few more and i got myself Arcade Hecarim, Thnx Riot ^^
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest
~~I present to you my 2nd "entry" (unless told otherwise by a moderator due to legalities but as of the time posting this it is still an entry)~~ Due to legalities and for drawing inspiration too similar to NIntendo characterd this isn't an entry, still proud of the result though {{sticker:sg-kiko}} (Kled is my fave of the bunch ^^) **Neeko, not the hero we expected but the hero we needed ** --------- Edit: For some reason the link is broken and isn't working as intended. To overcome this i'm providing 2 links. The 1st is a direct link to the image via Gyazo, the 2nd in to my Imgur profile where you can find the image as proof of ownership and for the image in exact correct dimensions. 1. Direct link: ( ) 2. Imgur profile: ( ) -------------- All made in paint and paint 3D using a mouse (cramps for days xD) A few eastereggs and refrences here and there. Some pretty obvious while other much hidden, try finding them all {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Credit: turrent by ninjacharliet Background:By Vincent Guth @vingtcent Rest of the 3d models from microsoft 3d paint All 2d art handdrawn in paint & paint 3D from Microsoft Refrences/ inspration: Riot Games and Nintendo
Marissa (EUW)
: I fear it's best to answer "it's better if you don't". I know we've given some lenience in what is and what isn't allowed, but derivative work work from different games and/or companies is a line we prefer not to cross. Now I don't know how far along you are and although it can't be an entry - you can still show it to us! Just make it very clear in the comment that you **don't** want it to count as an entry to the contest :).
If i want to go into technicalities the pic is refrencing a "genre", but the meme / joke I'm playing around is connected to a certain game. Again, nothing is taken as is and everything is made by me when it comes to the characters which is where the inspiration lies (+ i suck at making art so nothing even close to HD work). I won't specify but I'll leave it up to you to see if my work is too risky to count as an entry. If it is i'll just edit my post and specify. P. S: The only reason I'm not mentioning the game/ joke is to not ruin it, bare with me ^^
Godalor (EUW)
: I really don't understand how nexus blitz can be fun, but I want to have fun, help
Imo the ONLY way to have fun with league period is to not take it seriously what so ever. Laugh at the misshaps, don't care about feeders or afkers, enjoy the moment, go ham for that one kill even if it means towerdiving 1v5 only for you to get but that kill was worth it and laugh. Play what you enjoy and give 0 fks about meta and builds, do basically whatever. Try having a good time in chat as well. Enemymade an amazing play? compliment them and laugh or respect. Sth goofy happened? Laugh at it. Try even joking with the enemy yes you'll get teh occasional "fk off and shut up" from both teammates and enemy but you will happen upon likeminded people who came to came fun. Also regarding Nexux blitz events spawn places/ circle cave ins is determined by gold lead (eg, the circle closing in on team x with the lower gold lead, in 2v2/1 brawls it's determined by individual goald lead) which is sth i picked up from one of the Allstar streams. I had no idea before but once i knew it made sence imo.
Marissa (EUW)
: Due to concerns we feel the need to clarify. **Plagiarizing content not permitted within the context of the rules, will disqualify you**. If you use any derivative work, it is your responsibility to link valid sources. Any work that's not made by yourself or Riot Games falls under this (for example: backgrounds, stock-images etc). The hammer falls when the contest ends, so we urge everyone to list sources or retract their entry should the sources be invalid, before the end of the contest. Failure to do so will disqualify you. __________________________________ We don't want to single out users, it's not fair to them, nor will it benefit the contest, so a statement is better. This statement is also to let any of you with concerns know that we're aware. ___________________________________ If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Does inspiration of thematics or character designs from another game/ company result in a disqualification? I'm not gonna do anything without mentioning sources and referring to original creators and owners but i'm working on sth. that is heavily inspired by assets from another company and adding a league twist on it, kind of like a crossover of some sorts.
: Is this the worst MyShop case ever ??
I got project jhin and heartseeker oriana both for 70% off. Got the jhin one but i have dark star oriana so not worth. The rest is underwelming but overall not that terrible i guess.
Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest
I want to participate and this is my entry ^^ Credit: Mistletoe ( ) by Katemangostar. All other art belongs to Riot Games I decided to put abit more energy in this one compared to my previous championship entry, hope you enjoy and gl to everyone ^^ P.S: Teemo is in there he's just in his passive ;D Edit: Replaced my entry with one that's slightly edited where i fixed some tiny issues that bugged me. Amumu's eye isn't as pointy, Tris hand isn't a hard cut diamond but an actual hand, snow isn't as blocky and smoothed out poppy's hair.
: For OLD LoL players... its so... :'(
graphics are definitely better now. Balance wise i think the occasional fed one that one shots before is better than the everyone oneshots that we have today
: Think you need to be more dominant in using pings and you need more muting of teammates that say you troll when you are actually positively influencing the game
Oh but here's the thing, they are actually right. The preseason changes have forced this "group mid at 15 min. and take 1st tower" strategy as the best execution and "meta" way to play. On paper it's me who is the bad guy here. As i said i miss being able to do the things i want to do (farm for longe, dueling but not necessary full out 5v5...etc.) but the changes have shaped the meta in such a linear way to pay that it is the only way to play if you want the highest chance of success. And that is what i hate.
: God I started playing this game almost 7 years ago now. That's terrifying. I don't like this survey. It's making me feel old. I don't want to be an adult.
when 20-25 is the 6th choice it hits hard xD
Ákali exe (EUNE)
: If your champion can quickly and effectively clear creep waves and you have mobility you can both farm and gank lanes. Quinn is an example i'm thinking off. Likewise if you're up against Malzahar, he is going to be constantly pushing you in the turret so you'll likely have to sacrifice farm to roam so yeah, it's a strategic decision
So unless i'm playing a quick champ with extreme wave clear i am not allowed to enjoy the game as i want? that's uncalled for. I never started to play leaue to scratch my battle royale death match itch off. I enjoy the dueling and smart play, is that too much to ask?
: Think his point is that he's forced to play farming simulator cause he has no chance to farm up after the 15 minute mark. He'd prefer it if he could roam during the first 15 minutes as well being able to farm here and there whenever necessary. The thing is... you can still do that? It's all about how you play your lane phase and use the mini map to your advantage.
> you can still do that? yes, i can but i can't controll the flwo of the game like i used to nor the actions of others. Was playing mid and no joke at 15:30 the whole team forced itself mid just because the plates fell off. I can't tell them to leave nor can i leave hence i'm forced into unwanted teamfights rather than farming abit more, vision cintrol or anything else tbh. If i take another lane i'll be called an inter or troll because i wasn't prese nt during a teamfight. i miss propper dueling, the occasional 2v3s or doubble ganks while people waere farming befor everyone started to fight nonstop.With the turrent changes the playstyle have changed in a way that you are forced into sticking as 5 and play a 3 laned aram game the momnet it hit 15 min. and i hate that.
: ^ Mcgalakar and Ozzie have the type of humour I appreciate
wolf jade (EUNE)
: what?
valentines day legacy probably
: I'm having a completely different experience. Me and my friends are having more 30-40 minute games now than before preseason. And even when I play alone, I'm experiencing longer games with more emphasis on elder dragons and barons.
please tell me your secret DX Every time the plates are gone i can't help but roll my eyes over what's to come. All the sudden we're playing aram leaving no opportunity for me to chill farm a bit more even if i wanted to.
: They be on that rap to pay the bill sht. Dont bother to understand it if you dont get it.
they be on that what to what now? Don't bother understand what exactly? How the game works? Not getting the reason behind it? I'm either too tired to understand whatever you're trying to say or you're talking straight up gibberish xD
Rioter Comments
: I'm trapped in this dark room trying (and evidently failing) desperately to keep my attention focused on a mind numbing algorithmics assignment... Soo, my day is fine I guess? Gotta admit I'm jealous of your weather tho. I've now been waiting weeks for us to finally have some serious snowfall here so I can grab my skis and head up into the mountains to shred, but it's just too warm.
gl with the assignment btw ^^
: I'm trapped in this dark room trying (and evidently failing) desperately to keep my attention focused on a mind numbing algorithmics assignment... Soo, my day is fine I guess? Gotta admit I'm jealous of your weather tho. I've now been waiting weeks for us to finally have some serious snowfall here so I can grab my skis and head up into the mountains to shred, but it's just too warm.
oh it's cold alright but i didn't say anything about snow xD It snowed once a few weeks ago,then it dissapeared the next day and it havent returned since xP Forcast expects it to snow in about 2 weeks or so.
Rioter Comments
Boolhya (EUW)
: "Ever heard of dolphins and whales? Also ocean evolution and adapting to the environment comse in mind as explanations." it's confirmed that fizz can breathe under water so is either an amphibian or a fish
as far as i know he could have the same biological breathing system as nami aka breathe both air and underwater.
: Yordles are magical beings with shale shifting abilities, they aren’t mammals and don’t have to look like teemo. Plus your quitting a game due to lore, a game with no story mode... that’s a kind of stupid reason
> Plus your quitting a game due to lore, a game with no story mode... that’s a kind of stupid reason How come? Resonating with a character and being passionate about it's lore isn't sth stupid imo. Heck, character design and lore is the reason i started to play this game in the first place and still am to this day. My mains are based around those 2 criteria.
Boolhya (EUW)
> and yordles are all mamals how can mamals bread with FISH?? Ever heard of dolphins and whales? Also ocean evolution and adapting to the environment comse in mind as explanations. I honestly wish he was somewhat of an evolution that originated form the yordle evolutionary tree. He'd be "technically" a yordle but have little to no connection to them now. Who knows tbh. With the new world map and seeing all the empty species left out it opens up a lot of new possibilities and riot might go for the old lore instead of changing him, making him part of a different species and all that. Now that i think of it Fizz's old lore sounds a bit too similar to Neeko's lore. Last of her kind, separated from society yet still a yordle.
Moonspired (EUNE)
: I'm a newbie in a 9-year-old game.
_warning: somewhat of a long read but it covers a lot of ground about how the game is nowadays, at least from the perspective of a casual player._ If you were fascinated about the game that you heard of yeas ago, know that it isn't the same game any longer. I'd forget all the hype and chatter that was around the game and get to know what the game is like today. It used to be more strategic and matches used to be longer (30-45 min games were the usual, now it barely reaches the 30 min mark before it's over) A lot of high damage and one shot potential compared to previous years (damage creep) and walls have little to no meaning depending on the champ you play (+mobility creep). If i were you i'd wait till preseason is over, while highly memed and not a lot of hope exists, b the end of preseason and the official launches of season 9 Riot "should" iron out most of the things that aren't going according to plan. What said plan or goal is however is up in the air. In the end after gathering feedback and knowing what you're going into you're more than welcome to play. Just keep in mind that, unfortunately, the community is toxic for the most part. Not in a sense that every player is garbage, but wen you encounter one it'll stick out like a sore thumb and overshadow most of the other experiences. Some well known facts about the game that i, and many others, have come to get used to being true: The game is balanced around high elo, pro and competitive international play, so not everything makes sence, some champs ill be left n the dust because in the right hands they do exceptionally well. (think Yoric) While others are broken to the point of no return due to champion popularity among the player base (favourism, Zed and Irelia comes in mind) Speaking of popularity, when it comes to cosmetics the more popular a champ is the higher priority it has in Riot's eyes to gain extra "things" (skins, events...etc.) Some champions are left for years with little to no skins while other more popular one can casually get 2 a year (Think of Master Yi) When it comes to the staff Riot support have been kind to me based on my experience. While i have heard of instances where players were treated badly i haven't encountered any myself so i guess take my word for it with a grain of salt.
Rºbin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Summoner name: Ozzie Storm skin: Elementalist Lux This is really kind of you, have been a long while since someone from the community made a giveaway on the boards just for the sake of giving and not promoting a vid or something else, so ty for this ^^ also gl to everyone {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Zoe ult animations freaking out a bit
the water was too good to leave xD
: Blaming jg
reason and logic on the boards?! Yes I recently woke up from a nap but I'm starting to question that fact, I must be still asleep.
UMomGae (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Mad Clown,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fX2LgVFy,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-21T19:42:28.518+0000) > > Hey there, > > Please, no sacrifices, no burning things, the Skins will be added sometime during this patch. > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > > I'm a Leona main, I know how excited you guys are, buuuut... be a little more patient. :D > > Peace! *stops sharpening my sacrificial knife and eyes you* I better get it by tomorrow or else League will have no more, as my fellow Leona mains said, Teemo mains. {{champion:17}} {{item:3144}} Twilight Fades {{champion:89}}
: Rengar needs a new skin :(
: Was it really necessary to copy paste your post from the other thread and open a new one? However if you really want to talk about your point here, then, as far as i can tell, people commonly use the term "f@@@ him" when they want to say that they are going to get/kill/wreck an opponent. So even assuming that in a game where character quite explicitly kill each other the language should still be "friendly", there's still nothing wrong if some words in another language sounds like "f@@@ him".
I posted my response on someone elses post as an individual post to bring awareness, that's all. Not sure why people will bring this up or why it would matter. As for things being accepted somewhere but not somewhere else it comes down to cultural differences. While the words "F*ck" and "b*tch" are (in context) acceptable in the us, they are not acceptable in any context in the gulf or arabian countries whatsoever. Foul words are just not used thus are taken for face value. Say b*tch in public and you'll be calling someone elses mother a whore, which i assume noone is ok with. Heck, another example is (In Afghanistan, Iran and parts of Italy, the gesture (thumbs up) is regarded as an obscene insult equivalent to what the middle finger signifies in most of Europe, especially when combined with a sweep of the arms.) League is a global game, and culture differences should be taken into consideration, that's all.
Mada (EUW)
: Hey, I'm not the one telling people how to dress. If you think doing that is appropriate, I think it's appropriate to make fun of it.
Don't you love the smell of racism and stereotyping in the evening? Socially the Hijab, Niqab and Burka are to be worn not by force but by choice, so that's your stereotype out of the way. If other countries make force them doesn't mean it's right however until i can literately change the law of other countries (hint, i can't) my hand are tied but not my beliefs. Religiously, while not wearing a HIjab is considered a sin, it's still not forced upon her until she chooses to. Basically don't speak of what you have little to no info about unless you're ready to argue facts, which you clearly lack. Wanna ask about the why of the whole thing then that's a post and an nonending conversation for a later time. Personally i don't feel like discussing it with you since it seems pointless with the mindset that you showed (comparing cultural differences with rape and calling it ok). You got google, educate yourself or shut up.
Raoul (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozzie Storm,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5KKGWJ9R,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-21T09:00:29.515+0000) > > hope you're proud of yourself for your offensive nature. Glad our connection doesn't exceed this comment cause i feel sorry for the people that have to deal with your racist ass in real life. > Good day to you Assuming for a second that this is not a troll post, if we take all the lagnguages into account, you will most likely find something to complain about every name. So... should RIOT just stop naming CHampions? For example, Lulu is a (childish) slang for Penis or Urin in some languages... does that mean RIOT has to rename the Champion too? Swains name sounds like the insult "Schwein" in German. does that mean RIOT has to rename the Champion too?
Where do i start? You joking about the matter is the issue. It's a given that yo're trolling however belittling subjects as rape is what you're doing, sth that imo is no joking matter. 2, You're comparing a %%%% joke to the subject of rape? Are you aware of what you're saying? 3, Culture differences my friend. German isn't the gulf and Arabian countries. Simplest example i can think of and to put things in prespective: the word "F*ck" and "B*tch" are socially acceptable (depending on context) in the US. Try saying them in the gulf and you would be extremely inappropriate due to the words not used commonly what so ever in any context except in slurs and as insults. B*tch = the son of a dog is a direct insult to ones mother calling her a whore. You get it now? Neeko in whatever context sound like an extreme and inappropriate slur in the Arabic language.
Aparation (EUW)
: Most underrated comment in this thread. It's not 'snowflakes being offended', it's just a localisation issue. No one is angry at Riot, even if they're surprised most people are understanding that they make mistakes, they'd just like a change in their country when the champion comes out. Localisation is an important factor in big online games like this because otherwise people feel like they're being forgotten about or left out.
Thank you. For some reason people are either making fun of the issue or think i'm triggered. Glad someone gets it.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I am not gonna argue with you over something so trivial like that. the majority of the community likes it. you talk your mind in the other threat about it and now making a new one. I do believe this name is here to stay either you like it or not. cause if it was really that offensive there would have been a back lash not around 200-300 people complaining about it.
I posted a comment in someone elses post, thought if making my own to bring more awareness, what's the problem in that? Whether the name stays or not is not in my control, however bringing awareness is sth i aim at doing. Also i'm interested in you seeing the issue of rape and different cultural differences and misunderstandings as trivial.
Raoul (EUW)
: And here i only thought about this Catgirl trend from Japan hearing this name... well, stupid me not knowing when I am supposed to be offended...
Neko = cat in japanese, no meaning in arabic, closest thing is the word fine in persian Neeko = rape in arabic It's not hard to understand the difference .
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: And Neeko is pronounced like Nico. and also we are talking about a freaking game. get your head out of the gutter. Jesus Christ
1st off, if it was pronounced as you're suggesting i wouldn't have a problem whatsoever since it's harmless, and i already mentioned that ot's the double e that's the problem. if it was writen as Neko we would all be happy. Me "getting my head out of the gutter" aka asking me to be ok with the game wanting me to say "rape him" publicly be acceptable is another thing. You're the one that should get out of your bubble and realize that the game is played worldwide and such a slur becoming the norm is not acceptable.
Mada (EUW)
: What if she wore a burka instead, would that help?
hope you're proud of yourself for your offensive nature. Glad our connection doesn't exceed this comment cause i feel sorry for the people that have to deal with your racist ass in real life. Good day to you
CJXander (EUNE)
: What about restarting the client, have you tried that?
As cliche as it sounds, i always do that due to the client being the client and all. Unfortunately however it changed nothing.
: Could it help if you pronounce the name differently? For me there would be two possibilities to pronounce it. Do both of those mean the same?
If the name was "Neko" it wouldn't have a meaning in arabic and would be simply Neko as in cat in Japanese as far as my knowledge goes. Closest thing to arabic would be persian and it's translation, surprisingly and coincidentally, is ( Neko = fine ) However a word with double e is only pronounced as the letter ي so there's unfortunately no work around.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: People getting offended over Neeko
look, imagine if instead of "Faker" he was named "%%%%er" or "Foker", a totally fine name in korean yet inapropriate in the western world. I doubt in the lcs they would be saying "%%%%er" over and over for years straight without asking him for a name change. Yes, this is a player's name vs a character's name but i'm taking about the environment in which said names/ words are getting used. Different language or not, the language used should be friendly to a degree due to the targeted audience being relatively. One thing people seem to miss about why the nae Neeko is offensive. While an acceptable and technically speeking "%%%% him" is a correct translation, the word is more used as a more uglier and direct offence as in "Rape him" which i don't think anyone is ok with. Also it's not that Riot is oblivious about meanings in Arabic. Taric is an arabic name and was inspired said the language meaning "the knocker" (confirmed by riot), so i'm surprised they let the name Neeko, which is highly offensive, slip through like that.
: Respect your opinion man, as I've already mentioned the rewards could different such as more XP,Keyfragments,Blue/Orange Essence, and not mainly RP and such stuff... Thank you for taking the time to read this thread man :)
np ^^ Just to clarifying i'm discussing what Riot could vs would do in terms of free rewards. Why would i say no to free stuff xD
: Hmm... you may be right, but still , tehre would be otehr rewards, like essence, xp , key fragments and stuff maybe you're right and shouldn't talk about such rewards, but the 4 chests just tio tell you for a month a re nothing. I have about 37 chests and 0 key fragments cause Im honor level 1... The key fragments would be a great idea for those people who are not Honor Level 5 like many poeple are. Thank you for taking the time to read this thread :)
from level 2 i used to get key fragments on the regular and never had any problem with it. NO offence whatsoever but the idea behind dropping below honor 2 is to be some kind of punishment, thus the difficulty with key fragments you're dealing with. Also one get 1 out of 2 skins (grew Warwick and Medieval Twitch) when you reach honor 5. Free wards and emotes are given upon leveling up and with constant events free loot is also given that would otherwise cost RP. I can't see Riot giving away pure rp anytime soon or even in the future, it's just bad business. They already give so much, yet keep much to encourage the purchase of rp which is likely what they're aiming for.
: Oh come on, you know what I meant
ik what you "intended" to mean, however it makes no sense. You're either biased for a certain gender or a certain race. You're already sounding kind of racist but the silliness in your wording is overpowering. Does the game lack Human Male champs and you're sounding more of a racist. On both cases however you're wrong since there are human male and female alike. Are they a 50/ 50 split? No, but they don't have to.
Rioter Comments
: I'm sorry if I don't identify myself as a space dragon, a bird, a dead zombie, a boy from the void, a pedo 80-years-old weirdo, a yordle, a mad robot, or an energy essence creature. You could say that for Swain, TF or Vlad, but still they're too few to be mentioned.
Bruh, you know gender have nothing to do with species right? You said male/ female not human boy/ girl Birds have 2 genders, males and females. By excluding Azir because he's a bird is literately contradicting yourself. Also "dead zombie" aka brand aka once a human male is excluded? How?
Mοca (EUNE)
: League of Legends Anime confirmed
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