BrainGame (EUNE)
: usually im playing a lot late at night , and every time i just left my acc logged in becouse i know there is a sistem that disconect you if you are not active for some period of time. yesturday i just got at home and saw the same %%%ing shit bro. my acc was suspended locked for no %%%ing reason i have in this game invested around 400 euro in this acc and if this %%%%%%s dont hive my acc back ill make a big %%%%ing mess
damn bro, i did exactly what u did. i just my pc on and league connected..
: Didnt you receive an email from riot telling you the reason behind the ban? It's almost impossible to get banned without them telling you why (system isnt perfect but even when you get banned accidently they should send you something)
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: maybe you buyed without his knowdledge and he refused the transaction , who knows :| ,it's everything possible
it has nothing 2 do with rp, cuss i pay it myself i just use his card. and the purhcase has worked and i have gotten the receipts. , i dont understand i havent done anything wrong xD i wanted 2 get plat today but this bs stoped me. xD
: nah that aint it. i have gotten every single receipt
and i have bought the rp myself or as i should say ( my fathers master card since im under 18)
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: may be a suspension from payment , like if you payed paypal and didn't finish transaction ,or if someone charged your account with rp and didn't finished the transaction ,it happened me once.. , or maybe you got an gift from a friend and that guy got suspended from buying rp and no finishing transaction etc...
nah that aint it. i have gotten every single receipt
BrainGame (EUNE)
: i have the same %%%%ing problem wtf riot
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Send a support ticket:
already did but they r so f slow
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