DeejayF (EUW)
: Azir mana groeth buff?
I think {{champion:268}} might start building {{item:3003}} depending on how large the pool would be at the end. Is that bad? Not really as it would give you the opportunity to decide when you want to be the most useful to your team. Just out of my head I can imagine {{champion:268}} going {{item:3003}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3115}} as a nice combination if the mana pool was large enough. The only problems I could see here is: A: Pro play might just end up abusing this in some meta B: You wanted him to stop going {{item:3285}} , this would possibly promote it on him I'd think it'd be a nice change to him actually, possibly giving him more room in his build path and provide adaptability.
Cedo (EUW)
: Riots Game Damaging Actions Towards Trolling Inting and Toxicity
If we just had a system back from the past which made us able to review certain games to decide wether or not someone should be punished...not like any game already has it or something..
ActOnly (EUW)
: This is actual madness I took off work to play league and now I can't. I even rented a hotel room and lied to my wife telling them I had a business trip. Now I am just sitting in a room 30 minutes from my home watch blits on the tv alone.
If you are actually serious you should honestly worry about other things, like u r actually an asshole
: Suddenly I realized that Riot needs to do a simple thing
In my opinion the worst part is that we dont even have 2Step Authentication yet, is it so hard to implement? I dont think so, after all almost every service uses it right now, yet riot cant implement it for a game with millions of players which are spending a fortune into the game. I mean, rito pls
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VorpaI (EUW)
: [Bug][HUD] Level up "arrow" HUD appearing even if you can't level up any spell
The problem is known for quite some time but I think its a real mess of a code to know why its doing that and to fix it
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: Gj on the tournament thing riot :)
Yes, it's fun as f***! This is actually a nice season :D
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: What logic is that if something important comes up and you HAVE to leave eg. Imortant call or work. Why on Earth would I not be allowed to play? Like MoBA Lol on PC nothing else why are you a lol fan?
Well if its important those minutes wont matter to you.
: Why can't we as people leave the game when wanted?
Can't stay long enough? Can't play -> don't play. You like MOBA games but dont have time -> go play a phone MOBA
: IE selling bug.
I have a similair bug with my wards sometimes, but only if I have smite. Either I am actually having Altzheimer or its a bug on Riots side :/
: A thank you to riot for 2017
Can agree, but a big mistake was/is the unfinished blue essences. They just dont feel rewarding at all. Tho the season was (imo ) a cashgrab, it was the most expensive season skin wise
: Chains of Love. Hopefully someone gets it.
CizzCool (EUW)
: Which champion will fit my playstyle?
( keep in mind I am a bronze player ) I'd say Illaoi, she is the most tanky out of them and does good damage! Rumble is ( depending what you build ) a AP/Offtank Riven is a pure Bruiser in my opinion which is FUN but waaay different from the other champs you usually play If you ever played Illaoi you'll know how she is and probably have your own opinion. If you didnt,here is my opinion: she is fun and different while still being easy to play and really game changing if mastered.
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