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: > For people who are very bad or don't ward : If you play with bad people, it means that you are bad too. There are a lot of different skills required to play the game like mechanics, or map awareness. So people that plays with you are good in some and are lacking some. It's the same for you, if you play with those guys, then you have the same level as them. Like you can be gold level in map awareness but bronze in mechanics, so you're average level will be silver (This is just an abstraction to explain things, nothing official or exact). I hope you get my point. Just try to find your weakness and improve them. > For people who are trolling : Report those, they deserve to be banned
My weaknesses is that when i tell someone to ward he mutes me.
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: I'm Done Playing League
I already leave the game, try hots its the best moba with good community
: Carry your team. It's that simple. Winnign 4v5 is possible. Dont surrender until your nexus is destroyed (in that case, double explosion). If you can't carry 4 silvers on your back you will not be good enough for competition of Mid-Gold or higher.
: That one joke with Dota was good lol, gues you havnt played it yet...
im actually 5K mmr and im fine there no toxic players good matchmaking
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Rank is just a color {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I just want a 5 vs 5 game without afks or trollers. Im rly angry bcz of that idc if i lost or win i just want a game with fair shit
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magdo800 (EUW)
: Play yi... Hes actually freelo in silver
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Simple. Dont play promo straight after getting to promos. Take a break from the game entirely and just spend time elsewhere(a singleplayer game, draw, read a book....idk whatever you do outside of computer works better than inside pc, if you dont have anything to do outside, then singleplayer games, preferably those you passed). You see when you go to promos it's better to go in relaxed, play 1 promo, if it's a loss, wait another day and try again. Brain needs a break, and since promos tend to have people who just want to throw, instead of playing like g5 scrub you have to play like p5 scrub, in other words, literally at your A game. And best way to be at a game is to relax, not gi e a shit, listen to music and play with a fresh brain
Hajrulla (EUW)
: add me we may play together and try climbing with a lower chance of 1v9
: Currently gold in 2 Ranked Que's so im going to do the best what helps me First of all it's mind set, it's bad if you lose a game but it's worse if you keep your mind in that lost game keep in mind league is allways in flux of what's Meta vs What is strong, the adc's trying to be the hero is a big problem, they get over confident when most of em can't even lane properly atleast from the elos i've been in the Support does all the heavy lifting Ok so here's a few tips, you can scout your team with 2 different apps now Blitz has a pre-game app and so does now i suggest using that so you can see who in your team is on a 37% winrate champ chances are he's on a loss streak and you are able to dodge atleast 1 game every day, you only lose 5 min's of game time, and if you are climbing 1 loss vs 10 wins isn't bad and also Dodging doesnt impact your mmr Other things i've got are a head strong mentality, be untilt-able, there's allot of things that can put you in a sour mood, if someone is negative from the start just mute him , if you're getting camped get some better vision spots are do some counter roaming, as a support Tresh and Bard are gods in roaming and can upset pretty much any lane, if you know your adc cant win you the game maybe mid or top can. take breaks, if you play 3 game sessions and you lose like 1 game , take a 5 minute break get something to drink, and try for the next game, if you lose another one do it again taking a fresh look on every game will not keep you in a negative state, if you win your 3rd game, you wanna take a longer break, you might be tired or exhausted from having a 2 loss streak and 1 win, if you lose all 3 games, i suggest quitting league and play a different game. Now if you do have the time play sessions of 5 games, but again keep taking those breaks, when you lose, and if you lose all 5 games or 4 out of 5 just quit and come back the next day. League is a very polarizing game with different players each day, if you just don't feel like today is the day, don't play just do something else. you don't have to force yourself to play this game This is what kept me at a somewhat positive state, i do still rage from time to time, but try to keep that to a minimum
I actually hope they fix the matchmaking like playing solo vs Duo
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: trollers in games and all time in my promos!?
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fairpaddy (EUW)
: Personally, I feel that supporting at lower elos isn't a good way to climb, I personally got outve gold using kennen top (big ult lots of play potential) and while some supports do have similar play potential, you don't want to have to rely on your team to follow up...... Just my opinion.
: Get good with a champ that can carry the whole team. A lot of adc are autofilled or secondary. I personally used Lux. YOu can still build full supp if your adc plays well. If he doesn't you can go dmg and os the enemy adc yourself. Plus you have tons of utility and huge aoe dmg in teamfights. Same goes for Karma, Morgana. Or if you feel like you can do it Xerath Veigar and just go full dmg. Don't bother with Janna etc honestly it's a waste of time in my experience.
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