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StuckB3 (EUW)
: My account is stuck in a practice tool game and i cant reconnect to it, so have i lost my account
if everything fails,i would suggest using a different pc to login to your account and leave the game hope it works out!
: Yasuo double dorans?
you get {{item:1055}} when you need some extra stats to win the lane. and you get {{item:1083}} when you want gold that's pretty much it
Yo1 (EUW)
: Couldn't lock champion, got a dodge instead...
: Why is it so hard to get an S?
pretty much what they said,just keep you cs per minute up and take objectives that should do it ;)
Xify (EUNE)
: New Health bar
: PBE que are 5 Hours!
what's the size of the patch?? mine is 5223 mb,is this normal???
Salaxat (EUNE)
: pbe
what was the size of the patch?? mine is 5223 mb,is that normal?
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: [Patch 7.12] Loot tab in client causes bugsplat
yeah same here,it happened when i got 140 tokens :( do you think they will fix it??


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