jacktjong (EUW)
: I kinda like the snappy animations in general... I believe that's also kinda what they're going for. The smooth animations are usually a little harder to combo with because there's no obvious moment where the damage goes through. But they probably won't really change it anyway. Maybe the transtition tops.
> [{quoted}](name=jacktjong,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=99OzsK32,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-31T21:49:33.661+0000) > > I kinda like the snappy animations in general... I believe that's also kinda what they're going for. The smooth animations are usually a little harder to combo with because there's no obvious moment where the damage goes through. But they probably won't really change it anyway. Maybe the transtition tops. I've never thought that smooth animation transitions would make comboing more difficult. Personally I've never paid attention to the animation for comboing - I believe it's more associated with understanding the timing. I don't think it's very pragmatic to be inspecting your character movements in the middle of teamfight in order to run through any combination. Additionally if it was beneficial to the overall gameplay experience of Lucian I'd expected them do the same for all the other skins. I own all but Striker and haven't felt the same snappy/clunky-ness with any. Regardless thanks for the opinion, I'm sure the majority have a similar track of thought.
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: This HAS to stop.
This has probably been said a hundred times already in these posts but the two best options are: - Mute (mute all <3) - Play with a friend It's good to see that you're not easily worked up by people behaving like assholes but you only have so much patience. Better to use these preventives to stop it from harming your playing experience. Plus, don't even bother replying, reading or even noticing their rubbish. They don't deserve the attention, honestly.
Óxymoron (EUW)
: all in all the mastery pages (even in client before game launch) is quite big in width, but I think it looks fairly good. Maybe you're just missing the separators between the 3 trees, maybe 2 vertical lines could help to separate the trees? bg
I can't quite agree. In the new client the mastery page takes up almost double of the window area than it did in the older client. In addition to that the individual masteries are spaced out more. http://i.imgur.com/wR9H07k.png
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: Things you shouldn't do in League
If only this actually made a difference.
: Do you use your mobile phone? if so stop being lazy and email people.
No I don't. And I do email people, thank you very much.
: How would you notice that {{summoner:31}}
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Solash (EUW)
: When you're 1 hit away from dying and have a Zilean ult on you and want that mad HP regain
XD So true. tfw when they kill you right after chronoshift times out >.>
Kitsy (EUW)
: Can someone link me the tournament stream for saturday and sunday please? :)
7Leftover (EUW)
: For me at least this doesn't work in the client itself :/ that is before entering a game
omg I didn't mean that it does work xD I'm saying an implementation where you can just press a few keys to test your ping, would be a MUCH easier and better way than making a custom game just to test you ping.
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Add "your posts" or "liked by you" to the forum sorting
That's not half a bad idea, but unfortunately, upgrading the current forum software ISN'T the number one priority for Riot xD
: Did you see the old forum? Yeah.. that's a place that you call dysfunctional as a whole. Riot is making progress, albeit slowly. Very slowly. After they get a few more million and break EUW a little more they might consider it.
I the first line made me laugh way too much xD
Baskiney (EUW)
: Play -> Custom game -> ~~Add bots~~ -> Start game -> *pick champion* -> Profit?
Ctrl + T -> Test Ping About a million times better?
Holyna (EUW)
: Arcade comic
Love your stuff as usual C: !
An Baul (EUNE)
: So i need a little help
Have you tried submitting a ticket to support? I'm sure they'd be able to help you out :)
: Well I mean.. I saw it last game, and in-game it even says her secondary is support. Considering they was a duo, it was learning a bit further to the side of them being together as well. Am I just meant to ask everyone for their roles then or something..? That didn't really bother me though (like I said in the post), it was the part afterwards that did.
Oriana actually CAN be played as support. If you've got a problem with that then go argue with Lustboy xD Now back on topic: behaviour like this is tbh very common, and I don't think it's really bannable, mainly because it's just so common. The problem is, even if it's a reportable offense of any sort, it's more likely they simply WON'T get banned. I feel you friend, but I don't think there's a lot that can be done here :'(
: What am i thinking about now then!?
Let's keep this PG please :P
Andrisoff (EUNE)
: i reinstalled on D but doesnt work and i couldnt find the fix for that
Hm, what error does it give? Can you give us a screenshot?
Andrisoff (EUNE)
: managing disk space
> files in /:C drive I lol'd so hard xD Emabo said somewhere that it's possible to even play the game from a USB drive (that perhaps wouldn't be the best of ideas but just saying that it's possible). If you just moved that files from your C drive to D drive then it won't work. You should reinstall League on to your D drive. (That might be incorrect, but if you do just move the files, make sure you're not clicking on a link pointing towards the client in the C drive)
: All my LoL drawings :3
Hentai much xD ? http://img05.deviantart.net/a9e8/i/2015/110/7/2/sona_anime_style___league_of_legends_by_dgengax-d6nbw45.jpg
: All this drawing seems copied from official splash art skins, except Jinx (she's copied from cinematic) ._.
"copied" That's like saying a portrait it copying a real person ._.
Zubumafu (EUNE)
: Obviously. I will get windows, and well, I know they are fine Im playin on geforce 210 machine for years and it runs lol on low settings, what I want to know is, on what settings I can play with this computer while maintaining 60fps
First point: It's not specified what GPU/integrated graphics card it's running Second point: Your FPS isn't 100% hardware dependent, if you try streaming fifteen 1080p streams and play LoL at the same time, I can assure that'd affect your FPS. Third point: I play LoL on an i5 with 8gb RAM, and an integrated intel graphics card and I can run League 60+ fps.
ScreamisT (EUW)
: Account sharing
I'm 99% sure it's not bannable.
bot99 (EUW)
: Aram Mastery
Zubumafu (EUNE)
: How will this computer run League of Legends?
You could've just pasted the specs -.-" Manufacturer: Lenovo, Size: 17.3 " Processor: Intel Core i5 - U Capacity: 8GB, 1TB Video Card: Nvidia Memory size: 8GB Resolution: 1600x900 The specifications seem fine, you'd just need to install Windows or OSx on to the machine.
: Doubting the validity of something you see online, is AlWAYS a good idea. Because, if you don't, you may one day give a large amount of money to someone who claims to be a Nigerian prince.
You're not understanding anything I'm saying. Let's me try explain it to you. > but that's just ezreal with two flashes In response to that I asked if he had read the skill descriptions. Your response indicates I commentated about the validity of the images in any way whatsoever, which I did not. > Have you tried Photoshop? 3 seconds in PS is all one needs to make these images happen. Talking about validity is all well and good - even if you deem that it's necessary in blatantly obvious situations. But if you are going to talk about it, then find the right place to say it. Bringing up points out of the blue in pretty much no context just makes you seem like you aren't even reading/understanding what's going on.
sebisexi (EUNE)
: Riot .. Make something for low PCs ...
Here are some options: - Play on the lowest settings - Don't play - Upgrade your PC - Stop whining
: This just happened
Probably not the best idea to play ranked when this has become a very, VERY common bug.
: If your going to report someone then...
Wise words are wise words. Now we just need a way to be able to shove these words into people's heads. Any ideas?
: Going back in time == prolonging fights = cant be an assassin. Im thinking top lane bruiser.
wut Reversing time doesn't prolong fights. It's like counting to 5, then going back 4. You've counted to 1. You haven't counted to 9. But without knowing his kit it's quite difficult to guess his role. From the cinematic, he _seems_ assassin-y. But then time-distortion seems more like a utility based kit. idek
Harima (EUNE)
: I re-edited the post and I don't really think I can ruin it with a suggestion.
I was just questioning your logic, and less of your proposal. I think the whole idea of flat out forced brawls becomes a little distorted with additional buffs. To be honest, in ARAM there's ALWAYS a chance to comeback (well this isn't exclusive to ARAM, but it's more likely as you can't heal at the fountain). Late, all it takes is one team fight to bring about a huge change. Now if you have fed enemy champions, a blue or a red buff isn't really going to lower the kill threat all that much.
: Have you tried Photoshop? 3 seconds in PS is all one needs to make these images happen.
No where are we discussing the integrity of these images. Acting like a smart ass perhaps _isn't_ the best of moves right now.
: Maybe he is related to {{champion:26}} in one way or another?
Makes a lot more sense than Ezreal.
: Who is the better SKT midlaner: Faker or Easyhoon?
I don't think they're really comparable, mainly because their play styles are comparatively different.
Solash (EUW)
: Ekko previewed!
Some really interesting and weird mechanics are coming into the game. Oh god -.-"
Harima (EUNE)
: the whole point of the map was ruined when they added the mark skill {{summoner:32}}
Hence you should ruin it more? O.o
: but that's just ezreal with two flashes
Have you tried reading the skill descriptions?
SirSoap (EUW)
This information's been out for a while, http://imgur.com/a/K2DmU
: The EUW version of Summoners Rift
Annie Dark Child 4 Riotter
unadar (EUW)
: your face when you're a swain main...
: I need 1 RP
You can submit a ticket to Riot. I've heard they offer small amounts of RP to people is such situations.
Lefe (EUW)
: Drophack, 2nd time this week...
It's a bug. You're not getting drophacked. *facepalm*
: Which Janna skin is better?
Fnatic Janna just looks better imo
: Runes and masteries aren't mandatory though... And playing bad isn't ban worthy offense. Sure you can report him/her/it for unskilled player, but hey, we all have bad days.
Saying that playing bad is **any sort of offense** to begin with, is the same as saying it's an offense to be human. People are not robots, out performance is never 100% consistent. It's impossible. Anyone who thinks that playing bad, or someone having a bad game is any sort of offense should honestly change their summoner name to "Biggest Idiot EUW". Because that's pretty much what they are. And for the half-witted nitpicks, playing bad and trolling are two different things. So don't bother trying to sound like a smartass.
: we can reverse most of your points, which is why doing such lists is pointless 1) your support is hiding behind you putting no pressure whatsoever while their supp is mata, you're low on CS and your team blames you for it 2)your midlaner pings you to back but you've already engaged a fight, then you die, and he is watching the fight to be able to whine while he could take down the tower instead 3) your consits in mainly tanks and they all chase the adc without sucess while enemy team's rengo and zed jump on you and the apc and kill you both 4) well this happens the other way around i dont even see what example to give
Same logic with the butt load of "STAP BLAMING JUNGLOR PLZ" threads.
: When are the next cinematic coming?
Where's the fun if they tell you in advance :\
: He insulted me for no reason, and I replied since I found it (and still do find it) hilarious. Then both posts got deleted and I got banned for a day.
I smell butthurt. http://a.pomf.se/dnkiep.png
LA Losty (EUW)
: Yeah, i was on the edge of my seat, but still sad that FNC ended up losing when they even had a minor lead :/
What I really loved about that match, is that it showed made one point obvious. KILLING DOESN'T GIVE YOU AN INSTA-WIN. Fnatic were had a lead in kills. Quite a large lead. But frankly, the CS numbers across the board were even-ish. FNC made progress in terms of kills > which lead them to increase the gold deficit > which lead to buying of items > which lead to earlier power spikes. BUT, they weren't able to utilise the lead as much as they could. Even from behind, SKT played the objectives, so so so so SO well. I mean, sure you can kill MaRin a million times, but they weren't putting that to good use. But SKT did. The reason why this really popped out to me, is that I've come a number of Bronze and SIlver players who I've heard say that, "I go 99/0 in mid lane, why can't I win?" I mean, I'm bad at the game but something are obvious. The game revolves are objectives. Get objectives == you get the game. And that exactly what SKT showed :D
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