: I feel sorry for Riot
> You wouldn't just say "This sucks, I hate it" if someone gave you a gift that you don't like. Oh, i would. Because it does. Free, effort, passion, time you say? Its not free, we paid it. Effort? Well they pay their workers, right? Passion? Heres the passion of RiotGames: "Will we make more money with it? Yes! THEN DO IT!" I could believe in passion of Riot in 2008, but not anymore, sorry. Its a regular business now, Riot does not cares. The only way players will be able to influence Riot is by not paying them anymore. When they see that the regular income is much lower than it used to be, they will actually listen to the players, otherwise they don't give a shit. Its business, baby.
: You fail to realize that soloq /team ranked is the competitive part of the game. You haven't even done your placement matches this season and then complain about people in NORMALS not wanting to play competitive. Logix
You're 100% right. I haven't and I will not, because, once again, I'm done with this game. I was in solo q since season 1. (Soraka Bot Eve revive ftw! for those who remember). Back in Season 1 community wanted to actually compete, the games were truly interesting and entertaining. Gosh I was almost platinum 5-10 elo missing (or even platinum) back then. And Platinum was the highest tier. Season 3-4 was the end for me. Those players in solo q like "i'm afk because supp made 2 cs" or like "if you don't say miss all the time i'll feed on purpose". Etc, etc. Its not about normals, it began with rankeds in Season 3. The downfall of the community. I'm done. I won't waste time to play ~1000 rankeds to land where i belong to, just because 500 of them will have an AFK, 300 a troll, and 200 more - feeders. Every time I join any kind of game in League of Legends i have a feeling like i'm playing 1-2 v 5. Worst case 1-2 vs 8-9. So, its just not worth my time anymore. And the reason is the community, not the game itself.
: Don't try to reason with him. I called him an Elitist for a reason. He hates people that play for fun in ranked and that's all he cares about. That having fun in normals is the way to go is something he can't understand.
What you don't understand is that I'm done with this game, because this community wants to have fun. This community hates competition, this is why this game is not for me anymore. Its not only about "having fun" its just that by having fun people don't care if they win or lose at all. Normally if you lose you want to get better, but not this community. I'll stick to other online games where I can compete with other COMPETETIVE people.
candoodle (EUW)
: I could go up to an overweight person and call them fat it would be true but it would still be rude and me calling them fat would not magically make them not fat the only reason people think this kind of behavior is ok online is because you know wont get slapped. you are toxic and you need to stop
I'm toxic. You may also call me fat, I don't mind. As for the "slap" part, no threats or anything like that, but I'm ready to fight anyone. I'm not saying anything just to insult other people for lulz or smth. And I'm sure that the vast majority won't even try to slap me once they see me IRL. Gosh, after playing games for over 20 years I saw so many "brave warriors" behind the screen IRL. You're right tho, it is rude. Its very rude, i'm a real asshole when it comes to competition. But hey, who is not? Ofc not in this game, but look at the real world. Examples everywhere.
Unlυcky (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PFF Groby,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cQtt5a1i,comment-id=000500000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-07-20T12:27:52.587+0000) > > Its a competetive mentality! Hey rito, is this a competetive game? You say its one, right? E-sports and stuff forever. We should be willing to win all the time, right? > > Its the nature of this game, not the mentality. Lose is fun or "we lost but i had so much fun ruining this game!" is the mentality of losers who can't do shit and try to comfort themselves. I'm sorry if I'm just keeping this shitstorm going on, but you have a bad way to think. I've had lots of fun playing games that I lost, one game we were winning by far, I was playing rengar and I could one-shot everyone, but that wasn't fun for the enemy team, and I was getting bored, so I sold my items and built AP, we ended up losing but we had fun. And some awesome games that last for like 60min, I have been so close to destroying the enemy Nexus, and win the game. But I was with 5 premade and we decided the enemy team deserved the win so we surrendered while destroying the enemy Nexus.
You are free to do whatever you want, just deal with the consequences as I stated above. I would never "sell my items and go ap just for lulz", because this kind of games are about winning for me. And thats it.
: I see that you are an Elitist who doesn't even want to TRY and understand others, so i deem this conversation as over.
I'm an Elitist? Ok. This is why I decided that this game is not worth my time anymore. Except for aram sometimes with a couple of irl friends. This is why I wrote in my very first reply that this community sucks since 2009. I do understand other people. No matter what I say the community is already here just to have fun, not to compete, so i'm done with the competetive part of it. Makes no sense to even try, if i have 2-4 players like you "who are having fun" in any game queue. Have fun having fun.
: PFF Groby Ok, here's the deal. No one cares about your life philosophy. No one cares about what **you** consider acceptable behaviour. The only subject that gets a say in what is OK and what is not is Riot. It is their game, their rules. And what you consider your god given right to tell people what you think about them is what Riot consider undesirable behaviour. Feel free to argue it till the end of time, but it won't change anything. And most people, mainly characterized by not being arseholes, agree with Riot. To give you an example - if I throw a party in my house and you show up in CheGuevara shirt I have full right to throw you out on a basis of hating left wing. And all your political arguments would be pointless, since it is my house and I don't care to hear them. So please, go and spread your ideology somewhere else. Or don't, nobody cares either way.
Riot does not gives a single fuck about behavior. Sad, but true. And you should never post something like that. "nobody cares". Are you trying to show me the world or smth? I'm aware of it, but you obviously do care. Your post is the proof. Also, i will not argue, no worries. I'm done with this game, except for an aram game every now and then. But not cause the game is bad, just because the community is a fucking kindergarten. From the Rito's pov it's a good business and thats it. Ok then, they have millions of customers, good for them. P.S. this is why you don't throw a party, right? Heh. P.S.2. "No one cares about your life philosophy." Good one, I laughed.
: Well that may be one of the reasons i hope i never have to play with you. The win = fun, lose = no fun mentality is a bad one.
Its a competetive mentality! Hey rito, is this a competetive game? You say its one, right? E-sports and stuff forever. We should be willing to win all the time, right? Its the nature of this game, not the mentality. Lose is fun or "we lost but i had so much fun ruining this game!" is the mentality of losers who can't do shit and try to comfort themselves.
: You play normal games to have fun. You play ranked games to win. The difference is: You will mostly play by Meta in rankeds because it has the best chance to win the game. In normals you can try out new roles and champs or generally don't play by Meta (Support ADC top, Mid, Support ADC bot for example). If you want to learn a new role and some dirty main plays against you tryharding 24/7 you think that's fun? By playing against bots you improve basic abilities but will not get better mostly. That's why most players who only played botgames to get to level 30 end up in low-mid bronze. They don't know how a human being reacts. A bot will run away from you if he reaches a certain point of his own HP, even if he could kill you. A player will just kill you straight away. That's what those people are missing in their game knowledge. Sure, the ultimate goal in every gamemode is to win. But tryhards that flame when losing a normal game or generally only play to win in normals are something nobody wants to have in their team. If you want to play for the win, go ranked. If you want to screw around, try some sick outplays or w/e go normal. Most of the people in my games that only play for the win are arrogant players who also say stuff like: "Omg lag" when they simply got outplayed. Everytime I read this I am literally facepalming because nobody exactly cares if that one person died due to lag or getting outplayed. He got killed, doesn't matter how.
You play to have fun? You know what i also play to have fun. But, **I don't have fun when i lose**. Especially when I lose cause of retards in my team, ok? No win -> No fun. "omg lag" is the most stupid thing one can type after a death.
: Lets show who reported who and why!
> Lets show who reported who and why! Aha.. plus give us their personal info so that we may bring Sodom and Gomorrah with the best ideas and tricks of Marquis de Sade into their lives! sarcasm mode off
Renascence (EUNE)
: It's funny that the one example you try to use to justify your toxidity is of a situation that _never occurs_. I allow myself to strain the use of the word 'never' because I am sure we are speaking of less than 1 in 100 cases, and that's being generous. Just so we are clear, I am referring to this 'playing with 6 fps' thing. I have played at least 3000 games over 5 years and have maybe encountered this kind of thing once or twice. What people like you are obviously blind to is that in 99.9% of all games, people are getting flamed for either _nothing_ (insane troll logic), _ridiculously minor mistakes that everyone makes all the time_ (that includes yourself), or _larger mistakes that everyone makes once in a while_ (that also includes yourself). That is _entirely unacceptable_. You coming up with an example that has nothing to do with this, and trying to project the blame on some offences that I've barely heard of in my life, that's just disgusting.
1. Never say never. 2. 1 in 100 > 0 in 100. 3. Just because you don't know/see or experience something a lot it does not means that other people don't. 4. Mistakes, ok. Its unrelated to my point here. Disgusting is that you're trying to protect retards, who press the play button knowing that: 1. they have bad internet connection (today, this week, always) 2. they have older pcs unable to handle this game and perform. 3. they know they have to go in 20 minutes, but are in hopes to play "a fast one" And then skill based stupidity: 4. buy a new champion and try it out in ranked mode. 5. don't know how to build champions depending on a situation and feeding because of that. blaming the team afterwards. 6. blame people for not saying any stupid stuff like "miss" or not pinging, while placing 0 wards and being completely unaware of the minimap and the entire game. No, no, no. A community like that? Without me, please. I do realize that the team performance depends on EVERY single member of the team and I will do my research if i want to know how to build and play the "X" champion effective before joining a queue. People don't feel responsible for their action at all and that is wrong. Games can and should teach kids to take responsibility for their actions. Somehow you don't see me cry after i get a warning because of report or smth? or mayb even a chat restriction on some accounts, right? If I do anything I'm ready to face and deal with consequences. Nvm, most people are way too young here to understand any of that either way. And there are 2 types of them in this game: 1. feedback from teammates. 2. riots tribunal, automated ban systems, whatsoever. When someone makes mistakes numbers 1-2-3 they should be prepared to hear from people (me including) that they are total retards who are ruining the games for other people. Then they recieve a report from me and maybe, just maybe some "feedback" from rito. As for the 4-5-6, sure, you don't need to flame. You just say, "hey, its aram, man. tactics differs, get a tear and spam your q and we will win this game". They respond "stfu, noob, bronze, whatsoever" and then I will call them what they are. A piece of retarded crap/shit. Many people, not only kids can't predict the consequences of their actions and ofc they can't deal with them. But thats not my fault.
: > Yes, i expect this community to consist only of COMPETETIVE players willing to win GAMES. Hell, theres no other reason to play a moba. In rankeds yes. If you only play to win in normals I consider you toxic because you basically destroy the fun for 5 other people who probably just want to f*ck around with their champs (Bard ADC and such stuff)
Really? Ok then. Its just.. i always thought that Normal mode is a **N O R M A L** competetive game mode, just without lp/elo/whatsoever and not a "fuck around" mode. Theres a "fuck around" mode in any Single Player game, but there are none in multiplayer games. People who "fuck around" in multiplayer games are always "fucked" by all the other players of the game. I suggest you go to the custom game and do whatever you want there alone or with/vs bots. Your post, btw, is a good opportunity to point out once more that i do prefer to play WITH and VS bots more than with real people, just because of your point about normal games. Bots play the game they way its meant to be played. They are my best friends in multiple games.
: A idea for the Champion select
Bad idea. Too much work for nothing. right upper corner, man. You want to play Ezreal? Type E there. You want to play Ahri? A. Etc. To rework the select screen just so you see some of icons near each other is stupid.
: Well, for one ruining your gaming experience doesn't justify being an ass to said person. My team lost my promo twice (i ping for nexus they go for kills and dive fountain @ 55 minutes) already and I don't call them bad or call them out on this. Yes, it's stupid, I get over it. You should too. While yes, playing with 6fps aka a toaster is unfair towards your team because it's basically an AFK you could ask something different instead: "You tried turning down your graphics then?" I had a guy that complained about game lag (stuttering). I asked him that question and he answered with: "Omg but then the game looks bad." He didn't turn them down and complained and only had it down in the last teamfight. We somehow managed to ace them and finish a 68 minute game. Later he told me he jumped from 30 fps with framedrops in every teamfight to 140 and no framedrops.
While i can completely relate to your point that i should not be an asshole towards other people, i will have to disagree on that specific point. > **ruining your gaming experience doesn't justify being an ass to said person** It does. I'm not nice to anyone, who ruins my fun IRL either. Granted I don't anyhow assult/annoy other people while having it. Just because its MY time, my fun. For instance if someone wants to have fun they should have it, BUT you can't have power metal songs in a regular dancing disco, right? The same is here if you JOIN a competetive TEAM game, be ready to play in a team, be ready to fight and do your best to win it. If you want to look at cool characters and mess around go to the custom game! I don't even say uninstall, there are CUSTOM games. Better yet find a new game, if you don't want to be competetive. Yes, i expect this community to consist only of COMPETETIVE players willing to win GAMES. Hell, theres no other reason to play a moba. P.S. your story highlights yet another "retard" who wants graphics, but has no idea what this game is.
Feiro (EUNE)
: Reduced LP loss for the teammates, when a player AFK
LP should be based on personal performance and not on the end result of the entire team. The same mistake was with the ELO system. Its a personal rating, not a team rating. So if i play lets say 0/3/1 but we win i will gain -5 LP, but if i play 10/0/13 i will gain +20LP. If you go like 0/3/18 your KDR is good 18/3 = 6.0 so you gain LP! If you're 1/6/2 its 1+2/6 = 3/6 = 0,5 which is not that good, so you lose LP. The entire problem with any solo q solved above in a couple of lines. Ofc you may also make the system more complicated with cs/wards placed/etc/etc based on the type of the champion you play, GPM, but still KDR is the most important variable in the TEAMgame.
Unlυcky (EUW)
: How to get the best out of every game
> How to get the best out of every game Impossible. No one likes the truth, so it is considered "flaming". People don't even know what flaming is. No wonder tho... The major problem of this game is the community and I must say it pretty much sucks since ~2009. The majority are kids who are playing a anime game. Look at all the new art, splashes, etc after the reworks, its pure anime/cartoon style. Ofc its attracting the worst players ever (PLAYERS, not human beings) who have no idea what a competetive game is and they don't even care. Nunu 0/2 in 4 minutes Me : why are you so bad, Nunu? can you stop feeding? Nunu : I have 6 fps. Me: Do you enjoy ruining the game for other people? Its a TEAMbased game ffs! Why do you press the play button if you know that you won't even be able to play the game? Are you retarded or smth? You have no fun and ruin the game for other people. Nunu: stfu. A real dialog i had yesterday in a game. While you may (and will ofc, but i don't care) call me toxic and aggressive, I want you to know that its your fault!** You ruin my gaming experience.** I accept newbies who play the game the first time ever and they say it (normals, arams, etc) and i won't flame, but theres one thing i can't stand at all: the human stupidity. And that nunu is really retarded if he thinks that i will tolerate a loss just because he decided to play a competetive TEAMgame knowing his pc won't handle it. Stupidity is the true toxicity. We all sometimes have very good, entertaining games. Doesn't matter if you lost or won it you say "that was a great game!" That is when people know for sure they have a decent PC, stable internet, FREE private time and want to play a TEAMBASED competetive game. This type of game is extremely rare today, just because this community is full of kids and retards. Too bad, community ruined it for me. Completely. Any solo queue is NOT enjoyable, if ranked or aram in 2015.
: Welcome to the Boards beta
Hello. "Boards was created to give you an easier place to give feedback" This is not anyhow easier. Too much text and images i don't need to see. Moreover I don't even want to see them. I just want 1 line - 1 thread name. Its perfectly ok that people only want to see/read things they are interested in, so a regular message board divided into smaller sections was perfect. " share content, create a ranked team to take on the ladder, feedback on the latest champion releases" Not interested in those at all. "UNIVERSAL RULES - we’ve modified the Universal Rules" Never cared about any rules on the internet. I ~~say~~ ~~write~~ post what i want to. "REPORT BUTTON - hooray!" Hooray! Hah. Not only you let players "moderate" the ingame chat you also let them "moderate" forums. "I don't like him/her his/her opinion" so i will press the report button. This is what this game is today and this blog will soon become. "BOARDS FEEDBACK" Here it is. We are in this subforum after all. New "boards" suck. Hard. Feature request - bring back the old message board or better yet make a new, better one MESSAGE BOARD. Not a piece of ... blog. And Farewell.

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