: Top Laner needed for Sleepless eSports
Or you can add SE iRampage whilst I'm away with work
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: You see I would be interested (dont be fooled by my S7 gold 1 ranking, I didn't realise when the season ended so I couldn't get back to my plat 1 glory :'( ) but idk any of the details as to when coaching and spectating would be possible. Regardless, I HIGHLY recommend if you (I imagine this group is for 5v5 flex) watch LS's vod reviews as well as download Korean vods of either 5 v 5 or solo queue to improve mechanics of your champions and of the map. If you get desperate and don't have anyone, then MAYBE I could for fill your needs. Otherwise goodluck my fellow brit. Edit - Will check for any reply at 9:30 ish uk time tomorrow morning., though feel free to reply anytime after that. cheerio
Sorry for the delay in responding! I would like to have a proper chat with you regarding this, could you add my account on the client and we can discuss? My IGN is Piankbeard
: When you say "around gold", is Plat V too high?
No that's fine :) drop me an add my IGN is: Piankbeard
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