: I think its a little early for Sylas to get a skin... How about {{champion:427}} or {{champion:516}}
i know, the main idea here is to get a 975rp or less skin, every new skin is 1350 or more, so cheaper skins would be a big welcom from me, as for another big skin for sylas, i thinc a battlecast or a ghost rider one would be beter, alredy made a post on it if you wanna chec
: even better, make him a shekh with an arabic-styled scarf on his head and make him hold a quran while wearing a zulfiqar.
i don't thinc this one stand well with the arclight skin lines, plus you know how offended muslims tend to get when you make even the slightest hints to there religion, they are second only to feminists, and i don't thinc Riot would risk loosing a slice of there comunity over a skin, plus i like holly Pope one more, Popes arecooler and more fancy lookeing than musulman imams, do musulman peaple have rankings in there religion hierarshy btw ???
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StyrosNinja (EUNE)
: custom -> aram/sm , 1x1 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
i know, but there are no ranked in aram 1v1, i hope this become a ranked, +the pokemon chalenge !!!
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: I like the idea !
Murdarici (EUNE)
: And befried Noxus Poppy https://i.gyazo.com/81e67b270309c2341de2cf66a10a7cc6.jpg
Noxus Poppy more like a general, he is more like a gladiator, but yeah, that's the idea behinf it
: Your post had nothing to do with your title
how? it's just like RIOT used to do chroma skins, kayle and ashe still have them, exept this one only change the gantlets, chains and pants. i don't see how or why they would releas it for a 1350rp ?
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FlameClub (EUNE)
: Crit items made some adcs too broken , talking about bruisers, help me raise this so riot can see
the funny thing is that most adc mains are still saying they are too weak XD !! they forgot they are adcs not anty tank assassins XD
: RIOT is messing up the chromas !!
ok i don't get it with Sylas obsidian chroma, it was not the pink one, it was the green one, honestly i don't get it, it doesn't make eny sence, you could have maide the necklass red, the chains black, the eyes in the chains red, the outfit black, gold and red, and the hair black and red, like the ruby one with black insted of white... just how could they go wrong with it ?? do they fear peaple will only buy this one ?? if that's the reason they need to fire woever made that dessision, that's is simply absurd
: RIOT is messing up the chromas !!
one more thing, i'm not against the ruby chromas or enithing, but for dragon trainer tristana, that was uncaled for, the ruby chroma chould have been the obsidian one, and the obsidian one chould have been the tanzanit one, what RIOT did there was kind of a cheap move, realy that was a verry cheap move...
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: Agreed. But I don't understand how this is considered fine by Riot's eyes.
you will see more fked up thing considered finer by Rito, trust me, just look at nasus...
: Why do supposed "late game champions" have the ability to duel easily even when behind?
if you are talking about vayne , don't, it's her meta now, and i rather have it now than at the end of season.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Urgot - am i missing something or is he totally broken?
Lαncer (EUW)
: Updating Old Skins and Other Skin Changes
would realy love to see a rework/revamp to the project 2015/2016, there is kindoff a rift betwen them and project 2017 that seem too obvius to ignor. same with blood moon (only thows with and befor yasuo)
Eambo (EUW)
: Guilty :-( {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
you work is cheking on the forum isn't it, if yes plz chek the one i made about ideas for possible futur skis for sylas: zombie, battlecast and infernal !! https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/lm80pyVz-possible-next-skins-for-sylas and a cheap 975 skin for yasuo https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/ZqFgvwTu-sheap-skins-975-consept-for-yasuo and no i'm not guilty like you...i'm home sick XD !!
: Second week of poro champion emotes!
no i would like a kayn and rhaast emots, not poro version, with shadow kayn saying "shuuuuuuut..." with a finger on his lips like when you try to silence somone, and rhast being a blood thursty maniac would be good !!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Because this mistake didn't cause any harm, at least not to the players.
it didn't harm no one, it blessed some on the contrary !!
: How is, wanting the company that you supported throughout the years to have a backbone - and fix their f#$king mistakes have anything to do with jealousy ? This was just the first step, and they are obviously getting away with it. Imagine someone being able to abuse an in-game bug, and make you lose LP thanks to it. And Riot would go something like - "yea, we allowed bug abusers to get away with it before, and anyway it's not like 3-4 matches impact you anyway right ? - You can win more games tomorrow. Enjoy your losses buddy. " .
if it hapened to you and got all the skins in the game, would you be saying the same thing ?? if yes, then you are a verry rightius person and i admire you, if no, the you are the bigest, worst most nasty mf hypocrit there is, and i hope Sylas come for you...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > PS: If you are okey with bug abuse, at least remain silent for the people who does not think it is right. I don't believe that the reason people care so much about this is that they want "justice" and not just jealous that someone else got really lucky while they didn't.
i totaly agrea with you, wanna hear a good one, i was actualy playing when the bug ws on...but didn't thinck about cheking store...
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Singapore Server revert the IMPOSIBLE 1 BE Capsule BUG
lol ur so salty, i don't use skins even if i have them, don't wanna fall into that monny eating abys, but if some peaple got lucky and ended up with all the skins of the game, so be it, it doesn't mean they will be beter than you, it only mean they got lucky mean they will, so dont be grumpy about it and just forget it, be like Faker, he never use skin (exept uncle ryze vs US teams XD) but is still one of the best players in LOL history !!
blissbomb (EUW)
: Prestige skins
well they did try it with A sol new skin, giving him the worst colors for his base skin, result, it was the least bought skin of the month
: new prestige Aatrox was a mistake
honestly the verry idea of prestige chroma is weard, they say it's gold and white chroma, but realise normal gold and white every now and then, they say it have more vfx, didn't find non, they say they are super duper cool excusive cromas for awsome skins, the give one too pig vayne who shouldn't even be ther with sejuanie and tahm kench, and even the it look like the ruby chroma, and blood moon aatrox who is supose to be blood red, btw, why did RIOT give chromas to blood moon, it's blood moon, not pink or green moon God damn it !!!
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: Black ops? That's so rasistic call it Afro-American ops.
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Hannsen (EUW)
: You can Level up your spells with your keyboard shortcuts and also it is possible to use "smart" pings with shortcuts. What's really annoying to me instead is, that you can left click minimap without any problems, but every time you want to drag'n'drop items or change the order in the score board it also generates a movement action every time...
the thing with me is that i use alt, lot's of alt, only alt, rarly ever useed shift, so having to press shift in orde to see what is going on in the map without moving to it i a pain, don't have troubl with wards tho, played lot of jax and lee, so i know what the ward range is, but for moving, map awainess and the rest, it's realy a pin with it, loved the idea, but i can't use it becos it force me to us a key i barly even remember exist sometimes
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MrGerund (EUW)
: eh it could but... i'd really need to see a demo of the intended model to really judge it, as this poster doesn't look as much like yasuo anymore.
the image is from google, just tipe ronin it's in the first 3 rows... and i just want a skin for yas that is like a classic samurai, blood moon is both evil and warmonger like, with all the armor and stuff, and base skin i half naked, he show more skin than kayn, and is barefooted, this one would legit use the same model at highnoon, the cowboy hate becom an asian straw hat, the cloths becom a proper samurai kimono (maibe a bit derty and ruged from travels) and the shoulder protection becom a wood armor like inthe pictur, or a traveling bag like wee see in cartoon and stuf
: > [{quoted}](name=PL4Y3RØ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yMdkn58l,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-12-20T16:31:41.651+0000) > > dud, not everybody can gat a pbe, +what's the point of practice tool if u can't try now stuff solo befor trying them ingame, i would like to try a champ there befor buying it or buying the skin, but from there to go download pbe, go throw it , just to not like the skin so not buy it , nah that's too muhc to ask from a lasy ass like me, at least make all champs free to play, so we know what to buy with BE ! It's litteraly in the name. To practice it was not made to test skins and such.
i get u, skins is going too far, but having all champions isn't, right ? it's just to try a champ so u can buy it or no for new players, idk where u live, but in algeria( north afrika) 60 ms is the best ping u will ever get, 100 ms is the average i lay with every day, and on weekend it get up to 200ms, so the +500ms of pbe is a no for me, and why dwnload a pbe if u can have it he, in a test game mode, exactly like pbe, for testing, this one being more privet and personal, and try things u consider buying, the only other options are ether pbe, skinspotlight, and youtubers testing.
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: hello
send this message in the support secsion, not the board, i know it's tec supp, but not fr thows kind of things, that's more personal, and hello btw
Yxion95 (EUW)
: Please Riot™, create a champion with True Sight!
u mean like if quenn and TF had a kid ?
: If enemy team behaved disrespectful to me/my team why should I behave respectful to them. Eye for 2 eyes. Gg easy
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
dud RIOT literaly made emots so we can BM enemies, so if they say "ggez" or the like to tilt u, that's the poing, tilting u so u play worst so they win ezier, u should try it !! i'm not saying geting urself or ur family insulted is ok, that's being rasisnt toxic and all, and they deserv the T1 treatment, but the "ez clap" or the like haven even in proplays, by faker himself too, and it's a pshycological war that make u angry and more pron to reckless moves, and to more deaths...
: Could just create a pbe account{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
dud, not everybody can gat a pbe, +what's the point of practice tool if u can't try now stuff solo befor trying them ingame, i would like to try a champ there befor buying it or buying the skin, but from there to go download pbe, go throw it , just to not like the skin so not buy it , nah that's too muhc to ask from a lasy ass like me, at least make all champs free to play, so we know what to buy with BE !
Shamose (EUW)
: All champions are available in Nexus Blitz for the holidays.
i hope they do that with all the skins too for training sandbox too
: You can't add bots in this mode
Oh...guess my friend and i got lucy that time, we got a solo 1v1 each, waited it out the had our 1v1, good thing we burned to death tho XD!!
: Infinite game in custom Nexus blitz if there is Prize Fight event
yup hapened to mee to XD, just invite an AI next time, and u and ur friend take the other lane, NB might look nice, but it is still in beta and still have a lots of thins not put in mind, good thing no more buggs tho
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: beyond chalenger and global world ranked !!
i did say 2021 at best, but ping is just a thing RIOT don't want to fix, just look at WOW,DOTA or overwatch, u can play in china or even in usa fro eniwher in the world but get a 100 ping at most. as for the server u can just link a piece of every server (doubt that korea would agrea to that tho) and focus them in a cntral base that can acustom 1000 player, don't forge that it's only 1000 player no more, don't go around telling me they can't make a server that can solly fokus this litle peaple when they spend ther days serving millions acros the world ...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: i'll just leave this here (client update shenanigans)
it least u don't have to RE:do it every time u exit legue or doge a "Q", for me it is part of my login to league, don't know if it's becos of my shity wiwi, or just my bamboo pc, but i hev this at least 3-4 times a week, and even many times a day (when i exit the client frecuently).
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: (Champion Idea) Azoth, Darkness incarnate
maybe swap with W and E ability cost, 2 stack for a dash seem exagerated, and 1 stack for an immunity/ability canceler/ability reterner seem a bit too litle, the ability itself seem too strong, anso about ur Q and W, usualy champs only have 1 mobility spell (well exept akali with E and R), so having it on 2 seem a bit broken, plus he can interfear with allied minionin a non bufing way (rip banner of comand), and i have personaly never seen this aside from withine DOTA 2 where u can block ur minions and even kill them. The R on the other hand feel a bit weak, kind of a sejuany ult but weaker, also he feel like a non mana caster, so why does he use AD no AP ?
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