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: that would kill the game
plus sometimes they are on the enemy team and just get ass blasted by my team so i'm happy with it on thows times, but when it's on my team, well u gota home the enemy isn't vayne, yasuo or some other assassin and wear the tryhard pants
: It just seems to be a bit backwards because it's ok for people to do it and they expect you to be ok with it, but then if you do it yourself you get flamed to hell in team chat and then reported at the end regardless of whether you win the game and/or your lane or not. I just think theyre should be a mastery limit to ranked so that you can't take a champ into ranked until it's at least mastery 3 or 4, because then at least people have a decent amount of games under their belt for it and then no one can moan about it.
that would kill the game
: New champs in Ranked
coz 1 of 3 reasons: 1- this is not there main account and they are actualy good with that champ, or at least a bit deasent 2- the champ is busted so even if your not that good it's free elo 3- they are just assholes who are beter off dead
: "Must be level 7 or higher to post a comment"
u kiding mate ?? just play the game...u'll lvl up eventualy, u can get lvl 7 in 5 hours
the traps are waaay to shiny, they will stand out in teamfights and be easier to avoid than base skin, same with the normal arcad skin albey that one is a bit less flashy
: I get the point but Sylas isnt that OP. All non tanky-ish champions are fairly slippery (some more than others). Sylas is not that mobile anyway. Yes he has the dash and the hook like ability, but you have to land the skill shot. He is also slippery depending on what ultimate he took (like how we saw G2 Caps destroy TL Jensen during MSI). Sylas is in a way like Ryze, both deal a lot of damage, are very mobile if used effectively and are also tanky if (again) used effectively. And just to correct you a little bit here. Garen and Darius are juggernauts, not bruisers. Bruisers are desgined to depend on their abilties to consistantly fight and must do it without stopping. Juggernauts deal lots of damage with basically one ot two abilities and are easiliy kite-able. Fiora is technically a skirmisher (small duels, and non stop splitpushing). Camille, Irelia for example are bruisers. And the way they play the game is very different if we compare it to Sylas.
Sylas IS op in high elo, he is a pick or ban in korea and competitive, and even without his R, his abilities ofer great synergy with many playstyle and machups. as for the bruiser thing, u get the idea mate, just call him a fighter than, but right now he is a hard to kill very versatil ap mage assassin
: Rune which makes you stronger when extremely low?
there is one, in pressision last row, don't remember the name
: Id rather have a melee ap burst, than a bruiser. Bruisers in League either work or fail all together.
we that is the problem, burst sylas is too op, now he is gonna get the akali/zoe treatment and get neurfed to the grownd, not to mention he was supposed to be a bruiser, not an unkillable high mobility ap burst mage assassin tank. also not all bruisers fail, garen and darius do good, galio is dependant on meta, yasuo and fiora depend on skill, renecton need neurfs and irelia need to be ether rereworked of delited, everyting is fine... {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: The changes are interesting to say the least. In my opinion the lore of sylas being a mage is cool, but his kit is a AD kit. The new ad bruiser build is cool and for the best. It's odd his abilities will still be ap ratios tho. But i guess riot wants to stick to the lore a bit. If we forget the lore side, they should make sylas's ratios ad or adaptive. The ad ratios don't need to be big ones. Since the passive is the main source of damage. Would be cool if he was completely AD thats all
the original idea behind him was to make his abilities hybrids, the blue ones scal of ap and the yellow ones scale of ad, but then again they didn't want to bring old sion who could not get the best of all hi abilitys no mater what he built so they scraped it all and made him full ap exept passive wich scal out of both
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: no, all assassins are mele, and at full build they deal less damage than most adc, there only use is to 1shot the adc/mage and make a run for it. adc's on the other hand have the rightclick noconterplay mecaniks, they can stay in teamfight and be relevant so long as they have hp
just to mention, LeBlanc is indeed ranged, but she need to go mele (W) to deal her main damaging, so yeah, being an assassin main suck
: you never seen a gold funneling assassin in action
: yeah but the way the game is now they try to force feed the adc..if the team did the same thing with the assassin they would get genrally the same results in my opinion, if not better, skilled assassins are monsters when fed they are hypermobile so they can juke for themselves don't require much peel..
no, all assassins are mele, and at full build they deal less damage than most adc, there only use is to 1shot the adc/mage and make a run for it. adc's on the other hand have the rightclick noconterplay mecaniks, they can stay in teamfight and be relevant so long as they have hp
: Skins do not change pricing after a VGU, they remain the same price but get a better value. You are already getting a 975 skin for 520... that’s a steal and recoloured visuals have always looked nice and still do so here... infernal’s visuals look amazing and fitting without needlessly bumping up the price
that is not the point here man, since you will do a VGU and a remake of all the skins, at least do it right all the way to the end.
: assassins can definitely carry even better than adc's can it's just the meta is so adc focused so you don't see it happening a lot
take a full build team comp, you will see that at some point assassin's will deal less damage than bruiser and some tanks, just likeZanador said, assassins need to snow ball, and they have clear win condissions for that, ether win lane, or roam bot at lvl 6, the only casses of relevant lategame assassin's are kha'zix who can scale indifinitly and kassadin who i still don't get why he is still called and assassin, if these condission are not met, then you will fall of, even if you go even in lane.
: Do remember they are 520 rp skins, they usually don’t have anything new outside of a recoloured model... so having a recoloured visual effects is massive. And remember as with most VGUs that have come before a lot of these skins get their recoloured visual effects later on in the pbe cycle, its probably that dragon knight will get his soon
then make them 1350 rp but do them right for god sake, it's moredekaiser here not soraka or malphit we are talking about
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: It’s obviously just bugged... just a few textures haven’t rendered properly not the first time it’s haopened... all of the effects for infernal morde is the exact same as pentakill morde so the passive is gonna look like that one
no it's not bugged mate, trust me it's not, exept if your talking about that video from skin spotlight the just watch the pentakill skin, it's the same vfx
: Infernal MordeKaiser
they can just copy past shyvana's W but no, let's just change the colors and call it done. personaly i'm more disapointed in the dragon knight skin... why does it have the base skin vfx insted of the infernal one? why does the hammer look so out of place?? monster hunter have cooler and more fiting hammer!! why does swain get a drahon head on his E and not mordekaiser when it's basicaly the same ability but beter??? WHY RIOT WHY !?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Noxus Vs Demacia Skins ?
riot is advansing in there lore now, but still dn't expect a demacia vs noxus befor the noxus vs ionia and the sylas/kayle story arc to conclud, and they didn't even start
: What about we make assasin have the Irelia Aatrox treatment?
assassins are hated, even when they have low wirate they are still a nightmare for adc, the thing is, assassins can't carry games, adcs can , so the meta will allways favor the adc, no mater how unfair it is
Shamose (EUW)
: Let's %%%%% and whine about things that could still be changed on the first day of the PBE cycle.
this can still be changed, wouldn't be the first time they change of fix a skin
: Pentakill morde disappointment
yup they need to add metal music vfx to his skills, and use a death metal music on his ult, maybe even teleport us to a deathmetal consert stage for his R with all the crode and pyroworks and all that coolstuf, maybe even we could hear karthus and kayle singing in the background
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Valtaax (EUW)
: 2019 MSI mission
wait will there be missions for thows who do not buy the pass ?
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Mate stop using Faker as excuse i dont care about him. so 1. Armor is reduced by lethality it help little but not much. 2. Soraka lvl 2 kill Zed ??? You must be EXTREME BAD PLAYER to let this happened (this is means for every champs) xDDDDD Full AP soraka or AD maybe but in the lategame NOT EARLY GAME AND SUPPORT SORAKA xDDDDDD 3. AGAIN KATARINA IS PROBLEM I AGREE WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. Mages have different scalling then AD -.- 5. kha zix have passiv like this: ISOLATION TARGET DMG 6. On lvl 2 OFC u can get killed bcs you dont have item so yeah.... think a little 7. Zed is not hard to play and its not weak as you trying to write here. Dont need buffs
1. lethality take of a flat amont of armor, so if you have 2 chainvests a full lethality zed (yomuu, dusk and night) will deal 0 lethality damage to you, it is ment for squishy targets, and so far only adc's are squishy now-a-days 2. i didn't mean soraka kill zed, i ment if you get hit buy all skillshots and abilitis, anychamp can kill you, zed isn't the only case. 3. don't go on hating on katarina too just coz she oneshot you last game, she have her conters so does zed, and if she get fed blame your mid, or your bot coz they didn't ward or listne to pings when she was roaming bot. 4. mages or not, kata, akali and leblanc are still assassin that deal a lot of damage in a split second befor becoming useless untill ther cooldowns are up again, well maybe not akali. 5. well i know that, but no one say "maaah i was farming alone the kha came out of nowher and killed me!! pog champ!!" but they still say it about zed, coz zed is get a bit of the yasuo teatment. 6. what the hell is wrong with lvl 2 ? 7.1. zed is harder to master than talon, fizz, akali and fizz, he is harder than katarina, but ezier than leblanc, not from me, but from RIOT's studies, sorry do't have the link so you are free not to belive me here. 7.2. and he need a buff, rather he actualy got neurfed from what he was pre-buff.
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Nope he didnt need them... Zed is not weak at all if you know how to play him proparly. hard to play not so much. Why are you using 2 mana champs and manaless and energiless champion??? Talon is on the same lvl of strong as Zed. Kata and LB are AP asssassins so they have different scalling. kata is problematic i agree with this, but LB you can juke her with zed easilly. Zeds stats telling different story he needs nerfs. Balancing is not hard if the balance team doing things right.
are you an adc main ? dud talon mana consumption is very low, even eurly game, and in a full combo he deal more damage then zed even tho he is ezer to play, leblanc is safer and have beter mobility than zed, and yet deal more damage, and finaly katarina, the one whom playing difficulty kinda aproche zed, deal almost 2 times his damage with equal gold, and let's not talk about akali since riot themselfs don't realy know why they reworked her anymore...and fizz, oh God plz no!!! the reason why zed is hated is becos he is like yasuo, a popular cood edgy weeb champ, and was the spark to faker's spotlight, now here is why peaple hate him: - he is cool. - the feaing of hopelessness of dying to death mark while zed is BMing u. - his point and click ult that make you flash panick when you should wait for him to finfish the r animetion befor flashing. - his passive that make you lose all 50% auto attach trades. now then again, zed is an assassin, and eve as an assassin, he can't 1v5 like katarina, he have no stelth or invis like akali and talon, he dosen't have ez to prok damaginc combos like leblanc, aside from his R he is all skillshots, the adc is solopuching a lane, no one complain when kha zix one shot them, but if it's zed, oooh pog champ!! he can jouke and go in and out with his W and R? dud that's a one way trip, leblanc can do that 2x more, oce you get into a mele fight you lose becos of his passive? fizz do you beter...if you play a low mobility mage, eat all skills, and buy no resistances, sorry even soraka full support can kill you by lvl 2. So man (or girl idk), Zed IS the weaker assassin at the moment, and one of the hardest to play, wich doesn't make sence, he needs buffs, and if low ello complayne, then tell them to buy armore, all i wan't is that hiting a double/triple Q feel rewarding insted of it being nessessary to deal as much damage as a talon W...
Zucc god (EUNE)
: but why
becoz he was the weakest assassin befor buffs, and now he is weaker than what he was befor buffs
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Zed didnt need this his already strong.
is he as strong as talon, katarina or leblanc? no, is he harder to play? yes. So sry but he need buffs, Faker and RIOT both said that he was the weakest assassin, they buffed him last patch and now neurfed him worst than what he was, becos he is hard to balance and peaple just tend to rage at him coz geting the fade away death mark is just tilting, but no one complain when talon or fizz does it (just coz there is no fade away here) my idea is just so that Zed players that miss there Qs get even less, but thows that hit Qs (...scripters...) get rewarded!! as for the passive rework, it's just a weard idea i had coz i love %missing hp damage, if they add it to blue kayn R then maybe he would see more plays than now, the E buffs are cool thoo.
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: Idea is good, but they will add a few things to skin, a new recall animation and here we go - another 1350 rp skin. I highly doubt there will be another 975 or less costed skin anymore
highnoon yasuo have different recall animation and sound efect, but is still 975
: I think its a little early for Sylas to get a skin... How about {{champion:427}} or {{champion:516}}
i know, the main idea here is to get a 975rp or less skin, every new skin is 1350 or more, so cheaper skins would be a big welcom from me, as for another big skin for sylas, i thinc a battlecast or a ghost rider one would be beter, alredy made a post on it if you wanna chec
: even better, make him a shekh with an arabic-styled scarf on his head and make him hold a quran while wearing a zulfiqar.
i don't thinc this one stand well with the arclight skin lines, plus you know how offended muslims tend to get when you make even the slightest hints to there religion, they are second only to feminists, and i don't thinc Riot would risk loosing a slice of there comunity over a skin, plus i like holly Pope one more, Popes arecooler and more fancy lookeing than musulman imams, do musulman peaple have rankings in there religion hierarshy btw ???
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Styros (EUNE)
: custom -> aram/sm , 1x1 {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
i know, but there are no ranked in aram 1v1, i hope this become a ranked, +the pokemon chalenge !!!
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: I like the idea !
Murdarici (EUNE)
: And befried Noxus Poppy
Noxus Poppy more like a general, he is more like a gladiator, but yeah, that's the idea behinf it
: Your post had nothing to do with your title
how? it's just like RIOT used to do chroma skins, kayle and ashe still have them, exept this one only change the gantlets, chains and pants. i don't see how or why they would releas it for a 1350rp ?
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FlameClub (EUNE)
: Crit items made some adcs too broken , talking about bruisers, help me raise this so riot can see
the funny thing is that most adc mains are still saying they are too weak XD !! they forgot they are adcs not anty tank assassins XD
: RIOT is messing up the chromas !!
ok i don't get it with Sylas obsidian chroma, it was not the pink one, it was the green one, honestly i don't get it, it doesn't make eny sence, you could have maide the necklass red, the chains black, the eyes in the chains red, the outfit black, gold and red, and the hair black and red, like the ruby one with black insted of white... just how could they go wrong with it ?? do they fear peaple will only buy this one ?? if that's the reason they need to fire woever made that dessision, that's is simply absurd
: RIOT is messing up the chromas !!
one more thing, i'm not against the ruby chromas or enithing, but for dragon trainer tristana, that was uncaled for, the ruby chroma chould have been the obsidian one, and the obsidian one chould have been the tanzanit one, what RIOT did there was kind of a cheap move, realy that was a verry cheap move...
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RogueDek (EUW)
: Agreed. But I don't understand how this is considered fine by Riot's eyes.
you will see more fked up thing considered finer by Rito, trust me, just look at nasus...
RogueDek (EUW)
: Why do supposed "late game champions" have the ability to duel easily even when behind?
if you are talking about vayne , don't, it's her meta now, and i rather have it now than at the end of season.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Urgot - am i missing something or is he totally broken?
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