: {{champion:24}} w {{item:3161}} {{champion:58}} even broken w {{item:3161}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:67}} no counterplay {{champion:23}} this guy, this is literal nightmare in high elo even tf blade said yesterday that is the best champ to climb up you can literally be 0/10 and be so impactful {{champion:35}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}}
Shojin gets deleted in 2 week. {{champion:245}} - only strong when fed, even then can be stopped in fights. {{champion:8}} - strong after getting 3 1/2 items, all in flash engages are too overpowered, I agree {{champion:67}} - everything is a counterplay for poor vayne {{champion:23}} - this guy would've been fine if he couldn't attack structures during ultimate, right now his splitpush is way too annoying to maybe considered broken {{champion:35}} - he's just reasonably strong, there are many junglers who can have as much or even more impact on games {{champion:246}} - she's fine after all the nerfs {{champion:54}} - I assume you mean his ap build. Gets nerfed in a week {{champion:10}} - ain't scaling that well into late game now, still squishy, not broken {{champion:30}} - it's only his jungle gameplay being really stupid where you farm and occasionally press R, but it's nowhere near broken {{champion:121}} - really strong, but easy to shutdown and play around {{champion:203}} - no idea what is she even doing here. She's kinda underpowered in current patch.
: "TRUE DAMAGE" NEW SKINS! NEW LOL BAND! (Akali, Ekko, Qiyana, Senna, Yasuo)
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Febos (EUW)
: The full collection really isn't that expensive. For example, if you smoke half a pack per day, say at 5€ a pack, you'd be wasting around 1000€ per year. Instead, you could spend that money on League and could have a full collection in less than 5 years. The point is you can spend money on League like you would with an addiction. ######A cup of coffee, where I live, goes for 0.50€. Coffee before and after lunch adds up to 1€ a day. That's at least 300€ a year.
5000 euro is hella lot of money to spend on game considering you won't even play on more than half of those skins even once. P.S. addictions are bad, mmkay?
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
[Image](https://i.imgur.com/PbmO4jH.png) POMA euw
: Is this new league mobile thing cross platform?
So far rito only said that you will get something for playing desktop league. And the longer you have played they more benefits you'll receive.
yanou (EUW)
: I need help choosing a desktop.
What you need is Ryzen 3400G - processor with integrated graphics chip. This will be 150$ Then some cheap A320 motherboard - 60$ Then 2 8GB DDR4 ram modules (better go for around 3000 mhz clock there) - 30x2$ Then 450-500W power supply unit - around 50$ Then drive storage. I myself got a chinese 256GB SSD, I assume it will be enough for you as well - 30$ Then some used PC tower case, i dunno, maybe about 50$ too There you have your desktop computer. All that left will be peripherals - keyboard, mouse, speakers and a headset. This will give you comfortable windows experience and stable league with 60+ fps on 1080p.
Rupture (EUNE)
: Best drake in your opinion?
Nathan drake /thread
: looking for duo
You have 46% winrate past 28 games. Are you smurfing from p4?
: thoughts on new champion senna?
: [TFT] Starting late, missing first champ opportunities
Have you tried buying Little Legends?
: Matchmkaing bug, impossible to win too many games
Rupture (EUNE)
: Best champion to onetrick?
Khazix/twitch. Also you suck <3
: If we can report multiple players, we should be able to honor multiple players too.
Dev team said that multiple honoring will be looked into during preseason.
: Hotkey to ask to ward
Have you tried using chat to ask to ward?
: Can we do something about AP Malphite?
Riots deliberately overinflated his AP ratios over half a year timespan while leaving tank malphite where he was. That only means they intended Malphite to become point and click delete machine. So have fun buying banshees and hexdrinker and watching him oneshotting someone who haven't buy magic resistance yet.
: SUGGESTION: Full screen & resizable client!
Riots barely made 3 resolutions working and you want them *hahaha* to make resizable client. Damn, that's a good one {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
deletezz (EUW)
: Is there an Iron IV Player who wants to put in the effort to make gold?
If somebody would wanted to get out of Iron4 he would've got out of there the very same day. It's really the rating for those who don't care the slightest. P.S. you may stumble across a few trolls with fake accounts though :^)
: How am I supposed to rank up
Before season 9 for the first 30-40 games you had huge ±mmr boost per every game you win/lose which was slowly diminishing over said 30-40 games to normal values. In season 9 instead riots decided to give every player high starting mmr but still place them in lower league which results in heavy LP gains and lower LP losses per game - it was made to artificially boost players' confidence and make them play more. As a side effect people who start their ranked games late into season are forced to play on a higher skill levels. Tl;dr rito's ranked sucks :^)
: i would LOVE my queue times to get +2min or even 5 min if it meant i was not getting teamed up with trolls, afkers or bought accounts! :D like jesus, sign me the heck up
The problem is that lot of people won't tolerate +5min queue times and just ditch the game altogether which in result may double or even triple the timers.
: I don't think working it out like this would be a good idea but they could be adding benefits for verified acounts like priority Q and maybe making it mandatory starting from master. You should also be able to link more accounts to the same number but punishment on one account will effect the others. This would be a great solution for high elo & toxicity. Another thing they could add is enchanced leveling rewards for verified accounts. Smurfs that want to levelup fast will be forced to verified their account & so linking it to their main account.
Imagine getting to master league only to get your account locked for 10 days until you decay back to diamond 1. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Verified main accounts - why are we not funding this?
You can buy new sim-card for a dollar to verify new account. The only reason it works in CSGO is because getting prime either cost 15$ or playing for over 400 hours. In comprasion you can get to level 30 in league in just 40 hours. P.S. also queue times will raise a lot.
: How to change to old launcher/edit new one so it isnt so bright
We've heard your complaints so while you're waiting for things to resolve themselves why won't you go and buy some more little legends?
: how long until riot hires a student that fixes their client?
New client is coming to live in november-december. Let's have finger crossed they'll make an okay one this time.
Dromichete (EUNE)
: How can someone who ruins a game can go freely with it and still can play ?
THE BOARD doesn't do actual bans. Only reports for cheating and appeals from already banned people are reviewed by humans. All the rest is done via automated scripts. Now here's the comprehensive list of what can be bannable in league: 1) Saying restristed words regarding threats, racism and other slurs. 2) Repeatedly feeding in multiple game in a row. 3) Leaving from multiple games (there comes another bot - leaverbuster and instead of a ban you get low priority queue)
noob infant (EUNE)
: they do, but it depends on your elo. longest ques are at a very high as they wait for other smurfs/very high normal elo players to play in normals
So I'm basically punished for winning games? And I check every game - Over 80% players I get matched with are level 5 to 29.
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: Pro tip. Dont use words you dont know the meaning of.
This tip im certainly gonna use.
: Clearly you knew the word related to that, and what it meant, as you used it in a response - it's also commonly known as a slur. If you don't know the meaning of a word, why are you using it? Ignorance isn't a valid excuse to break the rules. If you feel you were unfairly banned you can submit a ticket to support. But I'll save you the time by mentioning that they won't lift it.
Is it a common thing that saying 1 inappropriate word in 1 game lead straight to 14-day ban?
Èclair (EUNE)
: "Gay" has entirely different connotation than "%%%got" even though both can be used in derogatory fashion, the latter is used exclusively as pejorative term and thus isn't accepted within League's community.
Well my point here is that I didn't know the 2 words had different background as I learned English from school and we didn't study slurs or swearing words there. I had no intention of disparaging anybody or any term. The severity of the punishment for this is way too excessive.
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