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: What will the TFT ranked rewards be? (Season 1)
: Claims are a funny thing. If no evidence can be provided to support them, they are automatically discarded. > On season 6 I was Ranked #1 Teemo player on EUW named "Teemo in Uranus" Bit hard to believe, said account is ex-gold. Even if it was renamed, or permabanned, a record is kept on and other sites. You either sold the account, or it was never yours. On this account your performance indicates that your skill-cap is low-plat, while having no ranked games on teemo, after being no1 on said region. I'm pretty much an OTP myself, I know how OTPs think/work. Your stats don't support your claims in ANY WAY. I took longer breaks as well, game knowledge is never lost. Champion mechanics in case of OTPs are, yet again, never lost. So I'm going to press X for doubt on this part. **** About the TFT ladder's MMR. Care to provide proof that it exists ? Preferably official sources. From my personal experience, upon losing 30 games in a row, on same account, all on 8th place, by surrender, my LP losses never changed. This clearly indicates the lack of an MMR based ladder. It shows that each division has its custom LP gains/losses, it doesn't matter how many games you play to get there, and how much you lose or win. - UNLIKE Summoner's Rift. On SR if you lose 30 games in a row, and your gains will be half of your losses LP-wise, there is no chance of climbing, unless pulling off a 75%+ win-rate, which is absurd considering your previous performance. **** I truly don't understand the frustration of TFT players, trying to prove that TFT is equal to actual League of Legends. It's a different game, it should have been separated from the beginning. Riot wanted to make sum funding cut-downs, hence they crammed in 2 games under the same client. Showing TFT ranked stats/borders outside of the TFT tab/loading screen was a big mistake as well, thank God they fixed it, once and for all. I don't see why it's so important to people to show off borders in the first place. You climb in order to improve your match quality. You can have chall border, if you're in plat games, that's still plat game-quality. Nothing changes. Grinding thousands of autochess games for 1 minute of "glory" is just ... I don't even know. "WOW look at that guy, he's challenger!" - guy proceeds to go 0/7 in laning phase with 2cs/min then ragequits. How is TFT border relevant in actual League of legends ? - it's not.
I'm not gonna read the whole comment as it is full of crap. I've told multiple times people that my rank got decayed from master to gold due to inactivity. I got master in 2 month into season and didn't play for the rest of the season. p.s. why I stop playing LoL at master? Because I focused on game called Paladins and started my career there. I played for organization called Vexed Gaming. After that I moved to Master X Master and won the European championship there. Now I moved to TFT as a new esports game.
: Can I play devil's advocate here for a little bit? In Riot's defense, TFT came out this year, and they had no idea that this mode would become a massive popular world wide hit, so the fact they didnt come up with better ranked rewards this year isn't surprising to say the least. Just look at the game itself, what is there (in the board/arena) that Riot can do to make people show off their rank? In League we have the victorious skins as well as icons. Sure Riot can make a Victorious little legend, but does Riot make a new unique little legend? Do they make the penguin get the victorious skin?! Which little legend gets the victorious skin? Its not like in SR which the most impactful champion in rank gets the skin. So how can Riot make a victorious reward for gold players and higher that can feel truly rewarding for all the players that grinded?! So far the emotes are a nice start, its honestly a lot better than an icon that no one will use, and the emote shows your ranked based on the armor its wearing. Are the penguin emotes the perfect rewards for TFT, absolutely not, will they be the only rewards for the future season?! I most certaintly doubt it. The game is new, there isn't much Riot can do at the moment since their priority atm seems to get TFT at a stable state as once again, it's the newest game. Personally, the only thing I can think of is making a victorious skin for a little legend, but which little legend... well that's the "problem". The game is still fresh, you making it to Master is a feat in itself, sure its not SR Master rank, but damn. You are going to be the very few who will get a Master Penguin emote, thats pretty rare (if you are into rare digital worthless collectables :v). You aren't inferior to normal League players for loving TFT. The game is new, Riot doesn't know which direction to take, I bet my ass that next year the rewards will be 110% better.
Really well written. Victorious little legend would be cool for gold+ but then the higher ranks would need even better rewards.
: > I've been master on SR and TFT and I can say TFT is much harder You're currently in low-platinum ELO on this account, out of more than 300 matches, with a sub 60% win-rate. Previous seasons were silver. I highly doubt that you ever scratched diamond on SR, let alone master. So now that we got this out of the way, let's talk a bit about TFT and actual League of Legends. Guess we agree on the part that TFT needs some thinking, and that's it. You can play it with your nose, upon having no free hands, pressing your nose onto your mobile phone's screen (if you're THAT good at multitasking). I invite you to do this. Get a selfie stick, secure it to a piano, and play the piano while pressing the TFT champs with your nose. Totally doable. Is TFT easy ? no ... nobody said it was. Does TFT rank matter ? Uhmmmm ... not so much. You see, the whole e-sports scene, is focused around Summoners Rift. The original MOBA layout. That requires micro AND macro play, on the spot decision making and so forth. You can't compare the two. Currently TFT is a for fun game-mode, a DOTA autochess clone, which has 0 popularity on the BIG pro-scene. Its ladder has _**NO MMR **_ . I can't stress this enough. A 40% win-rate wins the same as an 80% win-rate in the same rank/same position outcome. It's a grind fest. On the Rift's ladder, if you grind 10 million matches a year, with a 49% win-rate, you'll end up Iron 4 0 LP - or around that. In TFT if you lose 3 on 5th place and win 1 on 1st place, you're back where you started from, that being a 25% win-rate. Up to GOLD elo, you can play with 5 friends, means that you can win-trade yourself up to gold, if you own 5 phones/PCs, and have 5 different accounts. Gold-ELO being the minimum requirement for rewards on SR. You can legit get that by playing against yourself. I wanted to get Iron 4, after being placed in Iron 2, guess what ? I'm losing 1LP per 8th place for every FF. How is this ladder not a meme ? Someone explain it to me..... **** Lastly about the ranked borders. It's very simple. Do you use your mouse for clicking on colourful images while playing match-the-pairs-domino ? You get the TFT border. Do you use your mouse to move a character around, and influence the game's outcome in real time ? You get a SR border (3v3 being an exception). You'll get an icon, and emote, and some tiny legend egg or w/e they're called. PS: If it's not too big of a favour to ask, could you comment on my post from your ex master account ? We don't wanna spread false information do we ?
Replying to you saying I was silver last season? Look I was silver **season 4** on this account. On season 6 I was Ranked #1 Teemo player on EUW named "Teemo in Uranus" After looking through my computer I found some pictures. Unfortunately not picture of the master rank but some of Diamond 2/1's We used to play with rank 1 shaco "Shaclone" EUW in Season 6 p.s. I'm not gonna start arguing with you. However TFT has MMR + Top 4 Is considered Winning. Not only Top 1.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I may not be qualified to answer this, but 3 nobles out of 6 are 1 cost units, and Kayle is a 5 cost unit on whom you greatly depend for having the full noble completion. This makes your early game weak and your late game (if you survive) strong. Whereas having things like Shapeshifters or brawlers can use 3 star units and can be functioning at level 5-6 already. I love playing nobles too but I think they should get reworked to be more comfortable to attain cause Kayle is just inconsistent to get
If you don't get the nobles use Knight + Rangers as a backup plan. 2 of the nobles are already knights. Take all the knights and rangers to your bag even when you're planning on going full nobles.
: What is your opinion on Nobles? I would like to play them exclusively and I've developed a lot of synergies - knights, blademasters (Kassadin with BOTRK and noble buff is quite good, I recommend to everyone), rangers, mages, imperials - there are %%%%ing LOTS of them and this is why I like nobles. Unfortunately, I'd say that Nobles are overall quite shitty. I mean they're good but under very specific circumstances. I rarely finish 1st, if I win - I win as 2nd or 3rd. Do you think there's even purpose of playing nobles?
Nobles are really good. I recommend building them when you get 3-4 nobles at the 3 first minion waves. I take nobles all the time on beginning. Theyre good early game + lategame. However take all the knights and rangers if you're going for nobles - if you don't get the 6th noble you can always play Knights + Rangers. Jinx and Kaisa works perfect with nobles as a carry. I like going 6 nobles 3 blademasters with Draven+Yasuo as a carrys.
: You are clean af nice job ! I got to plat and stopped playing to get a plat reward {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Thank you! Respect your words. Plat is also really nice!
: 1100 games of tft???
Determination. I'm getting warmed up for the upcoming TFT esports scene.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What comp did you play when you got the Master rank? :D
I'm actually anti-meta player, basically I've never played any meta comps. I've played builds that I've made only by myself. Hmm interesting question. The big climb from d3 to master I used alot of my "Dragon Knights" build featuring 6/4 knights, 2 dragons and 2 rangers (kaisa + kindred) stacking items on kaisa. Another good one is "Demon Knights" featuring 2/4/6 Knights, 4/6 Demons, 2/4 Rangers. Carry items on Aatrox / Evelynn / Kaisa. Can combine with Elemental bonus and removing the rangers or couple of knights. Its my style to play anti-meta thats how I won European championship on NCSOFT's game called Master X Master.
hShCedric (EUW)
: Remove ranked borders from ARAM
For me ARAM ’used’ to be ”fun gamemode” that I would play when I want to have fun and relax, but now they removed the TFT borders so it took all the fun out of it. Hope they remove all the borders from ARAM to take all the fun out for every players (not only TFT players) it feels that TFT players are dishonored and don’t deserve borders for ARAM, were unjustified. I demand equality from riot to TFT players! We’re not worse people for playing TFT! Please return TFT borders OR remove all the borders for matter of equality and respect towards humanity.
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