brkajlo (EUNE)
: this bro is scripting in normals (low elo btw)
true, I hear a lot of idiotic players claiming others of 'scripting' just because they get out played, when clearly there not scripting...
vladz2k (EUNE)
: Hi Pandikçi Ponçikz, If you find that a player is breaking [The Summoners Code](, you can always report them using the ''Report'' button in Post-Game Lobby. This will ensure that they will get punished for their actions {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I have a request for you riot please
christmas is over buddy xD
: All midlaners are kids!
Thats why mid laners automatically think there team captain and have the right to bash anyone that isnt playing to their expectations!
Eveninn (EUW)
: If you play with 80% winrate from one IP and with 30% from another... maybe. :^) But you put it like Riot would ban me if I go on a 10 game winstreak after being on a 8 games loss streak. v.v
Aseraan (EUW)
: idk when i was i got dull as a pug rly as a pug
hmm, you probably smoked to much/to fast
Perilum (EUW)
: Don't worry anymore in Ranked guys!
aka 95% of them time your support :/ I to would go mid/support or jung/support But honestly gettnig support 95% of the time I dont bother..
Myster10 (EUNE)
: and she is not even that different, what should i say then, i loved old fiora, she was one of the weakest top laners and still i loved her.
and for me my graves, I cant tolerate the grave from Today, its a piece of sh!t!
: Try Flex Drunk
being high is better, your awarness sky rockets. drunk is a hit and miss...
: I lost all the passion towards League of Legends , dunno what to do now
seems like youve been burnt out.. happens to me with other games, best bet is to take a break, however you can also run into the 'risk' of not even touching league any more, This happened to me with games like battlefield 4, Call of Duty, rainbow etc....
dani20025 (EUNE)
: Gaming Mice
i never heard of that mouse brand, if you want a more reputable trust worthy mouse that has almost the same shape as the one you mentioned, look up the steelseries mouses...
: > [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=roZGxHIM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-24T09:18:03.746+0000) > > I am Gold right now and will have a fiber connection in January....where will I end up? plat maybe
dunno, normal wifi i had 50 ping, with fiber i have 18, no difference for me, but hey, its a lot better since the game doesnt randomly give me ping spikes...
: You are not the only one, my second Christmas without family and first Christmas alone. Always celebrated it with my doggo because she had birthday on 21st December. Just dont think of it as Christmas but as normal day, do everything you do on casual Saturday and its gonna be fine.
same here, I didnt celebrate christmas, because to me i find it more of a childs day with presents... Couldnt give two sh!ts about the day, This year was also my first christmas alone since i moved out not to long ago, Idk, even if you dont really like your family a lot, its still nice to be with them for christmas, the most important is to get over it and not get depressed about it... youve got a lot more years of christmas to 'fix'...
dani20025 (EUNE)
: Dual Monitors Setup
no, you should check the setting, my friend has a triple monitor setup, and he has an option where you cant mouse over the second screen unless you tab out... Im not to familiar with this topic since I have no experience, But you should also check tech forumns if your having difficulty...
vladz2k (EUNE)
: They don't have to give us anything, and beside those who played since March or so have received a Riot Kayle Skin {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
i already had the skin, and instead got a crappy bucaneer tristana skin -_-
5oulDARK (EUW)
: Can you get spirit guard udyr, elementalist lux, pulsefire ez or DJ sona from Hextech Premium chest?
considering you cant get ultimates and even hextech from normal chests i dont see why you cant...
Yahim05 (EUNE)
: Future of Ranked
true, i agree , you cannot play with any champion below mastery 5 in rank... Just get to higher elo, since From the start of my placements, ive been playing with golds and plats, and maybe an odd silver player here and there,
: I feel scammed
thats why I dont spend RP on those stupid crates, its an RP dump, and Literally a gambling addiction... I only spend RP on what I truly want, Im not going to risk spending 5 bucks for a stupid urgot skin and some kiddies icons lol... make a rule that you cannot spend 5-10 euros a month on the game... Because i have a friend that 'wasted' 20 bucks, and only got a skin that he liked that was worth like 3 bucks (tristana)
: No. We shouldn't be rewarded for acting like a "normal"person. I hate this idea and i always will do. If you want a "reward" we got a winter map at last. The poro event thing. That should be enough of a "reward".
"poro event" where we have to spend RP, lol no thank you.... Plus its an RP dump to try and get those winter skin permanents... Snow map was nice, but that was expected after 2 years of not having one... and to be honest, since ive been playing rank, i rarely even play the snow map...i mean the biggest gaming company, we sure as hell expect a winter themed map since theres only one bloody main map in this game -_-, even Indie games developpers are doing more stuff for their gaming community, then just an RP spending tactic and a single map and game mode... 'poro king' im not complaining, but im just saying its been lackluster compared to previous years, they should of at least brought back the snowdown shop with discount skins... and yes I do agree with your first point, normal civilians in the real world dont get 'rewarded' for not commiting crime, its common sense not to lol...
: Who do you hate more ?
I honestly cant make my mind up, if bothchampions are played by good players, both are a pain in the ass
ew0ny1337 (EUNE)
: cancer level of bronze players kappa
to each their own, I hate DOTA because it feels clunky asf and not as smooth as league, also in DOTA you have PROPER DIRECT champion counters which is absolute BULLSH!T of a gameplay which makes it so god damn frustrating... Sure in league, a cait counters Vayne, but that doesnt mean your going to get crushed like 100% compared to direct counters in DOTA...
: No more trolling in Champ Select!
sounds nice, so its stops flamers from the start get go, however I can see this being abused in higher elo, Look up a players match history; "oh he hasnt been perfoming well, better kick him" 5 minutes of "chill bruh" sure, if that players gets kicked repeadetly in a short time frame
kiwishrew (EUW)
: You get a passive for each of your abilities when you max them. I don't get what the fuss is, especially as she has incredible power spikes anyway. As an old Syndra main of 178k mastery, I have never had a problem with her passive. That said, her other abilities could use some work, particularly her R. I saw a really great suggestion the other day on the boards: "Make it so her ult's orb count is only increased by orbs which have _hit an enemy champion._" Essentially, this would separate the lcs meta-sheep from the legitimately skillful Syndra players, and it would stop people complaining about her deleting carries every other thread.
huh, didnt read it carefully then, i thought i was only levl 18 "max rank" thanks, that makes her passive more useful :P "Make it so her ult's orb count is only increased by orbs which have hit an enemy champion." that is interesting yet hard, i mean late game your not a frontline, so landing your Qs on a squishy before ulting them is pretty unrealistic, unless if its like 'stacks' that last the whole game of hitting a certain champ that would make more sense..
ItzVlxd (EUW)
: I see why they only call it a "potential" flex queue fix
its broken, however I would say its better then last year, where I ended up gold 5, winning 8/2 of my placements, and i got put into bronze 4????? This season i ended in gold 3 and won again a 8/2 and got placed in silver 1, definately an improvement from lasts years placements wich where borderline cancer and time consuming..
: why wouldnt i want the most toxic player ever banned? This example is taking it to the extreme i know but its kind of like going "why would you want hitler stopped? your not even jewish"
Ok with your logic, why isnt Jensen, sneaky, etc being banned for flaming? (they do it regularly on stream) oh and lets not mention Jensen's DDOS back in the days to climb elo, that is far worse then having a troll in my team, being DDOS.... yet Jensen walks away freely.... theres a reason why his summoners name was 'incarnation' back then...
: so what happened to banning tyler1? he is not IP banned since he lives on a campus and that would result in other students getting banned for no reason.. 2nd. he uploaded that video for entertainment purposes and off course knew that the acount would get perma banned straight away.. 3Rd. its no secret that he plays the game 'secretely' even with his perma banned status... 4Th. Apparently he said that he will be un-banned next season and that he would be allowed to stream, thats what he said in one of hes Arma videos if memory serves correctly...
Rioter Comments
: A veteren player with a very nooby question
and i dont understand how a tank can 1v1 a adc during mid game
Genielda (EUW)
: well corkie comes in meta due to his kit ... kayle doesnt come in meta she just finds items to abuse and then dies again when they get nerfed. also graves was reworked for the reason of not fitting his theme. yorick for having a toxic kit that had no real counterplay.
graves not fitting his theme? what does that mean, he fitted the adc macho style perfectly with his shotgun, now hes hardly played after a few months of the re-work since hes just a jungler... and next season he will never be picked because of the new tank/assassin meta
Rioter Comments
: Yea but after u get 5 then u get 10 then 25 how can i clear the old restrictions so i can get again 5 not ban.
your punishment 'resets' back to a warning and 5 game ban after months of good behaviour, honestly Back in S4 I used to be a huge flamer, I will honestly advise you to change your mindset and not bother to try and beat the Punishment system, Because one day you will get perma banned not matter what, once the system detects that youve been chat restricted 20 times in your league career, I used to think i was hot shit, literally abusing the weak banning system, by flaming and acting all kind for a week so my bans would reset, but One day a riot staff contacted me and perma banned my account because of how many restriction records i had...
Artimedis (EUW)
: Back in the days I really loved Red Alert :D
i hated it, Startcraft 2 was much better, because you could always control your units even late game with 200 supplies, red alert became a head ache late game in matches..
Genielda (EUW)
: I think kayle needs a rework.
yes rework every champ.. lol no, i got pissed when they rework graves as I used to main him adc, now you cant poke for shit when theres a minion wave in front of your face, Yorick i also used to play time to time, knwo hes completely changed... Honestly big re-works are pretty much new champions.. Kayle isnt in the meta for now, just like corki.. DO i bitch about corki needing a rework becuase he isnt being picked as of now? no....
: SoloQ Pick & Bans after Worlds
i they pink mf i dont bother banning her, Ive planned around 20 games against her and havent lost lane ONCE, shes just so easy to punish, players dont spam her 'make it rain' and have the reaction time of a snail when they have to ult whenever a target is CC plus she has a 45% win rate as support, so yeah, and that was like a day after the LCS match, must be a lot lower these days...
: The reason SKT(korea) wins is because they are more dedicaticated to the game. they play way more than any other region. They take the game way more seriously, have a stricter schedule and focus way more. A clear example is Faker that got spot 4 on the NA ladder in under a month of playing on that server compared to other regions coming to korea and nearly didint even make it into the top 200 on the server. Korea also started way earlier than any other region. which got them a huge lead. And good players facing good players make them improve faster which only increases the gap between the regions(not saying EU or NA is bad, but compared to KR, they are pretty weak)
Korea started earlier? LOL they started in Season 2 League wasnt even out yet in Asia..
Mangekyu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rompanruoja,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=YBOpLydZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-10-30T13:15:16.783+0000) > > "Go do it yourself or shut up" is like the shittiest argument. Because its true?
yes because we all have time to play League 14 hours a day to get to challenger and remotely get scouted for a team... get real.. Some of us go out and see the sun...
Harrier (EUNE)
: it died a slow and steady death. it has been declining since about 2011. my main problem with the game was that every fucking game started the exact same way. literally 5min of the exact same shit every time. and no 2v2 or 3v3 focus either, pure 1v1 so little community.
well its kinda the same concept as league, you start the same in laning phase etc...
: tank meta my friend.... tank meta.
tank meta for 1+ years?
: Tanks Consistently Deal Most Damage
yep and adcs have the hardest time of their life when they have IE, boots and Runnans, there core items shoots fucking peas against tanks, I feel sorry for adcs that have to last 40+ minutes or be super fed to even deal with tanks that out 1v1 them easily... And please stop using the bullshit "use your team to peel you" this is SoloQ with random dumb ass players whos last worry is to protect the adc...
Aezander (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=My Teams Feed,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wTwOinyN,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-28T16:43:39.729+0000) > > since draft mode came out notably Really? ... I remember is much worse before. Hmmm ...
yep same here, ever since the new "select your preffered role" ive been encountering a shit ton less flame then last year, hell the only reason players flame you now a days is if you lose lane and play like crap :P
Rioter Comments
: That feeling when the crowd Boo's Samsung, but samsung 3-0's C9 in return.
its actually sad that even in League they have too Boo a team just because there not playing on homeland, to make matters worse, NA is the only region in League competetive worlds history that they have a booing crowd.... Just goes to show NA attitude, they do deserve to lose hard for that, well played Samsung, I dont support teams that are dis-respectful to others, Boo samsung, but no one bats an eye when Jensen cheated his way to high elo, i boo to that then .. kk
: Star guardian Jinx Bug
yeah i think her autos were over done in animation with the shooting stars... Ive also noticed that her ulti is harder to see then her other skins...
: You are a toaster?
league isnt working
: You are a toaster?
league isnt working
Rioter Comments
: Whos retarded idea was it to alow you to ban your team mates champion
i get where your coming from.. but say your mid laner is in the last position, and there mid laner is first pick, theres a high chance that zed in the enemy team will pick him, so you ban zed, 'sacrifing' your team mate that wanted to play zed, but probably wouldnt
lilgabz (EUW)
: What are you supposed to do when your base is open?
drop pink wards in your base to counter any possible tp backdoor, Hold and turtle in your base until your inhibs come back up to even make a move forward.... also be cautious and always look at the map and count the enemy players and where there at, if you see enemy champions wandering into your jungle, you can be sure that they are trying to drop a ward for their team mates to backdoor... also if you win a teamfight say theres three of you alive and two of them alive at the end of it, always be careful of what champions they have and if you run into the risk of them just YOLOing and backdooring, Champs like master yi are very hard to defend against in 1v1, with hiis attack speed and ulti, and his Q to dodhe CC, he can backdoor in 20 seconds, so always check the map every second etc.. also if you see an enemy heading towards your base undected, spam ping the shit out of it
: I really wish the Star Guardian Music that plays in the first few mins
yeah my friend has the janna one, idk if it changes, but it would be nice to have a tab toggle like DJ sona to keep it perma during the game
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Actually LCS players can play less champions at their level than we can play our champions at our level (whatever it may be). LCS players will struggle on stage if they are not on a comfort pick or someone they have practiced as much. While the average player will have more than just 4 champions he can play at his elo's level. So all in all, our champion pool is bigger than an LCS player IN RELATION TO OUR/THEIR ELO of course.
nope, a silver player wont be able to play say 4 mid mages effiently, twice max
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