: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Dominator,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EJajgEMk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-17T14:44:42.064+0000) > > As most of you have already noticed, this patch is full of bugs. I haven't found so many yet myself, but feel free to add any bugs you have encountered in the comment section so I can add them in this Bug thread so that it may help the developers of the game to fix them faster. > > ------BUGLIST------ > > 1. Annie has her passive stun up permanently. [FIXED] > 2. Death Recap is very bugged and shows damage being received by your own teammates. > 3. (In the loading screen the amount of champion points a player has with a champion may be bugged and it shows nothing often at times.) > 4. Manaflow Band, Phaserush, Nimbus Cloak, Transcendence, Conqueror, Summon Aery (Shield) and Electrocute don't work properly sometimes. [FIXED?] > 5. Shadow Zed's Q is invisible and does not deal any damage. [FIXED] > 6. People are having problems with connecting to matches and often can't connect to the match at all/They often get a critical error or a Bugsplat. > 7. Mordekaiser's Q deals no damage in his Ultimate. Ignite and some enemies abilities don't work in it either (Those abilities get sent into normal realm instead of death realm?). [FIXED] > 8. Camille's Spellblade damage doesn't get converted into true damage anymore when she uses her Q a second time. > 9. Qiyana's elemental Q deals no damage. [FIXED] > 10. (Diana's Q+R combo sometimes doesn't work.) [FIXED] > 11. Baron Buff stats are permanent, they remain even after dying. [FIXED] > 12. Galio's E, Varus' Q, Yasuo's Q, LeBlanc's E and Zoe's E sometimes go through champions and minions for the rest of the game. [FIXED] > 13. Sivir's W doesn't bounce sometimes. [FIXED] > 14. Kalista can sometimes proc her Autoattack twice at the same time on enemy minions. [FIXED] > 15. Pyke can sometimes execute his allies. [FIXED] > 16. Some champions get their abilities disabled and can't use them anymore. [FIXED?] > 17. Akali's Q sometimes doesn't deal damage. [FIXED?] > 18. Varus' W stacks can't be procced sometimes. [FIXED?] > 19. Neeko sometimes can't auto-attack. Her E is buggy when used on enemies. [FIXED?] > 20. Lux W at maximum range blocks more health-points than it should. > 21. Baron and Dragon often reset when fighting them. > 22. The plants in the jungle visually exist, but you can't click on them sometimes. (Bug from 9.13 carried over) > 23. Spellthief-items sometimes don't proc properly, especially when you do a fast combo. They don't proc on structures at all anymore. [FIXED] > 24. Ezreal's W sometimes can't get procced by his E and if it gets procced he doesn't get the mana-refund. [FIXED?] > 25. (Zilean can level his W up at lvl 1.) > 26. Zac's W tooltip says it costs nothing, but it still does cost 4% of your current health. > 27. Syndra's ultimate doesn't show the amount of spawned spheres anymore and sometimes her W goes on cooldown immediately after picking something up so that you can't throw it anymore. > 28. Yasuo's W sometimes doesn't block projectiles properly. (Bug carried over from 9.12) > 29. Azir's Turret ignores it's own base stats and only deals the bonus damage from Azir's Passive to minions, enemy champions aren't affected by this. > 30. Rumble can't proc Grasp of the Undying. [FIXED?] > 31. Token Stash isn't available. > 32. Rek'Sai can still use her tunnels for around a second after being destroyed. > 33. Pyke can visually steal stats and he adds them to his stats when he kills an enemy with his ult. > 34. Gangplank randomly stops attacking but keeps following the entity he is supposed to attack and that action can't be changed unless he gets killed (Not proven yet). > 35. Minions rarely start ignoring everything all game. > 36. Rarely Towers stop dealing damage for the rest of the game. > 37. Champ Select sometimes gets stuck on 0 when somebody dodges. > 38. Illaoi's E Echo sometimes doesn't deal any damage. [FIXED?] > 39. You visually can't select the default ward. (Bug carried over from 8.24, 8.24b or 9.1) > 40. Diana's E passive gets procced by her Q or W without having leveled up E yet. [FIXED?] > 41. Xerath's Q, Jayce's E and Taliyah's E cause freezes for everyone who sees it. [FIXED?] > 42. Soulhunter Kayn reflects his red form. > 43. Sometimes in some places on the SR and ARAM map every unit will go transparent. > 44. Tryndamere's R sometimes doesn't work, but the sound of it comes through. His E spin animation rarely remains for around 5 seconds after using it. [PARTIALLY FIXED] > 45. Talon's Passive Stacks sometimes disappear too early. [FIXED?] > 46. Sometimes the fast Recall of the Baron Buff doesn't work. > 47. Yuumi's Q is sometimes invisible. [FIXED] > 48. Master Yi can sometimes damage himself instead of enemies. (Not proven yet) > 49. You sometimes disappear for your allies when you E as Kayn. (Not proven yet) > 50. If Akali uses her E while Brand is using his R on her, his ultimate will disappear. [FIXED?] > 51. Karma's W on Champions doesn't reduce her Ultimate's cooldown anymore. > 52. Rakan's Q sometimes doesn't heal and his second E sometimes only works after multiple attempts of activation. [FIXED] > 53. Twisted Fate's W sometimes won't get used immediately after already choosing a card. [FIXED] > 54. If Sylas has stolen an ultimate from an enemy and has used it, it sometimes goes on the cooldown of the enemy's ultimate cooldown instead of disappearing. [FIXED] > 55. Morgana's Ultimate gets cancelled when using Hourglass. > 56. Katarina can't jump to her daggers in Mordekaiser's Ultimate. > 57. Zyra's Ultimate sometimes doesn't deal damage, appear visibly or cc the target. > 58. Katarina can't proc Electrocute anymore by using a Q+E+AA combo. > 59. ~~ (Illaoi's tentacles disappear in Mordekaiser's Ultimate.) ~~ > 60. Master Yi can't use his W inside his Ultimate anymore. (Not proven yet) > 61. Fizz can sometimes E while being knocked up. > 62. Some people can't log in, trying to do so will result in a Bugsplat. [FIXED] > 63. Katarina's E won't reset after using it on a dagger that has been used to jump behind a thin wall. > 64. Some people will experience a Bugsplat when trying to connect to the voice chat. [FIXED] > 65. Poppy's W grounding silences you. (?) > 66. Wukong can't proc Electrocute anymore by using a E+A+Q combo. > 67. Sometimes Zac visually has his Q on two enemy champions all the time when Zac is visible for the opposing team. > 68. ... > > That's all for now. > # Can anyone confirm if these bugs have actually gotten fixed by now? #
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
wukong can't proc Electrocute anymore by using a E+A+Q combo


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