: You can't compare the Boards moderation to ingame punishments, they're handled competely differently. Calling people "dumb" _is_ simply not cool, neither ingame nor on the Boards.
Ohh, I hope you are on PBE, or at least you do check PBE boards If you do, you will learn 1) PBE is now filled with lot of toxic players 2) How did those toxic player have level 3+ Honor level?
: You can't compare the Boards moderation to ingame punishments, they're handled competely differently. Calling people "dumb" _is_ simply not cool, neither ingame nor on the Boards.
Calling someone dumb is not good, so that's the level of punishment where your post get removed and you are warned Calling someone let's say, if it contains "your mom" "die" "xyz player is noob, suck ****" Hope you can assume, what kind of toxicity I wanna point that happens in game, so my question is if that's not cool, and the one below it, if that's starting to be worse, why does Riot, or even the support agents take no action, even when I have the ss of them violating, and that's enough make someone feel bad. Why is Cleaning in Boards easy, and not ingame where you also have their chat log, and you can even download their reply and watch it or watch his past chat logs, you can check his previous warnings issues, or bans triggered, and everything goes in false positive?
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well you werent punished either. They just removed post.
"Violation of Universal Rules" they said and I compared a lil bit extra spicy with lil bit extra cringe, so that should result in punishment?
: > I see no ban towards them Spend some more time on the boards. You'll see that they get punished.
only those players who write %%% and get cancer, maybe only those who are on spree, to extreme levels get punished for 14 days but at least for starts, where's even 24 hours ban to these players I reported?
Perilum (EUW)
: What is your technical problem?
Are you a bot? coz not now
Ultimatador (EUNE)
: XD .. Yeah, the winrate has increased because **Aftershock** works greatly on Rammus, but it's just more 4.6% compared to 50%, and the bug still affects the early game. If Riot fixes the bug, Rammus will be able to do more damage and farm faster early game. After that, the winrate will increase more to unusual level, so Riot will think again how to balance Rammus again with the new runes.
not only that, if you play properly, still there's a chance you may die at your 5th camp, being rammus LUL
Rioter Comments
: First win of the day bonus should count when winning a game while it gets off cooldown
I wrote ticket about it to riot support, they said I already got my first win, there's nothing to grant lul
Ultimatador (EUNE)
: 1st, It's not a buff, it's a bug that should be fixed. 2nd, Rammus has already gotten a lot of updates to be balanced. 3rd, You say that he is unkillable because you just don't know how to deal with him. I don't like to write a long list of tips for that, because you can easily search on the internet how to counter Rammus or deal with.
ignore that guy, he's just here to cry about don't buff that champ I don't know how to play against him Do you mind posting this with ss? or maybe as highlight from your replay? Okay I see that at level 1, he has 40 base armor and without any items he should receive 20+20 from his W, that makes a total of 80 but he gets 81 for a second and then lowers to 71 and then, after further more activation it gives 77 instead of 80 that is a bug, and not should happen, but I guess, riot won't fix this man
Kitava (EUNE)
: LOL,coudn't connect to a single game,my team literally didn't w8ted for me 30sec more,got remake,got hit by leave buster,then low priority que for 10 games.GG!!!!btw nice post man :)
couldn't connect to single game? I assume you mean across multiple games and If I were to ask you, you were the only one, or it was for other players too? if it was even among minor group of people, still that does not make riot's side experience and I say, you should receive time based ban for 24 hours, before 10 game low prio, which encourage you to fix your net/pc, and then you go through the punishment
: yes im mean yesterday i got afk for bugs plat and i reported it but still i got 5 matches afk
Yesterday I did spam about 5-7 matches with alot of long breaks making 'em last from morning to night and I never received any bugsplat, so its just you :) You should be able to know what makes such things happen, I usually download whole game fresh, just to make sure due to corruption I do not encounter such problems sometimes, it's the corruption in the game itself that occurred due to force exit, or access, antivirus, So you should make a fresh install of whole game, every month if you are hardcore player
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That's completely individual. If you come back from the ban and quickly show a significant improvement to the behaviour that got you punished, you'll very quickly regain access. It's all about how you decide to treat others upon your return.
Just spam supports, you will get honors ez
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=wFsEuPenny,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=HuIbWENF,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-11-16T17:56:56.357+0000) > > Yeah, you've never said %%%% you to anyone? You "spoiled brat" for saying %%%% you to someone in your lifetime. I'm happy you're not in my life. ^/s Nah, i have. I just know the difference between %%%% you and between being punished for a wrongdoing and still saying fck the laws. I dont want to hang out with people who disobey the laws always, not just in some niche cases.
maybe he wrote something worse, that does not make him bad of a person When I encounter such team mates, I do say and curse them, the only difference is, I say, and not type, makes me still play He only had enough courage, to speak it, anyways, it's just game with some under 13 developers as they behave, other than that, If you meet me IRL f2f, and you do some bullshit mistake, I'd surely roast you for that, tho that depends on mistake and situation, being kind and gay is what weak humans do, you just don't bs around and expect someone to give you bj
Mada (EUW)
: Also: If you have an electric blender, don't put your hand into it. If you're finished filling up your car with gasoline, take the extra time to remove the hose and pay for the gasoline as unexpected consequences might occur if you don't...
thanls will do, how about you make a list of all precautions one should take, and post em here? will be kind of service
Perilum (EUW)
: Your "Gamer" knowledge about PC's is irrelevant for this. Windows Insider Builds are for professionals. Microsoft tells you specific on the enrollment that these systems are not to be used for live systems. Glad you found the insider enrollment in the system settings. But do yourself a favor and don't use it, and stop referring to it to people who have no clue what they're doing and maybe think they can get the "newest and best" Windows for going into the previews.
Insider builds are not for professional They are for beta testers Like PBE account But they aren't as broken as alpha testing You can still use
Saibbo (EUW)
: I'd just don't update to win10 at all :p, win7 for the win.
Unfortunately new hardware, and drivers do not support some functionality other than win 10
Rioter Comments
: Yeah I didn't check your rune build before since it wasn't evident but now I look at it I'm quite... er... worried! :D Glacial Augment? You're a cutie. I'll stick together some runepages for you. =] https://imgur.com/a/vfYHz
Rioter Comments
cronzzz (EUW)
: Zoe Art Broken?
She's having Hardon I think at legs :3
Adunance (EUW)
: Can a player use a external app to increase enemy Ping?
what you are talking about is known as DDoS or DoS attack Yes it is possible for anyone to cause you lag, spike, anything, even get you DC but before they are able to do that, they need the IP address of your PC, which is very hard to obtain without you using skype and all, so, even if they obtain your public IP, they still need your Private IP which is going to be NAT, so it's never possible to directly work on IP address, he will also have to install a backdoor on your PC, that will make your PC a Server, to acknowledge his replies, if you think it's lagging coz he came to gank you just imagine, would he switch to some app and cause you lag instead of playing Lee which is also hard, and if he fails combo, he might kick you wrong direction or maybe he may do wrong ward hop, causing him to die aswell the problem you are facing is windowing you see, if normal game is going on, it would be normal for you, but if suddenly lot of actions are taking place, your pc, won't be able to receive all the packets due to bandwidth limitations, or queue, resulting in drops and spikes, what you got to do is, tweak your system, download TCP IP optimizer from speedguide.net and optimize your network adapters, and stop unnecessary processes/services, you need to be advanced user to know what services might be important, so I suggest google for each service responsibility in Run(Windows+R) type services.msc and you can disable unwanted ones, some services like microsoft telemetry, office one click run, nvidia network service tend to use your internet frequently so they might also be reason for lag also, use CCleaner to disable some unwanted startup programs, that you do not use immediately as soon as PC starts up, and you can start them later when needed
Tozhei (EUW)
: Preseason impact
mmr is not responsible for calibration, it's just division, if that's what you are asking, then you will be in 5th division of whatever league you were placed in before season end which will change according to average of your preseason+calibration plays
it's not just and only you 20+ duplicate posts were made, and they still release bugged patch, there was also a report on fps drop, still not fixed
Durfain (EUW)
: Can we change nullifying orb to also block physical damage?
Yea, sorta adaptive according to last instance of damage taken would be great Idea
: You can't really **rely** on TP ganks in any elo. It's usually an act of desperation by a hard losing botlane, or an act of total opportunism from the toplaner. There's no NEED to put yourself at a disadvantage just because you are hoping your team will pull their finger out and start doing what you want. (lol like that ever happens) It'll also put yourself behind if you don't manage to pull it off successfully. Now let's talk about Cho'Gath. "{{champion:31}} Low elo players hate him!!! Scientists have done incredible research on why this champion breaks EVERY SINGLE LOW ELO GAME" Cho is incredibly easy to be mediocre with. build defensive stats and smash your keyboard while rightclicking. Occasionally feasting to tilt the noobs whilst getting bigger and bigger. The problem is, every part of his kit relies on several things. 1) melee range. 2) sustaining in lane. Well you're Garen, so it's rough. So what's the solution? {{item:1033}} Of course! Null magic mantle. Cho does tons of magic damage. Having this will make the trades easier. {{item:3211}} will synergise perfectly and make Cho's earlygame impossible. (like the chain vest did to you) I'm not saying start with it. Start {{item:1054}}, kill the three caster minions in the first wave with E and trade to your hearts content. Or perhaps farm? Start off with W and start getting those bonus points from the early. There are many strategies depending on how frequently you think you will get ganks and how frequently you will become the ganked. Saving summoners? Never (or at least rarely). It's better to flash before it becomes bad and then position accurately than it is to save flash, die, respawn and then be scared of an item/exp advantage as if your flash was down. Cho's new kit is simple. He still does mostly magic damage, **builds tanky and does loads of damage**. Remind you of someone? {{champion:86}} The best solution to trouble lanes is playing trouble champions. Play some {{champion:31}} when he's on free week or watch a guide, and you'll find out what he doesn't like happening. :3 Good luck on the fields, summoner.
Yea, had discussion with few ppl on discord, it's time to change my starting items, runes, and itemization, and work on spamming summs, I really don't like cho, I still won that game, coz cho was not tanking damage, he was really not able to tank, where as, I stand in j4's ult, took his, mf, malz, ults, with my W on, my team rekt them later on, cho would have just died, without any spell like garen's w :)
: Done some analysis. I agree with a lot of what you've said earlier but your problems stem from more than building and roaming. This is an album of images, so you're going to have to go to IMGUR to find the analysises. Let me know what you think. https://imgur.com/a/5pnWe
Hey, that's you did alot of work mate auto q auto... that is quite true, and I will surely make that a habit, it's just that I'm used to play garen vs champs like vayne, this cho, I have to Silence them and also run to them, otherwise, they knock me or hard cc me, such that, I either waste my spell+take damage as extra I know about the 3 caster min deals same damage as champ, but I thought maybe, If I just damage him, and run back without taking any damage from him, I'd regain hp from my passive even if those 3 caster mins hit me 2x, coz that's max amount of time I could stay in their range to take damage and yes sometimes I'm fool, like I try to save flash for future offense purpose :3 I know, three times I died to that cho, under his tower, without W, but I just wanted the kill, greedy :/ but idk what to do to kill him, and also back off and about that TP part, I still do not get it, Cho was not tping, maybe because he had some other plans, but I was just saving my tp, incase if other lane needs help, I was typing "Ward" and pinging I can TP, but they were not doing and about not tping early, I thought as lane is not pushed to my side, I would rather walk, I always do shove 1 wave of minions or maybe 2 if possible to make sure he don't get xp and gold, but this is something I need to make sure, because I'm like, he will tp, and he will waste his tp, on the other side, I'd have tp, for later use :3 about flashing under my turret scene, seriously, I realized that later, that he deals true damage :'( I don't know about his new rework kit, don't even know his cd on spells, I was just going in after he use either e or q I was looking at his items, he bought catalyst first and then he went full armor, which made it hard for me to kill him, he was just getting tanky and tanky, but I had to fight him, make contest, deny him minions, if I let him farm, means worst situation for my team, thing is I don't know what to do in such situations and xin's flash broke the game? I can see no such spooky thing if I download replay from my history :3 I did honored him, coz he was chill, and was not tilted by our diana's flame :3
Renold (EUNE)
: If you cant win lane doesnt mean you lose game..Roam.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} If you have a hard time always roam.
I did roam, think that's why I won the game :3
Rioter Comments
Refôrmed (EUW)
: i was climbing out of gold at one stage like a month ago i was gold 2 with 100 lp and plat 3 mmr but then went on a tilt-streak.
so you already on know what's stopping you you know what to work on noobs gonna be noobs, but you need to make them your climbing ladder, and not stop scream at every barking dog, that gives you nothing
abelha (EUW)
: and with free boots you would have 450g at that same time
huh? wth free boots 300g, debt rune cannot be taken if you take boots, are you sure you even read/tried proper combination?
Refôrmed (EUW)
: That doesn't really help.
How? let's say, you have a computer, if you do not use it at all, it's gonna stay like that, and despite of environmental wear and tear, it's gonna stay fine and work as it should the moment you bought it and on the other hand if a lifespan of that same computer if of 5 years, no matter how you use it, with no components replaced/damaged, 5 years of continual usage is going to break it down which cannot be avoided unless, you do complete overhaul like adding liquid coolant, good quality motherboard and a case, that has some properties to absorb jerks, or keep humidity away and stuff So much like that If you mute all, you never get tilted, unless you unmute, or watch them playing, and lose focus from your own self I recently muted my jungler because he was like I wanted x champ, why you pick y champ as adc, I needed z support, When I see someone making excuse I mute them, coz that's a sort of blaming but I unmute him after 10 mins, because he was ganking my lane, and literally helping me, was good with udyr, and I found no reason to keep him muted, learned, he was not flaming at all, coz he was having good time, and as I was able to communicate, all I did was spam ? in all chat to enemies who die, to tilt them more than that, I do not even need chat for anything, if riot removes chat in below mid gold ELO, i don't think anyone could find problem with gaming or winning, pings are enough, if you see someone die despite of your pings, you know they are bad, you know it's not worth saving them or you doing anything for them we all have volcano inside us, and it's not about keeping or taking it out, it's the existence itself that is bad for our own health you think you are banned for small time and you find it as problem probably in season 6 or something, riot introduced 60 games chat restriction, I got them twice, and few more on that being extended to 150 games total what I learned? Riot thinks feeders<flamer who is not using much offensive words, just noob, delete game, stop playing, you are troll, you noob, look at 0/5 x champ, and stuff Riot thinks bad players < people like us but then, there's no way to get that fixed, dude, riot is concern about money, that's why you are banned, and not permabanned, now there cannot be punishment ever for bad plays, or even inting for few games, or afk, or rq, even in ranked that makes even those people who mute all to be tilted if you lose games in ranked, your variable mmr goes down quite easy, if you win, it steadily and slowly goes high, that's one of the other problem, but there's literally no solution to all that You just find a champ that can carry, and get out of that gold elo, and maybe you may enjoy boosted account holders who actually don't know anything about champ or itemization or laning, and maybe then you realize that you are better off this way
IAmCiel (EUW)
: Any idea what the next rotating gamemode is?
: FPS Drop Post patch 7.22 possible temporary solution
meh, One of the problems why that is happening is, there's something that makes alt+tab to happen, if you play game in borderless but max resolution, and auto hide taskbar you will notice it coming back up everytime you receive fps drop
: Guardian Angle not working?
did you mean Angel? tho I see it working in past couple of my games, try posting the highlight
Refôrmed (EUW)
: I don't know how to deal with provocative team-mates.
/mute all no need to type anything more than that
ReaIise (EUW)
: Dude most people aren't addicted enough to get 5 lvl's per day
then they will get boosted to the milestone faster, because if you play daily, you get penalty, I don't see that as problem
Afelers (EUNE)
: Unlocking a 6300 BE shard costs 3750 BE but yeah that is still very cheap.
some says 3750, the guy above you says 3300, I personally saw somwhere 1k, wth riot
: Isn't that total dmg dealt?
134 total damage dealt? lol?
Infernape (EUW)
: They mean that when the rune procs you will gain (depending on your champion's level) 3 - 18 AD or 5 - 30 AP. At lower levels, you get less AD or AP. If you're level 3, you will get 3 AD when it procs, if you're at level 15, you will get 15 AD. The end of game screen is showing you total amount of AD/AP you gained over the course of the entire game.
that is not true, I can go in river at every time I level up, why do we need this kind of stat? and there's no need to show that, if that's what happening, but what I saw is, I was dealing alot of damage post level 7 when I tried to kill 2, was feeling much like assassin and there's no reason to show the number to be more than 18 AD
Aezander (EUW)
: What about the Armour shredding ?
Rioter Comments
abelha (EUW)
: debt rune useless?
at 30 mins into the game it gives 300 gold debt, you could get a ruby if you have only 100g left :)
: Patch download speed drops to 100kbp's, the EST time is unreasonably long help
League client is sensitive, if you use internet, or someone does from ur wifi, speed drops, or maybe you are having issues with your network configuration if everything is okay from ISP's side
: good stuff for u , there are a lot of better and funnier game than this
You deserve this, you DCed, your team could have lost, but it was their luck, but your absence does not mean you should be forgiven, I wish you could get Time based banned too
: Teemo and Ultimate Hat (Bug ish)
I posted about this bug already on PBE, long ago, as I have PBE account, this and many more bugs are just ignored
: Camille broken as hell.
nah mate that's the opness of runes and her skill she had press the attack + coup de grace, that makes her deal % based more damage not true damage, if you think it was true damage, post ss, download replay ez
: Logged in. my rune pages are all gone. thx riot
click on create new, it will come back
iSneez (EUNE)
: you start smart and ok then you went too far, of course players are matched by mmr and not by years of play or level, not even divisions but then the 7 years and silver comment :) I get same things in games over and over, if i use old skins like victorious janna, or people check me on those sites that you can see people season's history. They ask how come playing since season 1 (I actually play before season 1) and you are only gold or silver. What the time period you are playing has to do with your divisions :), it's so funny and that's why so much toxicity in this game, because new players they imagine that if they play 2-3 more years they will all be diamond or master division :) There are so many reasons why somebody is silver or gold even if he played for years that does not come from not understanding mechanics or the game itself :)
Now you are saying people are toxic because you could not climb and the reason for toxicity is anyone can look you up in op.gg Can we get to common point? is it toxicity? or profile visibility? or you don't want 6 month old player in your team when you have played 10x then him? or you want Summoner levels to be used when detecting player's skill rating? on the other hand If you are saying it's teammate's fault for you not being able to climb, I cannot deny that teams are good, but it's fact, even in Challenger, people make mistake, recently I was watching scarra on twitch, he forgot to build redemption on bard as support, I'm just bronze, and just to make sure I do not do such mistake, I use the Collection> Items feature So, yea skills, "My team" noobs matchamaking, whatever if you climb up, you won't be able to win with any champ just pick garen, he's hard to kill, pick trynda, can't kill he stomps you, you can reach diamond with trynda, play Master YI, play Annie what you are playing is, maokai, lulu, rakan, caitlyn, heimerdinger,ekko which are not even in meta, but you can use them to stop in bronze to diamond rank, only if you know what you are doing and as you complaining my team, you probably don't know how to play in these divisions, Short version: you don't teamfight, you pressure lanes, you just solo split push to their nexus, if someone come to push with you, you move to another lane, take rift yourself, and use it for you, not for team, you don't pick hard champs like maokai, or hard core supps like lulu soraka, sona ,blitz leona, as you can't do anything, you play Lux supp, ahri supp, syndra supp, darius supp, sion supp, if you have to who can actually do something called damage, and create pressure, lux can kill literally at long range, even velkoz is fine, but no lulu, no maokai, no soraka, they can't do shit, and most of all, you don't play at bot lane, if you try adc, noob supp, if you play good supp, noob adc, they don't know what their champ does, and your champ does, just play any from remaining three, and only those champs that can push hard, like trynda, YI, darius, even sivir top, who cares man, you just gotta push, sion won't make any good at top, heimerdinger is useless, you don't pick lissandra or ahri top, they can't do anything, but AD or assassin like talon can do alot and due to their mobility they can push and escape easily, Now why split push? 1) you get objective, teamfight is not objective, taking nexus is 2) they have to force split and making 1 or 2 champs come after you, making the teamfight go in your team's favour like 4v3, and making those noobs in your team win easy and play only easy champs, annie, sivir, no soraka, yi, ww, garen, kayle, jax, xin and btw, Rammus is excellent jungler and pusher, in these low divisions
xGunna1 (EUW)
: no you are wong 6300 champ u cant get it with 3000+ BE if yiu have the shard
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