paeddym (EUW)
: same for me, since the bs patch i disconnect in all 9 of my matches and was only able to reconnect to one, before 8.23 i had like 1 disconnect every 5 patches or so and even then i was able to reconnect, now, every time i try to play a match my ping rises to oblivion and back, i dosconnect and my wifi turns itself to restricted like what the hell, what even causes this and rather how the hell am i supposed to resolve it
if the router is turning himself to restricted i would prefer to call your internet provider maybe they can help you with that but in all other mentioned points i have the same problem since THIS (8.23) Patch, before that one i had not a single time the same problems as now and im super pissed
: Change your internet provider, but if that's not an option. Then I suggest you using your mobile data, like I do. I use mobile data after 5PM, because then when my internet hits 10MBps. And no, it's not going to fix itself, unless they lower clients data usage somehow.
I was already thinking about that if thats the only option i will think about it again because i nearly tried everything not even the support seems to know how to help me so ..{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Yup 100% this is the reason. I had 10Mb upload as well at the time.
is this gonna get solfed by itself or what do i have to do
: Yup, same was for me. No issues playing PUBG, streaming Netflix or YouTube. It's just because league client is very bad... I'm sure that your issue is due to your upload speed. Try checking your upload speed.
just tested it i got a 10M/bit upload
: I think it's your internet upload speed. This happened to me as well.
even tho i dont have problems with any other game? No high ping etc
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, Did you try the hextech repair tool or reinstalling?
Yep, also IPv6, a LAN Connection, A Clean Windows Start, or starting league as an admin
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