: Was already suggested, as always a good idea. Would be cool indeed to remove the need of switching between PBE and live accounts in order to test a skin, that you might not even like after paying money for it.
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Elleonora (EUW)
: Entire game not working?
Starting to realize you guys are more salty than WOT players which is sad as LOL has less issues than WOT as a whole.
: LOL EUW Totally down
Nevermind, found my own answer Update 7: [EUW] Platform Restart Update: Unfortunately we're unable to recover the platform at this point for EUW - we're going to have to perform the platform restart we were hoping to avoid. ETA is around 45 minutes (that can be variable, but just to give a rough idea). Again we're sorry about this guys, we tried to avoid this one but the platform is too unstable to continue through to an off-peak timeframe :-( Players will be disconnected from the platform and unable to log in until we've completed our restart and maintenance tasks.
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