: The system is automatic and only looks at your chat logs. Its bullshit but thats how it is. One day when I was tired and my champ got banned 3 times in a row, I got camped and flamed by teammates (similar situation cause I wanted to play yasuo, even if I am not a yas main everyone called me that), so I flamed back and that after that game I got permad. Trust me. Just mute. Flamers never say anything usefull anyway as for baron calls just listen to the pings.
Sadly I always believe in good things. The system is good, and its really necessary that riot makes people flame less, but it feels like its hitting the wrong people. I just read another thread where a guy said "I only insult once or twice a game", well of course he got perma banned. Im kind of scared that I might be getting hit by this one too if I had a bad 12 hour day at work and then get nonstop flamed by a teammate. It feels like the system doesnt check your messages and honors on 100 games, just on 3 bad games in a short time. (Those games were 3 out of 30 in 3-5 days)
: Why would you play with a guy who call your mother a whore, or to get cancer! Would you stay in real life next to a guy who tells you this? I think no! I always dis this and I didn't had any trouble! Never been banned! Anyway gl in your games and if you don't answer do their flame I think you will not have problems! :D
Well there is something called matchmaking, so I have to play with those guys. And I just cant go away, since you get banned for afk too.
: But when they show they can't use the chat properly, then there's no use of it. Then only use pings to communicate. Now they took you with them into toxicity highway and you ended up in a crash (ban).
You can often get people to focus again if you motivate them. Anyway I tried to get them to help me in my lane, if I mute them I wont get them to help me
: Hey, The behaviour shown in your chat logs is indeed worth a punishment. It is not very extreme behaviour, but it's definitely bad behaviour. Nearly all of your remarks during the games displayed in your chat logs show an aggresive attitude. Normally this wouldn't warrant a 14 days ban. However, you have been punished before this ban. The punishment system in League works with scaling punishements. This means, that if you don't reform after your first punishment, the second punishment will be harsher. ------------------- This punishment is definitely not caused by other people reporting you because you play Riven. The only thing a report does is triggering the system to investigate your behaviour. If you don't break any rules, you have nothing to worry about. The system only investigates *your* behaviour and not the behaviour of others, as it is your behaviour that matters. Even if others broke the rules, that is no reason to break the rules as well. Your behaviour was not in line with the rules, so you have been punished. -------- Keep in mind that this 14 days ban is your last warning. Any other violation of the rules after this ban can result in a permaban.
Thanks for the first useful / realistic / serious comment. I think that riot should consider the behaviour of other people in the game too. If you go to someone in reallife and harrass them and try to get him mad and call him names whatever, he will really likely swear at you too or will even hit you. I guess only a really low percentage of people would say nothing and walk away either because they are too shy or scared to answer the person swearing at him. And since its a competetive sport (yes league of legends is an official "e"-sport) you dont always stay 100% nice to anyone. If an enemy survives with 10 hp and your team flames you, you get 5 minutes mad and then you catch up again and continue. I would not consider someone like this as a bad person or a person which a general toxic behaviour. I think thats not something somebody should lose his account in which he invested money and time.
: No. I try to have fun! Is a game. This is all that matter! I don't understand why people get so annoyed if their top is 0 20...is just a game. And if they act like monkeys I just go far away from them...like in real life. I would play with a 0 20 guy, than with a 10 - 0 one who flames...Is not fun! I did this since I started to play lol (3 years) never had any problem! And I think you know all those you play are kinda same level as you...they just lose like you! Don't tell me you never go with kda negative and stumped by the other midlaner (or another role for that fact)
Well your behaviour just tilts all your teammates, ruins their game experience and makes your chanche to win even smaller. If you do this in normals okay, cause nobody cares about winning normals anyway, but in ranked its just considered as troll by 99% of the community. Well to your edited stuff: Im not someone that is flaming other people if they are bad at the game. As I said in my thread, I was literally the one getting flamed. And there are two groups of people that have fun in different ways: I have fun by making plays and doing awesome stuff and win by it. You have fun by doing stuff that wont make you win and dont care about your elo. I want to play in high elo and play with people that are my skill level, since im bored in low elo games
Kayanumo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pa1nkiller,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UinujkMO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-12T17:23:07.979+0000) > > Well your comment just said: "Im toxic too, and flame other people", "You are toxic too, so you deserve the ban" and "You are bad cause you get ganked". Sorry, but I cant see any "helpful" suggestion Suggestions: 1. Stop overextending (as this is the only way enemy jg can actually truly mess you up when Riven, is if you are too close to enemy tower and a WW jumps you, sometimes even busting Q and your dash won't let you escape) 2. Ward more ( place a ward not only in river brush but a little further down as well so you can see if anybody is coming through the river. as for the rest, i don't have time to argue with you lol, but you're clearly extremely triggered by something or other so i'll just leave you to it. Have a good day and i hope you feel better soon
You are just trying to provoke me with your comments in my eyes, thats why I tried to ignore it. I dont think you have to tell an ex diamond 2 player the basics of the game? Especially if you just started the game a short time ago too, or are not that good at all at the game.
: Too long story. To answer the long story: you were toxic too. Why didn't you just mute them/accept the loss and move on to the next game? What is so hard about that?
Cause you need to communicate with your team, as I said in my post... If you mute your teammates you cant do indepth tactics. I often communicate with my team about me splitpushing with teleport and tell them to wait until I tp and stuff like this. Well you cant do this stuff with your pings, right? I always do my best to win, so I want to do everything possible to get back into the game or ahead, unless its unwinable as I explained in my post too (this is where I call surrender or ask if the team wants to open)
: I mute them and test new shits with my champ...and don't care anymore about that game...or whatch youtube on the other monitor...does it help you if you call them idiots?
So you literally troll? Cause thats what you do in my eyes if you "test new shits" or dont care anymore
Kayanumo (EUW)
: As much as i like to believe in comebacks (And i really do, i've carried some awesome as hell comebacks as twitch) It's all team focused and you need the Can do thinking in order to think outside the box. Think of it like this... you're playing Riven top and mid/bot lane have been run over. you have only the 2 towers protecting nexus. you check your adc's build and notice the enemy is ahead in both farm and kills. a Team fight is initiated, You're fine, you deal the damage and can take it. But your teammates are struggling because they haven't got enough farm to build. do you take all the kills from your team fight? or do you share them around? do you advise people on what to buy? or do you just shout at them how useless they are because they lost lane before the 15 minute mark? Everything comes down to you as an individual player. If you're purposely flaming, their will not be a chance for comebacks because the whole team will of given up. If you're as good as you are making yourself out to be. You should be able to handle the Cpt role and help keep your team mates from tilting by providing positive reinforcement because believe it or not Everything depends on how your own state of mind is and that's just the tip of the iceberg. in short. i've made comebacks from being 12-45 or scores even as low as 10 - 34. And i can promise you those comebacks were only possible through sheer force of team work.
Nothing against your elo, but you wont be able to do this in high elo, its just the truth. People in low elo often dont know how many dmg their heroes do or how to use their advantages in the game. Many people get a kill in their lane and then still play defensive and wait until the enemy laner was able to catch up the gold lead the other player had and therefore lose the game. And yes im a helpful player, I tell people to get dominiks against heavy tanks or stay in the frontline as an adc. If you would flame nonstop or dont communicate with your team, you cant get into the top 1% of the players. As you can see in the logs, I often wrote wp, gj or gg to motivate my team.
: Maybe you are right, and those guys who flamed you deserved the ban more than you, but still, u were really toxic and annoying, i believe u deserve it.
Could you tell me where I was "really toxic" (no I cant see it, yes I was tilted by the flame but cant see my "toxicity"), thanks
Kayanumo (EUW)
: Okay, that's fine, they were just a few helpful suggestions, but how you reacted towards my comment kinda proves why you got banned. And what league are you I'm just wondering? Also, my comment was very relative to the post, I was kinda hoping you would double check over your logs and then realize where you type things of negative behaviour/Some things that could be classed as flaming. And you're right, I am B4 but i'm slowly working my way up :) and as a Top main of a few months i've picked up a few tips and tricks.
Well your comment just said: "Im toxic too, and flame other people", "You are toxic too, so you deserve the ban" and "You are bad cause you get ganked". Sorry, but I cant see any "helpful" suggestion.
: ***
So you are telling me that if your team is 1-20, everyone flaming each other and tilting, and the enemy is twohitting everyone of your team and you just have to die and wait for the enemy to run over your base that you dont call the surrender button and still think you can win? If yes, then I say respect, even if its hard to believe. I think that if I'm playing against the 1%-2% best player of league of legends EUW that they will never (maybe 1/100 Games) throw the game. So I guess its actually just a waste of time to not accept the loss and go on with another game.
Kayanumo (EUW)
: I've said this before on another post, And honestly im really not trying to be mean or harsh or troll like when i say this.. But if YOU cannot find the toxicity in your own blog after being banned. Then it's something that you deserve happening to you. I recently had my main account banned because i was too toxic, I learned my lesson and now i Literally say NOTHING unless i am being spoken too. As for being ganked as a riven top clearly you're lacking in strategy, so either stop overextending or ward more. These are both great ways to avoid being tilted by gank :D :D
Well im just going to ignore your comment since its not related to the topic. Since you are bronze 4 and saying that if im getting ganked then im bad im going to ignore this one too, because it seems like you have not that much experience in league of legends. Also it seems like you didnt even read the thread, since you asked many things that I even answered in the thread. Thanks anyway for your comment
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