: She’s not been released yet though, champions rarely come on immediately with the patch, and given TFT releases today as well it’s likely she won’t be avalible for purchase till tomorrow
She releases on 28.06 it says so in patch notes
: Qiyana released
Maybe because Qiyana releases in 2 days is the reason because you dont see her
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Qutje (EUW)
: lol you know you can counter build healing or counter pick the champ. also in patch 9.13 hes W is getting buffed so enjoy him healing more. you can counter every champ with another champ. if you can't handle the sylas W than counter build it with some grieves wound items. there are plenty of champs that can counter him.
release W still was the most broken W spell in the game after akali shroud
RogueDek (EUW)
: Just makes morde even more broken in this matchup.
Illaoi actually counters morde pretty good through all stages of the game if played right.
: Mid Assassins
Not an Assassin but Ryze also is just rolling his face over his keyboard like Katarina does you should try him.
: Current state of Shen
Btw im right now in a 100% wr on shen in 5 ranked games on shen definitly not the worst champ like you said
Qutje (EUW)
They started out with a perfect champion? So you want to tell me a champ that would hard execute you like a assassin while healing 800 health doing it was perfectly balanced?
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: Karma Suggested Changes
Also remove the healing from her chain so klepto tank karma top becomes unviable.
Rhaykko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=701JdUME,comment-id=00020001000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-25T15:29:23.316+0000) > > I just checked the EUW Top 20 Challenger players and they consist of 1 Toplaner 7 Adcs 4 Junglers 6 Midlaners and 2 Supports so i really wanna know what your talking about when you say that all top players are toplaners. By far it's the worst role to carry up looking at that example :) You don't even read what I'm typing and you interpret it how you want. Sad. "highest" ranked players does NOT mean ALL TOP PLAYERS. And no,you didn't even bother to look top 20 EUW.Take a look. https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Blomster+Finn Toplaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=SK+Jenax Toplaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=MagiFelix Midlaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=BTL+Decay Midlaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=MSF+Hans+Sama+01 Adc https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Lugerr Adc https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=G2+Jerkz Jungler https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=FB+Agurin Jungler https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Jebsu+1v9 Midlaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=G2H+Lamabear Jungler https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=VIT+Toaster Adc https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Rekkles Adc https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Sk%C3%ABanz Jungler https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Doss+The+Boss Support https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Mementooo Jungler https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=WE+CAN+W1N+ Midlaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Uma+Jan Adc https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=the+inescapable Midlaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Envy+Carry Midlaner https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Innaxe+v2 Adc 2 toplaners,6 midlaners,6 adcs,5 junglers,1 support
You know that the ranked tiers have updates when you posted yours so ofcourse there will be a change in numbers some players i did mentions aren't in the top 20 anymore by now.
: Is "Pick Yuumi and do nothing" a thing now?
didn't we all expect that yuumi is the perfect afk champ to not get a penalty when your autofilled
Rhaykko (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FTNA DeathLess,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=701JdUME,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2019-06-25T04:43:34.766+0000) > > Top lane is just the most useless lane the more close you get to master... Yeah I guess that's why the highest ranked players in servers are usually toplaners,because it's the less impactful role in the game. Get out of here. Fed Irelia/Jax/Riven vs ANY fed adc,they %%%%ing destroy them,even when 2v1 with their supp there. It's ridiculous.
I just checked the EUW Top 20 Challenger players and they consist of 1 Toplaner 7 Adcs 4 Junglers 6 Midlaners and 2 Supports so i really wanna know what your talking about when you say that all top players are toplaners. By far it's the worst role to carry up looking at that example :)
: Cause we all love tank meta right guys XD
Because it's fun to get beaten by a full armor Ornn inlane while playing Illaoi who has to build ad to deal dmg.
: Bot lane roles are the worst roles in low elo solo queue
My guy have you ever tried to play toplane in plat +? If you don't get a 10kill lead early you literally watch the enemy botlane get 1 double kill after another sitting on 3 items while your adc hasnt even finished his IE minute 25 botlane literally is the most viable lane to solo carry games (atleast in higher elos) because you are 2 guys down there with double impact your sitting at dragon which means you will get all the ganks and roams to help you out while toplane is an island and hard to carry with if you dont get that hard lead that allows you to 1v5 in the first place.
: you know tanks are useless/ win lane lose game etc HP isnt going to help you when you have to run away from fighter that have a low cooldown mobility and shen has no way of getting away when his taunt is on cooldown but i didnt exect nothing less from a hardstuck silver liike u
You know that toplane overall is a kinda useless lane if you want to solo carry if your not getting so far ahead on a bruiser that you can 1v5 the game (basically go 10/0 on toplane or watch the enemy botlane get 1 double kill after another) by far i would also say that shen has more impact than these other bruisers who are forced to win super hard to win the game because he can help getting botlane ahead which guarantees a free win because you can hard peel for the fed adc
: first of all 'Are you sure you've ever played Shen?' youre tilting me already with that second the champions ur ruffering to camille-jax-kled-trynda i agree shen is strong agenst them in the early but not in the late in the early you can hit 3 empowered q's but in late game it deals no dmg lets take camille her q is basically on a 0 second cooldown while shens w is on a 18 second cooldown and it only stays for 1.75 second but after that you have nothing and its not only with camille but with other champs aswell. yeah i agree you can get empowered q's when u and the enemy are in the w but with 3 emp q's ur not gonna get far against -bruisers (refuring to that because everybody only plays bruisers these days) and you're saying 'A GLOBAL ULT kinda makes up for the long cooldown, you basically have 2 teleports, 2 TELEPORTS, you can Back, Buy items,' either youre gonna get canceled the ally dies or somebody like akali or sylas is just gonna go with u in ur ult and i already know what ur gonna say 'u just have to make distance between them' or something like that/ it is very obvious when a shen ult is needed so the experienced players always stay to shen when their jungler is ganking and let me tell u this you dont think riot should rever/change/buff shen ? but obviously a Silver 1 Lvl 213 doesnt know how to play against a shen so thats why you think shen is in a 'good state right now' when u get higher then silver everybody knows how to counter shen and it is %%%%ing easy
Shen isn't suposed to beat bruisers in the lategame LOL. Shens lategame consists of splitpushing a sidelane that is currently not used by anyone and joining fights with his ult neitherless shen becomes (like suprise all tanks do) a peel machine for the 6 items adc in the lategame if you really think you can 1v1 camille with shen or that he should have a fair chance then your playing the wrong champion. It just really isn't shens meta right now
: the sad thing is shen's q is supposed to deal damage in the early less in the late and yeah 'half lifed him' because you got 3 aas of when he is close but old shen could just spam q while being healed wound't you say that is better vs a jax ?
Wouldnt you say having a point and click non counterable harass on a tank that lane bullies for free and heals shen when you want to trade with him heals him sound a little unbalanced? And don't get me wrong i onetricked the old shen but i think his new design is way more interesting and skill caped
: Current state of Shen
I don't want to say that the last time i played shen vs jax my Q literally half lifed him with the 3 aas but sure it doesn't deal dmg early
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: Harsh Punishment
why the f' would you get an decreased LP gain on a AFK game? That literally makes no sense AFKs should allways lose LP no matter if the game was won or not just for even complicating it. I don't care why you had to afk the fact is you were afk and made the game alot harder as it had to be
: you don't even play tanks you don't even play in an elo where people know what to do let alone be "not braindead" dunno why you are even attempting to argue here you played once against karma as ornn and you suddenly feel like an expert or what?
Can you tell me when will something like a Maokai deal enough dmg to consistently kill a karma building vissage and iceborn who heals herself for 20%-30% of her missing health each time she presses W? ofcourse karma wont kill the tank either but with Klepto karma will get a gold lead anyways because klepto is just a broken rune honestly. she doesn't need to kill or damage the tank hard to get that lead she just completly shutdowns the lane while getting gold shoved up her butt
: considering she has a 16% max hp nuke on low cd does she really need buffs?
Considering that she deals more damage than a bruiser in most match ups would also been a good description
: I just wonder why should I waste my time reporting people if it doesn't get them punished anyway
A report is a press of a button that takes 3seconds if you call that wasting time...
: Klepto should be removed... it severely messes up lane dynamics, it makes it much harder to see who’s strong and can mean one team has a gold lead despite being behind (which can mess up a team who think they are ahead... just look at pro play you can see in games with kennen and/or ez the team that has them usually have a gold lead despite being down in kills, farm, and objectives), and it’s being abused in ranged vs melee match ups. It’s toxic and only abused... runes shouldn’t be able to give several kills/shut downs worth of gold for doing nothing, especially as the melee champion in that situation has to get several kills and a farm lead just to win lane
Riot deleted dodgechance because they hate RNG also Riot: Inbuilds a whole rune based on RNG that can generate 400 Gold in 10 seconds through gold sacs if your lucky
: League 10th anniversary idea
If you readd the prereworked champions it would cause so many different bugs alone because you would need 7 different versions of ryze and this especially is a horrible idea because i don't think anyone would want to play against dodge chance Jax or release Evelynn because they where just completly unbalanced.
: I thought saying "Kill yourself" was an instant ban?
Just mute report and live on. If you need to stalk someones op.gg because he said a bad word thats just sad in my opinion i would only understand that with people who run it down consistently
: > i don't care if you farm 100 gold off of me if you can't reach your minion wave before you die 100? If a klepto mage is only getting 100 they’ve done a terrible job... by first item they should have at least 450 gold... that’s a first blood worth of gold... even if you go even in farm unless you are killing them constantly you’ve lost lane. And mage tops aren’t gonna go something like a ziggs... mage tops are kennen, karma, vlad, hiemer, ryze, viktor... these are champions with high amount of utility, durability, or self peel... they can handle a tank top jumping on them, even if they don’t have kill pressure that’s why they take klepto, they don’t need to have kill pressure they are getting several kills worth of gold just from hitting you with an auto as you try to farm. Trust me I’m a tank player, mage tops are outright toxic not because they kill you but because you’ve automatically lost lane no matter what you do just cause of klepto
Klepto never should have been buffed and it really needs a hard cutdown in power but riot wont do because of POOR EZREAL who definitly isnt too strong atm and needs that klepto
: I'm not saying this for her to stay " OP " , and She isn't necessarily my freelo champ , but you can win bot lane with a good supp and bad adc more than good adc and bad supp , I'm extra sure of it . as for the ADC being strongest role , I have to disagree , no matter how I dominate bot and mid , jg and top can win the game easy with the likes of Aatrox , Tahm , Irelia and so on .
Toplane has literally no impact on games when you don't go 10/0 inlane and get so hard ahead that you can 1v5 a game. Saying that toplane has a higher chance of solo carrieng games then botlane is a straight up lie. Right now botlanes get everything shoved up their butts from jungle and midlane to get them as far ahead as possible to get an early laneswap to give the adc even more turret platings to the point where you can just sit and watch double kill after double kill in botlane and prepare your botlane difference
: Problem is it became too strong, to the point where it was a MUST have, and then it bled across into other lanes. Completely understand why they did it. Although with the change to not being able to cancel it, I wouldn't mind having the duration or CD shortened a little to compensate - there's already added risk the minute you begin to channell it.
Wouldnt it be a good change then to cut the cooldown to 3:30-4minutes for Meele champions and keeping it on a 6 Minute cooldown for ranged champions or even putting it on 7 minutes for ranged champs? I mean thatway Meele toplaners actually got more windows to do something and it wouldn't be as good on the adc or midlane role so the bleeding process would be hindered
: guess there r some options: -pantheon with ult -shen ult -ornn passive extra item for late game -TF ult ? -teemo shrooms
Pantheon is true but is a not really good pick against all the Conqueror bruisers. Shen is literally dependend on a good adc or midlane player because he even got the title: The champ that can be good early but never can solo carry games. Ornn is just a crap champ atm and loses to the conq bruisers, tf is not really viable in toplane and teemo is a overall garbage champion
: Remember the days where tp was unnerfed and toplaners actually could impact the game?
Not forgetting the fact that toplane has no real meta and you could get shutdown completly in champ select by getting a klepto mage picked into your meele
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: She's just ADC , I bet the supports in Sivirs' games did most of the work .
Adcs are literally the strongest role in the moment how can you say that every game is literally decided by botlane so why shouldnt they nerf sivir ahh right your a sivir main so you dont want your freelo champ to get hit
: Sure, but how can you determine that's a smurf and not just a good player for his first season. Like I said, my friend on his first season playing got to diamond. He had an 80% win rate through bronze, silver, gold and a 70% win rate through plat. He was accused of smurfing. Are you saying he should just not be allowed to play the game because he's good?
You can literally determine by the champs their playing lmao. You know it's a smurf when they only play vayne kha zix pantheon or some hardcore champ that can 1v9 the game with ease
: I really don't think she needs nerfs , there are many champions that can counter her easy in lane and team fights , I main Sivir and I know her limits , you just need a good support to control bot lane these patches that's all
55% wr says everything. Any toplaner that had that winrate wouldve been gutted by now
: Well, Riot doesn't endorse smurfing. It's something they make an attempt to control, but it is impossible to completely stop smurfing. One of the biggest reasons is how can you catch someone whos smurfing? Sometimes people are just good on their first season. I have a friend who played dota, swapped to league and got to diamond in his first season. It's incredibly hard to distinguish between smurf and not smurf.
If someone has a 22/3/4 average kda on vayne on a 80% overall wr with a 90% vayne winrate its not a normal player from the elo
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Hansiman (EUW)
: What do you mean? There's nerfs on the 9.13 PBE cycle for Sivir and Essense Reaver.
you can't really call that nerfs lmao. Wow sivir now has to kill 3-4 more minions to get essence reaver and has to spend a whole 15 more mana to use her W problem solved guys she is balanced now. And the ad per level and mana per level nerfs really aren't it's a 0.12 and .11 decimal cut which won't change anything really but if a toplaner gets nerfed they probably get numbers reduced in the 50-80 reach get a whole mechanic of their kit stripped of them and get so unviable that even their good match ups can butcher them inlane now
: I agree its super busted and the cooldown is too short. I build it when i play mages tho because if an item that broken is allowed to exist. I might as well build it.
Not only Zhonya lost chapter is a cheap way go get a perma even lane or sometimes a free lane win because it's way too effective in the early game. Also almost all mage items give some form of mana which makes it impossible for a midlane mage to run out of mana. Then we have protobelt and gunblade which gives some champs a straight up 1 more ability allowing to oneshot from just having that item. Ludens Echo as a standalone item is also strong and the new seraph embrace is good on 90% of the midlaners. Mage items definitly need to be hit somewhere. We dont even need to get started how rediculous gold values Zhonya and Dark seal have
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Salron88 (EUW)
: what happends when my counterstrike runs out and he is half health though? like no real urgot player stands there still for me to auto hit while im on E. Most urgot's run out on the opposite direction so while they stack my E i definitly miss autos to trade back dmg to him. then when my E runs out his perma machine gun totally cheeses me. this is why that E needs to not be permanent.
And do you still have that game in your match history? If you want I can talk to you on discord and go over that replay with you to tell you what you could've done better in different situations.
Salron88 (EUW)
: what happends when my counterstrike runs out and he is half health though? like no real urgot player stands there still for me to auto hit while im on E. Most urgot's run out on the opposite direction so while they stack my E i definitly miss autos to trade back dmg to him. then when my E runs out his perma machine gun totally cheeses me. this is why that E needs to not be permanent.
It's his W btw and Urgot loses 125 movementspeed while firing so you should definitly get some aas atleast 1 W with R empower in on him wich deals huge amounts of dmg. Then you just leapstrike out when the counterstrike runs out you just need to go for this small trades all Juggernauts not only Urgot are built to destroy you in a close range 1v1 over long periods of time also take notes on when his shotgun legs are recharging he is very vulnerable especially early during this time
Salron88 (EUW)
: revert urgot perma machine gun to its old version
As a almost Urgot onetrick but definitly Urgot main since the rework I can tell you that his old W with cooldown was far better then his W at the moment. Why? Because the big af shield it granted. Urgots old W was on a way shorter cooldown which almost granted you a perma 500-700 health shield which made him very very very difficult to kill. Now his shield is on E and isn'T up as much as his old W shield. And with jax you should have like no problem trading with Urgot because his W easily gives the 100% increase on Counterstrikes damage and you should be able to give him these short Counterstrike trades and then moving out to safety it's honestly just you playing the match up wrong
: Plat players(most) are basically ex-silver/gold hardstuck who somehow made it out and into plat, and start looking down on lower elo players thinking they're better. That's quite ego-inflating
everyone is plat one day promo helpers make it impossible not to climb
: Invisibility. Not invulnerability! ;) Akali is fine as it is. She may be nerfed for you poor, suffering beings at some point ;P
It literally is invulnerability. Stun her WHOOOPS she pressed E and now is invulnerable to all of your other skills because you cant click on her for 9 seconds. She engages you? WHOOOPS she now is invulnerable while uterly destroying your face with Q Spam
: the same thing happens with anivia, if you cast your q and his r ends ur q disappears before being able to stun, i'm honestly not sure if it's intended or not tho
The thing with anivia is it's a projectile spawned inside the death realm so it stays there but im not sure how Mordes is intended so work because he slams his mace down
Salron88 (EUW)
: the problem with akali is the kit its not the nerfs or boosts.
The thing with the shroud is that it's literally a 8 second invulnerability really which is just really toxic to fight against
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L0513N70 (EUW)
: I wasn't talking level 2, I scaled pass level 5 or 6 farming and dodging. Jayce would also have equal chance in winning a lane against any the above with the lack or durability and high damage output.
Camille Urgot Darius Renekton and Garen kann all pretty reliable beat Morde inlane and even take the Death Realm 1v1 and have a good chance to win it.
L0513N70 (EUW)
: Jayce? Have you played this match up? Have you been E'd while kiting? This match up is the very reason I'm posting. Jayce about the same range as Mordekaiser but is Sooooo much more squishy with an E,Q stopped by minons and melee form even with additional mr and armor STILL melts in close to mid range battle. Keep in mind even though Jayce hammer form E knocks Morde back once Morde has crystal scepter or even prior even changing stances doesnt give enough ms to get out of his passive.
Morde is suposed to melt through you like a little minion in close range thats the concept of a Juggernaut. Thats what literally every Juggernaut does to you Illaoi Yorick Darius and Garen all melt you to the same effect when standing next to them.
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